How to Take Full Screen Photography on the iPhone X

How to Take Full Screen Photography on the iPhone X

I held on for a long time. When Apple showed off new smartphones in September 2018, I held my “top ten” in my hand and felt completely calm.

There was no desire to run for the new Xs or Xs Max, and even more so for the iPhone XR for a number of reasons, which I shared in a separate article.

A week ago, I changed my black iPhone X to a red iPhone XR.

What for? iPhone XR is worse than the “tens”! (not)

Yes, technically it is. If you take dry numbers, then in the “top ten” the screen is better, the weight is lighter and

All. Everything else iPhone XR is better, faster, more convenient; starting from the processor, ending with the screen size.

Yes, in comparison with the X, the screen of the iPhone XR has literally increased a little, but it has become really comfortable to read books, watchs, play and surf the Internet.

The iPhone XR is the same size as the iPhone 8 plus. The difference is in the diagonal of the screen, which is much larger here.

The speed of smartphones comparing makes no sense. what X, what iPhone XR, both work equally smartly. So there are no revelations.

But what struck me about the iPhone XR, and what became one of the decisive facts that influenced the decision to upgrade to it, was the screen.

The iPhone XR’s screen is worse than the iPhone X. But that’s only in numbers

Hatred. Hacking. Contempt. It is these emotions that the iPhone XR collects as soon as the comparative characteristics of its screen appear with the screens not only of Xs, Xs Max and X, but also with the previous “pluses”.

Let me remind you: iPhone XR has an LCD screen (like on iPhone 8 and earlier), and not OLED (like on X / Xs). Its resolution is 1792 × 828 pixels, which smaller than even iPhone Plus, with their screen 1920 × 1080 pixels.

In simple words. the iPhone XR screen does not even reach Full HD, not to mention anything more. The same iPhone Xs has a screen resolution of 2436 × 1125 pixels.

Everything, after such an eye is filled with blood, fists are clenched, and the negative towards iPhone XR and personally Tim Cook begins to roll off scale: slipped us some ugliness for big money, not a screen.

After a year with the iPhone X, I picked up the iPhone XR and didn’t notice absolutely no difference as a picture. Blood did not go out of my eyes, pixels did not climb out of all the cracks: a bright, clear screen with excellent color reproduction.

Yes, there is no 3D Touch, but yes, I did not use this feature of the OLED screen in the “dozens”.

Really, the screen is excellent. No Full HD? Yes, if you really notice it personally. it means you just have an eagle eye. Or are you just an X-fan.

Camera. It’s better, albeit without optical zoom.

If the nominal number of “eyes” is important to you, then alas. In the iPhone XR, there is indeed one less module than the “tens”.

If the quality of photos ands is important to you, you will be surprised just as I was surprised: the camera in the iPhone XR perfectly takes pictures and shootss in 4K.

I already tested the camera of this smartphone, and among the shots I inserted one frame taken on the iPhone X. You can see the comments and make sure: no one guessed which picture was taken from the iPhone X, and not the iPhone XR.

Killer feature. My iPhone is bright scarlet without any covers

Color is what it lacks in the boring white and black iPhone Xs, Xs Max and X.

Rose gold does not count. for me, this color is next to white. It’s not bright.

Holding all the colors in my hands, I chose a red PRODUCT (RED). At this point, those who consider red to be “girls” should urgently scroll down the rest of the article and immediately make furious comments about my orientation.

For more prudent readers, I will say that the red color of apple smartphones can in no way be considered female. This is a noble scarlet that looks harmoniously in a man’s hand and turns a smartphone from a communications tool into a bright accessory.

I look forward to the summer days when my smartphone will literally be in the sun to burn in the hand.

Because of the color, I get used to wearing my iPhone XR without a case. To hide such a case even in transparent “clothes” is sacrilege. The aluminum frames are moderately rough, until I once dropped the gadget.

A separate plus is that the frames are not scratched, unlike the polished iPhone X.

I’ve never been so wrong. iPhone XR is just perfect

If you thought iPhone X would be praised in this article, then I have to disappoint you.

iPhone XR turned out to be an excellent smartphone in all respects and makes me happy every day. Special I want to note just an unkillable battery: at the weekend I’ve got stuck in toys, since the screen is bigger and it’s more convenient to shoot enemies, constantly switching between the game, instant messengers, YouTube and Safari.

That’s real, all day. Well, do you remember how it happens when you buy a new smartphone and don’t let it out of your hands for the first time?

So, the battery not only coped with such a load, but pleasantly surprised. I was about to sleep, but the iPhone XR did not even give a hint about the small amount of charge: it was possible do not even charge, the gadget would survive until morning without any problems.

I remind you that iPhone XR of any color costs from 59 990 rub. for the version with 64 GB. For the money you get just a great new iPhone.