How to Take a Screenshot on Mi Phone

Hello. Today I would like to touch on a topic like: screen shot on Xiaomi Redmi phones. We will try to consider all the available methods of screenshots. Making a preliminary conclusion, in our opinion, Xiaomi Redmi is a favorite among classmates in the number of these ways. And since these methods are more than many competitors, we will tell you in detail about all.

Xiaomi Redmi is the standard way.

On almost all phones whose manufacturers install the Android operating system, there is a single, standard way to take a screenshot. Xiaomi Redmi phones also use this method. In order to take a screenshot of the screen in a standard way, you must simultaneously hold down:

  • Volume down key;
  • Phone lock key (on / off button).

How to Take a Screenshot on Mi Phone

At the same time, hold down the volume down key, the screen lock key

Xiaomi Redmi screenshot using the curtain.

You can take a screenshot using the notification bar, curtain, eyelid (different names). We leave on the screen what we need to photograph. If this is a moment, we pause. If the text, scroll to the right moment and so on. Then, we push the curtain to full deployment. And click on the “Screen Capture” button.

Move the curtain and press the button screenshot

Please note this button may be on the second page of the curtain. By expanding the curtain completely, you can drag your finger from right to left. This way you turn the page. A screenshot of the screen in this way exists not only on Xiaomi Redmi phones, but also on many others.

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Xiaomi Redmi screenshot using the “window” button.

It turns out that in order to take a screenshot of the screen on the Redmi phone, you can use the “window” button. With a separate click on this button, the phone will open you all running applications in the windows at the moment. And if you simultaneously press the volume down key on the “window” buttons, you will get an instant screenshot of the screen.

Take a screenshot using the “menu” button and decrease the volume

Screen screen. Quick access method.

There is another way to take a screen shot of your phone. This is adding a “Screenshot” shortcut to the desktop. However, you can use this method only directly on the desktop. So, for example, if you need to photograph some information, say in a browser, you will need to minimize it and go to the desktop. Then click on the shortcut from the desktop “screenshot”. You will take a picture of the desktop itself. Therefore, even if this method is working, you will make a screenshot of the screen, but only a screenshot of the desktop.

Add a screenshot shortcut using widgets

Touch assistant.

Multifunctional touch assistant helps you take a screenshot of the screen and more. This is a kind of edge panel like on Samsung phones. To activate the assistant you must:

  1. Open settings;
  2. “Advanced settings” or “Advanced”;
  3. Touch assistant;
  4. Activate slider.

This is what the touch assistant looks like while waiting

The touch assistant is equipped with standard functions in which there is the possibility of a screenshot of the screen. In the settings of the assistant, you can reset the settings and configure it to fit your needs.

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Three-finger screenshot of Xiaomi Redmi.

As a rule, having bought a new phone, this function is already turned on automatically. You just need to hold three fingers on the phone screen as shown in the image below. However, if such a function is disabled, you can enable it:

  • Open the settings.
  • “Advanced settings” / “advanced”;
  • Button Functions
  • Screenshot.

Take a three-finger screenshot of Xiaomi Redmi

Screen capture tape.

Imagine that you need to make a screen of a very long correspondence. Take a whole gallery of shots for a long time, and then easily get confused. We were given a wonderful opportunity to make a screen screen of tape. To do this, open the correspondence from the moment you need to take a screenshot. We make the screen convenient for you.

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We choose the standard (first method). As soon as the screen is ready, you will see a mini-image of the screenshot and two buttons “scroll” and “send” in the right corner. Select the scroll and twist to the moment you need. Next, click the stop button and the screenshot is automatically saved as a single file with a long ribbon in the gallery.

Here is a screenshot of the tape on Xiaomi Redmi


We hope the methods given by us will be very useful for you. If you think that we missed some way, write in the comments. These methods work 100% on the firmware version of MiUI 8 and higher.