How to take a screen on Android Xiaomi

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi phones

Many smartphone users are faced with the question “How to take a screenshot of the screen”, this functionality is necessary for themselves or to show a photo of the screen to someone else. And the happy owners of Xiaomi phones are no exception. Alas, confusing instructions from the manufacturer do not quickly find a description of the desired function, especially with an adequate translation into Russian. Usually, we have to look on the Internet how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, but even for devices of one company there are dozens of different ways. We will try to figure out in order.

Consider the common options as on Xiaomi you can take a screenshot. It is important that you understand how to take a photo of the screen at all, and you could easily figure it out if you buy a new Android phone. Such knowledge will never hurt.

The screenshots function appeared in the Android system starting with the 4th version. The screen of the screen is obtained while pressing certain physical or sensory buttons (an analogue of the Printskrin key at computers).

Such a functional opportunity was developed in Android, from the 4th version. Photos of what is depicted, you can make several options: reduction of the sound button, reduction of the sound button on the “menu” sensor, in the curtain of alerts, shortcode on the desktop, swipe with three fingers, Quick Ball.

Button in the notification curtain

How to take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi5 screen and in some models, you can use the button in the notice curtain. To create a screenshot, you need to lower the curtain, find a button, usually there are scissors and press. The curtain itself will disappear and the photo of the screen is ready.

This method is suitable for those who want to know how to take a screenshot on Android Xiaomi Redmi, and almost all models.

Xiaomi (Redmi) постоянно загружается в рекавери

Shortcode on the desktop

In widgets, you need to pull the button that is responsible for the screenshot on the desktop. Press it if necessary and everything is ready.

Sweep with three fingers

In order to connect the screenshot function with three fingers, you need to go into the parameters (gear), find the item “Extended parameters”, then the “screenshot”, the next to set the inclusion of the run.In “screenshot with three fingers”. Then you do not need to look for any buttons, it is enough to draw with three fingers at once on the screen.

Such a function is in Xiaomi Mi 9, 8 and many other models.

Quick Ball touch assistant

If the model is from Xiaomi Mi 8 and higher, then another interesting secret option. It is located in a sensory assistant manner to connect it, you need to go into the phone parameters, expanded parameters, a Quick Ball touchdress and turn it on.

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A translucent circle should appear and after pressing it, the main control keys appear and then the icon for the screenshot.

Volume key key

When the question arises of how to create a screenshot on Android Xiaomi Redmi, this method is the most popular. Here it is enough to simultaneously press the power key (lock) and the sound key down, hold 2-3 seconds and everything is ready. But this method is inconvenient for large models, since this can only be done with two hands. Another disadvantage of this method that with constant pressing of the sound reduction, sound mode is often turned on.

Sensoring Menu key volume down

Another quick and good way to create a screenshot, for example, on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. It is enough to press the volume key at the same time and the touch button of the menu at the bottom of the screen. And you can use a ready.Made picture.

Long screenshot with scrolling

Sometimes you need to scatter the page page, the usual scree. How to make a long screenshot on Android Xiaomi? First you need to make an ordinary screen in the way that is suitable when a picture appears in the upper right corner, you need to click the “Scroll” button under it, after which it waits for the page to the end or independently to the moment that you need to press the “stop” or “Complete”, depending on the model.

In some browsers, especially Chrome, this function may not work correctly.

In the curtain menu

Take a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi, in versions of Miui 7, 8, 9 you can use the notifications curtain. There is a quick access to the settings. To save the picture from the display, find the icon with the image of the “picture” scissors. Select the option. The image will be recorded. The notification curtain itself will not be saved.

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi

Creating screenshots on smartphones. Often the function necessary for users, with which you can save the information displayed on the screen of the device. However, not all users know that it is possible to capture not only what they see in front of them on the display, but also the rest of the information located outside the display boundaries. How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi. A question that is interested in many owners of Chinese smartphones. [BLOCK]

First you need to remember how screenshots are made on Xiaomi devices. The simplest option is to simultaneously pinch the sound reduction key and off. Another possible way. Instead of power to squeeze the menu button.

As a guide, use the following instructions:

  • First you need to make a screen screen (according to the above methods);
  • You should wait for the picture from above in the right corner of the display;
  • We must have time to click on miniature until it disappeared;
  • After the action done, the control menu of the created screenshot should be opened;
  • Here you need to select the “Expanded” section;
  • When the image begins to fall into the lower area of ​​the screen, the “Stop” key is pressed if necessary. The creation of the picture will stop at the moment indicated by the user.
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The owner of the Xiaomi line Mi or Redmi may also wait until the page scrolls to the end. To speed up the creation of the image, you can scroll through the contents of the site or file yourself.

It should be said that certain programs and applications with this option are not quite correct. These include the Chrome browser. It will not be able to take a long picture, which is bad for some users. In such situations, you will have to use the Browser application, which is standard for the MIUI operating system. If for some reason this software was removed from the smartphone, it can be re-downloaded from the official Google Play store.

Way to take a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi

On all calls of Xiaomi, the screenshot is made the same. For the convenience of users, there are several ways to take a picture, each of which is convenient to produce in a certain situation. I will describe them all.

Method 1. Pressing hardware volume buttons and off

In order to instantly take a screenshot, click the volume reduction key and the phone unlock key. They are near the right side face of the phone. Hold them for 2 seconds. After that you will see a special animation on the screen, which will clearly demonstrate to you that the picture was performed.

For a screenshot in the gallery, an album with the same name will be automatically created, where all the screen pictures that you have made or will do in the future will be placed.

With photographs of the screen, you are free to perform the same actions that are available for ordinary photos: editing, mailing, moving and deleting.

Method 2. Screenshot using the menu in the drop.Down curtain

Unlock the phone, then call the drop.Down notification curtain. This is done with the help of a pile, which must be done from the upper edge of the screen to the center. Expand the curtain completely so that the icons of quick actions are visible. Among them there is a icon that depicts scissors, this is a team for a phone to create a screenshot. Click on it, after which the curtain will disappear and a picture will be created.

If in a fully opened notification curtain you do not see the “picture” items, this means that the icon is hidden. In the lower right corner of the completely open curtain there is a “sorting” item, click on it.

You will get in the sorting menu of all available fast commands that can be placed in the drop.Down curtain. In the upper part there are those icons that will be visible on the screen, and in the lower part, after the dividing strip, there are the remaining commands that are not visible on the screen. With a simple drag of the necessary functions, you can configure commands to your taste. If you want to make screenshots precisely with the help of a team from the drop.Down curtain, just drag the “picture” icon so that it is above the dividing strip. Now leave the menu and make the swipe again to call the drop.Down curtain. If you did everything right, the “picture” icon will be there, click on it and the picture will be taken.

Method 3. Screenshot using a gesture

The third, and the last way, will make the screen picture on Xiaomi using a simple gesture. You need to fold 3 fingers next to each other and make a swipe from the center of the screen down. Be sure to make a swipe with three fingers at once, it is convenient to do using the index, middle and ring fingers. If you did everything right, you will see animation.

We make a screenshot with a gesture

And in the end I will describe my favorite way that appeared in Miui 11 and is still working, namely, creating a screenshot using a gesture on the screen without the need to press the buttons or call the menu.

screen, android, xiaomi

Take three fingers and draw a pile with them from top to bottom around the screen of the screen. Try it several times if it did not work out the first time. As soon as you get used to it, there is no more convenient way to take screenshots on Xiaomi.

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Three fingers down (works only on miui 8 and higher)

Spend three fingers down the screen:

Click on “Turn on in the settings”:

Click on the switch to activate it (become blue):

screen, android, xiaomi

This must be done once, in the future it will automatically take screenshots without additional confirmation.

If this notice is not displayed, then:

Go to the “Settings” section:

Then enter the section “Additionally”:

How to make a long screenshot on Xiaomi

The standard screen picture is limited in size. Only the information presented on the smartphone display at the time of the picture contains it. But sometimes this size is not enough (for example, if you need to scrap the entire page of the open site). In this case, there is a more advanced option in new phones. A long screenshot. This function allows you to make a screen of any size. Regardless of the parameters of the “photographed” page.

Xiaomi MiUI 12 | Tips & Best Features Guide

To make a long screenshot on Xiaomi, you need to perform any combination to create an ordinary scree. When a miniature copy of the picture made appears on the display, you must click on it and select the action of “scroll” or “leaf through” in the pop.Up menu. Then it remains to indicate the necessary sizes of the image and save it in a standard way.

Applications for screenshots and video recording from the screen

Great application for video recording from the screen and create screenshots. The recorder is free and has no watermarks and restrictions on recording time. The application is controlled using a floating panel in which you can turn on, turn off or pause a pause.

Comfortable screenster and video editorial. Received a function that takes the screenshot of the entire web page at the link. Also in the application you can edit screenshots and substitute sounds in recorded videos.

In this application, you can simultaneously record the video on the main camera and make a smartphone screen recording. Also in the application you can add intro and outro, apply background music and extract personnel.

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