How to throw off to the factory settings Samsung Galaxy

How to reset the Samsung tablet to factory settings

If you have system failures in the Android operating system, the user may have a question of how to drop the Samsung tablet to factory settings. The need may occur after the installation of software from unverified sources, software failures or physical breakdown of the tablet. Fortunately, there are several ways to rectify the situation. And today we will talk about each of them.

The most effective way to restore the tablet to the normal state of Samsung is to reset or the so.Called rollback to factory settings. To use this option, repeat the following:

A message will appear on the smartphone screen about the mandatory removal of all data and recommendations for maintaining a backup on the device or cloud storage. Confirm your action by pressing the “OK” key. The rollback process will be launched.

The main ways to reset the settings

Samsung to factory settings can be discarded in several ways. Each of them has its own characteristics and is relevant for various situations.

Using settings

The easiest way to reset all the settings and data on Samsung is to launch the tool through the system menu. The sequence of actions is as follows.

  • The menu finds the “settings” icon and open it.
  • In the “General” tab, they open the “Archives and Reset” item.
  • Among the possible options, select the string “Database”.
  • The system will issue a warning about the complete loss of personal information. After familiarization, press the “reset of settings”, which is located below.
  • Further, you will need to once again confirm the launch of the utility. Press “delete everything”.


If the device uses a graphic password or a numerical PIN code, then before the cleaning starts, it will need to be entered.

After the actions performed, the system will begin to clean the memory and restore the initial settings.

Use of keys

If you start resetting the settings on Samsung in the menu, for example, with a cyclic reboot, then you can use the factory hard reset.

  • Initially, the smartphone is completely turned off.
  • To get into the factory menu (Recovery Mode), at the same time clamping three buttons: turning on, “Home” and “Volume Up”. In some models there is no “home” key; two remaining ones are used to launch the menu.
  • Pressed buttons are released when the Samsung screensaver appears. After 10 seconds, the menu itself will be displayed.
  • The VOLUME Down button move along the points. The inclusion key is selected “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”.
  • A small menu will appear again. The sound enlargement button move to the line, which begins with the word “yes”.
  • The power button confirm their decision.
  • After cleaning the memory, the system menu will reappear. This time you need to select “Reboot System Now”.
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Further, the smartphone will start, but with new initial settings.

Using service codes

There is another way to carry out reset. The use of Samsung system code (hard discharge).


Does not work on all models. When reset, not only the memory of the smartphone, but also the flash drive, which is installed in it. Before fulfilling the full reset on Samsung, a removable medium is removed from the device.

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  • It is initially necessary to open an application for a set of rooms.
  • Using the keyboard, the code is typed: 27673855#.
  • After pressing the call button, the reset procedure is activated. At the end, the smartphone will restart.
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This is a very simple option to zero memory, but its use is fraught with danger, since before the start of the device the owner of the device will not receive any warnings.

Instructions for resetting data through the phone settings on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Run the phone settings from the application screen.

Screen. Click on the “Settings” icon.

On the main page of the telephone settings, you need to enter the “General Settings” section.

Screen. Enter the section “General settings”.

In the section “General settings” you need to enter the subsection “Reset”.

Screenshot. In the section “General settings” you need to click on the item “Reset”.

In the subsection “Reset” you need to select the item “Reset Data”. It is this paragraph that the data is discharged to the factory values ​​by default.

Screen. In the subsection “Reset” you need to click on the “Database” item.

Now we are at the beginning of the very procedure for resetting data to factory. The phone will helpfully remind us which accounts were opened at this moment (there were four of them), and what data and applications it will delete from the phone’s memory.

Let’s get acquainted with this important information and check ourselves again: we saved all the important files from the smartphone’s memory on the computer or copied to the SD card.

Screenshot. Type of page “Data reset” with a list of open accounts. The pile of the piercing page is upward.

To start the data discharge, click on the “drop” button at the bottom of the page.

Screen. Click on the “drop” button.

The last line that we need to pass is entering a password for unlocking a smartphone.

We draw a graphical key to unlock our smartphone.

Screen. Introduce a graphic key to unlocking a smartphone.

Immediately after this, the very procedure for “cleaning memory” and the restoration of factory settings begins.

After the expiration of some time and rebooting the smartphone, we get our “re.Born” smartphone in the state, as it was when buying it.

But this is provided that it had not previously passed the installation procedure for the later version of the operating system, for example, Android 10.

In our case, we have a “re.Born” Galaxy A50 smartphone, but already with an Android 10 OS with one UI 2 updated six months ago.0.

Service code in a number

This method of cleaning is possible thanks to the use of Samsung service code. It works only on some devices, and also affects the contents of the memory cards, so we recommend that you remove the flash drive from the phone before use.

Open the Nomeronaucer application of your device (preferably standard, but most third-party ones are also operational).

The device will immediately launch the reset process, and at the end of it will be rebooted.

The method is extremely simple, but the danger is fraught with, since no warning or confirmation of discharge is provided.

Summing up, we note that the process of reset to the factory settings of Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to the above, there are more exotic reset methods, however, most ordinary users are not required.

And in what sequence do you need to press the buttons on the phone in order to reset data to the factory settings on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

Earlier in the article “How to return the factory settings through the Samsung smartphone menu” we have already described the first way to reset data through the phone settings. Next, we will describe the second way to restore the performance of the Samsung smartphone using its three buttons, showing this by the example of the editorial smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 C ONE UI 2 shell.0 OS Android 10.

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On the shut.Off smartphone, you must press the two buttons at the same time: the “louder” button and the “power” button, and hold them for at least 15 seconds.

Screen. Simultaneously press and hold at least 15 seconds of the “louder” and “food” buttons.

After that, the recovery menu will appear on the screen (recovery). Recovery is a special smartphone loading mode that looks on the screen like a text menu.

Moving along the menu positions is carried out by the volume and power volume buttons:. One step up. The “louder” button;. One step down. The “quieter” button;. Choice (confirmation). Button “Food”.

Now the cursor is in the first position of the Recovery menu. “Reboot System Now” (reboot the system now). To reset the settings to factory, we need to move down to the fifth position “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” (erase data/reset factory settings). To do this, click on the “quieter” button four times, and then on the “Nutrition” button.

Screen. Click on the “Quiet” button four times to get on the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item. Screens. A cursor at the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” item. Click on the “Power” button.

After that, the menu will open from two positions, where we will be asked to answer the following question: “Escape all user data?””. To confirm, you need to switch to the position “Reset the Settings” by clicking on the “Quiet” button, and then on the “Power” button.

Screenshot. Stand on the item “Reset the Settings” by clicking on the “Quiet” button. Screen. Click on the “Food” button.

After that, the smartphone will begin the process of restoring the initial phone settings.

After some time, the phone will return to the Recovery menu (recovery). We just have to overload the smartphone. To do this, you need from the first position of the Reboot System Now menu (restart the system now) click on the “Nutrition” button.

Screen. Click on the “Food” button from the first position of the “Reboot System Now” menu.

Now you have a completely “new” smartphone in your hands, “how can you just purchase it”. We hope that the reset of settings to factory helped you solve problems, and will allow you to configure the phone “for yourself” more successfully, taking into account your experience.

Using the recovery keys

If you use the first method, there is no way. There is a way to recover through the recovery mode. To enter this mode, you need to clamp a certain combination of buttons on the shut.Off smartphone. The combination of buttons depends on the manufacturer of your device. Below are key combinations that are used to enter the recovery mode in most smartphone models.

  • Power button button “Home” button volume or
  • Power button button volume or
  • Power button button “Home” button volume and
  • Power button button volume and

Samsung J7 Pro (SM J730) Hard Reset |Pattern Unlock Easy Trick With Keys

In most cases, the Recovery menu looks as follows.

Navigation is carried out using volume buttons. Choosing. A power key. To reset the settings, you must select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. The phone will go into reboot and return to the factory settings.

How to reset the Samsung phone to factory settings by means of telephone code

This version of the Samsung settings to the factory can help the user if there is a problem in the work of a smartphone or there is no way to unlock the screen, but at the same time it is possible to make calls to make calls.

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To reset the settings by means of a telephone code, one of the codes must be dialing in the number of sets:

After pressing the “Call” button, the Samsung will restart, and all the data on it will be deleted.

Factory Recovery

This version of Hard Reset is applicable in the case when the device cannot upload the system. For example, with cyclic rebooting (bootloop).

Turn off the device. To go to “Recovery Mode”, click the screen buttons at the same time, “Volume Up” and “Home”.

If your device does not have the last key, then just click on the screen plus “Volume Up”.

When a standard screensaver with the inscription “Samsung Galaxy” appears on the display, release the screen on the screen, and keep the rest for about 10 seconds. The Rakaver-fashion menu should appear.

In the event that it doesn’t work out, do it again points 1-2, while holding the buttons a little longer.

Having gained access to Recovery, click the VOLUME Down button to select “WIPE DATA/FACTORY Reset”. By choosing it, confirm the action by pressing the screen of the screen.

In the menu that appears again, use “Volume Down” to select the “Yes” item.

At the end of the cleaning process, you will return to the main menu. Select the Reboot System Now option in it.

The device will reboot with already cleaned data.

This option for resetting the system will clean the memory of Android, allowing you to correct the above Bootloop. As in other methods, this action will delete all user data, so the backup is desirable.

Samsung smartphone settings instructions.

Run the phone settings application from the application screen.

Screen. Click on the “Settings” icon.

On the main page of the settings, we go down the menu and enter the section “General settings”.

Screen. Enter the section “General settings”.

In the section “General settings” you need to enter the subsection “Reset”.

Screen. Enter the subsection “Reset”.

Now we are in the “Reset” section, where you can carry out a partial reset of settings and a complete.

We are interested in the items “Reset of settings”, “Resetting of the network parameters” and “Resetting parameters of special capabilities”.

To reset all the phone settings, except: security settings, language settings; accounts, personal data; settings of loaded applications, you need to select the “Set of Settings” item.

Screenshot. Select the “Set of Settings” item.

And after that, already on the “Settings Reset” page, click on the “Reset of the Cetaches” button at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot. Click on the “Settings Reset” button.

How to hard reset your android phone (Samsung)

If your problems are associated only with the reconfiguration of the network, then you will need to choose the second point in the “Reset” subsection. “Resetting of the network parameters”.

Screenshot. Select the item “Reset of network parameters”.

To zero network settings, click on the “Set of Cetaches” button.

Screenshot. Click on the “Settings Reset” button.

In the event that you need to adjust the settings of the special capacity of the smartphone, then you will need to choose the third point in the “Reset” subsection. “Reset couples. Specialist. Opportunities “.

Screen. Select “Reset param. Specialist. Opportunities “.

To reset the settings of special capacity to the default values, click on the “Set of Reetrishes” button.

Screenshot. Click on the “Settings Reset” button.

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