How to trace the caller via the phone

How to Set Phone Tracking by Number

Modern phones give us a wealth of opportunities to spy on the right people. We may be concerned about our children’s pastime, the fidelity of our wife or husband, the activities of employees or competitors. In all these cases, their phone can be a great tool for tracking them. To do this, we will need special tools that allow not only to determine the location of the person at the current moment, but also to record their conversation, make a video or take a photo. In our material, we will break down how to set the tracking of the desired smartphone by its number, as well as list the tools that will help in this.

Let us point out right away that it is very difficult to spy on the desired phone without getting short-term access to it. The absolute majority of today’s mobile spy applications and just tools for tracking Android phones work only after you install them on the target phone and confirm all the necessary permissions. Tracking of iOS-based phones stands out, but they, too, require data to log in to iCloud for the right person. Without this data, it’s almost impossible to set up a phone trace on your phone‘s number.

Thus, for effective tracking you need to get access to the desired phone for a few minutes, and install one of the applications, which we will describe below. You can also activate the display of a person’s location in applications of the level of “Google Maps” by agreeing to activate tracking in the settings of the program (option “Show where I am”).

Domestic mobile operators also offer the service of tracking the desired phone by its number. To perform such tracking, you need the consent of the owner of this number. This service has a paid nature and is quite limited in its possibilities.

Below we take a detailed look at each of the alternatives that allow us to track a cell phone by its number.

Setting up and activating Android Device Manager

For all users there is a standard geolocation on Android, which is activated in the settings of the phone. The system consists of two interconnected parts. First you need to install the “Android Remote Control” utility on your cell phone. You can download it from the official Play Store. Through it will send data to the Google profile, which you can open through a web browser from your computer.

Some manufacturers immediately install this application on their smartphones. It is disabled by default, so you must activate it yourself. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  • Start the settings for your device.
  • Go to “Security” and click on “Device Administrators”.
  • Check the “Android Remote Control” box.
  • A notification will appear with the capabilities of the program. click “Activate”.
  • Close the settings.

Next, you need to go to the section with accounts and bind the Google profile. If you don’t have one, you will need to create one. Only after tying the phone to the account you can use all the functionality of the utility. Once you activate your Google profile, your device will appear in the list of linked devices within the profile, which opens up the possibility to:

  • Erase personal data from your mobile if it is stolen or lost;
  • Set the device to beep loudly even when the sound is silent;
  • track your smartphone on a map;
  • Display a message.

Search for your smartphone at home

You can lose your phone even in your own apartment, if a child or pet pushed the device under the couch or bathtub. You can locate your Android with a loud beeping sound, which sounds even when the sound is turned off. To do this you must:

  • Open your browser and sign in to your Google Profile.
  • Click on the “Security” section.
  • A window will open with the device name in the center. Click on it.
  • A list of actions you can perform will appear. Click the “Call” button in the top menu.
  • The phone will be beep at maximum volume, even when off/mute.
  • To activate this function the Internet must be switched on.

Message or call to the lost phone

If after the above steps you can’t find your smartphone, it means that you have lost it or it was stolen. To do this, it is not enough just to call, it is necessary to prevent access to personal data, photos. You can block access to the phone and display a message asking to return the device for a reward. To do this, you need to do:

trace, caller, phone
  • Open the Google profile on your computer.
  • Launch the “Security” section and select your tethered device.
  • Click on the section “Lock your phone”.
  • You’ll get a form, where you have to specify your password for locking the screen, a message that will be shown and a number of another cell phone to contact you.
  • Click “Lock”.
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Lock and delete all data when you can’t return your gadget

If your phone is stolen and there is no hope of getting it back, it is recommended to erase the personal data. This can only be done if you have an Internet connection. Features of the procedure:

  • Some data on the memory card will still remain;
  • You will not be able to restore your files;
  • The caller feature, locks will no longer work.

If you have previously backed up your smartphone, this data can be restored. To destroy the information you need to do the following:

  • Go to your Google account.
  • Open the “Security” section, select your device.
  • Click on the list of “Erase all data from the device” item.
  • Click “Yes, erase” and follow the instructions.

How to track your Android phone through google maps

Google Maps has a new addition called “Show where I am. It has become part of the official app and helps locate your Android phone. The function graphs the user’s movements along the route, marking points. To connect this method of tracking movements, you need to follow these steps:

  • Install Google Maps on your smartphone.
  • Open the main menu and go to the application.
  • Activate the “Show where I am” function, set the tracking interval.
  • Enter phone number or e-mail.
  • To track or spy, you need to open Google maps, start the section “Show me where I am”. Select the device of interest from the list and see the result of route recording.

Another interesting feature from Google to track your phone is called “Chronology”. It will not help to track the user in real time. Used to see where a person has been in a certain period of time, works similar to the tracker on cars. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • open Google maps under the account to which your phone is tethered;
  • Tap on “Chronology”;
  • Specify the required period for viewing: year, month, day;
  • Wait for the formation of the results.

Turn on the “Show me where I am” function

To use this function you will need the Google Maps app, the geolocation service (GPS) and constant access to the Internet. To set up tracking your husband’s smartphone, you must run Maps, find in it the item “Transmit geodata” and select your contacts to transmit information about his location on your phone.

GPS tracker is a kind of beacon for tracking a man. With its help you can accurately determine the location of your husband. All the necessary data is transmitted to your smart phone or a special server. The tracker also has a built-in microphone that allows you to listen to everything that’s going on around you.

Due to its small size, GPS tracker can be easily hidden in a jeans or jacket. or inconspicuously placed in a bag. In addition, it has a powerful battery, capable of working without recharging for a week.

How to locate your phone via the Internet

Hollywood has created the mistaken belief among many that you can trace any person over the internet just by knowing their phone number. Such services do not exist, these actions would be a flagrant violation of a person’s right to the preservation of personal data. Options on how to locate by phone number are much more complicated. Before you determine the position of your smartphone on the map you need to install the tracking program in advance. The device should be in a zone of coverage, it is necessary to have the GPS-beacon and Internet working.

All of these conditions can only be met with the consent of the subscriber. Anybody can know that somebody is trying to track you. A complete stranger will certainly not be able to see your coordinates. The real covert tracking can be performed only by the law enforcement authorities through a request to the service provider. All major companies (Megafon, Beeline, MTS) can find out where the SIM card that was purchased from them, using the network towers. In other cases, without a tracking program to see the coordinates of the person is not possible.

How to track your phone

Is it possible to track your phone? In this age of high technology it is not difficult to find it. Simple interest, jealousy or mistrust. why do we need it, each person decides for himself. It is worth noting that there are several ways to find out where your smartphone is, but not all of them are legal.

Few people can do without a cell phone these days. In most cases these are smartphones, which allow us to quickly find any information on the Internet, navigate to another city or just talk to a friend. Not all owners of these gadgets are aware that cell phones deprive them of a part of their privacy. Anyone who is more or less tech-savvy will have no trouble tracking down the owner of the gadget.

Sometimes this feature can be very useful. This way you can always check where the child is. And if your smartphone is lost or stolen, this way you can locate it. How to track a person on the phone? There are several ways to do this. The first is to contact the cellular operator at which the subscriber is served. The company will tell you how to track your phone number. Options:

  • GPS navigation. With this function, the cell phone is used not only as a navigator in the husband’s car. This is how you can calculate where a person is, because most programs require the owner of a smartphone to mark their location. It is possible to track those people who like to take pictures and mark the place where the picture was taken. With the help of apps, you can easily track their movements.
  • Special programs. With access to a Google account, you can legally install software on your smartphone that helps you keep track of your mobile.
  • Internet. The World Wide Web can give you an idea of where a person is. Location will not be exact, but some sites can determine the approximate location of the owner’s device.
  • The GPS tracker. You can use this special module embedded in the mobile, by which you can track the movement of your smartphone.
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Location by phone number without the subscriber’s consent

Sometimes tracking a phone number without the owner’s consent may be a necessity, for example, if the person has disappeared and there are no other ways to contact him or her. It is not possible to get such access without the subscriber’s approval, because at least once he must confirm his consent. Operators can give such information, but it is confidential. It can only be used in extreme cases. It is still accessible to people who have special permission, for example, from the relevant authorities.

How to protect yourself from being tracked

In the world of modern innovations and new technologies it is quite difficult to protect yourself from unwanted surveillance. To ensure their own safety smartphone users are recommended to use the following rules:

  • in the settings of the phone turn off the reading of geodata, or open access only to the verified applications (this way the smartphone will be protected from spyware that connects to the gadget via GPS);
  • do not give your phone to unknown persons (a couple of minutes will be enough for intruders to install a program or steal data from e-mail);
  • create strong passwords that only you understand (it will be difficult for intruders to find such a combination);
  • do not connect to Wi-Fi in public places (routers deployed around the city can automatically write down the mac-address of your device, thus collecting information about the location);
  • download music, games and applications only from trusted sites;
  • Do not pay in stores using your phone;
  • Install a VPN on your mobile device (it consumes a lot of energy, but the smartphone will be protected);
  • allow only trusted and secure applications to access the camera.

Following simple recommendations will keep your phone safe from outside interference. However, keep in mind that they can track your movements by phone number. In this case it is almost impossible to hide your coordinates.

Learn more about how to protect your smartphone from the following video

Currently, there are many ways to spy on your smartphone. Applications, messengers, cell phone operator services, built-in iOS and Android features are all effective ways to track the right person. In many cases they are quite useful “tools”, because they allow you to keep track of the movements of your child, elderly parents, husband or wife, as well as employees and work colleagues.

How to locate a person by phone number

Geolocation is the determination of the geographic location coordinates. For a cell phone this is done with the help of location-based service (LBS). a service not related to GPS or GLONASS, because it does not require installation of additional modules in the device. Location is calculated after calculating the distance of phone to the nearest cell tower.

Value directly depends on the speed and strength of the received signal. Accuracy varies from 10 meters (in large metropolitan areas) to several kilometers (in rural areas). In order to track a person by phone number this way (in this case the husband), you need to connect the relevant service operator, and also get his permission.


The service is called “Locator,” and before using it, the subscriber must give his or her one-time consent to be tracked (an SMS message is sent). Up to 5 people can be searched. Tracks only Beeline subscribers. You can connect on the site (register and log in with your username and password), through the application, or by dialing 0783 (free). It costs 7 p./All requests are free, but Internet traffic is charged for viewing the location on the map according to the tariff plan. New subscribers get one week free trial period.


The service is called “Radar” by Megafon operator. Finds out where native subscribers are, and searches for Beeline, MTS and Tele2 users. Previously, it is necessary to obtain a consent to location determination via SMS. There is a free test period and three options for use:

  • Lite. Connect: send USSD-request 56656#. Free one number per day to find your location.
  • Regular. 566#. For 3 rubles / day you can search up to 5 numbers unlimited number of times (except MTS, search. up to 100 requests / month).
  • Plus. 256#. All services of regular “Radar” routes of movement. /day.

The service, which determines the location by the cellular signal from MTS, is called “Locator. To get started, similar to the services discussed above, you need to get permission from the husband of the SIM card to track. send the name and number to 6677, this action will connect the service and add the subscriber to the list of searched. The option can be managed through the official site, application, or with the help of SMS commands. 11917xxxxxx#. add husband’s number/receive permission; /month (starting from 101. 10/query), there are 2 weeks of free usage if you connect the service for the first time.

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The service is called “Geopositioning”. It allows you to find out your location by phone number in 60/day. All management, including connecting and adding subscribers, is done via USSD commands:

  • 11901#. connect;
  • 11917xxxxxxxxxx#. add husband’s number/receive permission;
  • 11927xxxxxxxxxx#. find out where you are.

Surveillance apps for iPhone

Surveillance of the phone by means of OS Android or iOS (iPhone)

How to spy on other people without installing third-party paid apps? This is possible using the built-in functionality of iOS and Android systems. For example, the necessary information is obtained by Google Maps, which is available in any iOS and Android devices. In Google Maps there is a new feature “Show me where I am. In order to follow a person in this way, you need to activate it in yourself and on his smartphone, have access to the email of the object of surveillance. In the function menu, you need to select the tracking period, contact data, tracking object.

Chronology” service works in the same way, and it is available for any mobile device. To get the information about a person’s movements in a certain period of time, you need to log into your Google account in the browser and go to the page “chronology”.

GPS trackers: The alternative to spying via the phone

A GPS tracker is electronic equipment designed to find out the position of objects using satellite navigation systems. The tracker has a receiver, which determines the coordinates of the object, and a transmitter of information. The transmitter works on GSM technology. Location data is transmitted via the Internet channel GPRS in the form of text messages. The device is also equipped with a battery or removable batteries, an antenna, and a memory unit. Modern models of trackers are small in size. Now they can be embedded in bracelets or key chains.

Once the tracker is activated, it connects with the satellites via a GPS receiver. The satellites transmit information about the person’s location to a mobile device or server, where the data is analyzed.

Tracking a person’s location via popular messengers

Watsapp and Viber remain the most popular messengers of those that have the function of determining a person’s geolocation.

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone.
  • Open the “Applications” section.
  • Select the WatsApp app.
  • On the page devoted to the application, select the “Permissions” section.
  • Allow the app to locate.
  • In any WatsApp chat, click on the “paper clip” symbol.
  • Sending the interlocutor a location by choosing from a list of appropriate addresses.

What the law says? Liability for spying without consent

According to Russian law, information about a citizen of the country can be obtained only from public sources. pages in social networks, from him personally, photos, Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Installing spyware applications, hacking into accounts, and other methods of obtaining information that is not publicly available is a violation of the law. Reading correspondence without the consent of the person is considered a violation of privacy. Hacking into social network accounts or e-mail accounts is illegal access to computer data and is punishable under Article 272 of the Criminal Code Installation of spyware is regarded as distribution of malicious software. The penalty for this violation is spelled out in Article 273 of the Criminal Code

trace, caller, phone

Establishing control over this or that person in some situations is vital. Especially when it comes to young children or elderly parents. But getting hidden information in Russia is strictly punishable by law. It is highly recommended to perform such activities only after obtaining the personal consent of the object of control in paper or electronic form.

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