How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi a1

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How to take a video screenshot on Android Xiaomi

MIUI firmware in modern versions pleases with the ability to display video screenshots on the display without additional software installation. Such features aroused interest especially among gamers, because now in any strategy you can record passing levels, scroll through them, view them, and then send the video to your friends, make blog posts. This option is appreciated by specialists in setting up mobile devices, creating step-by-step video reviews.

You can launch the video screenshot application through the curtain by selecting the Screen Recording icon. At the bottom there will be a button with which you can stop and start recording.

If the video needs to be viewed immediately after recording, then you can click the pop-up window. You can immediately edit the file, and then send it over the Internet. If you need the video later, you can quickly find it by visiting the Gallery, then Albums and Screen recorder.

You can also record the screen through the application, which is located in the Tools folder. After opening the application, you can start recording by the button at the bottom right, or adjust the recording settings by the button at the top right.

Setting parameters will be responsible for:

  • video quality;
  • frame rate;
  • orientation;
  • sound source;
  • permission;
  • gesture visualization;
  • navigation visualization.

You need to pay attention to each line so that other settings do not seriously affect the quality of the picture.

Not all Xiaomi brands can find this new option, even if it is mentioned in the instructions, which are printed according to the template for several models. It is better to ask the seller about the availability of a new option or study the information on the official website of the developer.

Screenshot options

A screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi Note and other models with the MIUI shell installed can be done in many ways. Depending on the situation, this or that method may be convenient, so it is advisable to know everything.

Power key Volume down key

This option involves pressing the power key with the volume down key at the same time. First, there will be a flash and camera sound, then a thumbnail photo will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. You can immediately activate it with a light touch to evaluate the quality of the resulting image.

Menu key Volume down key

This option is similar to the previous one. Only here, simultaneously with the volume down key, you need to press the capacitive menu button. On younger models, this button is located on the bottom panel on the left, on older models. at the bottom, on the left of the screen.

Swipe with three fingers to take a screenshot

The easiest way to take a screenshot in a couple of seconds is to swipe down with three fingers at the same time. Most often, the ring, middle and index fingers are used, but another combination is also acceptable. The screen will “confirm” the action with a flash (click) and you can evaluate the resulting photo. Just a couple of seconds and a screenshot with three fingers will save the desired information.

From the notification shade

If you drag the notification shade down, you’ll find a scissors-shaped icon called Screenshot. When pressed, the phone under the curtain will take a photo of the screen. For those who do not want to swipe with three fingers on the screen, this method will appeal.

With Widgets

Now let’s learn how to take a screenshot on a Redmi phone using widgets. To do this, go to the Widgets panel, then find Screenshot or Screenshot, and drag it gently, without lifting your finger from the display, to the desktop. The icon will now always be in direct access, you can screenshot anything.


You can fix the key that is responsible for the screenshot on the desktop so that it is always in direct access. This is called a “shortcode”. In MIUI 8 and 9, it is present on the screen by default. In the settings of MIUI 11, its display can be turned on.

Helper Quick Ball

Such a sought-after navigation method as Quick Ball first appeared on the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone. The standard buttons at the bottom of the screen have been replaced by a set of frequently used keys. Then this feature was implemented in MIUI 8 and all the following systems.

To activate the Quick Ball, just go to Advanced settings, find the Touch Assistant. To activate the shortcut menu, just click on the curved fishing line, which can be found at the edge of the screen. Screenshot button in the form of a scissors icon. Now you know how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi using the Quick Ball assistant.

Non-standard options

There are many combinations of buttons with which you can make a print screen, but in different models, firmware, they may differ. If the above combinations do not fit, then it remains to experiment with non-standard options. with menu keys, power volume. If, as a result of attempts, the engineering menu opens, it is better to close it immediately, without experience it is not worth studying. For example, on some Xiaomi Redmi note 4 models, a screenshot is obtained by simultaneously pressing the back and volume up keys.

Using Third Party Applications

Screenshots on Android can be done not only by the above methods, it is worth using third-party applications that can be found on Google Play. They, in comparison with the factory filling, have more powerful functions. But it is worth saying right away that some applications can:

Therefore, first you need to read reviews, reviews of programs, install and try some of the best and then choose the one you like.

How to take a screenshot if the application forbids

Some programs are deprived of the ability to take a screenshot for security reasons, but Google Assistant does not perceive this ban.

To use this, you first need to set up Google Assistant. Go to Settings, then go to Google, look for Services in your account, then Devices with an assistant. You need to enable voice input. Also, switch the functions Send screenshots and Use screen context to the active state.

After a voice call to the Google Assistant, you need to open the application that imposed a ban on the screenshot and say with your voice: Take a screenshot. The picture will be taken, stored in the device memory or sent to other users.

Where are screenshots stored on Xiaomi

Screenshots, regardless of the phone model and how they were created, are saved in the Screenshots directory, which is located in the DCIM folder of the internal memory.

You can find and open the created screen on Redmi phones and other models by going to the Gallery and opening the Screenshots section

Or through Explorer. by opening the Pictures folder and find the Screenshots folder in it

In Explorer, you can also scroll the top menu all the way to the left and select. then select the Screenshots section.

A modern phone user very often has to deal with a large amount of information that needs to be saved quickly. You can do this with a screenshot.

A screenshot is a photo of the screen. The information shown on the display is fixed in the form of a picture that can be transferred to other users, opened on the device at any time. A screenshot on Xiaomi will help you save messages from correspondence, a map, interesting posts, recipes, QR codes for electronic tickets and much more.

Why is the screenshot dark?

Some users are facing the problem of dark screenshots on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 12. After the first unsuccessful attempt, everyone writes it off as a MIUI software bug, but this is not the case.

The reason lies in the dark theme and the contrast settings of the user interface. You need to turn it off. To do this, go to Settings, select Display, then Dark Mode. It remains to deactivate the Automatic contrast adjustment.

Extended capabilities

Creating screenshots in different ways allows you to enjoy the useful function that is built into phones from the very beginning, makes it possible to share useful information with colleagues and friends. But in addition to ordinary screenshots, non-standard ones can also be made on Xiaomi devices: a long screenshot and a screenshot of an arbitrary part of the screen.

Long screenshot on Xiaomi

This option is in demand if the Xiaomi screen does not fit all the desired image, for example, SMS correspondence or news feed.

To take a long screenshot in smartphones with MIUI 11 and later, you must first take a standard screen shot in any way. Then click on the Scroll button under the screenshot thumbnail that appears. The screen will then scroll automatically. We are waiting for the end of the entire scrolling or in the right place, click on the Finish button. After that, a long screenshot will appear in the gallery.

In MIUI versions 10, 9 and 8, there is no “Scroll” button below the screenshot thumbnail. Therefore, to create a long screenshot, here you need to click on the thumbnail itself and select the “Advanced” item at the bottom of the screen. Next, scrolling will also begin and a Finish button will appear.

Screenshot of part of the screen in MIUI 12.

The MIUI 12 shell has a feature that allows you to cut and save an arbitrary area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe screen.

Now, using gestures, you can cut out an area in the shape of a square, oval, circle, rectangular shape. The lasso function is available. an arbitrary finger outline of the desired fragment of the display, which can be moved, stretched, reduced. Now you don’t have to save a full screenshot, but capture only a certain area of ​​the screen. This can be useful in order not to show part of the screen with confidential information.

To take a random screenshot, press and hold three fingers anywhere on the screen. After a few seconds, a new interface will appear where you can select the area you want to save.

After selecting the desired area, buttons appear at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to save the picture or share it on social networks.

Screenshot editor

After taking a screenshot, you can quickly edit it. To do this, click on the screenshot and select the required action in the menu that appears.

Four options are available in the editor: Crop, Shapes, Text, and Mosaic.

The Crop function allows you to fit the screenshot to certain sizes.

The Shapes function inserts geometric shapes into the screenshot and allows you to draw.

The Text feature adds text to your screenshot.

The Mosaic function allows you to blur certain parts of the picture using a mosaic.

If you edit a screenshot immediately after creation, the original version will not be saved.

If the screenshot is not saved

If the screenshot is not saved on Redmi, you need to follow the steps in sequence and check the solution to the problem after each step.

  • The first, easiest step is to restart your smartphone. If the problem persists, go to the second step.
  • You need to activate updates for all applications, also Google services, after which we reboot the phone.
  • Through the “Explorer” go to the Pictures folder, delete Screenshots. After reboot it is created automatically.

If the above methods do not help, you can install a memory card in your smartphone and try to save screenshots on it.

how to take a screenshot in MIUI on Xiaomi

It turns out that the combination for creating a screenshot in Xiaomi Redmi is almost the same. There are several regular options to take a screenshot of the Xiaomi screen:. key combination. simultaneously press the “Volume Down” and the “Power” button and hold for about 3-4 seconds;. using the Screenshot button in the top menu of the phone.

In this article, we will consider all possible options on how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi smartphones and tablets. Introducing 6 ways to capture a picture from a display in MIUI firmware so that everyone can choose their own option, which is more convenient.

In the notification shade in MIUI 7/8/9, there is access to quick settings, among which there is an icon with scissors. With its help, you can also take a screenshot on Xiaomi smartphones. To do this, select the desired area in an open application or desktop, lower the curtain and click on the Screenshot icon. This is convenient to do, for example, if you want to take a screenshot with one hand.

Power key Volume down key

This is perhaps the most standard way to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi smartphone. This feature came to the MIUI platform from the original Android OS. To perform the action, you just need to hold down the power / lock key and the volume down button at the same time. The screenshot will be saved to the album.

Another feature of MIUI 8 was the ability to take screenshots on Xiaomi technology using a three-finger gesture down. Alas, this function does not work on all firmware and not on all devices, but you can try.

To do this, go to Settings Advanced Screenshots and activate the ability to take a screenshot with a gesture. Then, on the screen you are interested in, swipe down on the display with three fingers and a screenshot will be taken.

The given detailed guide to unlock Bootloader and flash Mi A1 is for advanced users only!

There are two ways to unlock the Mi A1 bootloader. Some locked Mi devices need to be unlocked before flashing. Choose one of the methods below to unlock your smartphone.

Step 1.

Go to and submit an unlock request.

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Step 3.

Enter Fastboot Mode on Mi A1 by Pressing Power Button Volume Down Button.

Step 4.

Open Mi Unlock app, then connect your device to PC via USB Type-C cable.

Step 5.

Log in to unlock the tool with your Mi account. Then press the unlock button.

Unlock Bootloader Mi A1 second method

Mi A1 can be unlocked using Command Prompt (CMD). Download Adb files from this archive (Adb.rar 522.49 KB). Then connect your device to PC via USB cable after entering fastboot mode, follow the instructions below.

Extract the files from the ADB archive on your desktop, press and hold the Shift button, then right-click to open the “Open Command Window” window.

Then the command line will appear on the screen.

Type “fastboot devices” to check if your device is recognized by PC.

Here you can see that the device is detected correctly.

Type “fastboot oem device-info” and you will see the status of the device. Here My Bootloader is locked.

Type “fastboot oem unlock” to unlock your device’s bootloader. After the process is completed, you will receive a completion message.

Enter “fastboot oem device-info” again to check if the bootloader is unlocked or not. Now our bootloader is unlocked

If you want to lock your bootloader again just type “fastboot oem lock”.

Type “fastboot oem device-info” and you will see the status of the device. Now Bootloader is locked again.

Type “fastboot reboot” to reboot the device.

If you have successfully unlocked Bootloader Mi A1, then you can consider yourself an advanced user. Now you can share with other members of the community information on how to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader correctly and without consequences.

Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaominko, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for Xiaomi readers. Sharing the latest news and exclusive content.

Why does the Xiaomi Mi A1 phone charge slowly

Along with the problem of a complete lack of energy gain, when the smartphone is connected to the network, the device can charge extremely slowly. Sometimes, the charging process is displayed on the screen, but the percentage does not increase or increases for a very long time.

Many of the reasons mentioned earlier apply in this case (clogged connector, cable failure, system failure), but there are also specific reasons that slow down the process:

  • using a non-original cable or power supply;
  • heavy load on the processor (games, watching videos via the Internet);
  • blocking the power supply due to strong case heating.

People who are faced with a problem when charging is of no use should be advised to turn off the phone and connect it to the network using a different cable and power supply. If this procedure does not help, and the device continues to charge poorly, you need to reset the settings or contact the service center.

There are many reasons why this smartphone charges slowly or does not restore energy at all:

  • The USB connector is broken or has dust particles in it;
  • the plug is loosely fixed in the connector;
  • the cable wire is deformed;
  • failure of the Android operating system;
  • built-in battery failure;
  • heavy load on the processor;
  • the phone is charging in inappropriate temperature conditions.

Luckily, whatever is causing the problem, it can be fixed. Often even at home, without resorting to the help of masters from the service center.

If the Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone has not been exposed to moisture (causing charging problems), it is recommended to conduct an external inspection of the device. It is required to check the case for swelling, which may indicate a battery failure.

Then shine a flashlight on the USB port of your smartphone. See if there are any internal deformations or blockages in it. If necessary, clean the inside of the USB port with a toothpick or other thin object that will not harm the device components.

If serious problems are found, such as swelling of the battery, you should immediately contact the service center for service. Perhaps such a smartphone can no longer be saved. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to carefully monitor the condition of the device during operation.

But most often, the percentage of smartphone charging is not added due to the fact that the USB cable is out of order. Even if the cord has no visible damage, you should try another cable and charger. In most cases, replacing components helps restore charging.

How else can you fix the problem

If the charger, USB cable, connector of the Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone and its battery do not raise suspicions, you need to proceed to the software troubleshooting. Charging problems occur due to a malfunction in the Android operating system. You can get out of the situation only through resetting to factory settings:

Performing this operation deletes all files from the device’s memory. In order not to lose important information, it is recommended that you first make a backup through the settings.

How to avoid problems in the future

So that the smartphone does not stop charging at a certain point, follow a few simple rules:

  • Use only branded accessories for charging. If the bundled cable or power supply is out of order, purchase a new one only in a branded store.
  • Never charge your phone in a cold or hot room. Avoid direct sunlight on the body of the device.
  • While charging, try not to play games or perform other resource-intensive operations on your smartphone.
  • Regularly clean the connectors and test the battery with special applications (for example, Nova Battery Tester).

Compliance with these rules will minimize the likelihood of problems with charging your smartphone. Use your mobile device carefully, and don’t forget that your phone needs to rest sometimes too.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi (MIUI)?

Some users do not know how to take screenshots on their smartphones, that is, they cannot capture the image that is on the screen of their device. They resort to using another device with a camera: a smartphone, a camera, a tablet. But the solution is quite simple. Or rather, even several solutions: now you will learn how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi smartphones, including the Redmi and Redmi Note series, based on the MIUI firmware in various ways.

secret way

We return to the physical keys of the smartphone. This time you will have to press one physical key (volume down) and a touch key (Recent apps), after which a screenshot will be taken.

Please note that even if the Recent apps button is on the screen, this method remains working.

Screenshot with three fingers

An unusual method that not everyone knows about. MIUI firmware version 8 has a new feature that allows you to take a screenshot by simply swiping across the screen with three fingers. Swipe across the screen. If there are no signs about taking a screenshot, open Settings and go to Advanced settings.

Please note that in this menu you can set the screenshot creation to other buttons.

Try swiping with three fingers on the screen a screenshot should be taken.

Function Touch assistant

In the same MIUI version 8, a touch assistant was added, this is a function that adds a touch ball to the smartphone display, pressing which brings up an additional menu.

To enable the feature, go to Settings, then Advanced Settings.

Click on the icon in the form of a bracket on the screen, after which a ball appears, clicking on which opens a menu something like this:

To make a printscreen, click on the scissors icon.

It is almost simpler than the previous method, since there is no need to press physical keys. You need to call the menu in the curtain using a swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Find the Screenshot or Screenshot touch button, then press it once. A screenshot will be taken.

Taking a long screenshot

There is a separate article on the site about this method, so we will briefly repeat.

We create a screenshot using any of the above methods, after which we click on the Scroll button.

You need to do this only in the application where there is scrolling.

The entire page is captured immediately. The capture can be stopped by clicking the Stop button, and if this is not done, a screenshot of the entire page will be created, for example:

Therefore, if you are used to taking a screenshot through the corresponding menu item in the curtain, now we will teach you how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1. The instruction is simple and even inexperienced Xiaomi users can master it.

A guide on how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi for other phone models, including the Redmi and Mi Mix lines.

With 2 buttons

In our case, all buttons are located on the right side panel of the device.

Step 1.

Select the page you want to take a screenshot of, such as a website. Or you want to share a screenshot with a friend, or send a screenshot of a conversation in Viber or Telegram. There are no restrictions as you are taking a full screenshot.

Step 2.

It is necessary to simultaneously hold down two buttons: the volume down (volume down) and the power button (power button) of the smartphone for 1-2 seconds.

If you didn’t manage to take a screenshot the first time, try this technique by pressing the buttons at the same time, not sharply and not pressing hard on them.

Step 3.

You will hear a shutter sound and see an animation on the screen. The screenshot is ready. The image can be found in the “Gallery”, on the internal disk in the DCIM folder or by clicking on the icon in the notification panel.

With one button

To take a screenshot using only one button, we need to install an additional application.

For example, Button Mapper is an application that allows you to set custom actions for the main buttons: volume control, forward, back, home.

The Button Mapper app has a ready-made “Screenshot” script.

You need to assign a screen capture action to a button that is convenient for you and enjoy the quick result.

Congratulations, now you can take beautiful screenshots on Xiaomi Mi A1.

How to send a screenshot on Mi A1?

To share the result with friends, in the VK group or Mi community, there are several simple solutions.

Pull down the notification shade and open the “Screenshot” icon. Next, you will see the “Submit” button (sent).

By clicking on it, the Android system will offer you a list of available actions (depending on the installed applications):

  • Upload to Google Photos;
  • Add to Dropbox;
  • Share via Dropbox;
  • Paste in a message;
  • Share using Total Commander;
  • Synchronize with SHAREit;
  • Share ;
  • Add to Google maps;
  • Add to an attachment in a letter via Gmail;
  • Save to Google drive;
  • Send via Bluetooth;
  • Post to Instagram.

For example, if you want to share a screenshot of. then you can add the image to an album, send it in a message, or send it directly to the wall of the Rumicomrussia group.

Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaominko, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for Xiaomi readers. Sharing the latest news and exclusive content.

Where to look for the created pictures? All photos and videos taken by the print screen can be found in the “Screenshots” (“ScreenCapture”) folder, which is located in the Gallery.

There are several ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi. The owner of the smartphone will only have to familiarize himself with them and choose the simplest and most suitable method for him.

Almost everyone who often uses gadgets knows about the common method of “pressing the keys”. We are talking about buttons: volume (decrease) and power (it is also responsible for turning on the screen lock).

Sometimes a regular screenshot is not enough to capture all the information and a “long” snapshot is required.

In fact, this is a regular screenshot, but with a little trick.

  • Hold down two keys to take a screenshot until a characteristic sound.
  • When a notification arrives, click on it.
  • Find Snapshot Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select scroll function.

The gadget will automatically start scanning the screenshot source page, visually copying all the information from it to the phone’s clipboard.

  • Go to device settings.
  • Select the “Additional” section.
  • Find the “Screen Recorder” function and adjust to your liking: volume, resolution, audio, bitrate and others.
  • After setting up, a shortcut should appear on the desktop to start shooting.
  • Activate app.
  • Select the required area of ​​the screen.
  • Open the information curtain. with a slight movement of the finger from top to bottom.
  • Find the “Screenshot” function and activate it.
  • After that, the picture will be successfully completed and saved to the smartphone’s image gallery.
  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Select the “additional” section.
  • Find screenshots. If the device supports them, then you can either activate or deactivate the function.
  • Otherwise, the menu simply will not have such a section.

Xiaomi has released an electronic assistant Qiuck Ball. Each user can independently customize the program for all their needs.

If you can’t use manual methods, and the assistant is not supported by the phone, you should not despair.

The standard program “Google Play” has a lot of useful applications. Taking screenshots is no exception. It is only necessary to enter the correct query in the search and select the most suitable one from the list.

One of the advantages of additional applications is the original capabilities and functions for processing and editing screenshots, as well as the “share” button by sending a private message to the interlocutor or posting it on your personal social networks.

  • Screenshot is easy. The application allows you to take screenshots of your phone, record videos and create snapshots with scrolling.
  • Screen Master. The program has a lot of advantages: the size is less than 5 MB; free use and download from the Play store, does not require developer rights “ROOT”; the possibility of unlimited use; screenshots are obtained in high quality and PNG format, saving and storing images does not cut down on quality; various functions (Shortcuts and QuickTile Android 7.0) and others.
  • Screenshot Pro. With this application, you can easily capture a screenshot and modern functions of editing and processing the resulting images.

Taking a screenshot is one dilemma, but even if solved, there may still be questions. For example, where can I find saved snapshots? Manufacturers have taken care of this problem as well.

In exceptional cases, the system may create another folder. “ScreenCapture” in the phone or memory card. Also, with method 5, saving pictures depends on the downloaded application.

Sometimes it’s easier to take a screenshot of the data you need than to download or copy it, so many people wonder how to screenshot the screen, for example, on a Xiaomi device. We will tell you further how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi in several ways.

Using the Qiuck Ball menu. This is an interactive assistant that can be flexibly customized to fit your needs. In its settings, you need to add an icon with scissors. Here’s what it will look like in the end:

These methods work on all devices that support MIUI 8, including Xiaomi Mi5, Mi 4s, Mi Max. Redmi 3, Redmi 2, Redmi Note 3. Redmi note 2 and so on.

You might be wondering: How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone?

Xiaomi is one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world. The number of users who are just starting to learn all the features and benefits of MIUI is growing every month.

What are screenshots and why are they needed?

Screenshots are snapshots that capture an image on the screen at a certain point in time. There are many applications for printscreens.

Someone takes screenshots to capture and save information from the text. Although if words can be selected and transferred in the text, then this will not work with the video, so screenshots are a great way to remember information from the video.

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Screenshot on Xiaomi

Printscreens can also be used to create instructions for managing applications or a smartphone as a whole.

resourceful users take screenshots of videos instead of photographing a particular object multiple times from different angles.

Many users will screenshot images in order to send them to their friends and acquaintances in social networks and instant messengers.

Important: The use of screenshots is limited only by the imagination of a person with a smartphone in their hands.

Where are screenshots saved?

By default, the system creates a separate album for saving screenshots, which is called “Screenshots”.

On older versions of MIUI, screenshots were saved to the “Screenshots” folder, and some users note that all screenshots are saved to the “DCIM” section.

Saved screenshots

Attention: In order not to get confused in folders, sections and subsections, you can take a screenshot, go to the Gallery application, click on recent images and calculate in which folder the screenshot is stored.

If screenshots from the screen were taken in a third-party application (more on that later), then the save location may differ from the standard one.

Other interesting info

There are several other ways to take screenshots.

  • Quick ball. This is the icon that is activated in the Settings application and is located above all running windows (there is a similar one on the iPhone). If you click on it, a list of suggested options will open (like locking your smartphone or clearing space), among which is the creation of a screenshot. It remains only to press the desired button and the picture is ready.
  • Widget on desktop. As a result of a long press on the Xiaomi desktop, the opportunity to get into the widget menu comes off. In this section, you can find the widget responsible for creating printscreens. It remains only to transfer it to the desktop and use it if necessary.

Quick Ball appeared only in MIUI 8, and not all devices of the company support this firmware version.

Devices supporting MIUI 8 Mi5
Redmi Note 2
Mi4s (Mi4)
Mi Max
Redmi 3
Redmi 2
Redmi Note 3
Mi 5s Plus

Newer Haomi phones and tablets support MIUI 8 by default.

Part of new devices supporting MIUI 8 Redmi X
Mi Mix 2s
Redmi Note 7
Mi6 (Mi6)
Redmi 6 Pro
Redmi 5 Plus
Mi Miha 2
Mi8 Lite

If, when adding a Quick Ball icon to the screen, it does not have a button responsible for screenshots, you need to add this button in the widget settings.

Font options on Xiaomi smartphones and how to change the font itself Setting fonts in a mobile phone by default does not always satisfy the owners. Some want to update the external

There are also more programs on Google Play that allow you to take print screens from the display. The advantage of these applications is that they can change the location where images are saved.

Important: The new versions of Xiaomi MIUI have a video manager in which you can take screenshots of the video while watching it.

Although the most common way to take a screenshot on Xiaomi is to swipe down with three fingers on the Xiaomi touchscreen. It is enough to put three fingers on the screen, swipe them down and the screenshot is ready.

True, in this case, you need to take into account the orientation of the device:

  • If it is located vertically, then the swipe must be done from top to bottom.
  • If the smartphone is located horizontally, then the swipe is carried out from one side to the other.

Similar to those described above, there are ways to create screenshots on the iPhone. a smartphone with a different operating system.

Long screenshot

To create a long print screen that exceeds the screen size on a Xiaomi smartphone, you need to:

  • Make a printscreen of the display.
  • Open thumbnail in top right corner.
  • Click on the “Submit” icon.
  • Scroll the screen and select the area that was not captured by the snapshot.
  • Click “Finish”.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi?

Consider all the ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, working with MIUI 8 and above. The instructions are relevant for most models. For example, Redmi 4 / 4x, Redmi Note 4, Mi 5, Redmi 3S, Redmi 4 Pro, RN 3 Pro, Redmi 5A, Mi 6 and many more.

Two buttons and a screenshot is ready!

Yes, in order to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, we need only two buttons: power and volume down. This is the fastest and most popular way to take a screenshot of a Xiaomi smartphone, which is familiar to most advanced MIUI users.

Method 1

In order to get a screenshot, go to the screen that we want to capture, then with two fingers (or one thumb, as you like) press and hold the power button and volume down for 2-3 seconds.

You will then see the screen flash and hear the sound of the camera shutter. The resulting screenshot will hide in the thumbnail and appear in the upper right corner of the screen as a preview of your screenshot.

You can click on this thumbnail to view the screenshot, edit it, share it, or delete it.

Method 2

If you have control buttons on the front of your phone, you can use the Menu touch button (instead of power) and the volume rocker at the same time.

Three fingers. what could be easier?

The method is suitable for the most lazy Mi Fans, since we need to vertically swipe three fingers on the sensor to capture the screen.

To activate this useful feature, go to “Settings”, select the item “Advanced settings”. “Snapshot with three fingers”.

The only drawback of this method is that the quick screenshot feature causes Xiaomi phones with a weak processor and RAM to freeze.

There is also a special button in the notification shade with which you can take a screenshot.

To take a screenshot, go to the screen you want to capture, then pull out the notification panel with your finger, select “Screenshot” from the menu that appears. Then the screen flashes, the shutter sound and the picture thumbnail moves to the upper right side of the screen.

If you want to move the Snapshot icon to the top four positions, then you need to open Settings, then Notifications, then Status, and select Switch Positions. Now you need to drag the screenshot icon up.

smart menu

One of the features of the MIUI 8 and higher GUI is the Quick Ball feature. This is a touch assistant in the form of a transparent floating ball, which allows you to get a quick way to the Smart menu. five different phone functions, including a screenshot.

To enable “Quick Ball” go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Touch assistant”. “Enable”.

After that, go to “Shortcuts”. Click on any of the five circles on the next screen. The Snapshot feature will be located in the Quick Settings area.

Once it’s set up. To take a screenshot on Xiaomi using this method, just touch the “ball” to open the Smart menu and click “Screenshot”. Further, everything is the same as in the first two methods.

Several ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi

There are a large number of methods on how to take a screen on Xiaomi. Even the Android operating system has a regular way to create screenshots. over, the ability to create printscreens is implemented in Xiaomi’s proprietary shell called MIUI.

Notification shade

MIUI allows you to take printscreens using the notification shade.

To take a screenshot using this method, you need to:

  • Open the desired information on the display.
  • Pull out the notification shade from the status bar.
  • Expand the list of available swipe control buttons from top to bottom.
  • Click on “Screenshot”.

If this button is not in the notification shade, you need to add it there.

Notification shade

  • Pull out the notification shade.
  • Expand the menu of available buttons.
  • Click on the “Sort” button.
  • Hold the “Screenshot” icon and move it to the main panel.

Setting “change protection” on Xiaomi devices When you try to move the application shortcut on your smartphone, you can get a notification: desktop location


The mechanical method of printscreen is the one that is implemented in the Android OS by default. It allows you to take a screenshot by pressing a certain key combination.

Xiaomi has two combinations that perform this function:

The second way to make printscreens is easier, because it is not always possible to simultaneously hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys due to their proximity.

How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi

There is no particular secret here when we need to take a long shot and capture the entire site we like or a long correspondence that does not fit into the visible area.

We make a screen in any way you like. As soon as the thumbnail appears, quickly click on it so that a special window of advanced options appears:

By selecting the first menu item, you can scroll the screen and select an area that was not originally captured. You can scroll manually or enable automatic scrolling. To take a long shot, click “Finish”.

It is recommended to use scroll down and built-in browser.

How to take a screenshot of a video on Android

To do this, Xiaomi smartphones have a new function “Screen Recording”, which records the sequence of actions.

To manage the recording, go to “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Screen Recording”. Here you can configure all the parameters of the future video (image resolution, sound, audio bitrate, etc.).

Once everything is set up, the shortcut will automatically appear on the desktop and all that remains is to press “Start” and enable recording video from the Xiaomi screen.

A screenshot is an instant photo that captures a picture of the display at a specific time. Any Android smartphone can take a screenshot of the desktop. This function is useful for those who want to save a photo of the display to the gallery or share the image with others.

In this article, consider the possible ways provided by Xiaomi software developers.

The MIUI shell used on smartphones allows you to take screenshots in 6 different ways, so each user has the opportunity to choose the most convenient option for themselves.

It is considered the standard way, since it was first implemented on the Android OS. To take a screenshot, you must simultaneously hold the volume down button with the power button.

How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi?

Now that you know how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi devices, another useful knowledge is the ability to take a scrolling screenshot, the so-called long screenshot. This is handy if you need to send someone a snapshot of an entire article or show a long post history.

To take a long screenshot, simply use one of the four methods described above. Then tap the thumbnail that appears at the top of the screen. In the window that opens, click the first button: Remove longer. The phone will slowly scroll down the page until you press done or the content on the page ends.

As a result, you will get a long image, where all the information you need will be captured.

Pressing the power button and volume down

If you have used other Android phones, then most likely you have already met this method, since it is the same for many manufacturers.

To take a screenshot on Xiaomi, you need to hold down the power and volume buttons for a short time. Immediately after this action, you will see a quick flash animation, indicating that the screenshot was successfully taken.

The thumbnail of the picture will be in the upper right corner for a few seconds, you can click on it and edit or send this file to anyone. Or just swipe aside, it will be saved in the gallery.

ball with quick features

Xiaomi is one of the first companies to implement the quick navigation feature in their phones. You have probably noticed a floating ball with quick actions on the screens of other people’s smartphones. You can also add a screenshot function to this ball.

To enable this functionality, you need to go to the MIUI settings Advanced Settings Click Assistant. Move the slider to on and click Feature Settings. Here you can select the functions you need, including screenshot.

When you exit the home screen, you will notice a curved line on the right edge of the screen, tap it to go to the quick access menu. From here, click the scissors icon to take a screenshot.

Notification shade shortcut

The second commonly used method is to call the MIUI notification curtain (you need to pull it down from the very top of the screen). Inside the curtain, in the toggle section, there will be a button that takes a screenshot. If there is no such button, you can add it by changing the icons (as shown in the picture)

  • The old notification shade
  • New notification shade

Touch the corresponding button in the curtain, and you will see a flash animation and a picture thumbnail in the upper corner.

This is not the best way, since it will not work instantly to take a screenshot. You will have to first bring up the notification curtain, but while you do this, the moment may be lost (for example, if you are playing a game).

Swipe with three fingers

In my opinion, this is the easiest way, there is not even a need to grope for the side buttons of the smartphone if it happens in the dark.

Only on Xiaomi smartphones, to take a screenshot, you can simply swipe down with three fingers on any screen and it’s done. The screen will blink and the picture icon will appear at the top of the screen.

If you often take screenshots, then you can get a little confused and assign this function to a long press, for example, of the volume up button. This is done in the settings.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi smartphones?

MIUI has become one of the most popular skins for Android phones. Millions of people use this operating system and many need to take a screenshot from time to time. I propose to look in a short and most understandable form how this can be done.

Consider how to take screenshots on Xiaomi phones. There are several ways to do this. The methods will be the same for Redmi and Pocophone smartphones.

Where to find screenshots taken?

After you’ve taken a screenshot before tapping the thumbnail at the top of the screen to send it, you might be wondering where they are on your phone? All you have to do to find the picture is go to the Gallery app, go to the Albums tab at the top, there you will see a folder with screenshots. Everything is quite simple.

As you can see, there are many ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi or Redmi smartphones, it is worth remembering one of them and not returning to this topic again.

The same person who constantly resents the lack of USB Type-C in new Xiaomi gadgets. I joke completely unfunny jokes and make mistakes in the texts. I love green apples.

How to take a screenshot through the notification panel

This method will be the best way out of the situation when the smartphone buttons do not work for any reason, and the screen is not created. As an alternative, it is suggested to do the following:

  • Unlock smartphone.
  • Go to the menu section where you want to take a screenshot.
  • Lower the notification shade with a swipe down.
  • Click on the “Screenshot” or “Screenshot” icon.

As in the case of a snapshot through hotkeys, a notification about creating a screenshot will immediately appear on the screen of your Android smartphone. The resulting screen can be opened or another frame taken from this or another menu.

The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner to the options for creating a screen. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any time: while watching a movie, playing a game, or chatting in a messenger. The main condition for taking a picture is that the smartphone must be turned on and unlocked.

The easiest way to create a screenshot is to use a specific key combination:

  • Open the menu section you want to capture.
  • Simultaneously hold down the power button and the lower volume rocker.
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After completing these steps, a graphic notification will appear at the bottom of the screen about the successful creation of the screen. The resulting frame can be immediately opened by clicking on its icon after holding down the volume down key and the power button.

If you cannot take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the alternative button combinations that are given in this material. In addition, there are other ways to create a screen without using the phone keys.

At the moment when the user opens the frame through the “Gallery” or “File Manager”, the full functionality of interaction with the image appears in front of him. For example, the owner of the phone can delete one or several screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:

Another way is to open the image itself through the “Gallery” and select the “Delete” option from the available options. After confirming the operation, the screenshot will be deleted from the phone’s memory.

In the case when you need to transfer the screen via messenger or in another way, you can use the same instructions. The only difference is that instead of clicking the “Delete” button, you need to click on “Submit”, select the method of sending and the coordinates of the recipient. Thus, sending a screenshot is no different from sending any other image from the phone.

How to take a long screen on Xiaomi

The updates released for MIUI version 8 marked the appearance of new interesting functionality in the firmware. One of the functions is to create a Scrolling screenshot, that is, long display screens.

To take a long shot, you need to select the area of ​​the screen that should be captured, and then take a screen using any of the above methods. These can be keyboard shortcuts, a notification curtain, or an intelligent assistant.

When the screen is taken, you need to click on the image preview window, which is located at the top right side of the display. In the menu that appears, select the Scroll sub-item (in some Redmi models it may be referred to as Advanced), and then scroll through the picture until the desired moment.

Now all the data that has been scrolled by the user will fall into one long screen. It will be saved in the Screenshots folder in your phone’s gallery. With this simple method, you can take a detailed snapshot of the menu of programs or web pages.

A long screen is able to function in any orientation of the gadget’s display, both portrait and landscape mode.

How to take a screenshot on a Redmi phone

Owners of modern mobile gadgets have long been accustomed to the screenshot function. After all, there is often a need to save data from the device display: a map, notifications from correspondence, or QR codes of electronic type tickets. In the Redmi situation, there are 5 methods to take a screenshot. Details about each of them are below.

Three finger gesture

One of the features of MIUI version 8 is the ability to take a screenshot of the display using a hand gesture. three fingers down. Unfortunately, this functionality is not available on every Redmi model and not on every firmware version.

To check if the three-finger gesture is available:

  • Go to Settings menu.
  • Open item Advanced.
  • Go to Screenshots tab.
  • Activate the slider in the sub-item Create screenshots with a gesture.

At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to check the functionality of the function. To do this, the user needs to swipe down the display with three fingers.

When you activate a screenshot using gestures, all operations that were set for this gesture will stop functioning.

Through the notification shade

There is a viable alternative to the first option. On all Redmi gadgets, starting from the fifth model, you can use an easier method. In the quick menu at the top of the screen, that is, in the notification shade, there is a special icon with the image of scissors. He is signed as Screenshot.

It is not difficult to guess that when you click this icon, the quick menu will be minimized, and the smartphone will take a screenshot of the display, confirming it with a sound shutter. To open the notification shade, swipe down from the top of the screen.

On different firmware versions, the interface of the quick menu may differ slightly. Function names can be displayed in both English and Russian. But in any case, the screenshot is taken by the button with the image of scissors.

Using a key combination

On each model of Redmi smartphones, you can take a picture of the display by holding down the Power and Volume keys. On the device body, they are close enough that you can hold them with the fingers of one hand.

But it must be remembered that the keys must not only be pressed synchronously, but held down for 1-2 seconds. If the manipulation is successful, then a black flash will appear in the central part of the screen. Finished screenshots of the display will be saved in the offline folder Screenshots, which is located in the Gallery.

It is worth highlighting individual models of smartphones, on which it may not work to hold both keys synchronously the first time. For example, this is Redmi Note 2. The reason is simple. the increased dimensions of the mobile device.

In addition to the obvious simplicity, there is one drawback in this method. Due to regular pressing of the Volume key. Some phones, such as the note 3 Pro, will activate the Silent mode. As a result, a Mute notification pops up on top of the screen, which violates the appearance of the picture.

In addition to the above combination, MIUI has another way to take a screenshot by holding down the buttons. To take a screenshot, you must simultaneously hold down the touch key Menu and the mechanical key Volume

Unlike the first method, in this method you need to involve both hands, which can be inconvenient.

With a desktop widget

The functionality of MIUI version 8 has an intelligent assistant called Quick Ball. With its help, the display shows a menu of separate sections, which are configured at the discretion of the user.

To take a screenshot, you just need to click on the scissors icon already described above.

In the final screenshot, the icons of the intelligent assistant will not be visible.

In the case when there is no Screenshot icon among the Quick Ball functionality by default, you can add it yourself in the assistant settings.

You can also take screenshots using a special shortcut. It is placed on the bottom panel of the desktop. In Redmi models, it is activated in the Widgets menu. you just need to drag the Screenshot icon to the desktop area.


It should be noted that screenshots on Redmi can still be done using third-party utilities that are downloaded from Google Play. Their functionality is more powerful and extensive. One such program is Super Screenshot.

Some third-party utilities will require ROOT rights, otherwise their functioning will not be correct. For this reason, before installing the program, you must study its requirements for the device.

Take ScreenShot on Xiaomi Mi A1 Without Any Keys

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi phone

Each Xiaomi gadget with a branded MIUI shell can take a screenshot of the display in several ways. The combinations of any buttons have long been known to users, because they moved from the traditional Android OS. But some commands were developed specifically for devices of the Redmi family. In addition, a new feature has recently appeared in these popular smartphones. in addition to the usual single-display screenshots, MIUI allows you to create long shots of various web pages or menus. In today’s article, all the ways to create screenshots on Redmi gadgets will be considered. Users only need to choose the most convenient for themselves.

What is a screenshot and why is it needed

A screenshot is a snapshot of the display of a smartphone, tablet or PC monitor. In fact, this is a regular picture that exactly displays what is shown on the user’s screen at the moment.

Screenshots are used, as a rule, in such main cases:

  • For example, a user has found a very interesting post online and wants to save it to their PC or share it with a friend. You need to take a screenshot, because many services update their pages several times a day or delete them altogether, and individual pages are dynamic, that is, they do not appear the next time the page is loaded. Screenshot is the only way out.
  • A remote support worker may ask the user for a screenshot of the display. For example, the user does not start any utility, and the specialist needs to see what exactly is shown on the display when an error occurs. If you send a screenshot to Support, then employees will see everything as if they themselves were using the user’s gadget.

Where are screenshots stored?

After the user has learned how to take screenshots on Redmi devices, he has a natural question: where are the pictures taken saved and where can they be found on the phone?

In reality, everything is extremely simple. after the first screenshot is taken on the smartphone, a folder with the name Screenshots will automatically appear in the Device Gallery (in international versions of phones Screenshots).

By default, a folder with screenshots is created in the gadget’s memory, but if desired, users can transfer it to a memory card.

Mechanical and touch key

Method available on Redmi Note 6, Mi A1 and other models with touch control keys:

  • go to the desktop or open the application where you need to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi phone;
  • simultaneously press and hold the lock key and the touch button “Open applications”. three vertical mowing lines.

The standard method is to make the screen capture with the buttons more practical, since the touch key responds faster or later than its mechanical counterpart.

How to take a screenshot on a Xiaomi phone

Screenshot on Xiaomi is a screenshot function that is used to capture an error that occurs, make an instruction on how to use the phone, review an application / game, save information from a video or social networks. It is possible to take a screenshot on Xiaomi in 6 ways, including the option of scrolling, capturing a web page of a site or a text document.

All options for creating screenshots on Xiaomi are divided into the following:

How to Take Screenshot on XIAOMI Mi A1

For screenshots on a smartphone, you can use third-party software downloaded from the Google Play store or GetApps.

Side keys

The traditional printscreen option, first used on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices:

  • unlock your smartphone;
  • press the power button and volume down key at the same time.

On Redmi Note 4, 5 models or devices running Android Go (Go is used in budget smartphones), you will have to hold the keys until the picture thumbnail appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

With a gesture

When you need to quickly take a picture of a desktop or application, users are prompted to use the gesture system:

The developers left the ability to disable or change the gesture:

  • go to “Settings”. Scroll down the page to the System and Device category. Select “Advanced settings”;
  • in the new menu, tap on “Buttons and gestures”;
  • expand “Screenshot”.

Choose a convenient option for creating a screenshot if the gesture failed to create a frame.

Active users of the print screen can take pictures through the pop-up assistant.

  • By analogy with the gesture setting, go to “Settings”, from there to “Advanced settings” and select “Touch Assistant”. The item can be moved to the “Special Features” section, “Additional Features” tab.
  • Turn on the assistant by tapping on the toggle switch at the top.
  • Go to “Shortcut Functions”, change one of the interactive keys to “Snapshot”, if it is not in the list initially.
  • Tap on the circle placed on the left or right of the screen. Choose an image of scissors.


To take a snapshot of the data that is currently displayed on the phone’s display, simply expand the notification shade to full screen and follow these steps:

  • edit the resulting image (if necessary) by clicking on the icon that appears at the top right and choosing one of the options. send, edit or delete.

When editing, pictures can be cropped to the desired size.

To do this, simply change the visibility boundaries, and click the finish button. The result is saving a screenshot in the memory of the Xiaomi smartphone at the selected scale.


Another method only works on devices with MIUI 8 and older firmware installed. It provides for the creation of screenshots using a gesture with your fingers on the display. Although you can use the technique only by setting this option on your smartphone.

How to take screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1

To take a picture, swipe your fingers down the screen, go to the settings menu and select “Advanced” first, then “Screenshots”.

This turns on the function, thanks to which a screenshot can be made with a gesture. The function is checked by swiping three fingers across the display. from the center towards the bottom.

Quick Ball

There is another option for Xiaomi how to take a screenshot of the screen. for this, the user will need an assistant application called Quick Ball (available on new firmware and does not work on old ones). The steps for making a copy of the display will be as follows:

  • When the “assistant” is launched, a menu with several items opens. The user, taking screenshots of the display, clicks on the picture that shows the scissors.
  • After the necessary screenshots are taken, the application closes.

Among the buttons in the assistant menu, it is not always possible to find the right one. To do this, you need to go to the application settings and add it yourself.

How to take screenshots on Xiaomi

Taking a screenshot of a smartphone can occur with the owner of any model. including the Redmi 4x of the Chinese brand “Xiaomi”. At the same time, there is no special screenshot button by default. neither physical on the case, nor virtual on the screen. However, there are quite a few ways to take a screenshot in MIUI. at least five. The options are not suitable for every model of the brand. there are more opportunities for the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone than for models of 2015 and earlier. At the same time, even older smartphones provide several ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, allowing you to choose the user-friendly option.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The firmware of Android smartphones provides for the presence of special combinations of physical keystrokes to create screenshots. On Xiaomi models, you can start this function in two ways:

  • by pressing the volume down and the power button. sometimes users do not get it the first time, so you have to practice;
  • by pressing the touch key in the smartphone menu and again at the same time the volume down key.

The option that involves taking screenshots by pressing the volume rocker down and the power button is more familiar and works on all Android models (including even tablets). Sometimes options are possible. for example, power lock plus volume up.

Although the screenshot function is launched in different ways, saving takes place in the same place. in the image gallery. After a successful copy of the screen, the corresponding picture appears in this folder.

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