How to Throw a Game on a USB Flash Drive From a Computer

How to Throw a Game on a USB Flash Drive From a Computer

A modern computer is a device for performing a variety of tasks. both work and entertainment. One of the most popular types of entertainment are games. Gaming software nowadays takes up large volumes. both in the installed form, and being packed into the installer. For this reason, it is not always convenient to download them again when, say, a computer is changed. To facilitate and speed up the process, the game files can be written to a USB flash drive and transferred to another machine using it.

Features copying games to flash drives

Before we begin to describe the methods of moving games from a USB drive to a PC, we note some important nuances.

    The main difficulty when moving games to a USB flash drive and from it to another computer is volumes. A modern game in its installed form takes an average of 30 to 100 (!) GB, so we recommend that you stock up on a capacious drive of at least 64 GB formatted in an exFAT or NTFS file system.

See also: Comparison of FAT32, NTFS and exFAT The second nuance is the preservation of progress and achievements in the game. If you use services like Steam or Origin, this can be neglected, as these services have a backup function to the cloud and it is active by default. If the game is purchased on disk, then the save files will have to be transferred manually.

The original location of the save directory and the folder where they will be copied must match, otherwise the game will most likely not recognize them. For this reason, there is one small life hack. While in the folder with the saves, move the mouse cursor to an empty space in the address bar and left-click. the address will be highlighted. Copy it by pressing the right button and selecting the appropriate context menu item. Create a text document in any place (on the desktop) into which you paste the received address Move the document to the USB flash drive and use the received address to quickly find the directory where you want to save. In some cases, it makes sense to pack the components of the game into an archive to speed up the copying process: one large file, due to the features of exFAT, will be copied faster than a couple of hundred small ones.

Moving games from a removable drive to a PC

The process of transferring a game from a flash drive to a computer is no different from copying other types of files. Therefore, we can use third-party solutions or get by with system tools.

Method 1: Total Commander

Third-party file manager Total Commander can significantly simplify the process of moving games from computers to flash drives and vice versa.

    Open Total Commander. Use the left panel to navigate to the folder in which the game resources should be placed.

Method 2: FAR Manager

Another alternative “Explorer”, FAR Manager, also perfectly copes with the task.

    Open the application. As in the method with Total Commander, in the left panel, select the final location of the folder with the copied game. To do this, click Altf1, to go to disc selection. Having selected the desired one, go to the folder in which the game directory will be placed.

In the right panel, go to the USB flash drive connected to the PC. Push Altf2 and select the drive labeled “removable”. Select the game folder with a single click of the right mouse button and select in the context menu “Copy”.

  • At the end of the process, the game folder will be in the right place.
  • Method 3: Windows System Tools

    good old “Explorer”, The default Windows file manager is also able to cope with the task of transferring the game from a USB flash drive to a PC.

      By connecting the drive to the computer, open “Start” and select the item in it “A computer”. In the window that opens with the available storage devices, select an external flash drive (they are indicated by a special icon) and double-click on it to open it.

    If autorun is enabled on your system, just click on the item “Open folder to view files” in the window that appears when the flash drive is connected.

    All the same, through paragraph “A computer”, go to the directory where you want to upload the game and / or save files. Drag the desired one there in any way possible, and the simplest drag and drop will do.

    See also: What to do if files from a computer are not copied to a USB flash drive Check the operability of the transferred game and its save.

    This method is useful to users who are unable to use third-party tools or simply do not want to do this.

    To summarize all of the above, let us recall one more important fact. by simply moving or copying it will not work to transfer licensed games to another computer. The exception is purchased in Steam. in order to run them, you will need to log into your account on this computer and verify the game files.

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