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A screenshot is a screenshot taken by the user on their device. Why you need it? You know it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, so it is easier and clearer to make a screenshot on Android, and then send it to another person than to type in a message.

In addition, the developers of various Android applications for smartphones need a screenshot to describe the capabilities of their applications. Gamers also want to share the results of their achievements in games with a screenshot.

First, take a screenshot on your smartphone, and then we’ll figure out what to do with it next.

The third way. voice assistant

Voice Assistant Bixby is one of the services of the Samsung company, which you can download and install on your phone with the help of PlayMarket. The algorithm of making a copy of the image thanks to the functionality of this application is as follows:

    Run the program with the assistant using the touch button “Home”;

AZ Screen Recorder

The most convenient application for smartphones on Android also works with Samsung products: with its help the user can not only take screenshots, but also record video from the screen, as well as edit ready-made pictures.

To take a screenshot with AZ Screen Recorder, you need:

The most significant disadvantage of the mobile application is the impossibility of setting the format of the saved screenshot (by default it is PNG, which provides excellent quality and takes up little memory space) and its size: the width and height of the image will correspond exactly to the number of pixels on the screen.

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How to take a screenshot on the phone Samsung with voice through Google Assistant

The user can take a screenshot with the help of Google Assistant. To take a picture:

  • You press the Home button and hold it for a few seconds, until the Google Assistant starts up.
  • Then you need to enable certain settings.
  • After starting the application you should click on the compass icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then click on your profile icon at the top.
  • Select the Settings section here, and click on the Assistant tab.
  • A list of all connected devices appears at the bottom, you should select your phone.
  • You go to General section, and here you activate the settings.
  • After that, you can take screenshots. All you need to do is to say the command “Take a screenshot”.
screenshot, galaxy

The assistant will take a picture and immediately offer to share the photo via messenger, email, or save it to the phone memory.

Using applications that will help take a screenshot

To create a screenshot on Samsung, we can use external applications.

Links to applications:Description:
“Easy Screenshot.” A popular program in the settings of which you can choose different ways to create a screenshot. You can take a picture by shaking your smartphone, pressing the camera button or combo buttons, notification icon, widget, and more.
Screenshot touch” This multifunctional application for Samsung not only allows you to take a picture, but also to crop it, draw on it, record video and much more.
“Touchmaster This application allows you to take screenshots quickly and conveniently using the side buttons. Supports global gestures for snapshots and other handy features.
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The functionality of all these applications is quite simple, and to understand it will not be a problem even for an inexperienced user.

Use key combination

The easiest and most convenient way to take a screenshot on your Samsung M31 smartphone is to use the shortcuts on your phone. The procedure for creating a screenshot in this case is as follows:

  • Navigate to the screen you want to capture (launch an application, open a photo or video, etc.), and then select the screen you want to capture.);
  • Press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously;

Take a screenshot with your palm

A signature feature of Samsung smartphones, with which you can take a screenshot by sliding the palm of your hand across the screen.

Open the “Advanced Functions” section.

Take a screenshot by sliding your palm across the screen from left to right or right to left.

Pretty interesting way, isn’t it?? It’s a pity, it is not present on all Samsung smartphones.

How to take a screenshot with your palm on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Gesture-based screenshots are not available on all smartphone models. This option is supported on S, Note, and A series models.

screenshot, galaxy

Activate “swipe”

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy of a particular model. written in the manual. If you’re too lazy to open the user manual or didn’t save it, the easiest way to activate the “swipe”:

  • for “Android 6.If you are using the “Settings” → “Motions” → “Palm Screen Capture” folder (the option should become active);
  • In “Android 7.x” and later: “Settings” → “Advanced options” → activate “swipe”.

Sometimes the function is active by default, you can take a screenshot at once, without any additional settings.

Snapshot with the palm of your hand

Creating a screenshot with a gesture is easier than with buttons:

The direction of movement in some models can be selected, in some models it is set by default from left to right.

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How to know if the picture has been taken and saved

When the program has successfully saved a screenshot, an icon appears in the upper left corner of the screen (resembling an image of mountain ranges in a frame). Sometimes Android displays a popup message “Save screenshot yes/no”.

Where to Find Screenshots

The standard save path is Pictures/Screenshots or Pictures/ScreenCapture in “Gallery” or “My Files” folders. Those who actively use the Screen function can change the storage location. For example, to dump all the pictures on the memory card.

Why I can’t do a screen capture on my smartphone

Sometimes users complain about Samsung smartphones for the reason that it is impossible to create a screenshot using all the methods described above. The manufacturer’s blog site says that new devices may fail when trying to create a screenshot for the first time. Try it several times. Apply different methods described in this article. Apart from these three there are no others.

If you have applied all the methods several times, but you still can not create a screenshot, then there are likely a number of reasons.

Samsung claims that only Galaxy S and Note series devices have been tampered with before. But after 2018, pirate manufacturers began counterfeiting the A and J series. What is the reason for this, they find it difficult to answer. Apparently more and more specialists are moving to shady companies and they are the engine of illegal smartphone production. Users should be more careful when buying devices from hand and various unofficial web resources.

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