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How to take a screenshot on any Android

The reviews of applications often use screenshots?!). And, if on iOS they can be made with two clicks, then on Android it is not always easy. In version 4.0 this task has already been simplified to a minimum, but in the previous ones sometimes you have to work hard. Introducing a way to take screenshots using the SDK that is guaranteed to work and does not require Root rights. And on top of that, we’ll tell you what other ways there are.

To begin with a narration about the standard options. The thing is that in some smartphones the function of taking screenshots is implemented “out of the box.

  • Android 3.2 and later. long press on the “Recent apps” button.
  • Android 4.0. Volume Down Button. Power Button.
  • Samsung Galaxy. Home Back button (saved in ScreenCapture folder).
  • Samsung Galaxy S II. Home Button Lock (saved in ScreenCapture folder).
  • HTC Desire S. Power Home button (saved in the photo folder).
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. volume down button Turn on.

Android for Dummies How to take a screenshot?

How to take a screenshot on your Android smartphone and why it may be necessary.

Screenshot (screenshot). a very handy feature, which in some can save a lot of time. For example, if you run into some problem on your Android smartphone and want to ask for advice on a forum or from your friends, a screenshot will clearly show exactly what the problem is. And to boast about the results of the game, or just keep as a memory of a good shot so easiest. In some cases it makes sense to make a screenshot of the web page with the route map, so it stays with you even if your smartphone has no internet access.

Starting with Android 4.0 to take a screenshot of the screen is very simple. Simply press the volume down button and the power button simultaneously. After that, a new icon will appear in the status bar, showing that the screenshot was taken successfully.

But even if you accidentally delete this notification from the status bar, no harm done. You can always find a screenshot in the gallery.

Or you can connect your smartphone to your computer and copy the screenshot to your hard drive.

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To do this, connect your smartphone to the computer with a cable, click on “Start” on the computer, select “My Computer” and in the folder that will open find an icon of your smartphone. That’s exactly what you need to open. Most likely it will look like this, and its name will coincide with the name of the phone model. Some smartphones require you to unlock the screen to transfer data (only relevant if you have set an unlock password).

On different smartphones, screenshots may be stored in different folders. Most likely you need the “DCIM” folder or the “Pictures” folder.

What are ROOT rights and how to get them

It all starts small. Someone is disturbed by the sound of the shutter clicking when taking a photo on a cell phone running “Android”. And someone is agonizing with the question of how to take a screenshot of the phone. “Android” with an operating system below 3.2 does not allow you to use programs which work with system files without ROOT rights. With special software you can get full rights for the system. For each model of mobile device getting ROOT is individual. Hacking instructions can be found on many forums. You can resort to the services of a service center, whose specialists will perform the task very quickly.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi

On Xiaomi smartphone models (Xiaomi, Xiaomi), there are several ways to take screenshots.

  • Press the “Menu” button and the “Volume down” button at the same time.
  • Swipe down from the notification menu curtain, and then tap the “Screenshot” button.
  • Press the “Menu” touch key below the display screen and the “Volume Down” button simultaneously (on MIUI 7 and later).
  • On MIUI 8 firmware and later, in the Quick Ball app, you can activate the screenshot function, which is done by using the scissor icon.
  • In MIUI 8 and older, it is possible to take screenshots with a three-finger gesture, this option must be activated in the advanced settings of the device.

Applications for creating screenshots

If you cannot make screenshots using hardware solutions or if the functionality of this method is insufficient, for example, if you need to capture only a part of the screen, add a caption, effect or send an image instantly, you have to download and install a third-party utility. Let’s look at some of the most popular and most downloaded solutions on GooglePlay. Only the offered utilities require root rights on the device. The only way to make a screenshot without root privileges on Android devices is to download an application like No Root Screen Shot Lite and connect the device to your computer, which is impractical and inconvenient.

Screenshot Easy

Requires root rights to work on most devices, but not all. This utility can take screenshots on pressing a certain combination of keys, shaking the device, using a special icon, icon in the notification panel, widget, etc. д. Built-in library of created screenshots allows you to view them with built-in tools.

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Chinese developer tool that solves the problem completely. The program allows to take screenshots with a single tap or by pressing the volume down or off key. Additional functions are: indicating the folder with the output file, previewing the picture before saving, cropping the image or drawing over the screenshot with a normal brush, inputting text over the picture.


The app allows you to make screenshots much brighter and more beautiful by adjusting them to the frame of your smartphone or tablet (which is in the base of the utility). In addition, the application is able to add beautiful shadows, backgrounds, create reflection effects and other three-dimensional visualization.

Screenshot for BQ QBS-5000 with virtual keys

You will be able to try different methods on different models of devices. Because of updates and different firmware versions some system functions can be changed. Therefore one method can be used on several different versions of BQ. If the previous method did not help to create a screenshot, try changing the keys. Press and hold down the Power button and the volume down button. If it does not work, try to decrease the volume of your device as much as possible.

After that, try again to create a screenshot.

You can also take a screenshot on your BQ QBS-5000 smartphone with another two buttons. Press on volume down and on the virtual “Tasks” button, which is on the left.

Hold them until a screenshot is created. When it is ready, you can find it in the gallery.

Or in the DCIM folder, which can be found in the file manager.

How to take a screenshot on your computer

Windows and Linux

There are a lot of ways to make a screenshot in Windows. One of the easiest is to press the PrtSc key, then open the Paint program and use the Ctrl V combination. The screenshot will appear in the editor window. You will be able to save the image to your hard drive through the File menu.

The PrtSc key works also on Linux. Immediately after you click, a dialog box will appear that asks for the path to save the screenshot.

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The ways listed will work for both desktops and laptops.


To take a screenshot on any Apple computer, use the Cmd Shift 3 key combination. The finished screenshot is saved on your desktop.

First method

The method varies slightly from one model to another, but the following method should work on all phones running Android 4.0 or later version.

1) Press the power and volume down keys at the same time.

2) Hold them down until you hear an audible click or a screenshot sound. You should also see a small animation of the capture.

3) You will get a notification that your screenshot was captured and that you can share or delete it.

4) By default, the screenshots are saved in your “photo” folder or in the “Gallery” application in a separate folder screenshots.

Where are screenshots saved and how to transfer them to your computer

Judging by the questions, some users experience difficulties when searching for the directory where the phone saves screenshots.

In general, if you have not changed any settings (and have not installed a special USB key) it is enough to open the “gallery” of your phone. To work with images and photos on your phone you simply need to open the gallery. Then go to the “Screenshots” section.

Then you can choose the files that you want to send to a PC (or to other users) and click on the “Send” button.

Then the phone will offer you several options, depending on the pre-installed applications (I usually send files by mail or skidke to Yandex-disk).

Alternatively you can connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable and browse your files in the PC memory with an explorer.

Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable

Usually, all you need to do is open “This Computer” : it will show your phone model. just open it and go to “Internal Storage\Pictures\Screenshots” (see. example below ).

You can also transfer files from your phone to your PC using Bluetooth. Here is how to do it.

To help!

1) How do I transfer Bluetooth files between my phone and my laptop/computer?

2) Easy ways to transfer files from your phone to your PC.

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