How to throw a book from a computer to iPhone

Working with documents on iPhone

Office editing. A procedure that people are forced to perform daily; It would be strange if Apple gadgets did not allow this to do this. You can adjust the Word and Excel files to the iPhone. But not at the expense of your own gadget means.

The built.In iPhone does not allow the user to work with Office documents. If necessary, urgently make adjustments to Word and Excel formats with an apple gadget will have to download a third.Party application from the AppStore.

Fortunately, such programs in the official Apple store are many. On the example of one of them, we will demonstrate that the processing of an office document on the iPhone is actually a very simple procedure.

How to throw your books from a computer

In order to download your favorite reading with PC, you need to go to iTunes, click the file section, and then select the “Add to the Media Text” item from the drop.Down menu and throw the desired book there. She will appear in the media text, in the book folder. It is worth remembering that the iPhone supports only the EPUB and PDF format. But this is not a special problem, because there are many online converters that will turn any format for free into the right.

Further, using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to PC or synchronize it with iTunes by Wi-Fi, in a special menu you need to click on your device and click on the book menu. Next, you will need to click on the “synchronize books” and arrange the checkmarks opposite the necessary or on all. After completing in the application, selected files will appear on the shelves.

ITUNES also has a book editor in order to use it, you need to go into the media, click on the right work with the right button, click on the “information” and add your changes to the name, correct the author’s name or install a beautiful cover. So the iPhone application will look like a real library.

How to upload in iPhone, iPod, iPad books FB2 format? [ifaq]

There are several ways to pump books in FB2 format in I-device, the easiest is the addition of books to the reading room through iTunes. One. You need to open itunes and connect your device. 2. Select the connected device from the list of devices. 3. Go to the “Program” menu. 4. Below in the window “General files”, select a reader program,

For example Shortbook. 5. In the right window “Shortbook Documents” click the Add button and select books for synchronization. 6. After adding, click “Apply” and “synchronize”. 7. After synchronization, the books will be available in the Shortbook program on your device.

The necessary conditions: iTunes, iPhonefolders or any other file manager should be installed on the computer. There should be a jailbreak and the installed Ifile (from Cydia) on your device

And so: 1. You need to download and install iPhonefolders on the computer. 2. To restart a computer. 3. Connect iPhone, iPod or iPad to a computer. 4. Go to my computer / iPhone Folders / Your device / Private / Var / Mobile / and create a TEMP folder (or other name) The path: My computer / iPhone folders / Your device / Private / var / mobile / TEMP 5. Go to the site with books Register and download books in fb2 format. 6. Download and install on your device a reader for books FB2 format, for example Shortbook. This program knows how to download files and store them in its root folder foldress. You can download books first on a computer or immediately through a built.In browser in Shortbook. If you download books through a computer, you need to find a folder with the Shortbook program in the device and copy the book downloaded from the site. You can do this like this: we go to iFile on the device. In my opinion, iFile is the best file manager for i-devices. Previously, you need to go into its settings and put checks on “hidden files”, “external programs”, “program name”. Then download the book downloaded from the site along the way: My computer / iPhone Folders / Your device / Private / Var / Mobile / Temp

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All the programs installed on the device are on the way: my computer / iPhone Folders / Your device / Private / Var / Mobile / Applications in the Applications folder using the Ifile program you need to find the Shortbook folder, and the Document folder will be in the Shortbook folder. This folder needs to throw books. T.E. They need to be transferred from the TEMP folder to the Documents folder using the IFILE program (move). After that, open the Shortbook program, go to the settings. Operations. Search for new files. Start. The program will scan the Documents folder and find books. All! You can read.

How to upload books on iBooks via iTunes on MacOS computer

With the arrival of OS X Mavericks, Apple decided to separate books from all iTunes (this did not affect the audiobook). That is why a separate iBooks program for Mac, which allows not only to manage the available books, but also read them directly from computers based on MacOS. The shortcomings also increased: all books from iTunes are automatically moved to the desktop iBooks, which has somewhat complicated synchronization with mobile devices, and the possibility of adding the cover and changing some information about the book was removed, and it is a pity.

So, we have a book on the hard disk of the Mac/PC disk that you want to move to the iBooks application through iTunes, and then on the iOS device.

Open iBooks → Shop → Automate this computer and enter your Apple ID and password.

Next, go to the IBOOKS menu → Settings.

Here it is necessary to put a box opposite the item “Synchronize bookmarks, selected text and collections on devices”.

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Move the book to iBooks, for this, just open the EPUB file in Finder or pull it into the open IBOOKS window.

Open itunes → Shop → Automate this computer and enter your Apple ID and password.

Connect the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to Mac using a USB cable.

Go to the connected device tab.

In the lateral menu, open the Book tab.

In the window that appears, put a checkmark opposite the “Synchronize Books” item and select one of the two options (“All books” or “Selected Books”).

In the lower right corner, click the “Synchronize” button.

throw, book, computer, iphone

Open the iBooks in iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and you will see the added book with a blue “New” margin.

Other ways to download books in the necessary formats on the iPhone

The following mobile applications can be used to download the book:

Litres. This mobile application is loaded from the App Store for free and makes it possible to download and throw the book immediately on the IBOOKS shelf. The minus of the Litres application lies in the fact that there are quite few free books and all of them belong to classical literature. To download modern prose, you have to pay, and the price of the electronic version is proportionate to the price of paper.

Bookmate. Bookmate is a very successful and also free utility for downloading books on iPhone. The unique advantage of this program is synchronization between several devices: you just need to download the book on the iPhone, and it will appear on other Apple devices belonging to you. In addition, Bookmate functionality includes a small social network that will allow you to communicate with reading lovers who have similar to your taste. This is also a plus of applications.

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Ibooks. Apple’s application also has its own store. If you want to get into it, click the “Store” button (“store”) in the upper left or right corner (depends on the version of the application).

The main plus of the iBooks store lies in the sorting of books. It is not necessary to doubt whether a specific text file for the iPhone is suitable. The iBooks store contains text files only 2 formats: EPUB and PDF.

How to download audiobooks on iPhone in M4B format?

In order to convert mp3 to M4B, only a few converters cope. For this procedure, you can use, for example, a simple MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter. Download this utility on this site.

Using the program is simple: you need to download an audio file in the MP3 format through the “Add” button, then click “Start Conversion”.

After the strip of progress reaches the end, the audio file in the M4B format will be in the same folder as the source.

Still, it is better to download from the Internet files that are originally in the M4B format than to solve the problem with the conversion. Converted files will not be able to boast of breaking into chapters-but this is one of the main advantages of the M4B book.

Search books for Apple stands on the websites of a torrent razdach-such as www.My-tfile.Org and www.Goldenshara.Org. We download the book from the second site with. King “Wind through the keyhole”. The description indicates that the book has a sewn cover and is divided into chapters. It is always worth paying attention to.

To download the M4B book to the iPhone, act like this:

Launch iTunes and again add a file via Ctrlo combination.

Pass on the Book tab. There you will find the M4B file.

If there is no bookmark tab, it means that you have not added it to the work panel yet. Click on the button with three points, then select “Edit”.

In the list that appears, put a checkmark opposite the “Book” and click “Ready”.

Go to the device control menu and select the Audiobooks section. After that, put a box opposite “synchronize audiobooks”.

Users most often have problems when copying audiobooks due to the fact that they miss this item.

Click the “Synchronize” button and wait for when copying an audiobook on a mobile device is completed.

You can also listen to the M4B book through the “Music” application, but in the list of ordinary musical compositions you will not find them. In the built.In iphone player, you need to click on the “” tab.

In this tab, select the “Audiobooks” section.

In the section “Audiobooks” you will see M4B files that loaded.

The audiobook player looks somewhat different. He has a pair of additional functions: rewinding audio traffic 15 seconds ago, back (1) and switching the sound speed to slow or accelerated (2).

Other applications can be used to listen to the iPhone audiobook.

How to download a book in iBooks

The user needs to open the Safari browser and go to the site that provides access to the necessary book. Then select the desired format of the book and download it to the device. The browser automatically saves the file to the iBooks application.

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To transfer the book to a mobile device from a computer, you need to connect the gadget to the PC via USB cable. Then you need to start the iTunes application on the smartphone. The user needs to go to the Book tab and drag the desired literature from the folder on the PC window to the bookboat “Book” tab.

Then you can go into an connected device with the inscription iPhone and mark the point “Synchronize books” with a tick. The book download will begin after the owner marks the uploaded file and clicks on the “apply” button.

File transfer between iPad and computer using fonetrans

Fonetrans for iOS is a professional program for transmitting iPad with many advantages, such as:

throw, book, computer, iphone
  • File transfer between iPad and computer without iTunes.
  • Support for a wide spectra file types such as photos, videos, music, etc. D.
  • Pre.View your file details before synchronization.
  • Do not damage existing files on your iPad.

In short, this is the easiest way to synchronize the files between the iPad and the computer after preliminary viewing.

How to smoothly transmit files between iPad and PC

Download and install Fonetrans for iOS on your PC. There is another version for Mac.

Fonelab for iOS

Using Fonelab for iOS, you can restore the lost / deleted iPhone data, including photos, contacts, video, files, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, WeChat and other data from the backup of iCloud or iTunes or devices.

  • Restore photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp and other data easily.
  • Pre.Viewing data before recovery.
  • Available iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Connect the iPad to PC using a cable with a zipper attached to your device. Then it will be recognized automatically.

To transfer files, such as music, from the iPad to PC go to music tab on the left side. Install the flags on the necessary songs, press and expand the PC menu and select the export item on the PC, find the folder and save the iPad files on PC.

If you want to add files, such as music files, on iPad from a hard drive, go to music. Click an additional icon to start the file opening dialogue. Then go and select all music files. Click the button deposit once, these files will go to your iPad.

Attention: Fonetrans for iOS can automatically convert files into the supported iPad format during transmission. Over, he is able to preserve the original quality. Hardware acceleration will accelerate file transfer between iPad and PC.


On the phone

  • Go to your book shelf.
  • Click on the “Select” button located in the upper right corner.
  • Click on “Delete” and clean our regiment.


To delete a book with PC, go to the corresponding section, where you need to find an unnecessary document. Right.Click click on it, and then “remove”.

How to Transfer Files from iOS to PC (and iTunes File Share)

After reading the article, you have learned to work with books in iTunes on different devices. We hope that you have no questions left. But if you have them, then feel free to write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. We will also be grateful for the like and repost of this article to our friends.

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