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Today, we’re going to figure out how you can read email in your gmail account from other email accounts. The topic is quite interesting and widespread. Because many people use Android-based smartphones, which necessarily use an account from Google, and in general, Gmail. role model (imho). So it’s very convenient to have just 1 gmail account to read (collect) mail from all your many accounts and even more so to send from the name the email came to:) What a miracle:) Let’s figure out how to implement this.

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The first thing we will do. is go to our email at gmail and click ” settings “.

Go to the tab “Accounts” and click on “Add your POP3 email account”.

A new window opens, where we write the mailing address we want to receive mail from in the input box.

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How it all works and what you need to do?

Press the next step and go to the settings window.

In this box we fill in: Username and Password. These are the data to enter your mailbox (in some cases the username should be specified together with the domain. [email protected]. usually on private domains). Pop-server and port. this can be found out from the provider who provides the mailing (defaults may already be filled out correctly). If you want, you can check additional settings.

At first sight, not all dots of the form are lit. So, briefly, what is meant by that and what options are available here. The number of copies you want. Usually 2-3 chairs for the chair, perhaps a copy for the supervisor in the industry and any number of personal copies.

Some chairs write one of two layout options. In general, care should be taken to ensure that both chapters start on the right and that they should be inserted according to the space. In addition, the page numbers should also be set correctly. We usually print the name on the cover of the binder, in the middle of the title and above the year. Example: “Name. job title. year”. If the thickness is less than 30 sheets, back lettering is not possible.

In the next step we are asked to select. Whether we will send letters on behalf of the account from which we receive mail. I recommend that you agree and make this setting. Choose ” Yes ” and click ” Next steps “.

your, email, phone

The following window appears, where we enter the ” Name ” from which the letters will be sent.

How to create a good secret question

You will get this number from the chair and let us know by e-mail. In general, we write the names unless otherwise stipulated, just as we do with regard to tricks when you write to us. Confirm that the order is what you want. We usually bundle the work front with clear plastic wrap and the back with a black cardboard box. The reason is quite simple: you can discard the nastiness from the film, and you can not see it in black. Some chairs require special covers. Please always give this explicitly and perhaps report covers in advance.

The next step is to confirm that the box you are adding really belongs to you. If so, send confirmation. There will be a link and a confirmation code in the email you receive (to the box you’re adding). Confirm possession any way you like.

Then we have to wait until we get these leaves from you. Ideally, of course, you bring it to us in advance. Otherwise, there is nothing against direct tethering. If you need an invoice, we need an invoice recipient with an address. For orders over 150 euros we always need an invoice for the IRS.

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You’re welcome to use it!

If we know your payer, we can plan better. And if you take your time, it’s also good for us to know. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please allow 1-2 business days between handover time and collection of work. At the time of the exam or shortly before it can also be 3-4 working days.

After a successful check, you will be able to receive all mail to your gmail account, as well as respond to those emails from the account to which the email came. That’s great! Good luck to everyone!

You can, of course, find out if we have time if you email us about 1 week in advance and announce. Most of them would like to print the piece within noon. Because of the many inquiries and the fact that we offer a service next to research, it is not always possible. If you take a little more time from the start, you’ll save us a lot of stress.

What is simplex or duplex printing

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How to create a Gmail email on your phone?

First, let’s look at setting up a Gmail account, since it’s used to access content on Play Market. That is, without the presence of this mail the owner of a smartphone can not download from the mentioned service any applications, which means that many interesting games and useful programs will remain unavailable to him.

To register your Gmail account, follow these steps

  • Turn on any pre-installed application from Google (for example, Play Market or Gmail);
  • Select the “Create account” option when you launch it;
  • specify the requested data (full name and other);
  • think up authorization data (a memorable login and a complex password);
  • Enter your phone number (to confirm registration and create a tie to the account);
  • read the rules of the service and agree with them.

These steps will take a few minutes to complete and will allow you to sign up for email from Google on your phone. You can also use these login credentials to access other Google services.

Important: If you previously created an email account on your phone or PC, you will only need to enter the credentials (username and password) that you used before, instead of registering for a new account. After that, the phone will be linked to the previously registered mail and other services from Google.

If you can not find any applications from Google on your phone, then free to create e-mail can be another way. You will need to go to the settings of the phone, find the section “Accounts” (on some phones the section may be called differently), and then click “Add an account” and select “Google”. Further steps are exactly the same as in the above instruction, describing the registration of Google mail through the application.

A demonstration of all the features of signing up in video format is presented at the end of the article. If the text description is not enough, we recommend to see the added video.

Important: To download apps and sync data on your smartphone and in the Google cloud, you’ll only need Gmail. The rest (further presented) mail services are needed for other purposes, because their creation, in contrast to the registration of Gmail, is not a priority for smartphone owners. But we’ll still cover the nuances of creating other popular email accounts (on and Yandex). In certain situations, having them can make a big difference.

How to change your account

If you have more than one account connected to your phone, you can switch between them, switch where you store your backups, and change other settings. How to change your account on Android:

Through the application menu, launch “Settings”.

Under “Personal Data,” locate and select “Restore and Reset”.

Click on the “Backup account” line.

A list of Google accounts connected to your device will appear. Select the one you want to change your account on your phone.

Go back to “Personal Data” and here click the “Accounts” line.

Choose “Google.”. to open and view a list of connected accounts.

In the upper right corner, click on the button “Show more” (in the form of three dots) and select “Cancel sync”. to set up the backup manually. After that, click on the one you want, if you want to change the account.

A page with more information will open. Configure all the settings you need to sync your data. If you have several accounts, you can allow or disallow backing up certain kinds of data (for example, contacts or calendar) for different accounts.

If you want to completely delete a previously connected account from your device, click the “Show ” icon (in the upper right corner), and then select “Delete Account”.

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A warning will appear on your screen. Press “Delete account” again, then contacts and other data will be deleted from the device.

Now you know how to change your Google account on Android. You can delete or add another account at any time. After that, do not forget to set up synchronization and privacy settings, if you plan to access the data on a different device (for example, on a tablet or PC).

Ways to configure email for Android

How to sign in to Google Play. step by step instructions for the user

There are two ways to set up email on a smartphone functioning on the Android platform:

With automatic setup, the user enters an email address and password (if the mailbox is already registered), and the system itself determines the necessary settings. This way is more convenient and priority.

If it happens that the system did not cope with the definition of the necessary settings, they can be set manually. This method is suitable if the IMAP SMTP Android service is disabled. how to enable it you have to decide by yourself.

If there is no access to the old phone number.

This way will be actual for those users who for some reasons do not have access to earlier registered in Yandex.Mail phone number. For the beginning go to a site and click the name of your account.

In the “Phone numbers” block click on “Edit”.

At this stage you will be asked if the phone number assigned to your account is available, where you should choose the answer “No”. To do this, left-click on the button in the window (number 1 in the example). Then enter the new phone number and click “Replace”.

Now you must enter the confirmation code, which will be sent by message to the specified new phone number. Then specify the password for the account and click “Confirm”.

Changes in the account are saved, and the phone number will be replaced in 30 days.

Yandex allowed to use cell phone number as a login. The function is available for users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

The additional login can be entered at login in “Yandex” services and to use as alias (the additional address) for a box on “Yandex.Mail” of the form [phone number] (for example, [email protected]). In this case, the existing address and login will continue to operate.

Thus, as assured in “Yandex”, users will be easier to remember their login, and the address of the form [phone number] will be easier to dictate over the phone without having to explain how certain letters are spelled.

In order to link a phone number to an account, you must go to your account and select the section “Passport”. Then enter your cell phone number in it. After this, the number should be confirmed by entering the code from the SMS-message, which will come to your phone.

If the user wants or does not want to use the phone number as an additional login, you should switch the slider to the appropriate position.

Commentators on this news in the corporate blog of Yandex gave a mixed reception to the innovation. Some liked it, while others expressed fears for their security. For example, if under any circumstances, if the cell phone falls into the wrong hands, the intruder may gain access to the victim’s account in Yandex by requesting to restore the password using the phone number. However, users are protected from such a scenario, because when restoring the password, you must first specify a real login.

It became possible to use a phone number as a login and mail alias

Beginning with a number, the main login to Yandex services cannot be registered. As the company explains, this is done to prevent users from creating logins that coincide with someone else’s phone number.

Everyone knows how important role in Runet is played by Yandex with its great multitude of useful services and auxiliary systems/services. For example, we use services more and more often:

your, email, phone

And since SMS confirmation is considered the most complete protection of the user’s personal data, the relevance of the cell phone number is of particular importance. By means of SMS are made practically all:

electronic payments; restoration work; debugging of access; access to closed departments of services and services, etc.д.

But what to do if you stole/lost your old phone or changed your phone number? In this case it is obligatory to make corresponding corrections in a personal office of Yandex to avoid any possible problems. How to change the phone number in Yandex, and we will talk in this step by step instructions on

On hands there are both SIM-cards (both old and new). 2. You only have a new SIM-card (the old one was lost or broken).

How to change phone number in Yandex: step by step instructions

In order to change phone number in Yandex, you must enter your personal cabinet with a secret Login and Password. If at this stage there are any difficulties, you should use the Yandex access recovery system, following the simple and clear instructions for restoring the password.

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Once we are in the user’s personal account, follow the link to the page with the account phone numbers:

Here you see your old phone number and click change. In the opened field, enter the new phone number that you want to link to Yandex services.

Clicking “CONTINUE”, we get to a page with confirmation of phone numbers and here we can do it in two ways:

4.1. If you have both SIM cards, then it remains to enter in the empty fields of the form:

4.2. If there is only a new phone number, enter it in the form:

Now you know how to change your account on your phone. For Google accounts, you’re allowed to add multiple accounts and then use them one by one in specific applications. And in usual applications it is necessary to delete the current account beforehand.

Any remaining questions you have? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section.

In the age of ubiquitous digital technology, transmitting and storing information is not without.

When your computer is running, some of its energy is converted into heat. And the higher the load.

Computer crashes are not an uncommon occurrence, as experienced users and novices alike face. И.

Step by step instruction

Start by going to the www web in any browser you have installed. Then click on the account name.

In the next step, click on “My Phone Numbers.

Next to the saved phone number, click “Replace”.

Next, enter a new phone number and click “Change”.

Next, enter the confirmation code received in the message to the previously saved number. Then enter the password for your account and click “Confirm”.

Next, enter the confirmation code from the message that is delivered to the new number and click “Confirm”.

Protected number has been changed. If you found this information useful. click the Thank you button!

How to tie the box to the phone number

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And why link it to your phone number at all?? But here’s why. If you forget your password from your mailbox at you can restore it by answering the secret question. You may or may not be able to. You may not if you forgot the answer to your security question, or if you didn’t set up a security question at all. In any case, tying the mailbox to the phone number gives us an extra degree of protection against password loss. Mail can also send SMS messages to your phone about incoming mail (if you need it). But this article will be about tying the box on the phone number to recover the password in case of loss.

Go to and log in (enter your account name and password)

Go to our mailbox, see list of mails. At the top you see the settings button press it

Go to the settings management for our account, find the button my phones press it

Enter the menu of adding/removing phone numbers, add your number and set privacy settings for it to your taste (I have set is not visible to anyone

and if you forget your password, you can restore it by sending a text message to your phone

How to solve the problem when the computer does not turn on? We start with hardware diagnostics. Specifically, open the case, disconnect all devices except the processor, video card and one memory card. Turn on the PC, if it is running, start connecting HDDs, PCI devices, etc., one at a time.д., and see what device is connected and the computer will not turn on.

Outlook mail registration

Go to the outlook website to Select “Create a free account.”.

You will be automatically redirected to Microsoft. The Outlook mail client requires a Microsoft account.

If you have a Skype account, you can enter its details and the mail will be available. Creating an account involves entering a new name.

You can use an existing mailbox as your address, or you can get new. @outlook is suggested as the default end of the, but you can also choose

After entering the original name, the system prompts for a password.

Allowed to use uppercase and lowercase Latin letters, numbers and symbols.

In the next window, the user must enter his or her surname and first name, country of residence and date of birth to be identified.

Entering a phone number is required to get the necessary codes, linking cards.

After specifying the code that was sent to the cell phone, the user is able to log in with the specified data to the mailbox.

E-mail is a depository for important information, allows you to connect to cloud storage and receive letters from organizations, individuals and services.

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