How to take cool photos on a phone camera

What is a “mobile photo” or how to squeeze the maximum from the smartphone camera?

Hi, my name is Ivan, I’m a mobile photographer. I know it sounds like recognition in the club of anonymous alcoholics. What is “Mobile Photography”? Where does it come from?

Over the past year, the camera value in smartphones has grown sharply (thanks, Apple). If you dig even deeper, then the camera distinguishes the flagship, from not the flagship (there are exceptions). If the quality of telephone photos has been interested in you recently, then for me this is an important parameter since 2010. This is the release date of the iPhone 4, the first smartphone that began to seriously shoot and made a noticeable jerk in this matter.

A story called Instagram began from the same period. Circumstances played an angry joke with Instagram, the social network is associated with the trading platform filled with spam and photographs of food. I use Instagram to demonstrate the capabilities of the smartphone camera. And I am not alone in my endeavors. The most popular question that I have been asked every day for 6 years is “which it was shot for?”.

Mobile photographers, Instagram photographers. A subculture popular in narrow circles, and in America also a profitable profession. I will tell you about how to make money on my favorite business in a separate material if you are interested.

Filmed on iPhone 6s. Processed in the Enlight and DarkRoom application on iOS.

When I pick up another smartphone for review, first I check the camera. Over the years, I have formed a picture and approximate expectations from different models of devices. You can guess in advance how this or that smartphone will shoot in its budget. Pleasant surprises happen, alas, unpleasant ones are more common.

Smartphones hit the sales of cameras hard. Buying another soap dish is not justified to some extent. The user feels that there is enough smartphone for everyday shooting. Smartphones are smaller, lighter, and in some cases protected from moisture and dust. Does this mean that cameras are now not relevant? Likely no than yes. The smartphone will not take a picture of the quality of DSLR cameras. It is a fact.

The question is in another, overwhelming majority of people do not need the quality of DSLR cameras. Especially when you take into account the dimensions and the cost of such decisions.

If until this moment you did not know about the existence of the term “mobile photograph” as a profession, read to the end. If you do not infect the topic, then at least you will learn a lot of new and useful.

Basic rules for creating cool photos for Instagram

Too staged shots gradually go out of fashion; Many users are tired of pictures with perfect image. Today, such photos, as a rule, do not attract the attention of the audience, because they simply lack creativity.

So, three gold rules of photography that are still in force:

  • A good photo on Instagram should translate a certain idea;
  • It is necessary to capture vivid moments with sincere emotions;
  • Editing should be used in moderation and appropriate.

And most importantly, always clean the lens of the phone camera before taking a picture. It may sound as a banality, but it is important.

Remember that creativity and emotions should be transmitted with talent focused on achieving goals. Otherwise, your subscribers on Instagram will not stay for a long time.

How to make beautiful photos

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Many people believe that they can improve the quality of their photographs with a simple purchase of a new functional camera. In fact, in photography a technical approach to shooting is more important than equipment. Over, with sufficient practice and the absence of some common mistakes, anyone can shoot beautiful photos with any camera.

Read the user’s guide attached to your camera. Learn what each settings, switch, button and any element of the setting menu are doing. Understand the principle of using basic actions, for example, the use of fosovsia (its inclusion, shutdown and adjustment of automatic operation), increase or decrease the shooting zone and use the shutter button. Some cameras are accompanied by printed brief manuals for beginners, but also have free full.Fledged user manuals on manufacturers’ sites.

To obtain high.Quality photos, set the resolution of the camera for the maximum possible value. It will subsequently be more difficult to process images of low resolution, in addition, they cannot be cut as much as photographs of higher resolution (so that they can then be normally printed). Go to the use of a more capacity memory card. If you do not want or cannot afford to buy a new memory card, use a “good” setting quality of photos with a little lower resolution, if any in your camera.

10 PHOTOGRAPHY IDEAS at HOME (quarantine)

Start by installing the camera to work in one of the automatic modes available, if you have options for choosing. In digital mirror cameras, the most useful “programmable” mode or “P” mode is most useful. Ignore any other tips that recommend that you set up the camera completely manually; Over the past fifty years, progress in automatic focusing and removing measurements has beared its fruit not in vain. Only if Your photos have poor focusing or setting up the exposure, begin to configure certain functions manually.

cool, photos, phone, camera

Go outside for filming. Motivate yourself to go out for photography in natural light. Remove several ordinary “shot” personnel at different times of the day and nights to feel the role of lighting. Despite the fact that many people consider the most favorable for photographing the “sunset time” (the last two hours of daylight), this does not mean that you can not take pictures in the middle of the day. If the street is a bright sunny day, a soft attractive (especially for portrait shooting) lighting can sometimes be found in a shady place in the open air. Go to the street when most people are busy with eating, watching TV or sleeping. Lighting is often dramatic and unusual for many precisely because They never even tried to understand him!

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Keep the lens open so that it does not block the lids, fingers, straps and other obstacles. Yes, these are the foundations, but any of the above (often by carelessness) can ruin the photo. This is a lesser problem for modern digital cameras with a lively pre.Examination and even a smaller problem for mirror cameras. However, to this day, people make all the same mistakes, especially in a hurry to shoot photos.

Configure white balance. The human eye automatically compensates for various types of lighting, so for us white color looks white in almost any world. The digital camera, however, compensates for this by shifting colors in a certain direction.

For example, in tungsten lighting (incandescent lamps), the colors will be shifted towards blue to compensate for redness of lighting. White balance is one of the most important and least used settings of modern cameras. Learn to set a white balance and understand the meaning of its various settings. If you are not in artificial lighting, then the setting “shadow” (or “cloudiness”) is a good choice for most circumstances, it creates very warm for the eye of the color. If at the same time turn out too much reddish pictures, then this is subsequently easily corrected by the image processing program. The “automatic” white balance is the default setting in most cameras, sometimes it copes well, but sometimes gives some cold colors. [2] X Source of Information

How to make good pictures using your phone camera

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A phone with a camera is a valuable tool for creating photos, whether it be a random picture on the go or a carefully thought.Out composition. Often everyday life presents us with surprises in the form of bright, interesting scenes when the camera is not at hand. A mirror camera or other bulky camera is impossible and inconvenient to constantly carry with you; The phone always lies in a or in a purse, and with it you are ready to capture what is happening at any time.

The most important thing to remember is that no tips should prevent you from making a valuable frame. Technical and composite subtleties do not matter if in attempts to comply with the rules you have missed an interesting moment. The memory that carries a photograph is important. So, let’s get down.

Wipe the lens. Over time, dust accumulates on the lens of the built.In camera, and the image becomes fuzzy. Just wipe it well with a soft cloth.

Set the highest quality and resolution settings. It will be a shame if you cannot print a successful picture due to the fact that it is only in a low resolution.

Disconnect the frames. A good photo can be spoiled by a stupid decorative frame; If, according to your idea, you cannot do without it, add it after you take a picture.

How to take better landscape photos with your smartphone

cool, photos, phone, camera

Disconnect all other effects. Black and white mode, sipia, inverted colors and the like, unlike frames, do not look cheap and have the right to exist, but all these settings are best used when editing photos on a computer. On the big screen, you can see, for example, that the colors of your picture are too expressive to translate it into black and white.

Set white balance, if the phone functions of this allow you. The human eye is adjusted to lighting, and white is perceived as white in any light. [1] X source of information, however, the camera “sees” an object lit by ordinary incandescent lamps, more red than the eye sees it. In phones with a good camera there is a function that allows you to adjust the white balance in accordance with the shooting conditions. If you have such an option on your phone, use it. If you are not sure what mode do you need, experiment.

  • If you need to take a photo in the room, pay attention to the sources of artificial light in it. Avoid fluorescent lamps, as their light gives objects a green tint. [2] X Source of Information
  • Removing with low light, make sure that the camera is motionless. In built.In chambers with a lack of light, the exposure time greatly increases, and any movement will lead to the fact that the frame will turn out to be greased.

Avoid bright glare and other highlighted spots. Because of them, you will receive either an unexplored (darkened) frame with a clear image of a light zone, or a light frame with white spots in the place of glare. The second is worse, since when editing you can sometimes extract details from deep shadows, but you can not restore an overwhelmed image (just a set of white pixels comes out). On the other hand, this can be part of your artistic plan. For example, a flow of sunlight pouring out the window. It is best to photograph people in scattered light. In the shade, with a cloudy sky or with bright artificial lighting. Try to include saturated paints in the picture, as they will look good in the photo, and a wide range from very bright to very dark areas will inevitably lose in detail.

Avoid shots requiring accurate focusing. The focal length (distance from the optical element to the sensor) of the built-in chamber is not enough because of its miniature size, and therefore it copes with the frames, where the most part of the scene is in focus. However, this property, along with a very weak mechanism of autofocus, usually does not allow to focus on objects that are very close to the chamber, or achieve a low depth of sharpness and a blurry background (however, the latter can be simulated with subsequent computer processing of photographs).

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Using the chamber grid

One way to improve the quality of the photo is the inclusion and use of the special lines of the camera. The method is suitable for horizontal and vertical photos, but not for square images for Instagram. The grid turns on in the settings of the “camera” application, dividing the screen into 9 squares.

The principle of division is based on the “Rules of the Third”, according to which the composition should be divided into 3 parts vertically and horizontally. Filming objects are best placed at cross.Line intersections or along one of them. The grid can also be used to level the horizon.

The main criteria to beautifully take pictures on the phone

While using a smartphone, its camera is often contaminated with fingerprints. Carefully monitor its cleanliness, and, if necessary, wipe with a special cloth. This will save from poor.Quality and blurry photos.

The best photos on a mobile phone are obtained in day and bright lighting. But it is worth remembering that when you take pictures, the object must be placed in such a way that the light source is behind you, then it will be as fully and brightly illuminated by the removed object.

How to make a beautiful photo yourself

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Why do people take pictures of themselves? For the sake of entertainment, to capture a special moment as a keepsake or share with others that is happening here and now. Very disappointing when you do not like yourself in any photo. However, do not worry! We will tell you a few simple actions that will help you appear in the picture in the best light.

cool, photos, phone, camera
  • When shooting from below, you can strengthen the impression of the power and strength of a person, but such an angle will emphasize the chin and nose, and this paints few. [2] X Source of Information
  • It is better not to raise the camera too high so that the picture does not come out distorted.
  • Raise the camera just above the eye level and remove.

Find the shaded side of the face. Look in the mirror or take a trial photo and see which side of the face is further from the light source and therefore looks darker. Take a picture from this side to achieve an artistic effect and seem slimmer. In bright sunlight, this technique may not work. [3] X Source of Information

  • Take a picture in the profile, that is, from the side;
  • Photograph only half of the face. Left or right;
  • Take a close.Grade eye, lips or cheek.

Do not have a face strictly in the center of the frame. The best photos are usually built in accordance with the Rules of the third. This means that the eyes (compositional center of the portrait) should be at a distance of one third vertically from the upper boundary of the picture and to the right or left of its middle. The photo will turn out to be more interesting, and the angle will probably be more successful.

  • If you want to take a close.Up photo, it is better to use optical zoom and shoot from a greater distance. You can also take a photo to the waist or to its full height, and then cut it.
  • If your camera has a timer, lean it against a stable support, turn on the timer and retire. Such a photo is likely to be more successful than a selfie removed from hand.

Use the main phone camera. It is more convenient to photograph yourself on the front camera of the smartphone, but the main one allows you to take much better pictures. [4] X Source of Information

Put the mirror behind the camera. It is easier to take pictures when you see yourself, so a mirror located behind the camera or smartphone will help you achieve a more successful pose or facial expression. Make sure that the smile is natural!

  • Ask a friend to photograph you. He can tease you a little, or he can ask to photograph him.
  • If the case takes place at the holiday or another event, ask one of those present to photograph you (and your friends, if you came to the company). It is better to let it be a familiar person, or at least in appearance deserving trust so that your phone or camera is not stolen.

Avoid a double chin. One of the most ugly features that can be awarded to an unsuccessful picture is a double chin. This can usually be avoided if you stretch your neck and slightly push the chin forward, away from the body. [5] X Source of Information will seem to you that it is strange and inconvenient, but the photo will look just as it should.

Recommendations how to photograph on a smartphone correctly:

Instructions for the camera settings on a smartphone

One of the main parameters is the greatest resolution, the built.In white and streamlined automatic camera settings. Of course, the genius of the photograph does not depend on this, but the quality is certainly. First you need to take a couple of hours and calmly deal with the camera settings in your smartphone.

In this, you can help you on YouTube specifically for your smartphone model or, if not trite, instructions for your smartphone. Of course, I always want someone to take the handle and told step by step how to photograph on exactly your smartphone. But I think you understand that there are a huge number of them, and write reviews on all smartphones will not work. The basic principles in Android and iPhone are the same. Give this issue for 1-2 hours of your time and you will know what to do at the moment when you need to make certain settings for your frame on a smartphone.

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Take care of smartphone chambers clean

Always carefully wipe the mobile phone camera in front of the frame. And it is advisable not to do it with a finger or a piece of T.Shirt, but with a special stick with a piece of cotton wool, soaked in a special glass cleaner. Do not even think to wipe the smartphone chamber with handkerchiefs of thin paper, because they contain wood microparticles that scratch you glass glass.

It is enough to have 1 suede rag for all devices, especially since we are now surrounded by gadgets. In general, a rag for the screen of your laptop is suitable for your smartphone.

Disconnect the flash and zoom on your smartphone

The fact is that in smartphones the entire system for shooting a photo is digital, not optical. Therefore, as soon as you digest, your smartphone programmatically brings the frame, not optically. Of course, in the last smartphones we can see several different cameras. For a portrait, landscape, macro and so on. All this is done in order to improve the quality of the picture and solve the problem described above. Therefore, if you want to create a high.Quality picture on your smartphone, then it is better not to use the zoom, but come to your legs closer, so you will get a picture in the maximum quality.

Instead of the built.In flash of your smartphone, it is better to use a flashlight on another smartphone as source of lighting the shooting object

A flash is needed to compensate for the lack of lighting around, so that more light falls on the matrix of your smartphone. But at the same time, the flash will highly light your frame, and the zoom will wildly spoil the noise and wash off your picture.

If you shoot during the day, it is better to find the right place in relation to the location of the sun so that it is behind you. So it better illuminates the object of shooting and more light will fall on it.

When shooting on a sunny day, try to have the sun behind you, it will better illuminate the object of shooting

And if you take off at night. Use a soft flash and not in full force. Use a life hack. It is better to highlight the object of shooting with a flashlight from another phone than to use the flash of your smartphone. As for the zoom, it is better to just cut the photos, riding from unnecessary items in the frame, or just come closer to the shooting object.

Get rid of Auto ISO in a smartphone

The smaller ISO. The less noise in the picture. Automatic settings neglect the low ISO values ​​and set them to the maximum, so if you do not pay attention to it, even the perfect picture will be spoiled by a “brown speck”.

Turn on the net on the screen when shooting on a smartphone

The grid works on the principle of the Rules of the Third. It will help you understand where the central object should be fragmentarily in the picture to avoid a littered horizon, cut hands and legs, the effect of a “tight frame” and other vices of mobile photography and not only.

Do not rush and do not move a smartphone when shooting

The camera in the smartphone works much slower than in any camera. Because after shooting the frame passes many stages of digital processing before you see a ready.Made picture in your gallery. Therefore, when hovering the camera to the object, wait until the image stabilizes and stops at this object, and only then photograph.

In addition, do not rush to press the shutter button and monitor the immobility of your smartphone at this moment so that there is no “shift” or a lubricated frame. After the picture is taken, hold your smartphone in the starting position of a couple of seconds, so that the matrix can count the image. And only then enjoy a quality picture.

Of course, mobile photography will never be on a par with fully professional photographic equipment, even if you are a brilliant photographer. However, to reach the level of photographic art, taking away from a high.Quality smartphone with skillful hands and using all of the above recommendations, it is quite possible and very real.

Try, experiment and remember that the smartphone has another advantage. It is always at hand, that it often becomes the main trump card, especially with a reporting shooting of an incident or a sudden event that has taken aback by you by surprise.

You can also watch a video on how to shoot a photo for brands on your phone and earn using only a smartphone:

Let’s summarize the results of the material and life hacks disassembled in the article.

Panoramic shooting

A great way to improve the quality of landscape photographs is to use the main one in the “panorama” mode instead. The essence is simple. Switch the camera into a panoramic mode, press the shooting button and carry out the camera along the horizon line. If you have never done it, try.

This method has both pros and cons of. The advantages are as follows:

  • A good result is obtained only in good lighting (with low light, the picture is blurred due to the movement of the camera);
  • It is necessary to conduct the camera as evenly as possible;
  • It is necessary to keep the horizon strictly at the same level or use a tripod;
  • Moving objects are very distorted in proportions, or stretched along the entire frame (depending on the direction of movement);

Another feature is that when shooting from close range in the photo there is the effect of a “fish eye”, and only in one plane:

Most often, this effect interferes, but sometimes it can be used as a “chip” for greater originality 🙂

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