How to throw a photo from Xiaomi to a computer

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Ways to connect Xiaomi to a computer

Ksyaomi smartphones are necessary to transfer media files or software from a stationary computer to your gadget. It’s not as simple as it might seem. For this, you need to observe the sequence when connecting, take into account the nuances and possible problems. There are 4 ways how to connect Xiaomi to a computer.

This method is standard, includes 2 actions:

  • You need to connect the smartphone to PC via USB cable.
  • After the connection, the curtain will appear at the top of the display, it will have the inscription “Charging through USB”. Click to set up. You need to click on this curtain, after which a window with the heading “Using USB” will appear. In this window, you need to click on the “File transfer” button (MTP) “.

If this method does not work, then you can try to install the drivers. Each processor needs its own drivers, Qusaomi uses Snapdragon and MediaTek processors in his smartphones. For example, media teles are used in Redmi Note 4, and SNEPDREGON in the MI 5 model. Before installation, you should clarify which processor is in the device. How the drivers are installed:

  • It is required to download the drivers for the desired processor on a stationary computer;
  • Then you need to start the file and wait for the download to end;
  • Then you need to restart the computer.

If the PC is installed by Windows 10 or 8 of the version, then the first synchronization of Qusaomi with PC will give automatic loading of drivers.

This method can be tried with senior devices as Redmi 4a, and with the younger ones like Redmi laptop 3. When connecting to the PC, you can try systemic updating the drivers. You need to go to the “Start”, then select the “Devices and Printers” section. The smartphone icon should be displayed there. You should bring the cursor on it, use the right mouse button, a tab will appear on the elimination of problems. After clicking on the tab, the driver update button will float.

Many users say that this method immediately works on Redmi Note 3 and Redmi MI5. If the user has these models, it is recommended for a start to try this method. With the rest of the problem, you should go to other methods.

How to transfer files to Xiaomi using one

In Windows 8 and 10, support for cloud data storage from Microsoft OneDrive is built at the system level, so I will show on its example how to copy the data in the memory of Xiaomi. In other cloud services, everything happens similarly.

Open the OneDrive folder on the computer, inside you will find other folders, select one of them, or create a new one, and copy there of interest to the data. On Xiaomi, you must first install one from the Google Play store ONEDRive and enter it in your account. Then start the program, find the folder into which you copied the files on the computer, select them with a long tap, after which in the upper part, click on the “Troeta” icon, and in the pop.Up menu “Save” the menu. Return

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It can be useful:

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How to transfer photos from Xiaomi phone to computer

In order to transfer files from phone to computer, we need a phone charge cable. How to transfer photos on Wi-Fi will be described in another article. We take our cable, disconnect the power supply. We connect one end of the cable to the phone, the other is connected to the computer. After connecting, a notification will appear on the phone screen. We need to choose the option of file transfer/Android Auto

If you accidentally closed this dialogue without choosing anything, then open the notifications curtain and find the menu item that is responsible for this dialogue.

Click it and the selection window is openly open. Now we switch to your computer. Open the section of this computer (left) and find our phone.

Transfer photos from phone to computer

Open this folder. In the next we need to choose either internal memory or SD card.

Transfer photos from phone to computer

Since I do not have a card, then I have no choice. If you have it, then copy the folders that will be written below is necessary from the internal memory and from the flash drive.

After we opened the right memory, we fall on the list of our folders. On Xiaomi phones, we are interested in the following folders: Pictures, DCIM, MIUI, Download

Transfer photos from phone to computer

The main photos and videos are in the DCIM folder. Just click with the right mouse button, copy and insert on your computer in the right place.

Pictures folder may contain various pictures that were saved there during editing or downloading. Go to this folder, find the necessary files and copy.

throw, photo, xiaomi, computer

The download folder can lie photos and videos that were downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, do not forget to go there too and see the files there.

Documents that are directly related to the MIUI shell be reached in the Miui folder. In this folder we are interested in the following directors: Gallery and Video.

We find the necessary photos and videos in these folders, and also copy them to our computer.

It is also considered good practice when copying photos to go through folders of various messengers. Look at folders like Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

Here the main folders were described that you need to look at if you need to transfer photos from your Xiaomi phone to a computer. Some programs can store photos in other places, so you should always check if you have copied all the photos.


Working with a phone data on a computer

When you connected your phone to exchange data, t. E. We selected MTP or PTP transmission modes, that is, several options to use your files.

1 method

Open my computer on PC:

Find the phone in the presented list:

Go into it. Folders will appear in front of you, now you can start working with files.

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2 method

Using a multifunctional file management manager Mi PC Suite.

How to Transfer/Send Files from Redmi MI 4/4A to Computer/PC/Laptop Via USB | Video/Photo/Audio/Pic

Connection to a computer: installation of drivers

Drivers are software that helps the computer understand how the connected gadget/device works and how to “communicate” with it.

All devices have their own drivers: phones, printers, scanners, etc.D.

It happens that even when the phone is first connected, the drivers are installed themselves and are subsequently updated when necessary. However, if this does not happen, you can do the installation procedure yourself.

Attention! If you are the owner of a computer with Windows 8/Windows 10, before performing the installation, turn off the digital signature of the program, t. E. Virus protection, otherwise some processes will not be available to you.

  • Spend the site from on the Internet and select the most reliable (for example, 4PDA);
  • In the section with your smartphone model, find two archives: “MediaTek program” and “Qualcomm program” and download them;
  • The usual way to open these files and what will turn out to be placed on a system disk (usually disc C) so as not to lose or accidentally delete;
  • Reboot the computer (yourself, if there is no notice of the need from the PC itself);

Now try to connect the phone. If he still does not see a computer or you have already installed drivers-let’s try to update them.

Features of Xiaomi connection to a computer via USB

You can copy files with a size of not more than 4 GB, feature of the FAT32 file system. The decision to break the file by a slightly smaller size.

There is a problem with copying files from PC to Xiaomi: the transmission process freezes. Solution: try to copy the folder created on the smartphone.

If nothing happens when the cable is connected to the PC, try another USB port.

All these methods work on all devices supporting MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and so on.

Why does the computer not see the phone

Let’s start with the base: for example, you know all the stages of connection well, but the computer simply does not recognize Android device. There may be several reasons:

  • Lack of the desired drivers on PC;
  • Poor quality cable, contaminated, with a fracture;
  • Problems in the operating system (virus or simple failure);
  • The connectors on the system unit are clogged, it means that something got into them (or simply not workers).

First and most elementary. Check if the crumbs, dirt, dust in the connectors have come. Foreign bodies accumulate very often there, and because of this there is no electrical contact. Gently clean everything with a wooden toothpick (or something similar), and in the future you use special plugs. Now let’s discuss other actions.

How to throw photos from Xiaomi to a computer and back, file transfer options

If you need to move data from your Xiaomi smartphone to a computer, then you can perform this operation within a few minutes. There are several ways to throw files from Xiaomi, which we will talk about in our article.

To do this, you need a USB cable that comes with all the Xiaomi brand phones. Connect it to the computer‘s mobile device and the port of the USB and open the curtain on the main screen. You will see the inscription “Charging via USB”, click on it.

If you are looking for how to throw a photo from Xiaomi, then select “Transfer Photo (PTP). After that, the Automobe folder will appear on your PC, where you should choose the subparagraph “Imprise images and videos”. Click on it, after which automatic copying will begin. Only preliminarily indicate the path for their placement.

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This option must be used if your PC for some reason does not see the connected phone.

To solve the problem, you must first check the presence of drivers: go to the device manager on the computer and see if the yellow mark of the question is displayed in it. If so, just download and install drivers.

If this did not help, then you will have to go into the “settings” and find the subparagraph “extended settings” in them. Click on the “For Developers” tab and activate the “USB” debugging function.

These actions help to check whether the connection is organized correctly. If there are errors, they will be fixed.

How to throw photos from Xiaomi if nothing helps? There is another sequence of actions that implies the need to recruit the next digital combination in the call menu: “###”. You will see a dialog box with two functions.

You should select a “MTP” connection, after which the option of transmitting any multimedia information on PC will become available.

throw, photo, xiaomi, computer

How to throw files on Xiaomi via Mi PC Suite?

The advantage of the program is the ability to transfer significant data to a computer, without using a USB cable. The file manager is installed on PC, and you can download it on Google Play Market.

Then you need to click on the file “.Exe “twice, and then follow the instructions of the program. It remains only to wait for the completion of the installation and press the logo, after which synchronization with the Xiaomi smartphone will be carried out in automatic mode.

Now you know how to throw music from Xiaomi and other files quickly and with convenience. Actions to transfer information to a smartphone with PC are similar, the main thing is to connect to a computer.

How to transfer files to Xiaomi via a USB service

I mean transferring data from the computer to the phone and back. You need an original USB cable. I want to emphasize that the wire needs an original, or its complete analogue so that data transmission is possible.

Let the same appearance of all wires not mislead you, they are quite different inside. It is for this reason that many do not work for fast charging, not because the phone has broken, or a charger, but because not a sure cable has been selected.

So, you have a good wire, connect it to the computer and the phone. If everything happens in a regular order, a pop.Up window will appear on the smartphone screen, which offers to choose one of three transmission methods:

After choosing the usual mode, the conductor window will open on your computer, where all the Xiaomi folders will be visible, here you can copy or delete them at your discretion. I recommend choosing the usual transmission mode on Xiaomi, in this case in the Windows conductor you will see the entire phone memory and files can copy any you like.

But be careful, as in Windows, you should know what can be deleted and what is not, because otherwise it can lead to the inoperability of the device and you will have to contact the service center to restore it.

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