How to throw pictures from iPhone to flash drive

Icloud disk files

Use these steps to copy documents from the MAC computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, icloud.Cooked PC. If you need help with any third.Party data stored in iCloud, contact the application developer. Third.Party data can use your iCloud storage, even if you cannot see the details.

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Copy files on your Mac

  • Open the application that you used to create a document, select the file to open.
  • Click the icloud icon in the upper left corner of the “Open” dialog box.
  • Open the document that you want to copy, then, holding the point of the “Option” key and select the file to save the file as.
  • Select where you want to save the document, click the Save button.

If you use OS X Yosemite or newer, you can copy files from the iCloud disk in Finder.

If you use the X mountain lion or later, open Preview and Textedit files stored in iCloud from the ICLOUD list in the dialog box to open.

How to use USB flash drives with an iPhone (iOS 13)

Copy files from files application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

Use these steps to send copies of files stored in the iCloud drive:

throw, pictures, iphone, flash
  • Open the application and select ICLOUD files.
  • Click on the folder you want to open, then click on the file to open it.
  • Touch the lower left corner.
  • Choose how you want to send a copy of the file.

If you have iOS 9 and iOS 10, perform the same actions in the iCloud Drive application instead.

Copy files from iCloud.Com

Use these steps to upload files stored in ICLOUD DRIVE, or files that are available from the iWork application to icloud.Com:

Copy files from Windows

If you have iCloud disk using the iCloud for Windows on PC, you can copy your files from the iCloud disk folder in the conductor. You can also copy files from iCloud.Com.

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How to throw photos from iPhone to a computer via iTunes

Recall that the ITUNES program is a program developed by Apple, which allows you to play and organize music, films, photos, etc.D. The main function of the program. This is synchronization with the device, filling the media files, and backup storage of all information. In order to throw photos from iPhone to a computer, we propose to perform the following:

Next, we need to synchronize the device with our PC. To do this, you need to configure synchronization. First we start iTunes, then click on the icon in the form of a smartphone.

Wait for the completion of the synchronization process.

This method can be implemented using Wi-Fi wireless network, and using wired.

Before carrying out the transfer of photos to the computer using iTunes, you need to make a Wi-Fi synchronization.

  • Go to the “Devices” section.
  • Choose your iPhone.
  • Go to the parameters
  • Put a checkbox next to the “synchronization of this iPhone on Wi-Fi”.
  • Go to the menu to the “Basic” section, note “ITUNES Synchronization by Wi-Fi”. After that, each time the device will automatically synchronize with PC using Wi-Fi.

How to move photos from iPhone to PC via mail

You can send photos to your electronic box, and then save them on the computer by opening a letter to the resettled. This method does not need a third utility. And you need to have a connection to the Internet. Secondly, in this way, a lot of photos to send uncomfortable.

We go to the photo tape and click the button to choose. Choosing photos that need to be sent by mail.Note. You can attach only 5 photos at a time.

How Transfer photos from iPhone to USB Flash drive

Press the button in the lower left corner (square and arrow up) and select the Mail from the opened menu. Now it remains to enter your electronic box and send a letter.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer in OS Windows

For this procedure, we need a USB cable.So, in order to postpone photos from iPhone to Windows, you need to take the following steps:

The mistress is noted. Sometimes the Popup window, which opens every time when connecting the iPhone to the computer, is very annoying. Here is the instructions for disconnecting it.

We transfer files via icloud drive

What is required: Mac computer and free space in Apple cloud.

This method is similar to the previous, but much more convenient for all owners of apple technology. So you can do without third.Party applications and services, setting the system out of the box.

throw, pictures, iphone, flash

We go to the MAC to system settings. Icloud. Parameters and include synchronization with a cloud for folders and desktop.

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On the iPhone set the application files from the App Store.

Files that will be placed in the corresponding folders for Mac will be available on the iPhone.

It will not work to work with files in this form, you will have to copy them to the corresponding applications on the smartphone. The same should be done to download data that is needed without connecting to the network.

But to transfer the necessary files to another computer, you will have to tinker again: either create a general link to the file in iCloud, or send data via mail/airdrop.

Advantages and disadvantages:

The main advantage of this method is that owners of apple technology can, without special settings and third.Party, transfer data from a computer to a smartphone and vice versa.

The solutions have much more minuses. The application files in all respects lose to cloud storages, it is not very convenient to share files with other people, synchronization of a large amount of data will take a long time, and to download files for access without connecting to the network will have to use third.Party programs.

In this case, the user rests on the not the largest limit of the place in the cloud (5 GB).

How to throw photos from iPhone to flash drive via macbook?

Connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the USB Mac computer. Open the “Photo” application. In the “Photo” application, the “Import” screen will open, where all photos and videos located on the connected device will be displayed.

  • Install the right application.
  • We connect the iPhone to the computer via cable and start iTunes.
  • In the menu with connected iPhone, select the General File section.
  • We find the right application and drag the necessary files into the window.
  • Synchronize data with a smartphone.


Absolutely any cloud service is very convenient to use for the export of images both from iPhone to a computer and vice versa. Consider further actions on the example of the Dropbox service.

    Launch on Dropbox phone. In the central part of the window, select the “Create” button, and then slip on the “Download photo” item.

Using a computer

The next option is easier to execute, and consists in using a computer as an intermediary for transmitting a photo. There is nothing complicated: just connect the phone and flash drive to the PC or laptop, then just move the pictures from the device to it, and from there to the drive. Detailed instructions are presented in the following articles.

In the process of performing one of the methods above, unforeseen failures may occur. Next, we will consider the most frequent and offer their solutions.

The phone does not recognize the flash drive

If your smartphone does not recognize the flash drive, in most cases it is caused by a poor.Quality adapter. Also, it is impossible to exclude options for the failure of both the drive and contacts of data transmission in the gadget connectors. We recommend that you check the software requirements for smartphones again: Android firmware version with OTG support, while the iPhone should operate under the control of iOS 13 and above.

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In the file manager of the phone, photos are not visible (Android)

If the images are not visible in the application for working with Android files, then the first thing to do is to install something else: perhaps the current for some reason does not work with graphic data. If in it and in the gallery the pictures still cannot be considered, then refer to the instructions further.

There is no access error when trying to copy a photo there

Such a failure means that the recording on the USB carrier is prohibited either due to the equipment on the on or due to the software error. To solve this problem, use the instructions further.

It is also recommended to check the flash drive for viruses: computer malignes, of course, will not hurt the phone, but they can easily arrange problems with recording.

Why itunes Photo Transfer is not recommended?

“As soon as you have several thousand photos, Apple products do not allow you to easily manage”.

If you go to the Apple network communities, such negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев on iTunes are usually visible. ITUNES unfriendliness is agreed by almost all Apple fans, especially with regard to photographs and difficulty synchronization. Mostly iTunes is hardly a satisfactory PIC transfer tool from iOS to laptops when you have a large number of photos for transmission. If you need to move photos in parties or photo albums, and at the same time you need to choose certain images before their transfer, iTunes. The last tool you want to try. Since many users need mass and selective transmission of photographs, we will rather try to use the following methods instead of iTunes.

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