How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy a31

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I recently wrote about 6 useful but hidden features of 2021 phones. now we will consider another equally useful and very popular function.

Today, the hallmark of any mobile phone is its potential to take screenshots.

In other words, record an image anywhere on the screen. in our case, it’s Samsung A31.

There are apps that can do this, but luckily you don’t need to install any additional app as it is included in Android 10, with the operating system UI 2.0.

When you take a screenshot of the screen, you can immediately send this picture to WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram, a photo to from the memory of the device itself.

Samsung Galaxy A31. take a screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot on your Samsung A31, you need to follow these simple steps. First step: go to the screen where you want to take a screenshot.

Second step: there are two methods. using the native method while pressing the power key and the volume down key.

The second way is through your own system of sliding the edge of your palm across the display, from one side to the other, no matter where to start.

Only a prerequisite. the edge must touch the screen from the very beginning (from edge to edge) and this should be done instantly.

As a rule, this feature is enabled initially, but if it does not work, look in the settings, you may need to use it.

After that, we see a “flash”, which will tell us that the capture has been made. To take a screenshot with a gesture, as mentioned above, you need to activate it in the settings.

To do this, go to the parameters, click “Advanced functions” and activate the option “screenshot with the palm of your hand”.

Third step: the captured image is automatically saved in your mobile phone gallery.

Fourth step: click on the picture you just took and send it to your contacts or via your favorite social network.

There is one more way, with one hand, but I will not describe it here. You can find out who wants to get to know him in the video below. Success.

The first way to take a screenshot on the A51 2020

I recently told you how to record a screen on the A51, now I will describe how to take a screenshot. First, find the location you want to capture. Now quickly press and release the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time.

This will save it and, if you want to view or share it, you will quickly find it in the gallery. At the same time, if earlier it was necessary to hold the buttons a little bit, now on the Samsung a51 you need to instantly press and release.

Otherwise, shutdown, restart and emergency call will start. This is just one of the possible options.

There are at least two more built-in palm and through bixby. The latter is available by voice.

Another way to make a screen on the A51 with the edge of the palm

I already mentioned you can take a screenshot on a51 with the edge of your palm right away when you pull it out of the box and make the initial settings.

To do this, the edge of the palm must be drawn in such a way that it touches the screen slightly from the beginning to the end and must be carried out quickly.

When I first did it the first three times, it didn’t work out for me, but now everything is going with a bang. One piece of advice for your studies.

Choose a place on the screen so that the screen cannot move to the left, then learn faster. Witness that the snapshot display will blink.

I will not describe how to take a screenshot through Bixby now; initially it will need to be taught Russian.

Yes, I almost forgot. in a51 it is allowed to take a long screenshot, no matter how long.

Just select the page with scrolling and as soon as you make the buttons from the bottom immediately press the second button from the left (with an arrow pointing down).

To do this, I will write a separate entry, and so most of them will not read until this place, the first method is enough, unless someone wants to know where to find the skins.

3 Ways to Take Screenshot on Samsung A51 2020

I recently talked about 6 useful, but hidden functions of your phone (A51), now we will consider another equally useful and very popular function.

Galaxy a51 2020 runs on OS 10 with OneUI 2.0 (now OneUI 2.5 and will soon receive Android 11) and a screenshot is taken a bit differently compared to Galaxy phones of previous years.

Even with respect to the a50, for example, you had to turn on the screenshot yourself with a gesture, and on the Samsung Galaxy a51 its updated version is already included.

Also, in the past, when the power button was pressed for a long time in the phone, as a rule, a shutdown or reboot menu appeared.

Bixby will now launch immediately. In general, he is a good gizmo, only initially you need to tinker with him.

Although they say that this is an updated version, there are many differences, especially the appearance of another camera, and the manufacturer has eliminated many problems, which infuriated many of the fifty.

However, I moved away from the main topic of the Samsung a51 (probably because I just bought it now and pulled it out of the box for at least an hour).

Where on Samsung a51 are the screenshots taken

You can certainly find them in the gallery. This is if you share or just watch, but if you want to transfer, for example, to a computer, then the gallery will not work.

Then you need to open the folder with the internal memory, then follow the path DCIM Screenshots.

It is there that you will find screenshots, while the pictures will not be there, they are in another folder. That’s, in fact, all that I wanted to share.

And if you take a screenshot with any of the options I described, it doesn’t matter. Let me know in the comments and we will definitely solve this problem. Success.

Where are screenshots stored on Samsung, how to view them

On a device running Android 4.4 or higher, screenshots are best viewed through the Gallery app.

  • Open the “Gallery”,
  • Select the “Albums” folder, inside it there is another folder. “Screenshots”.
  • To save a screenshot to the Dropbox / Google Drive cloud or transfer to another service, use the “Send” or “Share” option.

In some older versions of Android OS / Samsung devices, you need to view the screenshots taken at a different address:

  • We are looking for an application called “Photos” on the main screen, open it.
  • Next, tap on the menu icon and select the “On device” option.
  • Next step. go to the “Screenshots” section. The captured images are here.

Using the Screenshot app

Most modern gadgets are equipped with the Android operating system. You can take a screenshot on Android using the special Screenshot application, you can download it from Google Play or, for example, here:

The Screenshot application greatly simplifies the process of saving a snapshot and, in addition, saves you time. in any case, the developers of Geeks.Lab say so.

The aLGorithm for capturing a screenshot on Samsung using this utility looks like this:

  • Define the path to save the image (option “Photo path”).
  • Take a screenshot (pressing the power and volume button).
  • Open the image to check the result.

Now that you know how to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone using the Android application, all that remains is to deal with the additional Screenshot functions and find the saved picture on the phone. Usually all images are saved to the Gallery.

In addition to saving screenshots, this application contains an image editor. He, in turn, allows:

  • Add mosaics to screenshots;
  • Make edits to an existing screenshot;
  • Insert text into a screenshot;
  • Edit images.

The standard way to take a screenshot on Samsung (hardware keys)

To get started, hold down the Power Home buttons at the same time. As a result, the screenshot icon will be displayed on the screen.

In fact, this is the easiest way to quickly take a screenshot; it works on most phones and tablets of the specified brand.

Taking a screenshot (screenshot) on a Samsung phone

Take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung mobile devices. quite simple, there are many options for fast shooting. Let’s consider the main methods that are suitable for phones and tablets of the following models:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, S10;
  • Samsung Tab 3;
  • Samsung A3, A5;
  • Samsung J1, J3, J5, J7;
  • Samsung Duos.

The main ways to save a screenshot are:

Advice. How to hold down the Power button

The power button works even if you pinch it paired with volume down. To take a screenshot on Samsung, you have to hold down the keys for a while (just a few seconds). and after that the picture is automatically saved in the gadget’s memory or on a memory card, depending on the settings.

The phone hardware keys also allow you to take a screenshot on your phone in an alternative way. To do this, press the “Back” “Home” keys, remembering to hold them in this position for a couple of seconds. As you may have guessed, the same screenshot icon will appear at the top of the screen. Done!

If you have custom Android firmware, nothing prevents you from holding down the “ON / OFF” key, which activates the additional menu. The “Screenshot” button will appear in the drop-down window.

As for the new Samsung models (Galaxy S8, S9, S10.), It provides for the activation of the screenshot with the palm of your hand. This function is configured (in fact, very convenient) as follows:

  • Settings (this is where the gesture control setup always starts).
  • Management (choose the palm);
  • Screenshot option.

After the settings are set, you can take a screenshot on Android by touching the screen with the edge of your palm.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy

So, briefly about how to do all this, and as a result, get a high-quality screenshot from the phone screen.

In fact, everything is surprisingly simple and is done with one press, but simultaneously two keys on your smartphone. This is the “On / Off” key, which is located on the top right of the center Back key, located at the bottom in the very middle. By pressing these two keys at the same time, you will get a high-quality screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy.

How to take a screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Android smartphones

Where to find screenshots taken?

Freshly taken screenshots from your Samsung’a automatically go to the “Gallery” section

Convert them with any photo editor (I use FastStone Image Viewer) to the desired format and use them for their intended purpose (for example, send to a friend).

Options for other smartphone models

Samsung Galaxy M20. on / off button and volume down button.
Xiaomi Redmi. button “Volume” and “On / Off”, swap three fingers down (configurable). Android 6.0.1-7, MIUI 8.1. There are also other options.
On Android 3.2 onwards. hold the button “Recent programs” for a long time.
Android 4.0. 4.2.2 (5.1). Pressing the Volume Down and Power On keys at the same time. Example: screen on Doogee X6.
On the Samsung Galaxy S II. Home key simultaneously with Lock (saved, as in the above method, in the ScreenCapture folder).
HTC Desire S. Power key and Home button (look in the folder with other photos).
On Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. the standard combination of pressing the “Volume Down” keys simultaneously with the “On-Off”.

Do you know more ways for different smartphones. write;)

How to take screenshot in Samsung G532MT Galaxy J2 Prime TV, how to

Second method:

On the screen you want to save, press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time for a second.

Your screenshot is saved in the Gallery folder.

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How to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, how to

Taking a screenshot on Samsung J2 / J2 Prime

The screenshot is taken in one of three ways:

  • a combination of buttons;
  • built-in gesture;
  • via app.

Mechanical buttons

It is the most common. To take a screenshot, you need to hold down two buttons: power and volume down. A screenshot will be taken in 1-2 seconds.

When saving an image, an alert will appear in the upper left corner, as well as a distinctive shutter sound. Clicking on the message that appears will allow you to immediately open the result

Viewing a saved screenshot

Screenshots can be viewed through the standard gallery. By default, screenshots are displayed along with the rest of the photos. You can view all the pictures in the corresponding section. “Screenshots”.

You can also use a guide. A standard file viewer or any other program with the same functionality is suitable for this. Screenshots are in the “Screenshots” directory in the “Pictures” folder.

Screenshot service, Joxi official website. click on the link to open

Screen Master app

To make a screen on Samsung j2 Prime, you can use third-party applications. All of them are available for download on Google Play. There are both paid and free programs to choose from. Which one to use. everyone decides for himself. One of the most popular is Screen Master.

To take a screenshot using the screen wizard, just use the button that appears on the screen after launching the utility. The button for taking a screenshot will always be located on top of the interface. To take a picture, you do not have to pinch the physical keys of the smartphone or use gestures.

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime


How to take a screenshot in Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Screenshot. A screenshot that allows you to instantly capture the information displayed on the display. Samsung Galaxy S7, as well as any other mobile device running Android, is able to take screenshots from the very beginning. You can learn more about the existing methods further.

How to take screenshot on Galaxy S20, S20. S20 Ultra and Z Flip?

On Galaxy S20, S20. S20 Ultra and Z Flip have several ways to take screenshots. One of them. it is a palm movement. Activate it by going to Settings and enabling Palm Swipe to Grip in Advanced Features. Drag the edge of your hand horizontally from right to left or left to right and from edge to edge. Make sure your hand is in contact with the screen. Or take a screenshot in a more traditional way. simultaneously pressing two buttons, the power key and the volume down key.

After the screenshot is taken, you will get a preview and several options for additional actions at the bottom of the screen, such as drawing on an image, cropping an image, or submitting from a menu. Another option presented in the menu. it is a scroll capture, a feature that allows you to take scrolling screenshots of long articles or images. To use scroll capture, you first need to enable smart capture in advanced settings. Then you can simply click Capture Scroll from the options that appear at the bottom of the screen after capturing the screenshot. Continue clicking the Capture Scroll button to continue capturing long content. Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Note8 offer a different way to access scroll capture. Take out the S Pen to activate Air Command, select Screen Recording, then Scroll Capture. Capture long text or images by scrolling, then add annotations with the S Pen.

There is Smart select to select certain shapes. On Galaxy Note10, Note10. S10e, S10, S10. S9, S9. Note9, S8, and S8 enable this feature by going to Settings Display Edge Screen Edge Panels. You can now select a rectangle or oval for screenshots of these shapes. Animation lets you select a portion of a video to create an animated GIF. On the Galaxy Note8, take out the S Pen to activate Air Command and click Smart Select from the menu. Use the S Pen to select any shape you want or select a video section to get animated GIFs.

Learn more about Galaxy.

How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy 7 Age

How to take a screenshot on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung Galaxy S7 User Guide. Tips, Tricks and Tricks

How to take screenshots on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

[Update]: Four ways to take screenshots on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. added tip for scrolling screenshots

Got your hands on a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge? It is always interesting to upgrade to a new smartphone, especially if you change platform / manufacturer. If you are new to Android or Samsung phones, you may need a little help with common tasks on your smartphone. In an effort to help our readers who are new to Android get the most out of their new devices without getting frustrated, we continue to share helpful tips. and guidelines.

Today’s addition to our series of Android tips and tricks covers one of the most basic operations. creating a basic and scrolling screenshot. If you need a quick screenshot of your friend’s very embarrassing comment before he deletes it, don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

Take a screenshot

When exchanging a hilarious text message with a friend or sending funny Tinder profiles to your best friend, take screenshots. one of the most common things people do with their smartphones. Like other Samsung devices, the Galaxy S7 takes a screenshot differently than other Android phones, for which you need to press the power button and the volume down key at the same time.

Here are the different ways to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Take screenshots on Galaxy S7 or S7 edge using gestures

Does the hardware key screenshot sound like the last decade to you? You can also use gestures to take a screenshot on your Samsung phone. Once you get used to it, you will never go back to the awkward use of the Home Power keyboard shortcut.

  • Activate gestures: go to Motion Settings.
  • Inside the Motion menu, find Hand Motions.
  • Check out Palm Swipe for a grip.

After you have activated the gesture, you can now take a screenshot on the Galaxy S7 using gestures.

  • Go to the screen you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Now drag the edge of your hand from right to left or left to right horizontally. This edge-to-edge swipe gesture might take a few tries to master, but it makes taking screenshots much easier and faster.

Again, go to the notification popup to quickly share and edit, or access all screenshots from your phone’s gallery.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7 using keyboard shortcuts

The traditional way of using hotkeys has not changed in Galaxy S smartphones for many years, so let’s repeat it:

  • Open the app or screen you want to capture;
  • Press simultaneously 2 buttons: Home (on the front side) and the power button (Power). The first time on a large phone it can be inconvenient, however, you can get used to it. After a moment, you will hear the characteristic sound of the camera shutter. Your screenshot is ready!
  • You can find a screenshot using the Gallery application, or Samsung’s proprietary My files application. The full path to the screenshots folder looks like this: / pictures / screenshots.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S7

Complete Guide on Three Easy Ways to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

At the end of February, the main flagships of Samsung of this year were officially presented and now, when sales have already started actively, it is time to understand the important issues of use. If you have been using Samsung smartphones for a long time, then you probably know the answer to this question. If not, then below you will find 3 simple recipes for taking screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

How to take a screenshot using a hand gesture

Besides hotkeys, Samsung has another cool way to take screenshots on mobile phones. Many even believe that this is the easiest way they could think of! So here it is:

  • Place your hand to the side next to the device, slightly off the screen;
  • Swipe the entire edge of your palm from one edge of the screen to the other (left to right or right to left. your choice);

As in the case with the previous method, you will hear the sound of the camera shutter, which will confirm the successful capture of the screenshot.

This method is enabled by default, but if you wish, you can deactivate it in the settings.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Scroll through the list of items to the Movements section. Select the item Movements and gestures;
  • Find the point about taking a screenshot using the movement of your palm;
  • Deactivate the switch;

How to take long screenshots of an entire page on Samsung Galaxy S7

Some important things that you want to show your friends and colleagues may not fit on one screen, even one as large as the Samsung Galaxy S7. For example, web pages! So that you can shoot more than one screen at a time, Samsung has adapted the function from the Galaxy Note 5 and is now available in the Galaxy S7.!

  • Take a screenshot in any convenient way;
  • Click the “Capture ” button to complete the screenshot with information from the next screen;
  • Keep pressing the button until you uncheck everything you wanted;

Please note that such a screenshot from several screens can be quite a lot.!

How to take a screenshot on Samsung. How to take screenshot of Samsung Galaxy and on other Samsung Androids. Screenshots Samsung.

Let’s see how to take a screenshot on Samsung. For those who do not know what Screenshots is and how it is done, we will try to briefly explain. The screenshot function allows you to save as a picture everything that is displayed on the screen of your phone, smartphone, Android, iPhone, tablet, computer and other devices. You can also say that when making a screen we are photographing the screen of a phone, computer, tablet. Of course, we do not use a camera for this, this function is provided on most devices, and in some devices, you can install additional applications and programs to take a screenshot. To save a screenshot, you need to press a couple of buttons on the phone, and on the computer, you also need to press certain keys on the keyboard. I hope you learned at least a little what a screenshot is and how it is done.

Now let’s see how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy and other Samsung smartphones on Android. There are three options that allow you to save a screenshot on Samsung, below you can see all three ways and try which method is suitable for taking a screenshot on your Android Samsung. a big request that you write down in the comments which of the three options came to your device, please indicate the model of your Android Samsung so that other users will have useful information from you on the site.

Samsung Galaxy A50 /A30 / A20 / A10 How to TAKE SCREENSHOT on Samsung Galaxy 2019.- GSM GUIDE

The first way to take a screenshot on Samsung is to press the “Home” button which is located at the bottom of the screen in the center and the “Power” (lock) button simultaneously for a couple of seconds. If everything went well, you will see a notification on the screen that the screenshot has been saved. Screenshots made by Samsung can be viewed in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder and find a screenshot in it.

The second method just as easily allows you to save a screenshot of the Samsung screen, for this you need to press two buttons at once, the “volume down” button and the “lock” (on / off) button and hold for a couple of seconds. If you successfully capture a photo from the Samsung screen, you will see a notification that the screenshot has been saved. As in the first version, the screenshot taken on Samsung Galaxy can be seen in the gallery or open the Pictures / ScreenCapture pack or the Pictures / Screenshots folder.

If none of the above methods helped you, then try the third option. To make a screenshot on a Samsung smartphone, press and hold the home button and the back button for a couple of seconds. Both of these buttons are located under the screen, basically this method of taking a screenshot of Samsung is used on Android 2.3 version. You probably already know where the screenshot is saved on Samsung, the screenshot is located in the Pictures / ScreenCapture folder or in the Pictures / Screenshots folder, you can also watch the screen in the gallery.

The way to take a screenshot through the notification bar

This method will be the best way out of the situation when the smartphone buttons for some reason do not work and the screen is not created. Alternatively, it is proposed to perform the following actions:

  • Unlock Smartphone.
  • Go to the menu section where you want to take a screenshot.
  • Lower the notification curtain with a swipe from top to bottom.
  • Click on the “Screenshot” or “Screenshot” icon.

As in the case of a snapshot via hotkeys, a notification about the creation of a screenshot will immediately appear on the screen of an Android smartphone. The resulting screen can be opened or taken another frame from this or another menu.

Taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy M31 using the keys

The easiest way to create a screen capture is to use a specific keyboard shortcut:

  • Open the section of the menu you want to capture.
  • Hold down the power button and the lower volume rocker at the same time.
  • Wait until the information appears that the picture is ready.
  • After completing these actions, a graphical notification about the successful creation of the screen will appear at the bottom of the screen. The resulting frame can be immediately opened by clicking on its icon after holding down the volume down key and the power button.

    If you cannot take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy M31, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the alternative button combinations that are given in this material. In addition, there are other ways to create a screen without using the phone keys.

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31 phone

    A modern smartphone has a number of useful features. For example, the owner of a mobile device can take a screenshot of the screen at any time. Performing such an operation will help when the user finds interesting information and wants to capture it. In such a situation, you do not have to photograph the screen on another device, since it will be enough to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy M31.

    Where screenshots are stored

    To view the resulting screenshot, just open the Gallery application and go to the Screenshots or Screenshots album.

    Another way to quickly find a screen is as follows:

    • Launch “File Explorer” or “File Manager”.
    • Open the “Pictures” folder.
    • Go to “Screenshots”.

    In the menu section that opens, screenshots will appear that have been taken over the entire time of using the smartphone.

    When to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy M31

    The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner with the options for creating a screen. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any time: while watching a movie, playing a game or chatting in a messenger. The main condition for taking a picture is that the smartphone must be turned on and unlocked.

    Delete or share a screenshot

    At the moment when the user opens a frame through the “Gallery” or “File manager”, the full functionality of interaction with the image appears in front of him. For example, a phone owner can delete one or several screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:

    • Open the folder where the screen is located.
    • Keep your finger on its icon.
    • Click the “Delete” button.

    Another way is to open the image itself through the “Gallery” and select the “Delete” option from the available options. After confirming the operation, the screenshot will be deleted from the phone’s memory.

    In the case when you need to transfer a screen through a messenger or in another way, you can use the same instructions. The only difference is that instead of pressing the “Delete” button, you need to click on “Send”, select the method of sending and the recipient’s coordinates. Thus, sending a screen is no different from sending any other image from a phone.


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    How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20. step by step instructions

    Samsung released the Galaxy S8 by redesigning the physical Home button. The same goes for the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and now the Galaxy S20, which means the screenshots on the new Samsung phone are different from older models like the S7.

    You have several options for choosing a screenshot, with some Samsung additions to make it more useful than a regular Android device. Although there have been some improvements in the S20, the principles are basically the same as on older devices.

    This guide will show you how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20

    Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20 using button combo

    If you are an experienced Android user, you are probably already familiar with this method as it works universally on most Android smartphones. In this method, you can quickly take a screenshot using a combination of buttons. This method is preferred by many users for various reasons. One of them is that it is very easy to take a screenshot using this method. Here’s how to do it.

    • Open the content you want to capture on the screen.
    • Then press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time.
    • The system will take a screenshot and then you can edit it.
    • After you take a screenshot, an action bar will appear on the screen, which you can use to edit the screenshot, add tags, or post to social networks or other applications. ,
    • If you want to take a scrolling screenshot, you’ll also find this option in the action bar. After you click this scroll screenshot or advanced screenshot button, the system will start to take a scroll screenshot until you touch the screen.

    Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20 via Bixby

    It’s 2020 and our virtual digital assistants are smart enough to take screenshots for us. Bixby is one of the best digital assistants and you will find it in Samsung smartphones. You would like to ask Bixby to take a screenshot in a state when you are too lazy to use the above method or if you are not in the mood to press buttons. In that case, just ask Bixby and Bixby will take a screenshot for you. Here’s how to do it.

    • Open the content you want to take a screenshot on the screen
    • Now hold the side key until the Bixby star listens
    • Ask Bixby to take a screenshot and that’s it.
    • After the screenshot is taken you will get an action bar and you can do different things using the action bar.

    It’s all. Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is pretty easy, which should be the case with all other smartphones in 2020.

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