How to Take a Screenshot on Asus

A screenshot is a screenshot of a monitor or laptop, which can be saved in png or jpeg format. You can do this with the standard features of the Windows operating system or by installing additional programs. This article will describe how to take a screenshot on an asus laptop in all possible ways.

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus

Standard screenshots

It is possible to take a screenshot of the laptop screen without third-party software on any Windows operating system. This action can be performed in three ways. Let’s consider each of them.

Using the win keys PrtSc

Inexperienced users of Windows 7 and other modifications should suggest that the “win” key is a button with a drawn flag, which is located in the bottom row of the keyboard. To create a screen, do the following: press both keys simultaneously; open “This computer” (the shortcut is located on the desktop), in a new window, go to the “Images” folder, and open the “Screenshots” folder. After completing these steps, you will find the print screen in png format.

Using the PrtSc key and the Paint editor

At the right time, press the “PrtSc” button, the picture is already in the clipboard. To open “Paint” on the computer you need:

  • Click on “Start”;
  • select “All Programs”;
  • in the new list we search and go to the “Standard” section;
  • click on the “Paint” icon.

In the graphic editor that opens, insert the screen. by pressing the combination “Ctrl” “V”. The image can be edited, and then saved in one of the proposed options. To do this, go to the “File” section, select the “Save As” item, specify the name of the screenshot and the format for saving.

By selecting the “Scissors” function

This feature is available not only on Windows 10, but also on previous Microsoft operating systems. The peculiarity lies in the fact that by choosing this tool, you can make a screen not of the entire laptop screen, but only of the specified area. The Scissors tool is in the same section as the Paint editor, and finding them is easy. Selecting this tool and clicking on the “Create” menu that appears, the cursor will turn into a cross, which you need to draw a rectangle around the area you want to screen. Next, the program will prompt you to select an address to save the picture.

Most used screenshot programs

All the programs described below will be installed without problems on asus laptops with Windows 7 and above.


It will be convenient if, after installing this program, leave it in the startup list. by default it gets there automatically. This will save time: you do not need to look for a shortcut to run and minimize open windows of other programs. To make a screen of the laptop screen, you just need to click “PrtSc”. Using the cursor, you can select the desired area or the entire screen. In the same window there will be a menu with which you can save the screen to the hard drive of your PC. It is also possible to upload a snapshot to a remote server: the program will provide a link to your screenshot, which can be inserted into the text or sent to the desired address. All features of this software are free.

Ashampoo snap

This is a more advanced program compared to competitors. Creating clear screen shots is not the main function of this program. Ashampoo Snap also allows you to recognize the text in the screenshot. The picture can be edited thanks to a wide selection of functions: color correction, free drawing. You can screen an open web page from the top to the bottom, and not just the fragment that fit on the screen. But the main feature is the recording function. The captured can be edited using the built-in functionality of this program.

Unlike LightShot, this software is paid, but has a trial period with a limited number of functions.

The network has a huge number of programs with which you can take a screenshot of the laptop screen. It makes no sense to describe them all, because the main functions are similar.

Analyzing all the described methods, we can conclude: Windows operating systems provide convenient functionality for creating screenshots, and with infrequent use of this feature, there is no need to install additional software on a laptop or personal computer. Programs for creating screenshots are suitable for those users who need additional functionality, for example, quickly uploading a picture to social networks, editing a picture before saving it, uploading it to a remote server in order to get a link.