How to throw an application from Android on Android

The easiest way to transfer the application from the phone to the phone

The easiest way to transmit any data from one phone to another is to use an application called “DR. Fone “. Using this program, you can quickly transfer data from one mobile device to another. However, before using this application, it must be installed on a personal computer.

The program is compatible with all available operating systems: iOS, Windows Mobile, Android and others. Using this application, the user will be able to send photos, video, application and other data from one phone to another.

You can import the application as follows:

  • First, the user must download the program on his personal computer. This is done from the official site;
  • Next, the program must be installed by following the instructions;
  • Now you need to connect two mobile devices to a personal computer using a wire;
  • As soon as the phones are detected by a computer system, you can run the application;
  • At this stage, you need to select the “Switch” section, which is in the instrument menu;
  • After that, the menu should open, in which two connected devices will be displayed. One of them should be in the status of “Source”, it will be source, and the second “Destination” is a gadget in which the applications will be copied. If necessary, they can be replaced by clicking on the Flip button;
  • At this stage, you need to select the type of files that will be sent to the receiving device. To send applications, you need to mark the line “Apps” with a checkmark;
  • To send the selected files, click on the “Start Transfer” button;

Also, if necessary, the owner of the gadget may mark the function “Clear Data Before Copy”. This function will erase all files from the receiving phone.

To complete the procedure, you will need to wait for the end of this process.

As you might notice, this program makes it possible to very quickly import any files from one gadget to another. Over, thanks to the simplest integer using the application, everyone can cope.

How to transmit applications to Android

It will be possible to transmit the application only between smartphones with Google Play. That is, Huawei will not work here

By and large, the application transfer function is an adapted version of Nearby Sharing technology, as it uses as a basis exactly the same protocols. These are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, but in the case of Google Play, NFC will also be used, which is quite strange, given the very low range of the technology. They do not require an Internet connection to install, but they themselves pave the selected network between compatible devices. As a result, data transmission occurs at fairly high speeds.

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Despite the fact that while the application transmission function is in the beta testing stage and is inaccessible to a wide audience of users, it is now known how it will work:

It will be quite easy and simple to transmit an application from Android to Android

  • In the list of available parameters, go to “My applications and games”. “Applications Management”;
  • Select the application that must be transmitted, and click “Send”;

You can transfer the application even without the Internet

Creating a backup

On many versions of Android and iOS, the backup of files is automatically turned on when they are transferred. This function avoids loss of information important for the user. However, the performance of the backup does not prevent the checking. For this purpose, you can use the following algorithm:

  • Similarly, go to the “settings” of the mobile device, clicking on the gear on the desktop.
  • In the list of parameters opened, find the line “System” and click on it.
  • Next, the user must go to the “Additional Settings” subsection.
  • Opposite the “backup” point, transfer the switch to an active position.
  • To make sure that the current address is spelled out in the subsection of the Account.
  • After performing the above actions, you must click on the “Start Copy” button, and then click on the word “continue”.
  • Wait for the completion of the backup procedure, at the end of which all user data will be transferred to the Google disk, and it will be impossible to lose them.

You can activate the backup function on the smartphone directly from your Google disk profile. To do this, in the application settings, click on the “backup and reset” button. Further actions are similar to the above.

How to send an application to another phone

Sending applications for Nearby Sharing can save you traffic

No Internet is needed to transmit the application. Despite this, the connection between the devices is installed at once on two protocols: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Google combined them to increase data transfer speed. Thanks to this, small applications are transmitted almost instantly, and the main time in the procedure is spent on confirming the conjugation and receiving the file.

There are restrictions on the transmission of applications, but they have not yet been spelled out anywhere, and users have to identify them experimentally. For example, it is known that it is impossible to transfer the Stadia application from the device to the device. As well as it is impossible to convey any paid programs and games, those that are in the beta testing stage, if the recipient is not registered in the early access program, and applications, access to which is made only by reference.

Despite the fact that I updated my Google Play to the current assembly, I haven’t had a transfer function yet. Apparently, Google includes innovation in his servers and does it somehow selectively. However, the instructions for transmitting applications through Nearby Sharing is not a secret behind seven seals:

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You can send through Nearby Sharing any application

How to throw a game on Wi-Fi

If the user has the Internet (Wi-Fi), then he can transfer files through it. It is quite simple to do it, because you need only two devices and a common network. If this is not possible, then it is worth taking a closer look at another way.

Install a special program called ES Explorer. It is downloaded from the official source, not via the Internet. It is worth remembering that downloading from unofficial sources can harm the device, including bring many viruses into its shell. To avoid this, we use proven sources.

For installation, the algorithm should be acted:

The user can simply and easily with this method to transfer any game and data.

How to Control Android from Android

throw, application, android

How to clone applications on Huawei

It is to simply clone applications from the memory of one device to another. To someone this method will seem contradictory in terms of convenience, but if you move from the old smartphone to the Huawei smartphone, it cannot be a better way.

You can clone applications using the Phone Clone application

You can transfer not only applications, but also any other data

  • Scan away the new QR code that appeared on the old;
  • Select the applications you want to transfer and wait for the completion of the process.

Cloning applications is quite an official function that is supported by most smartphones not only on Android, but also on iOS. Therefore, you can not worry that you will set some kind of defective version of the program. Another thing is that together with the application itself, the transfer of all its data, which were stored on a donor device, will be carried out. This means that for security purposes it is best to use for cloning either a smartphone that belongs to you personally, or to the person to whom you unconditionally trust.

Transfer of applications between Android devices via Bluetooth

Just take and transfer the application via Bluetooth you can’t work! But there are always bypass paths!

And also install the Google files application

Turn on on two Bluetooth devices

On the phone from which you will transmit the application, run the ES conductor, select the Apps icon from the main window, mark the application for transmission to the second Android and click the “Send” button, where select the Google files

Launch the Google files on the receiving phone, switch to the “Exchange” tab and then press the “Get” button

Application Library in Google Play

This is not the best way to help transfer data from an old android to a new, but often used. The main drawback of this method is that each application is set separately in order of priority. With a large number of installed programs, this takes a lot of time. The way can be used when it is necessary to quickly transfer several applications to new devices without using additional software for this.

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In fact, all data cannot be transferred, but simply installing previously used programs on a new smartphone. The Google Play service built into any Android Service allows you to view the list of all applications that have ever been downloaded from the current account. This is a kind of personal library with software.

To see the list of installed applications, you need to open Google Play and log in to it if this has not yet been done. Next, you should slip on the avatar in the upper right corner, causing a drop.Down menu. It has a item “Management and devices”. You need to click on it and do the following:

  • Go to the “Management” tab.
  • Click on the “installed” button and select another item in the dropped menu. “not installed”.
  • A list of all previously used programs will open.
  • To transfer this data from the phone to the Android phone, you need to put the checkboxes opposite the applications and press the download button on top.
  • File downloads will begin, after which the programs will start to install automatically.

All necessary applications should be noted with checkmarks and press on the top button to install them.

Similarly, you can transfer not only programs, but also games.

How to synchronize data from android on Android manually

If you need to transfer data from old phones, then Google and other cloud applications may not be suitable for. Your phone will simply be incapable of installing them. Therefore, you will have to throw information on the old fashioned way.

Via Microsd

  • Open the conductor on the smartphone;
  • Select the necessary files
  • Click “Copying to the Kara of Memory”
  • Extract Microsd and insert into a new phone.

Via NFC/Bluetooth

  • On both gadgets, turn on NFC or Bluetooth in the “Wireless Network” section.
  • Activate Android Beam.
  • Bring the devices to each other.
  • On the old phone, select the files that need to be transferred.
  • Click “convey”.

Through a USB cable

This option is for those who fear that his data will flow into the network.

  • Connect the old phone to the computer.
  • Choose “file transfer”. Now you don’t have a smartphone, but a large flash drive connected to PC
  • Copy the necessary information
  • Disconnect the phone
  • Connect a new one
  • Transfer copied information to it.

So you can create a complete clone of a smartphone, even copy the operating system.

Technology development moves towards cloud solutions. Almost all information is formed or duplicated on the servers of companies. The times when, due to the loss of the phone, you could lose multi-day work, a collection of photos or songs-have gone forever. It is enough to connect backup and data transfer will be automatically carried out.


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