How to throw a photo from iPhone on Android

How to throw photos from iPhone on Android via Bluetooth: can I or not?

Hello! Today I will tell you how to convey from the iPhone a photo, documents, files, videos and music from the iPhone, and is it possible to do it at all. And then the problem immediately arises, since it is almost impossible to transmit files by Bluetooth in direct way, as you can safely do on the same Android.

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Why is this happening? Yes, because supposedly Apple is fighting piracy. They are afraid that you will throw films, music and files that do not belong to you by rights. This is the official answer of the apple company. But in fact, this is the usual lies.

The truth is that the company wants you and your friends, as well as relatives, friends, neighbors, friends, dog and your cat. Everyone bought only apple.Based devices. Thus, you will be covered in a closed ecosystem, from where you can’t get out. You can throw the same photos using Airdrop, which is supported only by Apple products. Of course, you can convey the photo, but not by Bluetooth. I will briefly talk about this in the article below.

NOTE! In fact, of course you can throw anything and through a “blue tooth”, but there is a small small nuance. See this the last chapter of this article.

Steps for transferring photos from phone to tablet without any problems.

Synchronize the devices before transferring the photo from phone to tablet

To move photos from a mobile phone to a tablet, you need to create a connection between two devices (in this case by a phone and a tablet) use a mobile translation.

All you need to do is install and start the program on your PC.

As soon as you do this, you will see the window of the program with the ‘phone for transmission by phone’.

Click on it and connect your phone (with iPhone / samsung / Windows Phone / Blackberry and others.) And tablet PC (with support for iPad / Samsung Tablet / and others.) To PC using USB cables.

It is so simple! You just need to make sure that your tablet is on the right side, which is an destination. If this is not the case, use the “turn” button. Then you’re fine.

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(You will need to follow the instructions on the screen to enable USB debugging a few steps if you transfer photos from the Android phone or to the Android tablet.)

Select photos you want to transfer from phone to tablet

After synchronizing the phone with the tablet, switch the mobile translation will ask you to choose the content that you want to copy to the tablet. Of course, in this case, all you need to do is to put a check in the “Photo” field. (Supported format: GIF / JPEG / HeIF / HeVC / Heic / MP4 / PNG / RAW / TIFF and others)

But to switch a mobile translation can also transmit data from a phone to a tablet, such as contacts, a list of contacts, text messages, call magazines, calendar, reminder, alarm clock, bookmarks, Safari history, notes, voice mail, wallpaper, calling, voice notes, vocal notes, applications, music or video, and t.P.

Then click the “Start transmission” button. The program will begin as soon as you press the button, but you should know that this may take some time, depending on the size of the documents. During the transmission, you should not disconnect or cancel progress on any device. Wait until the execution indicator reaches 100% and all. Now you can view, edit or share your recently transferred photos on the tablet.

Iphone images transfer to Android using cloud services

If you do not want to directly send photos from the iPhone on Android, the best option would be to download photos from cloud services. Cloud services will automatically upload your photos from the iPhone, after which you can upload them to your new Android phones.

Iphone images transfer to Android using iCloud

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Assuming that you turned on the iCloud photos on your iPhone, you can directly upload these photos to your new Android phone:

Unlock the Android device, go to the iCloud in the browser, enter your Apple ID and touched the photo, just select the necessary photos and download them. Photos will be in the ZIP file that is displayed in the browser load folder.

Iphone images transfer to Android using Google disk

Google disk is another solution for cloud storage, superior to operating systems that can be used to transmit not only JPEG photos, but also images of Heic and many other data.

Follow simple steps below to move photos from iPhone to Android using Google Drive.

Step 1: Download and install the Google drive on your iPhone and make sure that the Wi-Fi connection connection.

Step 2: Open your Google disk on the iPhone, click the plus ⟶ photo and video then select the necessary photos and tape share. Files will be uploaded.

Step 3: Unlock the Android phone, find the Google Disc app in the Play store. Download and install it.

Step 4: Open the disk and enter the system with the same Google identifier that you used on your iPhone. You can view all the uploaded photos, including the images of HEIC or other media files that you can select and upload massively.

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Special file for transferring files

There is an app for for that (“there is your own program for this”), users say and are almost always right. Indeed, for iOS and Android there are programs that are transferring files. The main condition is that they should be installed by the “apple” smartphone and a device with a “green robot”.

SEND ANYWHERE (for Android) is a simple and comfortable program, you don’t even need to start an account here. In the gallery you need to select the set files, then the 6-digit code is generated. The recipient enters the code on his device. And begins to receive content. Data is transmitted through Peer-to-Peer Protocol in any convenient way-via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. Slightly less convenient alternatives. Instashare and Qikshare.

Using a computer

This option also involves the use of an intermediary, and therefore requires a sufficient amount of time from you. But, you do not have to pay for a subscription to the cloud to transfer all the photos saved on the iPhone.

But this method still has its disadvantages. So, to interact the Apple iPhone with PC on Windows, it is necessary to install additional software. Next, we suggest considering detailed instructions:

Despite the fact that you will have to spend time connecting devices and configuring software, this method is more winning if you plan to throw more than one gigabyte of information. The transfer of files via USB a priori is faster than on the Internet, and therefore the connection to PC wins compared using cloud services.

Contact transfer

If there are few contacts in the phone book, then sometimes it is easier to transfer them manually. Just rewrite numbers. But if there is no time or desire or numbers for this, you can use one of these methods.

Contacts can be transferred in several ways. Illustration: Apple-IPhone.Ru

Contact transfer through iTunes

  • You need to start the application and connect your iPhone. After that, the main menu in the upper left corner will appear;
  • You need to click on it;
  • After that, a new menu will open on the left, in which you need to select the “Information” item, put a box in the “Synchronize contacts with: Google Contacts” window;
  • Next, you need to go down to the end of the page, make sure that the “contacts” are marked with a checkmark and click “apply”, wait until all the data is transferred.
  • On the new device, go to Google’s account account. All contacts must automatically pull up into it.
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Contact transfer via iCloud

To transfer contacts in this way, you need a VCF file. To get it, you need:

Use third.Party cloud storages, for example, Google Photo or Yandex.Disk

As an option, use third.Party cloud storage facilities like Google Photo (unlimited space for free, the program allows you to remove from the device uploaded to the “cloud” photo and video), Yandex.Disk and so on, which often have a more loyal policy and provide a larger amount of free space for free.

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You can post photos forever on social networks, for example, on Instagram (you can create albums) classmates, etc.D.

How to convey Live Photos from iPhone on iPhone or iPad

There are three true ways to transmit Live Photos with iPhone or iPad:

Method 1-through IMESSAGE

Launch the message application and create a new Imessage message (only for Apple users).

Press the image icon in the lower left corner. In the opening chamber, the icon add the image add the image in the upper left corner.

Select Life Photos (the image is marked with the corresponding icon) and click the blue button to send.

Method 2. Through transmission through Airdrop

Open Live Photos in the photo application (the corresponding note will be placed in the upper left corner).

In the menu that appears, touch the Airdrop icon.

Select a user who needs to send an image.

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We talked in more detail about file transfer by Airdrop in this material.

Method 3. By creating a general album in iCloud

Open the photo application, go to the album photo Live Photos in the Album tab.

Click the button to select in the upper right corner and select the files that will be posted in the general album.

In the menu that appears, select the item in the general album.

Follow the instructions on the screen to create a general album (details). Ultimately, you will have a new common album on your iPhone.

Open the created general album and invite users to it. After that, the same album will appear on their iPhone or iPad in the photo application.

There is nothing unusual in sending Live Photo through this methods. They can be shared the same way as any other media file. The main thing is to make sure that you are transmitting “Living Photos” precisely. The corresponding icon with the inscription “Live” or with the name of the used effect will be indicated in the upper left corner.

Smart Transfer program

This application allows you to transfer not only contacts, but also all photos, videos, as well as audio and even music (in general all data).

  • Now we need to tie two smartphones. This can be done in two ways-by Wi-Fi, if you have a router nearby. If there is no router, then one of the smartphones can act as an access point to which the second device will need to be connected.

If the phone has a lot of photos, videos and other media files, then it may take a lot of time, so it’s time to go drink tea with cookies.

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