How to take a long screenshot on huawei

How to take a screenshot on the phone Honor and Huawei

Popular smartphone lines often have distinctive features. Huawei developers have made such a convenient and memorable “chip” to create screenshots. In this article, we will look at how to take a screenshot on Honor 10, 9, 9 Lite, 8, 8 Lite, 7, 7a, 7c, 7x, 6, 5 in standard and non-standard ways, as well as how to capture only part of the display or vice versa, capture a long page.

First let’s list the different options for implementing this function:

  • Press a special key combination (universal method for most devices, including Huawei Honor 8, for example);
  • Use the proprietary Knuckle Sense (a more modern version, will work on the Huawei Honor View 10);
  • Apply the button in the system menu;
  • Install a special application for taking screenshots.

In all cases, find the finished files can be viewed through the gallery.

The way

You have a smartphone model huawei p9 lite or its colleague p10 lite? Or maybe you are using a honor 5c, 5a, or 6x? Then this method is sure to help you take a screenshot.

  • First, locate the power (on/off) button on the device. It is usually located on the right side.
  • Locate and volume down key, which is usually located just above the power button.
  • What’s next? Press and hold down both keys for 1-3 seconds.
  • Hear a click, like when taking a picture with a camera? So you got a picture of what was on the display.
  • Where to look for a screenshot? Look in the Gallery (Pictures Screenshots). Or expand the upper notification panel (curtain) and immediately open the screenshot.

By the way, all the above steps will help you create a screenshot and on huawei smartphone models such as honor 4c pro, Y5 II, Y7 and nova lite. This method also works on all tablets of this brand.

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How to make a long screenshot

Consider another abnormal situation when we need not just to create a screenshot, but to capture an entire web page or any other window with scrolling. The solution is very simple:

  • A pop up window will appear, notifying us that some additional settings must be made in order to successfully activate the function. Agree and click “OK”.

The same app allows you to take a screenshot of the lock screen or video.

That’s it, this simple way we can create long screenshots on any Android smartphone, including Huawei Honor.

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How to make a screenshot on the Honor phone using the application

Another option is to use different apps. Standard tools from the company do not always allow you to make the right image. Standard features have such disadvantages:

  • You can not edit the received photo;
  • It is not very convenient to determine the size of the area to be captured;
  • Often the default path is used.

To solve the problem and expand the capabilities of your device, you can use programs that are installed separately. They are designed specifically for display snapshots.

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For example, an app such as Screen Master. You can download the program using a special service Play Market. This is a specialized installation platform. With its help, you can download many programs, including those that take screenshots.

Another popular program is Touchshot. With it you can create different screenshots, edit them later. For example, even on the 7A Honor model, you can use the program. Very convenient and practical.

How to take a screenshot on Huawei with the Smart Menu?

Smart-menu allows to create a small floating icon where often used programs are collected. With this feature, you can quickly launch music or take a screenshot.


MIUI 8 and higher firmware of Xiaomi smartphones has a Quick Ball function. The menu looks like a floating ball with 5 apps collected, including a screenshot.

Once activated, you need to go to “Select Shortcuts” and click on one of the circles on the screen. The screenshot will be located in the “Quick settings.

To take a screenshot, you need to click on the balloon. This will open the Smart Menu with the “Screenshot” icon. The only thing left to do is to click on it and get the photo.


Smart Select allows you to capture the desired information on the screen and take a screenshot of that area. There is a built-in program in Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S smartphone models.

Smart Select is a control panel, which can be taken out of the side display:

  • go to “Settings”, open “Display”;
  • Go to “Edge Screen” and then “Edge Panels”;
  • in this menu you need to activate the Edge screen and the Smart select panel.

When the menu is activated, you can start the screenshot. To do this, you need to display the desired image or page on the screen. Open the Edge panel and pull out the Smart Select menu.

For the screenshot, you can select the desired area of the image. For example, a rectangle, a circle, or a gif. After that the program returns to the image capture page. Here you can change the size and position of the picture.

To make a gif, you need to start recording and stop after a while at the desired moment. After that, animation and editor will appear on the screen. If you want, you can overlay text, draw something. The program allows you to save and send gifs, as well as insert them into other applications and files.

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On Samsung smartphones, you can take an advanced picture:

  • Create a screenshot using the above method or any other convenient way.
  • A scroll grab key will appear on the side.
  • Press the icon and hold it until the page ends. Or stop scrolling at the desired location.
  • The long screenshot has to be saved in the folder manually.


On Lenovo smartphones the menu is represented as a semi-transparent rectangle. There are icons of popular programs. Smart-menu button on Lenovo can respond to single, double or long touch. The choice can be made in the “Action Settings”.

To enable the Smart menu in your smartphone, you need:

A screenshot icon will appear in the menu. When you need to take a screenshot, just click on the icon.

How to capture a screenshot with the ADB command

Not only on Huawei and Honor phones, but also on other Android devices, you can take a screenshot with the help of ADB utility. You will have to install it on your PC and connect your smartphone to the PC, activating USB debugging. Detailed process of ADB, drivers and Java installation is described in instructions how to move applications to the memory card. Once you have followed the steps of the tutorial, open the “platform-tools” folder and with the Shift key right click on the empty spot. From the menu that opens, select one of the available options: “Open Command Window” or “Open PowerShell window here”.

Now run the following ADB command: copy it, paste it at the command prompt and hit “Enter. In Windows Powershell, add before the command./ or.\.

long, screenshot, huawei

A screenshot will be created. In this example the image will be named “screen.png” and it will be saved in the root directory in the internal memory. But you can change the command. enter a different file name and path to get, for example, adb shell screencap /sdcard/Download/screen2.png.

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