How to take selfies on iPhone

How to take better selfies with gestures on your iPhone

The term “selfies” is taking the world by storm. Since 2002, the slang word “self-portrait” has entered the hyperdrive thanks to the advent of front-facing cameras on mobile devices. It is even popular enough to be included in the Oxford dictionary and break (thanks to Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfies).

Love them or hate them, it’s safe to say that Selfies are here for the long haul. As technology continues to evolve, so too are selfies limited only by the capabilities of our smartphones, apps and our own ingenuity.

If you don’t want the look of an outstretched arm or an image of you holding your phone in the mirror, it’s usually best to use a self-timer camera. Even better is an app called CamMe for iPhone, which lets you back up your device, take a step back and use a simple hand gesture to create a picture.

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Start by purchasing CamMe for free from the iOS App Store.


Like all such programs, Aviary is a truncated photoshop. The tools are richer than Instagram, but similar. There are a lot of filters, but they’re pretty stupid for my taste.

Best tool: “High resolution” (look for “Enhance” in the menu item). Makes photos look clearer and more three-dimensional. Almost always add this option before working with the picture any further.

The bottom “Tools” panel is reminiscent of Instagram “High Resolution” makes the photo clearer Filters in the app are about nothing

How to mirror a selfies photo

Open Settings. Scroll down and select Camera. Scroll down to Composition. Turn on the “Mirror Front Camera” switch.

This option is only available in iOS 14 and later, so you’ll need to update your operating system if you’re using an earlier version (iOS 14 will be released to all users in the fall). If you’re currently stuck on iOS 13 or earlier, you can manually mirror your selfies using the built-in photo editing tools in the Photos app.

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How to flash for selfies on any iPhone?

I installed this program on my iPhone 5s.

Once it has booted up, open the app. The app works in the same way as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus built-in feature, t. е. Your screen turns into a flash. To take the picture, press the timer in the corner of the screen. The timer is set for 3 seconds.

After three seconds, the screen will light up. Keep in mind that the brightness of your screen will depend on the brightness setting of your display. The lower they are, the fainter the flash will go. So if you need a lot of light, turn the brightness up to maximum.

Compare the image below. Both pictures were taken with very dim lighting. The left picture was taken with the standard app. Right. on Take Selfies Free. You can see that Take Selfies Free has decent light for the subject, so you can see the face. Without the front flash, the built-in app of the old iPhone can not cope.

This is how easy it is to take flash selfies on any iPhone. Of course, this is not the original technology that Apple used in the new iPhones, because they have a special chip built into the display that allows the display to shine three times stronger than normal; however, it’s not a bad option either.

Why would you want to take a picture without using your hands??

The mobile device has become one of the tools we use most often in our daily lives. For this reason many users consider it one of the most important objects, because they use it not only for entertainment, but also for work, but it has also been converted into a camera. In addition, the big advantage it offers us is that we always carry it with us.

However, one of the things to consider is the fact of taking pictures without using your hands. is that we can take the picture anywhere and at any time, without having to ask for help from anyone else.

selfies, iphone

So it’s easy enough to find a good spot and place your smartphone. In addition, it will not only help us to know these features to be able to take different selfies, but also to take better pictures without resorting to tripods or other accessories.

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For this reason, we will show you the convenience of taking them, using both your voice and some gestures that will allow us to take pictures at any time without having to use our hands to press any button on our mobile device. However, not all mobile devices have voice commands or gestures that will help us take pictures using our terminal. But don’t worry, we will also present other ways for you to take pictures without touching the terminal.

How to take selfies with Night Mode on iPhone 12

First, open the Camera app and switch to the front camera.

In the upper left corner, find the icon with the moon (in horizontal mode at the bottom left or top right).

If the icon is yellow, the mode is automatically activated and you can take selfies in the dark just by pressing the capture button.

If the icon is white, click on it to turn the mode on manually. If it is too bright, there will be no icon at all.

When the icon is yellow, you can tap it to manually adjust the exposure time using the slider at the bottom of the screen. It’s set to maximum time by default.

Press the photo button and try not to move your iPhone.

For best results, try not to move your smartphone while you’re shooting. It’s best to put it on a tripod or stand.

Getting the same results that Apple shows in the ads is difficult. But there’s no denying that selfies look much better in the dark with Night Mode.

Here’s the difference between selfies with Night mode, selfies without a flash, and selfies with a flash screen.

Turn off Night Shot

Night Shot mode does not work only when you really need it. There are cases where the photo only looks worse with it. To prevent it from turning on automatically every time, go to Settings Camera Save Settings and turn off the Night Shot option.

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You can now decide when to activate Night Shot with the function icon.

Dolby Vision

For videographers, the ability to shoot in Dolby Vision HDR is a huge benefit. It’s the first cell phone that can shoot, edit and publish Dolby Vision content.

While this is a massive high-end feature, it’s very easy to use. It all comes down to simply turning it on in the settings.

Apple production stopped at three key Chinese suppliers

Go to the Settings app. Go to “Camera,” then dive into “Record Video. Switch to HDR video.

Now when you shoot video, it will be recorded in Dolby Vision HDR. On the iPhone 12 Pro, you can record Dolby Vision 4K at 60 frames per second, but the iPhone 12 is limited to 30 frames per second.

When Dolby Vision HDR video is recorded, you’ll see an HDR indicator in the upper left corner of the thumbnail in the Photos app. HDR video also starts out with normal brightness, but then quickly becomes very bright when viewed in the Photos app.

selfies, iphone

HDR content will be automatically converted when shared, depending on where and how it is distributed, to ensure compatibility.

How to take photos with iPhone 11 ?. Very simple!

Combining and using separately the methods outlined above you can take your iPhone 11 photos to the next level. Mobile photography has long ceased to be something frivolous. Now. is a full-fledged industry with its own tricks, rules, and settings.

In conclusion, we suggest you look at the photo gallery of images, in which we have collected cool pictures taken with the iPhone 11.

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