How to take a computer screenshot on the keyboard

How to make a screen of a screenshot on Windows 10? ⁠ ⁠

How to take a picture of the entire screen or its separate part using the standard capabilities of “Windows 10” and a standard keyboard?

Or in the language of the townsfolk. Take a screenshot.

On a regular keyboard there is a key “Print Screen”, which can also be indicated by reductions (Print Scr / Prt SCR / PRT SC, etc.).

By pressing this key, a picture of the entire screen will be made.

By pressing a combination of keys Alt Print Screen, A picture of an active window will be made.

Note: on some laptops, the “Print Screen” key has double functionality, to switch which, you need to additionally press the combination of the key FN (Function). For example, FN Alt Print Screen.

After performing one of these actions, the picture will remain in the temporary memory of the computer, the so.Called exchange buffer. Next, you can place a picture in the right place, for example, in the editor of the Paint, the text editor “Microsoft Word”, as well as a browser to social networks, messages or mail using the insert or a combination of keys Ctrl v on keyboard.

Note: in “Windows 10” there is a magazine of the Buffer of the exchange, in which not only the last preserved action is stored, but also all previous actions in chronological order. In order to insert not the last, but some of the previously made screenshots, you need to click a combination of keys Windows v and choose the right one from the list. Everything that was copied to the buffer is preserved and disappears only after the computer reboot.

If it is necessary for a picture of the entire screen to be preserved on the computer, you need to press the key combination Windows Print Screen.

In this case, the picture will be preserved in the “screen pictures” folder, which can be found in the “user folder”, in the “Images” section.

You can edit the screen picture, for example, using the standard image editor “Paint”. It can be found by going to the “Start” menu, to the “Standard” section and open the application. For a quick search for the application, you need to enter the name “Paint” with the “Start” menu opened.

Also consider a difficult way to find this application if you suddenly cannot find it to the previous.

It is necessary to go to the “This computer“, to the disc on which the system is installed, usually it is a “local disk (C :)”, then in the “Windows” folder, in the “System32” folder and find the “MSPINE” application in it, which is the application “Paint”.

Next, you can click on the icon with the right button, put on the section “Send” and select, for example, “Desktop” in the drop.Down menu. The label of the program on the desktop will be created, which can be renamed at its discretion.

To quickly open our picture of the screen in the editor, you can press it with the right mouse button by pointing it to the “Open” and in the drop.Down menu of the image editor “Paint”.

In it you can edit the image. For example, highlight the necessary area and cut the picture, turn in the right direction, draw or write explanations. Then click on the menu in the upper left corner to the “file” section, subdivide “Save as” and select the format “PNG” or “JPEG”, which, if not much to go into details, differ in the quality of the image and the size of the file. If the quality in the picture is not critical, I recommend choosing a JPEG format, since in most cases it will have the lowest weight, which can be useful in the case of downloading the image with a low Internet or when limiting the file size on some forum.

You need to go to the “Start” menu, find the “Standard” section and open the “Scissors” application.

For a quick search for the application, you need to enter the name “Scissors” with the “Start” menu opened.

As in the case of the “Paint” application, consider a difficult way to find the location of the application.


You need to go to the “This computer“, to the “Local disk (C :)”, then to the “Windows” folder, in the “System32” folder and in it find the SnippingTool application, which is the “scissors” application.

You can also click on the icon with the right button, put on the section “Send” and select, for example, “Desktop” in the drop.Down menu. The label of the program on the desktop will be created, which can be renamed at its discretion.

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To quickly call the application, you can set a certain key or a combination of keys to him.

To do this, you need to click on the application by the application, go to the “Properties” section, find the “Fast Call” line, click on it with a mouse, and choose the keys of interest on the keyboard, for example F8 Or a combination between Ctrl, Shift, Alt and a certain additional key, let it be Ctrl Shift up. Press approx.

Run the application in any convenient way.

A window opens in which you can select a “mode”, depending on which one or another picture will be taken.

The “rectangle” mode allows you to select a rectangular area with a closed left mouse button.

How to take a Screenshot Windows 10 Computer Keyboard Shortcut Key

The “Window” mode allows you to choose a certain open window on the desktop by pressing the left mouse button. It is necessary that this window be on top of others, since otherwise their area will also fall on the picture.

The “arbitrary form” allows you to draw any form in which the inside of the selected perimeter will remain with the clamped left mouse button. Everything that remains outside the perimeter will become a white background.

“The whole screen” respectively takes a picture of the entire screen.

Next, you can add explanations to the picture using a pen and marker. You can also remove the explanation using the eraser simply by drawing on it a clamped with the left mouse button.

Immediately after the picture was taken, he was already in the exchange buffer, and it can be inserted into the necessary place. All drawn explanations also fall into the buffer, without the need to separately copy or save the picture separately.

Features of the creation of screenshots

If you rarely make screenshots-then install additional programs and set up something there-it makes no sense.

computer, screenshot, keyboard

To do this, on any computer keyboard (laptop) there is a special key. Print Screen (on laptops it is written in an abbreviated version. PRTSCR). She puts everything that is currently on the screen in the exchange buffer.

1) To shoot (scrap) the current state of the screen. Just press this Print Screen button (see. Photo of the keyboard below).

2) Next, open the MS Word editor or “drawing” Paint (this is a simple graphic editor that is in all modern versions of Windows).

How to open Paint (universal method)

In Windows 8, 10. Some users have a problem with finding a label to start Paint. To open it, click the combination of Winr buttons, then enter the MSPINT into the line “open” and press Enter (see. Screenshot below).

3) In Paint, click “Boofer/insert” or combination of Ctrlv buttons. Actually, if you did everything correctly, in Paint you will see your screenshot removed. Now it remains only to save it.

Breen inserts in Paint from the Buffer of the Exchange

computer, screenshot, keyboard

4) To save, press the “file/save how”. Then select the format (usually JPG, as the most optimal and popular) and save the file. Actually, this is all!

File. Save as (Paint) / clickable

If your Print Screen does not work (and therefore you can’t take a screenshot), I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this note.

Online Service Services

There are services on the Internet that help screenshots. With the help of them, you can not only photograph the screen and save the picture, but also edit it. Draw arrows and frames, add text, turn, cut and do much more.


  • Open the Pastenow site.Ru
  • Press the Print Screen key on the keyboard.
  • Press the Ctrl V key combination to insert the image on the site.
  • To edit the picture, click the “Edit screenshot” button.
  • Download the screen. To do this, press the right mouse key according to the image, select the “Save the picture” and specify the folder.

Pastenow service review

Tools and. On the panel on the right allow you to increase and decrease the picture. The “Center Image” button evens out in the center.

Buttons with icons in the form of arrow on the left panel save or cancel actions when editing.

Cut the image. Cuts the selected area. Click on the button and select the area that you need to leave.

The dedicated area was highlighted, and on the left a green button with a bird appeared. After pressing it, the changes will be applied. Only the cut out will remain.

Turn the image. Expand the image according to your requirements. Can be expanded 90 ° software and counterclockwise and 180 ° counterclockwise.

A painted rectangle. Will draw a color rectangle right in the screenshot. Click on the tool, after which you will see a colored rectangle in the lower corner. Through it you can choose color.

Hold the left mouse key to start drawing. Let go when the rectangle is ready.

Frame. Selects a text or image in the frame. The principle of drawing is the same as that of the tool “painted rectangle”.

Pencil. Allows you to draw in the picture.

Trimmer fishing line and arrow. Draws lines and arrows.

Text. Allows you to write text. To do this, click on the tool, click from scratch and begin to enter the text.

Censorship. Blurs information. Click on the tool, then hold the left mouse key and select the fragment that you want to paint over.

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  • Open the site MakeScreen.Ru
  • Press the Print Screen key.
  • Press the CTRL V key combination on the keyboard for downloading the image to the site.
  • If necessary, edit a picture and save on a computer.

How to save. Select the JPG or PNG format and click on the “Save” button.

After that the window with the saving parameters will open. Click “Download screenshot” and it will be in the “load” folder on the computer.

Review of the Makescreen service tools

Cut. Allows you to cut the image. Click on the tool and, holding the left mouse key, highlight the desired area. To change the area, drag white buttons on the sides. After clicking on the “apply” on the screen, only the selected part will remain.

The size. Changes the size of the image. Click on the tool and a window with the choice of width and height of the picture will appear at the top. Enter the necessary parameters and click “Apply”.

Orient. Allows you to turn the image.

Focus. Highlights part of the image and blurs the background. Example:

Brush. Allows you to draw in a screenshot.


  • Open the Snipboard website.Io
  • To take a screenshot, press the Alt Print Screen key combination.
  • After click Ctrl V to insert a picture on the site.
  • Edit the image and save to the computer.

How to save. Click on the “Save Your Changes” button at the top. Then click on the link a little to the left.

The finished picture will open. Click on it with the right mouse key, select the “Save the picture” and specify the folder.

  • Crop. Cuts the image.
  • PENCIL TOOL. Allows you to draw in the picture.
  • Text Tool. Adds text.
  • View the Image in Full Size. Displays the screenshot in full.
  • Move. Moves the image.

Shift screen using a screen keyboard in Windows 10

The Windows operating system has a virtual screen keyboard displaying on the computer screen. The screen keyboard is used instead of a physical external device connected to PC. Along with the implementation of other operations, on it you can take screenshots, as on a regular keyboard.

To open the screen keyboard, do the following:

How to take a picture of an arbitrary screen area

In order to take a screenshot of the arbitrary screen area with one keyboard can no longer be dispensed with. In this case, it is necessary to use the program to create screenshots screenshots. This program is part of Windows 7/10 and it can be launched using the “Start” menu.

To start the “scissors”, open the “Start” menu and go to “All Programs. Standard. Scissors” or just use the search.

“Scissors” is a very convenient application that allows you to take screenshots of any part of the screen, add Комментарии и мнения владельцев and notes to the screenshot, as well as immediately save the result in the format of PNG, GIF and JPG formats. Using the “scissors” you will not need to save screenshots using Paint or other graphic editor, this can be done directly from the program.

After the launch of the “Scissors” program, you will be invited to choose an area of ​​the screen with which you need to take a picture, this can be done using a mouse. After the screenshot area is needed, it will be copied to the window where you can conduct the basic editing of the resulting picture.

The following tools are available in this program:

  • Feather. With its help you can add handwritten notes directly on the resulting screen of the screen;
  • Marker. A tool for highlighting important elements in the picture;
  • Glastic. A tool for removing inscriptions made using tools with a feather and marker;
  • Send a fragment. Sending the resulting picture by e.Mail;
  • Copy. Copy the resulting picture to the exchange buffer;
  • Create a fragment. A tool for creating a new picture;

After you have finished work, you can save the screen picture as a file, use the “Save” button on the toolbar or open the “File. Save as” button.

After saving, the picture is ready for use in other programs or sending over the network.

How to fit the picture to the desired size in Photoshop

It is not difficult to take a screenshot of a given size, and it saves a lot: then you do not need to go to the graphic editor and change the picture there.

If you still prefer to take a picture of the entire screen, and then punish it, get ready to combine “Photoshop” and change the size of the picture there. This is how it can be done.

How to change the size of the photo in “Photoshop”

Run Photoshop and open the necessary screenshot. In the “Images” section, select the item “image size”:

The size of the image can be displayed in any convenient units, for example, in pixels:

As you can see, you can fit the current image for finished print formats (if you plan to print a screenshot in the future):

Or manually set the width / height / resolution:

If you need an image of a particular size, carefully adjust your picture under it. If the proportions of your screen do not correspond to the given, the picture will be distorted.

How to fit the image to the specified proportions in “Photoshop”

Choose a “frame” tool on the Photoshop toolbar on the left:

Now we clarify the proportions. We indicate those to which the new version of the screenshot should correspond:

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Confirm the selected option by pressing Enter. We save the changed screenshot as usual. Through the function “Save as”:

If necessary, check the format, the quality of the exported image and other parameters.

How to fit a screenshot to the required size

Indicate the required image size:

Click OK. A new working field of a given size will open:

To adjust the existing screenshot under it, in the “File” section, select the “Place Build” function or click Ctrlv, if you just made the screen:

The file selection window opens. We find a screenshot:

computer, screenshot, keyboard

Now we drive it under our template, holding the mouse cursor:

If the image is less or more than the working area, click on one of the four angular points and stretch the picture. Keep in mind: it is better not to stretch the picture up, down or to the sides, so as not to distort the screen.

Lightshot program

Lightshot (by link you can download it). Multifunctional free program for screenshots. It has an application for Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu and expansion for Google Chrome.

The advantage of the application is that it works and starts automatically in the background, shows the dimensions of the selected section of the screen, has a set of tools for processing (arrow, emphasizing, colored markers, etc. D.), the ability to instantly load the screenshot into the cloud storage in one click and get a link to it.

There is also a fast.Saving function of the entire screen. It is convenient to use to create screenshots in games, films, applications. A set of hot keys indicated in the settings, they are automatically stored on the desktop or on the server.

I recommend registering on the Lightshot website. This is necessary so that screenshots are loaded into your cloud, and if necessary, you can find them there.

Print Screen key

This is a classic method of creating a screen image. Is universal and can be suitable not only for the Windows operating system.

    Press the Print Screen key. It is usually located in the upper right of the keyboard, in the area of ​​the key “Scroll Lock”, “Pace” and “Delete”. It can also be called: “PRT SC”, “PRT SCR” or “PRTSC”.

An example of how the Print Screen key may look like:

Open Paint. It can be found in standard programs (start. All applications. Standard) or use Windows search.

If you pinch the Alt key and press PRTSCR, a picture of an active window is created, and not the entire screen.

What key to take a screenshot

A screenshot is a picture of the screen, a picture that shows everything that is on your screen. The need to take a screenshot occurs quite often. Therefore, this function was built directly into the operating system. In this material you will learn about which key to take a screenshot on a computer or laptop with the Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

The Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating system uses Print Screen key (some PRT SCN keyboards). This key is located in the upper left side of the keyboard, next to the indicators Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock. In order to take a screenshot, you just need to click on this key.

After pressing the Print Screen key, the screenshot will be placed in the exchange buffer. In order to save this screenshot as a picture you need to open any graphic editor, insert a screenshot into it and save as a file. For example, you can open a built.In Paint Graphic Editor. To do this, open the Start menu and enter into the search “Paint”. After that, the system will find this program, and you can open it.

After opening the Paint program, click on the “insert” button or use the Ctrl-V key combination. After that, your screenshot will appear in the Paint program.

In order to save the screenshot, click on the “Save” button or use the Ctrl-S key combination.

After saving the picture, you will receive the screenshot in the form of a file you need.

Small trick: when creating a screenshot, you can use the Print Screen key along with Alt key. In this case, the system will create a screenshot of only active window. Thus, you can create screenshots only of the program with which you are currently working.

This approach can save a lot of time. Since the resulting screenshot does not contain unnecessary information and it does not need to be cut in a graphic editor.

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Screenshots using programs. For example, you can use the standard “Scissors” program. She is in Windows 7 and Windows 10. Or you can install a specialized program for removing screens shots. In such programs, you can choose any convenient key combination.

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