How to take screenshots on Huawei

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How to take a screenshot on Huawei Android

The need to take screenshots for many users arises regularly. Thanks to this you can show your location on the map, save a train or airplane ticket, forward messages from another messenger, or simply share your achievements in games. In all of the above cases, you need to take screenshots. Let’s look at a few options on how to do it.

A screenshot is an indispensable thing in many cases. For example, the screen of your smartphone, tablet or computer displays information that you want to save. This is where the screenshot comes in handy. So a screenshot is a snapshot of what you see on the screen of your device. You do not need a camera or other smartphone for this, everything can be done with the software.

There are a few ways to make a screenshot on your Android smartphone. As an example, consider a Huawei/Honor smartphone. But if you have another Android device, you can not worry, the algorithm for creating pictures for all cell phones of this operating system is identical.

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Using the hot buttons

The standard method to take a screenshot on a Huawei tablet is to use the hot key combination. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Find the power button (off and on) and volume down button on the end of your Huawei device.
  • Press and hold them for one or three seconds until the image freezes on the display.
  • Wait for the beep, just like when you take a photo.

The picture is saved in the Gallery and the Screenshots section with the same name. After fixing the image, the corresponding information about the saved file appears at the top.

How to take a screenshot on your Honor phone using an application

Standard Honor tools for creating screenshots do not always meet the needs of users. They have the following disadvantages:

  • do not allow you to edit the image (e.g. change the color scheme, draw, inscriptions);
  • inconveniently determine the size of the screen area to be captured;
  • always use the default file saving path.
screenshots, huawei

To solve the problem and expand the capabilities of the device, you can use third-party programs that are designed specifically for display scans.

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An example of such an application is Screen Master. You can download the program from the official Android repository on Google Play.

Screen Master takes high-resolution screenshots and provides the user with a large toolbox of image manipulation tools. With its help you can edit the obtained picture, create a markup on it, make labels and pointers. The image is saved in PNG format.

Another popular program is Touchshot. It’s also available for download on Google Play

This app allows you to create high-quality screenshots by fine-tuning the quality of the final image. In addition, using Touchshot you can make short video recordings of what is happening on the phone screen. The image obtained with the tool can be edited. Of course, it doesn’t compare to a full-fledged photo editor. But for a smartphone, it’s pretty good.


With this method, you can create a screenshot by sliding your knuckle across the display. Does not work on all firmware versions.

Find the “Manage” section and enter it.

A description of how the functionality works. in front of you.

Screenshot with three fingers

Tap on “three finger screenshot”.

Now it is enough to swipe the screen with three fingers to take a screenshot.

Long Screenshot” function

To take a long screenshot, open a scrolling application and take a screenshot which will be the upper one in the long image. Then click on the screenshot thumbnail and select “Long screenshot” in the list of options. The image will start to descend. To stop scrolling, tap on the display. At the end, you will see a glued screenshot.

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Screenshots using third-party utilities

Why the standard functionality of Huawei smartphone for creating screenshots may not be enough for a demanding user? First of all, you will take the whole screen and you will not be able to select a certain area. Secondly. there is no possibility to edit the received image right away.

Third-party utilities can be installed on your Huawei smartphone and get the following benefits:

  • Instantly take screenshots and edit them in the program.
  • Capturing a video clip from your smartphone screen.
  • Preferable format of the screenshot.
  • Adjusting the capture area for the frame.
  • Integration of captions, effects on the resulting image.

Some of the most popular programs in this niche include:

  • Screenshot;
  • Screenshot Ultimate;
  • Screenshot Easy 2.8.2.

Utilities have advanced functionality and are suitable for users with the need to create elaborate screenshots and shoot video.:

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