How to take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Redmi phone

How to make a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi‘s phone

In simple terms, a screenshot is a photograph of what is shown on the smartphone screen. This may be a picture of a text article on the site or an episode from the game, video or movie. You can take such a picture using standard system capabilities, and without the need to install additional applications without the need. However, in addition to a simple method using keys, there are a number of other ways. Let’s take a closer look at how to take a screenshot of the screen on the Xiaomi Redmi Mi phone, step by step by step by step by each of the methods.

Let’s start the article with the simplest way to create screenshots, which is familiar to the practical user of the Android smartphone and which works on Xiaomi phones. To make a screenshot, it is enough to press the power button and the key of the sound volume button at the same time. After this action is performed in the upper right corner of the screen, a screenshot miniature will appear, which will subsequently be saved in the phone gallery.

On old Xiaomi phones, you can go the other way. Its essence boils down to simultaneously press on the volume reduction key and the touch button. The latter is understood as a key that has a icon in the form of three vertical strips or points.

The next option for creating a screen of the screen on the Xiaomi phone is not entirely convenient, but it is suitable for a breakdown of any of the keys. To make a screenshot, we will use the recommendations of the following instructions:

Please note that before starting the creation of the screenshot, you need to go to the right application or service, the photo of which must be saved.

Sometimes some users cannot find the desired icon in the notifications panel. It is possible that she simply was not added. To correct the situation, again, we turn to a step-by-step leadership:

  • We open the notifications curtain.
  • Click on the icon “Sorting”.
  • In the lower part of the menu we find the “screen of the screen” icon and drag it from the gray background to white.
  • In conclusion, we retain the changes by pressing the “Ready” button.

It would seem that you can really somehow take a picture of the screen? And yes, in the firmware of Miui, which is used on Xiaomi phones, an interesting function has been implemented to create screenshots using gestures. The default mode is not activated, so it must be enabled. The following instruction will help you to do everything correctly:

  • We go to the settings.
  • Open the “Expanded settings” tab.
  • We go to the “buttons and gestures” section.
  • We click on the line “Skill’s picture” and go to the page with a huge number of options.
  • Here you yourself choose a convenient option for yourself, the most popular of which is a gesture using three fingers.

And finally, we will consider a very convenient method using a sensory assistant. First of all, we activate it in the settings:

  • We go to the “Extended settings” section.
  • Open the “touch assistant” tab.
  • We translate the slider to the right near the paragraph “Sensor Assistant”.

After that, a small black circle will appear on the screen. To create a screenshot, click on it, and then select the scissors icon.

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As you can see, the MIUI shell provides a large number of tools to create screenshots. Choose the optimal option for yourself and regularly use it.

Volume key down the menu

Squeeze the “down” volume key and the touch button “menu” under the screen:

Press the power button (vn/off) and the volume “down”.

How to take screenshot in redmi note 9, redmi mobile screenshot kaise lete Hain

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi

There is no particular secret here when we need to take a long picture, and to capture the entire website or a long correspondence that does not value in the visible area.

We make a screen in any way you like. As soon as a miniature appeared, we quickly click on it so that a special window of expanded options appears:

When choosing the first menu item, you can scroll the screen and choose the area that was not originally captured. You can scroll manually or turn on automatic scrolling. To get a long picture, click “complete”.

How to take a screenshot video on Android

To do this, a new function “Writing of the screen” has appeared on Xiaomi smartphones, which records the sequence of actions.

To control the record, we move to “Settings”. “Additionally”. “Writing of the screen”. Here you can configure all the parameters of the future video (permission of the picture, sound, bitrate audio, etc.D.).

As soon as everything is configured, the label will automatically appear on the desktop and it remains only to press the Start and turn on the video from the Xiaomi screen from the Xiaomi screen.

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You can create screen pictures using the lower buttons.

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The settings option described above are suitable for the appointment of three lower hardware or sensory keys with a long press. And you can also use their combinations with the “inclusion” button of the phone.

“Screenshots with screenshots”. Click to increase.

Combinations of buttons. 3 more ways

Attention! If you already have any functions for these buttons, then they will drop when they assign the “screenshot” function.

How to take a screenshot on Redmi‘s phone

Owners of modern mobile gadgets have long been accustomed to screenshots function. After all, often there is a need to maintain data from the device display: a passage card, notifications from correspondence or QR codes of electronic type tickets. In the situation with Redmi, there are 5 methods of performing the screen of the screen. In detail about each of them below.

The gesture with three fingers

One of the chips of MIUI version 8 is the ability to take a screenshot of the display using a gesture of the hand. “Three fingers down”. Unfortunately, such functionality is not on every Redmi model and not at every firmware edition.

To check the presence of the “gesture of three fingers”, you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Open the item “Additionally”.
  • Go to the “Screenshots” tab.
  • Activate the slider in the subparagraph “Creation of screenshots with a gesture”.

At the end of the procedure, it is necessary to check the functionality of the function. To do this, the user needs to draw three fingers down the display.

When activating the screen, using gestures, all the operations that were set on this gesture will stop functioning.

Through a notification curtain

The first option is a worthy alternative. On all gadgets Redmi, starting with the fifth model, you can use a lighter method. In the fast menu in the upper part of the screen, that is, in the notification curtain, there is a special icon with the image of scissors. It is signed as “screenshot”.

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It is not difficult to guess that when this icon is pressed, a quick menu will be reduced, and the smartphone will take the screenshot of the display, confirming it with a “sound shutter”. To open the notification curtain, it is necessary to run a finger down the screen from top to bottom.

On various variations of the firmware, the fast menu integration may vary slightly. The names of functions can be displayed both in English and in Russian. But in any case, the screen picture is performed with a button with the image of scissors.

Using a combination of keys

On each model of Redmi smartphones, you can take a picture of the display by pushing the Power and Volume keys.”. On the device case, they are located close enough and you can squeeze the fingers of one hand.

But it must be remembered that the keys must not only be synchronously pressed, but hold them with clamped 1-2 seconds. If the manipulation is successful, then in the central part of the screen there will be a black flash. Ready.Made display images will be stored in the autonomous folder “Screenshots”, which is located in the “Gallery”.

It is worth highlighting individual models of smartphones, on which the first time to clamp both keys synchronously may not work. For example, this is Redmi Note 2. The reason is simple. Enlarged dimensions of a mobile device.

In addition to obvious simplicity, there is one minus in this method. Due to the regular presses of the “volume key.»Some phones, for example, the Note 3 Pro model, activate the” without sound “mode. As a result, Skrina pops up the notification “Mute”, which violates the appearance of the picture.

In addition to the above combination in Miui, there is another way to make a screenshot by squeezing buttons. To obtain a screen picture, it is necessary to synchronously pinch the “menu” touch key and the mechanical key “volume.”.

Unlike the first method, both hands need to be attracted in this method, which may be uncomfortable.

Using a widget on the desktop

In the functionality of MIUI version 8 there is an intellectual assistant with the name Quick Ball. With its help, a menu from individual sections is displayed on the display, which are configured at the discretion of the user.

To take a picture of the screen, you just need to click on the already described above icon with scissors.

At the final screenshot of the icons of the intellectual assistant will not be seen.

In the case when there is no defect among the Quick Ball functionality “Screenshot”, then it can be added yourself in the settings of the assistant.

Screenshots can be made using a special shortcut. It is taken to the lower desktop panel. In Redmi models, it is activated in the “Widgets” menu. You just need to pull the SCRENSHOT icon onto the desktop area.

Using applications

It should be noted that screenshots on Redmi can still be made using third.Party utilities that download in Google Play. Their functionality is more powerful and extensive. One of these programs is Super ScreenShot.

For some third.Party utilities, Root rights will be required, otherwise their functioning will be incorrect. For this reason, before installing the program, it is necessary to study its requirements for the device.

screenshot, xiaomi, redmi, phone

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi

Long. This is a picture of the screen that captures its entire area along with the buttons of quick access. Useful function for many users who want to fix the lower part of their smartphone.

For example, a person wants to scatter any text, viewing it on the Internet, a social network. The text is long and is not completely placed on the display. A long screen in this case will record the entire text, and the user will not have to move the article, taking several pictures.

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A long screen can also be done when viewing documents on the phone itself.

In general, the algorithm for performing a long screen looks as follows:

  • Make a simple, short screenshot using any of the methods considered above.
  • Click on the preserved image. Usually it moves in a reduced form to the right upper angle of the screen.
  • Next, click on the “Scroll” button.
  • Automatic scrolling out information in the screenshot will begin. This is a long picture. Then it can be viewed in a saved place.
  • During scrolling, the user can always click on the “Stop” button to stop this process.


In addition to the hardware combination, all Redmi 9 smartphones have a built.In software tool for creating screenshots. This is a “screen of the screen”, located among other quick functions on the curtain. A panel that can be caused by a swipe down from the upper edge of the display.

After clicking in Redmi 9, the picture will also automatically remain in the gallery.

There is a touch assistant in Miui 10 and above, with which you can perform simple operations with gestures. The creation of screenshots is included in the number. Draw three fingers from top to bottom up the display. And the resulting picture will go to the gallery. This gesture is assigned by default, but it can be changed by going into the settings-exfoliated settings and gestures. The system will offer other combinations.

You can also take screenshots on Redmi 9 using a touch assistant. To activate it, you need to go to the Settings-Transferred Settings-Sensored Assistant Settings section and move the switch to the right. Now a transparent arc will appear on the right side of the screen, when you press the menu. By default, there is a shortcut of the screen of the screen, if desired, a set of commands can be changed.

Xiaomi Redmi 10: How to take a screenshot/capture? Tutorial also for Redmi 10 Prime

In addition to built.In functions for screenshots, you can use third.Party programs. The most popular of them are ScreenMaster, a screenshot Pro, a screenshot and a screen recorder. Their convenience lies in advanced capabilities. They allow not only to be preserved, but also to edit the image immediately after the picture.


You can take a screenshot by running three fingers on the screen. This function is included in the settings.

“Subject of Light”

If you can not use the standard products of the proprietary shell for one reason or another, you can resort to special applications from the Google Play Market like “Light screenshot”. A similar method is especially relevant when using an uncertified smartphone.

    Open the page on the link and set the application using the corresponding button. After that, run it from the same page or touching the icon on the home screen.

Note: the final version of the image after editing and the picture of the entire screen is preserved.

We demonstrated only one program as an example, since the options have a minimum number of differences, in connection with which this application should be enough to implement the task. In this case, in the event of difficulties from the software, you can resort to analogues, for example, Screener and Touchshot are an excellent alternative.

The methods we have presented will allow you to easily create a screen of the screen on the Xiaomi smartphone, regardless of the installed version of the Android operating system. Do not forget about many alternative solutions available for downloading in Google Play Market and a sufficiently large number of standard means.

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