How To Take A Screenshot On Lumiya 520

Where are the photos stored?

In order to find the screenshots that you made, go to the photo folder:

  • Go to the side menu if you do not have a folder with photos on your desktop;
  • Find the photo folder and open it;

Screenshots can be easily found by the date they were taken.

Case screenshot on Windows Phone (Lumiya)

Hello everyone, dear readers, today, in this small, but undoubtedly useful note, I will tell you how you can take a screenshot on Nokia Lumiya. At the time of this writing, the Nokia company no longer exists, and phones of this model now bear a proud name. Microsoft Lumiya. But, in the trailer, nothing has changed dramatically and the functions that were in previous models and in new models are as SIMilar as possible.

Including the function of creating screenshots has been preserved. The process is slightly different in new and old models of this phone. Below I will consider illustrating the process of creating screenshots on a Windows background.

So let’s get down to the process.

In new models

How to take a screenshot on Windows Phone if you have a new phone model:

How To Take A Screenshot On Lumiya 520
  • Take your phone and unlock it. I think the meaning of this action is extremely clear and it is well necessary to explain it;
  • Now press and release two buttons SIMultaneously: the on / off button and the volume up button;
  • After the above operation, you will hear a characteristic sound SIMilar to the shutter of a camera.

Everything, I took a screenshot, then it is sent to a special folder on the phone, but more on that later.

In older models

Taking a screenshot in old models is no more difficult than in new ones. Do the following manipulations:

  • As in the previous version, first of all you need to remove the block, unlock the phone;
  • Now you need to press two buttons SIMultaneously: the “Home” button and the on / off button of the phone;
  • After you have done all these steps, your picture is saved in the photos section.

How to upload to a computer

If you need to upload a screenshot taken to a personal computer, then you can use the following methods:

  • You can use a special USB cable to transfer the image;
  • The easiest way, in my opinion, is to use cloud storage. The Windows Phone system supports the corresponding application. For example, I use Yandex.Disk. I make a screen, throw it into applications on my phone, and the screen immediately appears on all my computers;
  • Through a USB flash drive. Upload screenshots to a USB flash drive and upload the necessary files through a card reader on a computer or laptop;
  • Through social media. Upload screenshots to social. Networks, and already from the social. Networks you can download screenshots to your computer.

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