How to tie a fitness bracelet to your phone

Why the phone does not see the fitness bracelet

Wearable accessories have gained immense popularity in recent years. In some months, the demand for such gadgets is even higher than that of smartphones. Therefore, more and more users want to understand the principle of fitness bracelets.

Wearable electronics can be used separately or paired with your phone. Pairing with “big brother” is necessary in the following cases:

Connection is made via Bluetooth protocol. Depending on the version of the “blue tooth” the pairing will be kept from 2 to 50 meters, which is very convenient during some types of training. For example, in the pool, when there is no possibility to take your smartphone with you in the water.

Unlike Bluetooth headphones, it is not enough to activate Bluetooth in the settings to connect the fitness bracelet. You will need to download an additional application.

Proper synchronization is done as follows:


  • Check that both gadgets are charged.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Download a special application (Huawei Health, Mi Fit or any other, depending on the bracelet manufacturer).
  • Run the program and click “” to add a new device.
  • Choose your bracelet and wait until all updates are loaded.

After that you can fully customize the bracelet functionality in the downloaded application. Subsequently, to connect you do not need to do all the above steps. You just need to activate your phone’s Bluetooth, and the phone will automatically synchronize with the bracelet.

How to connect the Mi Band to your phone

After taking the accessory out of the box, you will most likely need to charge it. this will take about an hour. To do this, take out the charger included in the kit and read the manual to find out how to properly connect the tracker to it. You should also see which button turns the gadget on and how to reset it if necessary.

The smartphone must have access to the Internet, preferably via Wi-Fi network. In Google Play or the App Store you need to download the Mi Fit program. The software will help expand the functionality of the bracelet and collect more accurate data about your exercise progress.

Connecting the Mi Band to your phone involves pairing the Smart Wristband with the Mi Fit. The process is not complicated and will take about 10 min:

  • Turn on Bluetooth. the smartphone should be visible to all nearby devices.
  • Turn on geolocation on your phone. This is an optional step, but it is often useful when both devices have connectivity issues.
  • Launch the previously downloaded program. At this step, you need to create a new account or use a third-party account (Mi. Google, WeChat).
  • To create a new account, click the appropriate button, choose the country and specify your current location, click the “Next” button. Enter email, password and confirmation code. Read the license and the privacy policy, by checking these boxes. Click the “Register” button.
  • You will receive an email informing you that your registration was successful, and the app will display a page with a blank profile that you need to fill out: age, weight, height and gender, etc.д. With the help of this data, the program will be able to correctly interpret sports results and vital signs. Press the “Done” button.
  • The program will request access to certain resources on your smartphone.
  • Click on the orange button below to add a new device. Select the type of device. Accept the notification that appears on the screen that some data is being collected.
  • The phone will now search for nearby devices with active Bluetooth. After a while the name of the tracker will appear on the screen. After connection is established, the Smart bracelet will automatically download the current date and time from your smartphone.

Finally, it’s time to personalize the bracelet settings. This step is necessary if you want the new gadget to meet your needs and track certain parameters correctly.

Important! Menu items may differ depending on the bracelet model and software version.

Order of connection to the phone

Depending on the model of the phone and bracelet, the order of connection may vary slightly, but the basic steps remain the same. To connect a Smart bracelet, you need:

  • Fully charge the gadgets;
  • install the app recommended by the manufacturer on your phone;
  • register an account on the network;
  • Set user settings in the account and application;
  • turn on the phone Bluetooth;
  • select the wristband from the list;
  • confirm the connection.
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For some models and applications requires additional synchronization of both devices. To do this, a special message is displayed on the screen.

If you can’t create an account on your phone, you can do it on your computer, and then proceed as usual.

In the video you can see that there is nothing complicated about connecting your phone to the bracelet:

How to tie the tracker to your laptop

Connecting the wristband to a laptop computer is quite realistic. The easiest way is to use the Android configuration emulator. The program can be freely downloaded from the World Wide Web. The tracker will be sure to aggregate with your smartphone, not presenting much difference after the connection.

Connection to a laptop is advisable for fine-tuning, because the fitness bracelet is focused on active use, and the PC is not very convenient to carry with you during sports activities. The second option, justifying the connection of the gadget to the notebook. reflashing the system.

For the correct connection of the equipment you will need to check the Bluetooth connection. If you do not have one, you can buy a separate version and connect it via USB.

How to translate bracelet menu into Russian

As it was already said above, the bracelet menu will be available to the user after he connects the device and synchronizes it with the phone. The user will move from one menu item to another by pressing the.

After activating the device with the help of the Russified mobile application the user will not have to translate the menu of the fitness bracelet into Russian himself. If for some reason the Russification was not successful, the owner of the fitness bracelet will have to deal with the meaning of the main menu items by himself.

The device is capable of functioning in several modes:

  • Message. Having opened the corresponding menu item, the user views all the messages and notifications received on the smartphone. If the synchronization was performed correctly, all the information on the phone will be duplicated on the display of the fitness bracelet.
  • Sports. This item “manages” such smart bracelet functions as a pedometer, heart rate and blood pressure meter, body fat level and so on.
  • (Other modes). Refers to the additional menu that allows you to control the camera and the ability to take pictures remotely by downloading the application Google Play “motion detector. After downloading and installing this app, the fitness bracelet will take pictures of everything that happens in its field. In addition, the menu item “” allows you to manage the search of other synchronized devices.
  • Reset (Reset manual settings). Using the menu item “Reset”, the owner of the device will delete all the settings that were set manually. Now you can customize your smart bracelet in a new way.

How to set up a Smart Bracelet M4

A prerequisite for the smooth functioning of the M4 fitness bracelet is a connection to the gadget. Smart watch, not synchronized with the phone, will not be possible to use. Having downloaded and installed one of mobile applications on the phone (it is possible to download it from PlayMarket or AppStore) or having scanned the QR-code (it is located on the instruction which is attached to the fitness bracelet), the owner should open the application on his phone and pass the registration procedure.

During registration, the user must agree to several permissions requested by the program during the first start of the fitness bracelet.

After clicking on “Install” (lower menu bar), in the menu that opens it is necessary to activate “Find” command by clicking on the appropriate menu item. Then the user will be offered to scan the QR-code again, but not from the paper instruction, but from the monitor of the smart watch.

After performing all of the above steps, the user will fully prepare the fitness bracelet M4 for use.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to an Android phone via “Bluetooth

It is assumed that you have just bought a fitness bracelet, charged it, took off the power supply and now it requires connection. If you’ve already tried to enable pairing mode, want to connect a fitness bracelet to another phone, have purchased a used device, and so on, then scroll to the end of the article. there will be instructions. And then go back to the beginning.

  • Before installing the fitness bracelet on your phone, download the companion app from Play Market. It varies depending on the manufacturer of the device. For example, to connect Xiaomi Mi Band any of the versions will need the Mi Fit app, and for Honor Band 5. Huawei Health. For information on what software you need, see the package, manual, or online.
  • If your phone is turned off, turn on the Bluetooth on the phone itself while the app is downloading and installing. Go to Settings, go to Network and Internet (or something similar), select Bluetooth and turn it on. You do not need to put it into pairing mode.
  • Turn on the fitness bracelet itself. In most cases, just charge it and press the active button.
  • Open the companion app and follow the on-screen instructions.
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Important! Connecting is done through the companion app. No need to activate the connection yourself on the Bluetooth settings screen. Simply turn on this wireless interface and set up through the companion app.

  • Do not pair it near a microwave, a powerful router, or a computer with many wireless devices connected. This can disrupt the connection process, because the frequencies of these electronics “clog” the Bluetooth channel.
  • When connecting, keep the smartphone and the bracelet in close proximity to each other. The maximum distance is 1-1.5 meters. If the bracelet is suddenly in the next room, the connection may also be broken.
  • To one phone, you can connect any number of bracelets, even the same. So it is not necessary to remove the pairing with the old model. However, if you’re using Google Smart Lock. it’s still worth breaking the connection so as not to interfere with the correct locking or unlocking of your smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: manual in Russian for a fitness bracelet. how to enable, configure and connect the Mi Band 2 to the phone?

Once connected, you will need to keep your phone’s Bluetooth constantly on, turning it off only for short periods of time. for example, on an airplane, in a movie theater, or at a medical clinic. If you disable it. the fitness bracelet will go into search mode, which will lead to an accelerated battery discharge. Don’t be afraid. on modern smartphones, Bluetooth consumes very little power.

Connecting the Smart bracelet to your Samsung phone

The One UI shell, which is installed on Samsung smartphones, makes the connection of the fitness bracelet with the phone as simple as possible, especially in comparison with the models of some Chinese brands.

  • Install a companion app compatible with the fitness bracelet. Do not open it yet.
  • Open the notification panel and enable Bluetooth by clicking on the appropriate icon. Or go to Settings, go to Connections, go to Bluetooth. You do not need to do anything else.
  • Open the companion app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • “Access to notifications” is needed for the fitness bracelet to display notifications from your smartphone. For example, from social networks or messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on).
  • “Location access” is needed to create route tracks. It is usually requested by fitness bracelets with GPS. It’s also required if the device has a weather display feature.
  • “Access to Calls” and “Access to Contacts” are required so that the fitness bracelet can alert you to incoming calls and show you exactly who is calling. If you do not provide access to contacts, only the caller’s number will be shown instead of the phonebook entry.
  • “Access to SMS messages” is required for the bracelet to be able to display SMS messages proper.

Additional permissions may also be requested. For example, access to “Files and media content” is needed to download new watch faces and start screens.

The same permissions apply to other Android smartphones.

How to link your fitness bracelet to your Honor phone

One of the main problems of Honor smartphones is the absence of Google services in general and Play Market in particular. Therefore, the companion app must be searched for in Honor’s own store, called AppGallery.

If there is no companion app in the AppGallery, you can search for it in alternative sources. for example, on 4PDA or APK-Mirror. For installation in this case you will need to allow installation from unknown sources. to do this, open “Settings”, “Security and Privacy”, “Advanced settings”, “Install applications from external sources”, and confirm your intention.

  • Install the app;
  • Turn on Bluetooth in the “curtain” or settings (item “Wireless networks”);
  • Open the app and follow the instructions on the screen.

You cannot create a “Clone” for companion apps. If you want to connect two bracelets. just add an additional one in the settings of the app itself. If you create a “Clone”, the app may not work properly. for example, notifications may not be mirrored correctly or lose connection with the bracelet.

Definition of a fitness bracelet app

Fitness bracelets. compact devices that store minimal information in memory. To use them fully, you need to connect to your phone via a mobile app.

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Manufacturers recommend their apps, which are developed for the entire line of fitness bracelets. This allows for a certain versatility and encourages users to buy models of the same brand.

  • Mi Fit Xiaomi for M3, Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4 bracelets;
  • Hey for Xiaomi Hey;
  • Amazfit for Amazfit Stratos and Amazfit Pace smartwatches;
  • Huawei Health for Huawei bracelets. Honor Band 4, Honor Band 5;
  • Galaxy Fit Plugin for Samsung Galaxy Fit e;
  • Lefun Health for Lefun trackers, Smarterra FitMaster Color ;
  • Garmin Connect for Garmin devices.

Most setup programs are suitable for both Android smartphones and iPhones. However, there are exceptions: Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhone.

How to connect a fitness bracelet to your phone

Most brands of iPhones and smartphones can be tethered to Smart bracelets if they have Bluetooth and can work with the iOS and Android app. The wrist gadget is not affected by dirt and moisture, t. к. It has IP67 protection.

Smart device can be synchronized with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3, iPod touch 5 and iPhone: 4S, 5, 5S. To connect, download the app that matches the OS.

After that, they register and go into their personal account:

  • Reset the system settings;
  • Use the clear instructions after turning on the watch;
  • open the Wear OS by Google app and go into settings if you need to enter a code;
  • choose your device model;
  • connect when the same numbers appear on your phone and wrist gadget (if they are different, the tracker is disconnected, turned on and reconnected);
  • Connect the devices by pressing the Sync button.

All items must be observed. When the device does not connect, check the connection to the Internet. Reset the device and repeat the steps again. Many bracelets are connected to Android and iPhone this way: the program is fixed with a QR-code, when reading it, the system redirects to Play Market to download the appropriate application.

Google Fit is a dedicated app that tracks a variety of metrics from multiple fitness devices.

Setup and use

When the gadget is tethered, it is set.

To do this, open the tab “Notifications”, in which:

  • alarm clock;
  • Mi Fit friends list;
  • The alarm for resumption of activity;
  • the purpose of the gadget (number of steps, heart rate, calories);
  • sleep information upon awakening.

To increase the list of functions download apps such as Runtastic, Mi Band Master or Mi Band 2 Selfie. The device is easy to use. It is put on the hand and not taken off. Information is displayed on the screen or through button activation.

The least problematic gadgets

In order to avoid problems with the connection of the equipment, it is better to buy a quality sports device.

The least problematic fitness bracelets include:

  • Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with colored straps, a large touch screen and advanced functionality. With a battery capacity of 110 mAh and advanced Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, the “Band-3” is able to function without recharging for up to 20 days with active work. For the device to work daily and autonomously without a cable for a long period of time, buy a mobile battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank.
  • Samsung Gear Fit. The most advanced model in the line is considered an interactive bracelet 2 Pro with a high water resistance class and beautiful design. When connecting the tracker to a Samsung smartphone, it is enough to install 1 app. If you need to synchronize it with other Android mobile devices, download not only the mobile app, but also 2 additional plug-ins.
  • Smart Band Honor. Recently released Band 4 model with a color screen covered with improved protective glass, comfortable interface and extensive functionality. The cost of the bracelet is high, compared to other devices for sports, but it is compensated by the rapid synchronization with devices that support any OS.
  • Garmin Vivofit 3. Garmin’s budget and quick connect sports gadget for training and navigation with built-in GPS, accelerometer, and sleep and rest phase monitoring.
  • Colmi S908 GPS Sports. Inexpensive sports bracelet, often purchased by users on AliExpress. The watch quickly attaches to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and then resets user information to it.

There are other models of fitness bracelets that have the connection and settings done by the user in minutes, such as Amazfit Cor, FitBit Charge and Polar A370. Among active lifestyle enthusiasts and professional athletes, they have proven to be the best.

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