How to take a screenshot on your lenovo computer

How to take a screenshot of the screen on your computer or laptop

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A screenshot is a snapshot of a specific area of the display or the entire desktop. You may need it if you want to demonstrate the capabilities of a program, show a problem when contacting the technical support, or capture the contents of a website page. Sometimes photos in your browser are download-protected. then you can just screenshot them, too.

You can make a good quality screenshot with the help of built-in system tools or special software. Today we will tell you how to take a screenshot on your notebook or PC using different methods.

How to take a screenshot on Lenovo ThinkPad

How to take a screenshot of the whole screen on Lenovo

Press PrtSc on your keyboard to take a screenshot of the entire screenshot on your Lenovo. It will be saved to clipboard automatically. After that, you can just press Ctrl V to paste the screenshot into the image editor or Ctrl S to save the screenshot directly.

How to take a screenshot of an active window on Lenovo

Navigate to the window you want to take a screenshot on your Lenovo ThinkPad, press Alt PrtSc keys on your keyboard to capture the active window. You can open the Paint program on your Lenovo and paste the image with Ctrl V or even save the screenshot to your hard drive with Ctrl S.

How to take a custom screenshot on Lenovo

When you need to take a custom screenshot on Lenovo, you need to use Windows 10 version 1809 or higher. Press Windows Emblem Shift S at the same time to bring up the built-in Snip Sketch app in Windows 10. Simply click and drag your mouse and select the desired area of your screen. Then you can view screenshots under C: \ Users \ [your name] \ Pictures \ Screenshots.

Scissors tool (Windows)

In Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 there is a handy “Snipping tool” to work with screenshots. In order to start this program you can use menu “START”. Or just type its name in the search box (example below for Windows 10).

Alternatively, you can use the universal way to run “SnippingTool”:

  • Press WinR first. so that the “Run” window appears;
  • Then paste SnippingTool at the “Open” line.exe
  • and click on OK.

SnippingTool.exe. Start the “Snipping tool” (method 2)

When the program window opens, you can click on “Create” right away. Example below.

Then just select the area you want to take a screenshot with your mouse (example below).

Note that after selecting the desired area, it will appear in the “SnippingTool” program window. Now you can save the obtained screenshot (key combination “CtrlS”).

I should note that from Scissors, you can send a screenshot to Paint 3D (for Windows 10). With Paint 3D, by the way, the picture can be drawn and changed beyond recognition.

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And you can send the screenshot to Paint 3D and change it!

The perfect solution to take a screenshot with screen recording tool

If you want to draw your screenshot with different drawing tools, then definitely, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder should be your first choice. You can freely take Lenovo screenshots while recording videos.

Of course, it can also capture any program on your Lenovo laptop without limitation.

So, what features about screenshots you can get from Screen Recorder? Just read and learn.

Lenovo Screenshot Taker key features

  • Record any video/audio and take a screenshot on Windows and Mac.
  • Draw on the screenshot with smart screen capture tools like selection, text box, arrow, variable cursor, pacing tools and more.
  • Export recorded video, audio and screenshot with a different output format and quality.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to record or capture screenshots instantly.
  • Capture screenshots on HP, Toshiba and other computers easily.
  • Simple, easy and convenient interface.

Steps to take a high resolution screenshot on your Lenovo laptop

Default output format for your screenshot. PNG. You can go to “Advanced Settings” to change the new output format if necessary.

Free download Apeaksoft Screen Recorder on your Lenovo laptop. Then run the screen capture software after installation.

Select “Screenshot” if you want to take a screenshot only with Lenovo. Well, you can also take a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop while recording by selecting “Video Recorder”.

Step 3 : Screenshot on Lenovo ThinkPad and other models

Use your mouse to take a screenshot anywhere on Lenovo. over, there are many editing filters on the toolbar. So you can freely draw and comment on the Lenovo screenshot with lines, arrows, step tools, cursors, text and other tools in selectable colors. Finally, easily share or save a screenshot of your Lenovo.

If you want to take a screenshot while recording a screen video, you can also directly draw an area of the screen. Well, there’s a screenshot toolbar like “Screenshot” at the bottom.

No matter which solution you choose to take a screenshot on ThinkPad and other Lenovo laptops, you can always easily take a high-resolution screenshot on Lenovo.

As above, there are some limitations of the first two ways to screenshot Lenovo. So if you want to take screenshots on your Lenovo laptop without restrictions, you should not miss Apeaskoft Screen Recorder. Just download for free and try it.

Screen Capture Toshiba Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you save the printable screenshot on your Toshiba laptop??

You have to paste it into a graphics program and then print or save it.

screenshot, your, lenovo, computer

Why can’t I make a screenshot work on my Toshiba?

If the Windows logo key and PrtSc key don’t work or you don’t have a PrtSc key on your Toshiba laptop, you can try the FN key with the Windows End / PrtSc logo and it will take a screenshot

How to capture screenshots with video on your Toshiba Notebook?

You can use the Print Screen button. Then just press Ctrl V to paste it into a program.

This page collects easy ways to 3 take a screenshot on your Toshiba computer. You can use a key combination to take a screenshot and paste the screenshots into Paint one by one. Of course, you can use an online screenshot tool to capture and upload images. The easiest way. Use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to directly record pictures on your Windows 10 / 8 / 7 computer. It also makes it easy to edit screenshots with effects.

Leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions when taking a screenshot on Toshiba.

How to take a screenshot on a Lenny with XP

Simply press the Fn button and click on “Print Scrn”. Now open Microsoft’s Paint program. To do this, click on “Start” “Programs” “Standard” “Paint.

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You can do without pasting, but just open the folder where the screenshots are saved. Where it is see here.

Click on the white part of the screen when you run it. Go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Paste”.

Now you can rotate, move or trim as needed. Done? Then press the “File” button “Save as”.

In the window that appears, select “Save As” as either a JPEG or PNG. Then write a name for your screenshot.

Now choose a place to save, such as your desktop, and then click “Save”.

You have your screenshot ready. If you want to send it to someone, just attach the file you just saved to your email.

Screenshot in Windows with a browser extension

Many people prefer to take screenshots using a browser extension such as Lightshot. One of the main ways to benefit from this solution. Upload your screenshots and easily share them with friends and family. Explore the process of taking screenshots on your Lenovo laptop with Lightshot by following these steps.

#1. Open Google Chrome and go to Lightshot in the Chrome Web Store. Click “Add to Chrome” to install it.

#2. Then go to the website you want to take a screenshot with Lightshot.

#3. Click the Lightshot icon. In the upper right corner of your browser.

#4. Use the cursor to highlight and select an area of the screenshot.

#5. Your screenshot will be uploaded to a new tab. Here you can click “Save” to upload it or send the URL to others to share.

Sharing screenshots via URL is very convenient compared to sending a file. The downside is that you can only take screenshots in Google Chrome, but not in any desktop application. A more flexible alternative to Lightshot is Gyazo, which also lets you share screenshots via a URL, and since it’s a desktop tool, you can take pictures of anything.

How to take a screenshot on your laptop

Basically, laptop or computer, it does not matter, nor does the model: Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba and so on. Everywhere, and all versions of Windows operating systems, you can take a screenshot with the “Print Screen” key. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a print screen on your laptop, it just has a different name. PrtSc and you can find this button in the upper right corner. To give you a clear example, here are 2 pictures of keyboards with an arrow to the button you want.

After you press the PrtSc key, the screenshot is taken, but it is still stored on the clipboard. If you reboot your laptop, there will be a buffer demand and your screenshot will be lost.

ways to take a screenshot of your Lenovo and why choose FoneLab

As the name suggests, the Print Screen Key allows users to capture the current viewing screen from different regions. You can view the screenshot on other digital devices, just as you have printed the screen of your Lenovo laptop.

screenshot, your, lenovo, computer

Use the Print Screen key on the keyboard

Take a screenshot on a Windows 7 Lenovo laptop:

Step 1 Press the PrtSc key to copy your Lenovo screenshot to the clipboard.

Step 2 Open the Draw Application.

Screenshot on Lenovo laptop with Windows 8 / 10:

Step 1 Press Windows and PrtSc at the same time.

Step 2 The screen will soon fade, indicating that a screenshot has been taken.

Step 3 Find this picture in the Pictures Library accompanied by Screenshots folder.

Thanks to the adaptive keyboard, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd generation does not have the Prtsc key. So, if you want to take a screenshot on a Lenovo ThinkPad, you need to press the Fn and T keys at the same time to take a screenshot on the ThinkPad.

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You can find the PrtSc Key in the upper right corner of the Lenovo keyboard. As for some ThinkPad users, the Print Screen Button may be in the lower right corner between the other and Ctrl.

PrtSc The screenshot key is not available for gameplay.

Way 2: Run Snipping Tool for a screenshot with custom region

You can take your own screenshot on your Lenovo laptop with Snipping Tool. For example, you can get Freeform Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Full Screen Snip from this standard Windows screenshot capturing tool.

Step 1 Search for Scissors in the Start Menu.

Step 2 Select the target screenshot mode from the New or Mode drop-down menu.

Step 3 Use the left mouse button to drag the screen area to be captured.

Step 4 Take a screenshot on Lenovo and save it on your laptop.

Use Microsoft OneNote and the Windows keyboard shortcut

Step 2 Choose Paste to follow Screen Capture.

Step 3 Right-click the OneNote icon and choose Send to OneNote Window.

Step 4 Click the Crop screen option.

Step 5 Press Windows and S keys (for Windows 7) or Windows, Shift and S keys (for Windows 10) to take a screenshot on your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop.

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, onlinenuromatics, etc. Д. On Windows/Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit video or audio and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows / Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It’s safe and easy to use.

Using ScreenSketch to take screen shots of Lenovo

ScreenSketch. is a convenient way to take a screenshot of your Lenovo screen and edit it using the built-in. Here’s how to use it to take a screenshot of your Lenovo screen.

Step 1 Hold down the Windows button and the W key, a side will appear on the right side of your computer screen. Select SreenSketch.

Step 2 Then you can take a screenshot, then click the save icon.

Recommended Use FoneLab to take screenshots and record video with sound on your Lenovo laptop

What to do if your Lenovo keyboard doesn’t work? If you want to get an easier and better way to take screenshots on your Lenovo laptop, you can try FoneLab screen recorder. There are various drawing tools for different sizes and colors. You can also capture screenshots on video with FoneLab.

Also supports simultaneous recording of system audio and voice from a microphone. In short, you can get everything you need from Lenovo’s screenshot software.

  • Take a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop with text, lines, arrows, step tools and other drawing tools.
  • Record gameplay, tutorials, movies, Skype calls and other videos.
  • Capture sound and voice of the microphone.
  • Use hotkeys to start and stop recording, and take screenshots.
  • Set video quality, frame rate, bit rate, formats, and other settings before recording.

In general, you can take screenshots on your Lenovo laptop with or without a print key. If you want to add text and other captions to the screenshot for drawing. Simply download free FoneLab Screen Recorder to try it now.

FoneLab Screen Recorder lets you capture video, audio, online narration, etc. Д. On Windows/Mac, and you can easily adjust the size, edit the video or audio, and more.

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