How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung A 20

You can get a screenshot of the Samsung A7 using the Google Assistant functionality

If this assistant is enabled on your phone, then long press on the “Home” button (or say “Hello Google”), and then say “Take a screenshot”.

How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung A 20

Say “Take a screenshot” to the assistant

Second way

Make sure you have the palm swipe screenshot options enabled. To do this, go to Settings. Select there “Additional functions”, then “Movements and gestures”, and activate the option “Screen capture with palm”.

To activate the option, swipe your palm across the screen from left to right or from right to left to take a picture on Samsung A40.

Taking a screenshot on Samsung using the Notification Panel

  • Open the notification panel (curtain) on your device.
  • Then open the shutter even further by swiping down on the screen (swipe down).
  • Then find the button with the scissors image there and tap on it to create a screen on the Samsung A7 mobile phone.

Save your phone screen using the Google Assistant

The third way to get a screenshot on the Samsung A20 is to use the Google Assistant functionality. If this assistant is enabled on your phone, then long press the “Home” button (or say “Hello Google”), and then say “Take a screenshot”.

Third way

You can also get a picture using the Google Assistant functionality. If this assistant is enabled on your phone, then long press the “Home” button, and then say “Take a screenshot”.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A7, A20, A40

Samsung phones are one of the most popular in the mobile device market. They have high-quality filling, are distinguished by a long service life, and include many useful innovations. One of the handy features of these phones is the screenshot function, which comes in handy for many useful tasks. Below we will analyze the ways to take the screenshot we need on Samsung phones А7, А20, А30. We will also describe the list of steps to be taken for this.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A7

Samsung A7 is a modern phone from 2018. It runs on Android 8 OS, comes with an 8-core processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM, a 24 megapixel camera and a 3300 mAh battery.

There are three main ways to take a screenshot of the screen on Samsung A7:

How to get a screenshot on Samsung A20

Samsung A20 is a popular novelty of 2019, incorporating the best technological solutions of the modern digital industry, available at a reasonable price. The model has a 6.4 diagonal screen, Super Amoled Plus matrix, 3 gigabytes of RAM and a 13 megapixel main camera.

Popular Samsung A20

You can make a picture with a screen image on a Samsung A20 smartphone using the following methods:

We use the buttons “Volume down” and “Power”

Being in the right place, SIMultaneously hold down the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons. After the screen flashes, the screenshot icon will be displayed in the notification bar.

Palm edge

A non-standard gesture that suggests using the palm, or rather its edge, to get a frame:

  • Go to the required window again;
  • Slightly touching the screen, slide the edge of your palm from the right side of the screen to the left;
  • By analogy with the previous option, an auxiliary line will appear with a proposal to correct or send a photo.

This method takes into account the SIMultaneously used area of ​​the screen, which provokes the operation of the function.

Third party software

Google Play has tons of third-party apps that offer screen capture. As an example for Galaxy A 51, consider the “Screenshot Easy” project:

  • After installation and launch, allow the software to access the internal storage of the smartphone to save images.
  • Then click “Start Capture”.
  • Go to the page or open the window you want to capture and tap on the camera icon in the upper left corner.
  • When the screen is ready, click on “View”. A new window will open with tools for transforming the image.
  • Disable the program by reopening it and clicking on “Stop Capture”.

There is a “Shake” function in the settings. Its activation will allow you to take a screenshot by shaking your phone.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung A 51

The Samsung A51 runs Android 10 with a custom UI 2.0 skin. The latter contains 3 ways to take a screenshot of the screen. In addition, the screen is made using third-party software.

Shortcut keys

The standard print screen, implemented on most devices:

  • Go to the screen or launch the application you want to capture;
  • Press the volume down and lock buttons at the same time;
  • A message will appear below about saving the frame with the ability to send it to social networks, via email, Bluetooth or use the built-in editor.

After pressing the keys, release them immediately. Holding the buttons for 2-3 seconds will give nothing.

Google Voice Assistant

When your hands are busy, and it is extremely necessary to make a screen, a solution from Google comes to the rescue, which must first be configured.

  • Open the Google app. Expand “” in the lower right corner.
  • In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Google Assistant”.
  • Go to the “Assistant” tab and scroll down. In the “Devices with Assistant” section, click on “Phone”.
  • Under “Voice Match” activate “Ok Google”. A line “Sample voice” will appear, on which you need to tap.
  • Follow the instructions so that your smartphone can record and respond to your voice.
  • Return to the main screen and say “Ok Google”, followed by the command “Take a screenshot”.
  • The assistant will offer to give him access to the ability to take a screenshot, for which click “Open settings”.
  • From the list of opened functions, activate “Use screenshot”.
  • Try again.

Unlike integrated tools, Google’s solution may malfunction or fail to capture the desired frame. It is impossible to fix it with the settings.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A51

All options for how to take screenshot on Galaxy A51 will be broken down:

  • To built-in: they offer to use the tools implemented by the developers into the interface;
  • Third-party: use the method from Google or install a third-party application from the Play Market.

Edge panel

A tool for those who want to take a screenshot on the Samsung A51, immediately correcting its result

  • Swipe the screen from the location of the power button to the left. The first attempt will activate the panel, and the second will expand it.
  • Select the proposed screen option:
  • Rectangle selects the area of ​​the screen that corresponds to the shape name. Its position and size can be adjusted manually;
  • Oval works like the previous solution, but creates rounded images;
  • Animation allows you to record user actions on the screen and save them as GIF animation. Option for creating an overview of the firmware or individual functions;
  • “Pin to screen” captures the picture on the display in order to modify it: select individual areas, add a sticker or picture.
  • Finish creating the picture or animation by clicking on “Finish”.
  • Define further actions with the image by sending it to friends, making changes or deleting it from the phone.
  • The function is deactivated by default.

    • Go to “Settings” and go to “Display”.
    • Find and activate “Curved Screen” in the list.

    The tool is sometimes unavailable due to the user’s region of residence or an outdated firmware version.

    Where screenshots are saved

    Regardless of the method chosen, view the resulting images through the gallery by visiting the “Screenshots” folder. When you need to find images through the file manager, go to the “Pictures” folder, and from there to “Screenshots”. With active synchronization with cloud services, frames will also create copies on remote servers.

    Take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy A51 using built-in or third-party tools. The convenience of this or that method is assessed directly by the user, who will use them in everyday life.

    What is a screenshot?

    This word has few meanings. A screenshot is an exact screenshot that displays exactly the image that the user saw when they shot it using hotkeys. Let’s see why you might need it.

    Screenshot is a very handy feature. It exists on most operating systems, on virtually all modern devices. If a screenshot is taken on a computer using the Prt Scr / Sys Rq button, then on smartphones it is done differently. The answer to the question of how to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone, we discussed in this article above. But why might you need a screenshot of a mobile device?

    How to take a screenshot on “Samsung Galaxy”?

    Newer versions of Android have a slightly different system for producing screenshots. For example, to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy, you must SIMultaneously hold down the Home and Back keys. The snapshot should appear in your “Gallery”.

    By the way, on HTC smartphones the production of pictures from the mobile screen is arranged in a SIMilar way. Which is very convenient for those who recently changed their phone.

    How to take a screenshot on “Samsung”: all the ways

    One day it becomes necessary to take a picture from the screen of your smartphone in order to send it to a friend. For example, you won beautifully in a game, or you want to show your interlocutor the number of messages that a girl sent you while you are distracted. In general, there can be all sorts of reasons why you need to take a screenshot, but it is done differently on different phones. Let’s figure out how to take a screenshot on Samsung using only the volume and off keys. The methods are pretty SIMple.

    How to take a screenshot on an older version of Android?

    If you tried all of the above methods and the picture could not be saved, then most likely you have an old version of the operating system on your phone. For example, phones with Android 1.2 do not have this feature. And to take a screenshot on the old “Android”, you have to download a special program No Root Screenshot. This, of course, is not very convenient. By the way, this program works on new versions of the OS, which means that you can use it even on the latest “Android” for screen capture.

    How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone?

    The smartphones of this company usually have the built-in Android operating system, on which it is very easy to take a picture of the screen. At the same time, it will be saved in the “Gallery” and you will not have to search for the screenshot you have taken. First you need to find out your Android version.

    There are four ways to take a screenshot on Samsung. Which one should you choose? It depends on the version of Android installed on your mobile phone and which keys on your device are considered “hot”.

    The first way to take a screenshot is to hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Holding them down for a few seconds will take a screenshot, which can then be used as a JPG image. But if you didn’t succeed, then you will have to use the second method. Before taking a screenshot on “Samsung”, open the window you want to remove and hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys. The picture will appear in your gallery.

    On older versions of Android, things are just as SIMple. Press the “Home” key and the “Back” button at the same time, and a snapshot from the screen of your smartphone will appear in your “Gallery”. As you can see, everything is quite SIMple, and if you need to take a screenshot, you shouldn’t have any problems with this. Remember the Power button and the On / Off key. This is the same. But what if none of the above methods helped?

    Why is it needed?

    The screenshot can come in handy in various situations. For example, you have some kind of error and you need to explain the essence of the problem to technical support, but you don’t understand how to do it without a snapshot. In this case, the screenshot will certainly help. The snapshot can also come in handy during active games on the smartphone, for example, to save game moments or your statistics in the phone’s memory. This may come in handy in the future.

    You also often need to take a picture of your correspondence with someone. But how to take a screenshot on “Samsung” in order to save a chat from “” or WhatsApp, many do not understand. Therefore, you should know the hotkeys and use them when necessary. The advantage of this function is the fact that the pictures are saved in the “Gallery” in JPG format, which opens on all known devices, including various types of players, game consoles, personal computers, players and, most importantly, on all mobile phones with color screen, not to mention smartphones.

    If you went to the “Gallery” of your phone and did not find a picture there, then look in the “My files” folder. Also folders with screenshots can have the following names: Pictures, Screenshots, ScreenCapture. If you cannot find the screenshot you took, you may have chosen the wrong method for capturing the screen and the screenshot was not saved. Try using other hotkeys. All methods, like on “Samsung” to take a screenshot of the screen, are indicated in this article above.

    How to take a screenshot through the notification bar

    This method will be the best way out of the situation when the smartphone buttons for some reason do not work and the screen is not created. As an alternative, it is proposed to perform the following actions:

    • Unlock Smartphone.
    • Go to the menu section where you want to take a screenshot.
    • Lower the notification curtain with a swipe from top to bottom.
    • Click on the “Screenshot” or “Screenshot” icon.

    As in the case of a snapshot via hotkeys, a notification about creating a screenshot will immediately appear on the screen of an Android smartphone. The resulting screen can be opened or taken another frame from this or another menu.

    How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone

    A modern smartphone has a number of useful features. For example, the owner of a mobile device can take a screenshot of the screen at any time. Performing such an operation will help when the user finds interesting information and wants to capture it. In such a situation, you do not have to photograph the screen with another device, since it will be enough to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone.

    Where screenshots are stored

    To view the resulting screenshot, just open the Gallery application and go to the Screenshots or Screenshots album.

    Another way to quickly find a screen is as follows:

    • Launch “File Explorer” or “File Manager”.
    • Open the “Pictures” folder.
    • Go to “Screenshots”.

    In the menu section that opens, screenshots will appear that have been made during the entire time of using the smartphone.

    Taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S20 using the keys

    The easiest way to create a screen capture is to use a specific keyboard shortcut:

    • Open the section of the menu you want to capture.
    • Hold down the power button and the lower volume rocker at the same time.
  • Wait until the information appears that the picture is ready.
  • After completing these actions, a graphical notification about the successful creation of the screen will appear at the bottom of the screen. The resulting frame can be immediately opened by clicking on its icon after holding down the volume down key and the power button.

    If you cannot take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S20, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the alternative button combinations that are given in this material. In addition, there are other ways to create a screen without using the phone keys.

    When to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20

    The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner with the options for creating a screen. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any time: while watching a movie, playing a game or chatting in a messenger. The main condition for taking a picture is that the smartphone must be turned on and unlocked.

    Delete or share a screenshot

    At the moment when the user opens a frame through the “Gallery” or “File Manager”, the full functionality of interaction with the image appears in front of him. For example, a phone owner can delete one or several screenshots at once in a couple of clicks:

    • Open the folder where the screen is located.
    • Keep your finger on its icon.
    • Click the “Delete” button.

    Another way is to open the image itself through the “Gallery” and select the “Delete” option from the available options. After confirming the operation, the screenshot will be deleted from the phone memory.

    In the case when you need to transfer a screen through a messenger or in another way, you can use the same instructions. The only difference is that instead of pressing the “Delete” button, you need to click on “Send”, select the method of sending and the recipient’s coordinates. Thus, sending a screen is no different from sending any other image from a phone.


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    Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20 via Bixby

    It’s 2020 and our virtual digital assistants are smart enough to take screenshots for us. Bixby is one of the best digital assistants and you will find it in Samsung smartphones. You would like to ask Bixby to take a screenshot in a state when you are too lazy to use the above method or if you are not in the mood to press buttons. In that case, just ask Bixby and Bixby will take a screenshot for you. Here’s how to do it.

    • Open the content you want to take a screenshot on the screen
    • Now hold the side key until the Bixby star listens
    • Ask Bixby to take a screenshot and that’s it.
    • After the screenshot is taken you will get an action bar and you can do different things using the action bar.

    Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20 using button combination

    If you are an experienced Android user, you are probably already familiar with this method as it works universally on most Android smartphones. In this method, you can quickly take a screenshot using a combination of buttons. This method is preferred by many users for various reasons. One of them is that it is very easy to take a screenshot using this method. Here’s how to do it.

    • Open the content you want to capture on the screen.
    • Then press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time.
    • The system will take a screenshot and then you can edit it.
    • After you take a screenshot, an action bar will appear on the screen, which you can use to edit the screenshot, add tags, or post to social networks or other applications. ,
    • If you want to take a scrolling screenshot, you’ll also find this option in the action bar. After you click this scroll screenshot or advanced screenshot button, the system will start to take a scroll screenshot until you touch the screen.

    How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20. Step by step instructions

    Samsung released the Galaxy S8 by redesigning the physical Home button. The same goes for the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and now the Galaxy S20, which means the screenshots on the new Samsung phone are different from older models like the S7.

    You have several options for choosing a screenshot, with some Samsung additions to make it more useful than a regular Android device. While there have been some improvements in the S20, the principles are basically the same as on older devices.

    It’s all. Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is pretty easy, which should be the case with all other smartphones in 2020.