How to take a screenshot in the Torah on Android

How to take a picture of the screen in a private chat without being discovered

With such a large number of content that are divided on the network, sometimes there is a temptation to take screenshots of everything that you see. But you never know whether the application that you view is sending notifications to another person whose images you can take screenshots.

Starting with Snapchat and gradually moving to Instagram (and later the termination of support), applications for social networks began to warn users when their photos, videos or chats are taken screenshots. Although nothing prevents you from taking a picture of the screen, sometimes it may be inconvenient when another user receives a warning about your screen pictures.

To save you from such a scenario, we now found a way to secretly take screenshots in Snapchat and any application that discovers screenshots and notifies another user.

General ways

There are simple ways that allow you to perform a screen picture on any Android model.

Important! Methods of creating screenshots on different versions of Android can be coordinated.

Using buttons

On gadgets with Android OS above 4.0 versions, you can take a screenshot with one button, sometimes two. Key combinations may differ depending on mobile devices models.

  • Open the area that needs to be filmed,
  • Set the “inclusion” key for a couple of seconds,
  • The menu will open where you need to select the “Screenshot” tool. The software button will be slightly lower than Restart and Power.
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Through a notification curtain

The fast settings panel contains almost all basic, often used functions. Using a notification curtain, making a screenshot is not a problem, but not on all models. In some versions of Android, this function can be disconnected by default. Will have to use the XRCORDER program. More on this below.

  • Unlock the mobile device.
  • Then draw a finger from above-down (perform the pile). The notification area will open.
  • Find and click the “screen of the screen”.
  • The screen will automatically remain and hang for a couple of seconds so that you can choose the following action, for example, edit the resulting graphic file.

The method is available on the following smartphones: Samsung, Xiaomi, LG (via Quick Memo), Lenovo, Asus, Meizu, Honor.


Some phones have the “photographic” contents of the display with gestures. But to use this option, you must in advance in the phone this function. Users with the installed version of Android at least 8 can use this method.

Back button

Detailed video instruction for 24 seconds:


It is enough to draw a palm with an edge of the display and you will get a screen.

You can take a picture with a gesture on Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei phones.

How to use the Android Phone Screenshot template

Using Tor Browser on Android

As said, the observer provides an impressive number of functions, each of which one way or another affects the work of the browser or built.In VPN. You can familiarize yourself with a full review of this application in a separate article on the site (link just below).

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Installation and connection

Unlike other browsers for a phone where the installation of which does not require any additional actions, the start of Tor Browser looks somewhat more complicated. To avoid problems at the current stage, try to adhere to the instructions exactly. In addition, despite compatibility with all versions of Android, it is best to use in more new issues of the operating system, starting with the fifth.

    Open the official page of the browser in the Google Play store and use the “Install” button. The download procedure will take some time, after which the application must be opened.

The connection procedure will probably take an impressive amount of time, however, for successful completion, it is not necessary to keep the browser open. In addition, it is easy to see the information about the application of the application using a widget in the field of notifications.

On the Android platform, the Web browser of the Tor has long been in Alpha status for a long period, which is why problems may be observed when using. Especially often this feature is found during installation and first connection. Therefore, it is worth considering that for a successful connection, a repetition of the described procedure may be required.

Application setting

As in the original Firefox browser, Tor Browser contains internal parameters that allow you to control most of the functions of the application. Only some sections deserve special attention among settings, while you can study the points missing yourself.

    The observer is not designed to use as a full replacement of the main browser, but at the same time allows you to install itself as a means for opening web pages by default. To do this, open the main menu in the upper right corner and select the “Parameters” section.

    By analogy with any browser Thor, it allows you to use the targeted line for quick search through the relevant systems. The default search is changed in the “Parameters” section by transition to the “Search” section and the choice of one of the points.

  • With the help of the built-in parameters of the browser aimed at privacy, it is allowed to limit the tracking carried out by most websites on the Internet. To do this, slip on the “privacy” line in the settings and turn on the “do not track” option.

    If you want to use a browser on an ongoing basis and turned off the function of automatic data removal, it is possible to clean yourself. To do this, in the section with the parameters, touch the item “Delete my data” and mark the necessary categories.

Privacy settings

    If you are not enough for the standard protection of the observer, go to the main menu and select the “Safety Settings” item. On the opening page there are additional confidentiality settings.

Download and install Tor Browser

Note: If you have blocked access to the official website of the Tor project, you can request a link to the latest version of the browser by email, write a letter to the mail [email protected], check in a letter, a version for which OS do you need. Windows, Linux or Mac OS. In response, you will receive a link to download a browser with Google Docs, Github or Dropbox. Information about this function is available on the Tor Project website.

Or you can download Tor browser for free Russian version from our site, at the time of publication of the article is the latest version. Then, using the TOR network, go to the official website of the project. All versions x64.

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Browser versions are relevant for 13.04.20

Download Tor Browser

To get started, go to the Tor Browser download page (make sure the download will occur according to the protocol encrypted HTTPS, this will guarantee that the file will not be replaced by attackers at the time of the transfer).

Click to get to the page with links to download browser.

Find the language you need, and the version. Click on the link, indicate the place where to save the file (for example, on the desktop, in documents or on a USB flash card).

Installation Tor Browser

You will not have to install a browser in the usual understanding for this understanding, in fact, installing is a packet to open a place in the place you need. You can install it on a USB flash card, and subsequently run it from there.

Go to the folder where you downloaded Tor Browser. We have this “documents”.

Press with the right mouse button on the file, and then click [open].

Select the tongue and click [OK].

Select the folder where you want to install Tor Browser. In our example, we install the browser on the desktop.

After you have chosen the installation site, press the [install] button. The installation of the Tor browser will begin, as in the screenshot below:

Click [Done] to complete the installation of the browser Tor.

If you left a box [start Tor Browser], then after closing the Tor Browser window, an automatic.

How to take a screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Android smartphones

How to remove Tor browser

As mentioned above, the browser is not prescribed to the system, and its installation is actually a simple unraveling. Therefore, to remove the Tor browser. Just delete the folder that was created when installing it, there are all application files in it.

Google Assistant

Oddly enough, Google Assistant can take screenshots, even if the application at the system level has banned this. You must pre.Configure the assistant:

  • Call Google Assistant and click on the compass icon in the lower right corner.
  • Press the account icon and go to the settings.
  • Sweep to the right and go to the “Assistant” contribution and in the lower part of the screen among the devices connected to your account, select your smartphone.
  • Go to the “General” section and activate the two upper options.
  • Go to the Google application settings, go to the “Assistant and Voice Enter” section and allow the assistant access to the image on the screen.

Open the application that forbade screens to scree, call Google Assistant the voice command and say “take a screenshot”. The assistant will take a picture and offer to send him somewhere. Submit the picture to who needs or save it in the device’s memory.

Instructions on Android take a screenshot using connected accessories

A screenshot is a convenient way to quickly save, further view and edit various information displayed on the screen of a mobile device. The article shows how to take a screenshot on Android in 4 ways: clamping of keys, special applications, built-in tools and special accessories.

What can be done with screenshots

Smoots of the screen are preserved in a separate catalog of the “photo” or “gallery” folder. With them you can perform the same actions as with ordinary photos:

  • Edit,
  • Delete,
  • Download to computer and other devices,
  • Send through messengers to their friends and acquaintances,
  • Download on social networks.
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A screen photo is a useful function that makes the use of a smartphone even more comfortable and comfortable.

We take a picture of the screen on Android

Next, we consider all kinds of options for how to take a picture of the screen on your phone.

Simple, comfortable and free application in order to take a screenshot.

Launch Screenshot Touch. A settings window will appear on the smartphone display where you can choose the screenshot parameters suitable for you. Indicate what way you want to take a picture. By pressing the translucent icon or shaking the phone. Select the quality and format in which photos of what is happening on the display will be preserved. Also mark the capture area (the entire screen, without a notification panel or without a navigation panel). After configuration, click on “Launch Screenshot” and take a request for permission for the correct operation of the application.

If you chose a screenshot by click on the icon, then the camera icon will appear on the screen immediately. To fix what is happening on the smartphone display, click on the application transparent icon, after which a picture will be created.

The fact that the screenshot is successfully preserved will report the corresponding notification.

If you need to stop the application and remove the badge from the screen, lower the notifications curtain and in the information line about the work of Screenshot Touch click “Stop”.

At this step, the work with the application ends. There are many different applications that perform similar functions in Play Market. Further, the choice is yours.

Screenshot of the screen using Google assistant

This may be the easiest way to take a picture of the screen, and most likely it works at the moment in most applications. All you need to do is include certain points in the Google assistant settings.

  • By calling the assistant, click on the icon with the image of the compass in the lower right corner.
  • In an excerpt window, you are interested in the icon of your profile, after clicking on which in the opening menu you need to select the “Settings” item.
  • On the settings page, swing to the right to go to the “Assistant” tab. In the lower part of the tab you will see devices connected to the Google assistant. Choose your smartphone from the list.
  • On this page you need to go to the “General” section. And then activate the two upper options. This will allow Google’s voice assistant to take screenshots thanks to the function of analyzing what is happening on the screen of your device.
  • Now go to the application that prohibits screenshots, call the assistant and choose the item “What is on the screen?””. The program will analyze the contents of your page, the field of which you will need to click on the “Share” button. Google Assistant will take a screenshot and give you a pop.Up window in which you can transfer the screenshot to various applications. You can immediately send it to the one who needs or save it on your gadget.
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