How to take a burst of photos on iPhone

Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone to Computer or Mac

The easiest way is to just go to log in and download photos from there, from any available device. All photos and videos are synchronized with the cloud, so they will be there all the time.

If you are not looking for easy ways, then let’s try to transfer data via USB cable. Connect it to your computer or Mac.

On Mac

  • Open “Photos” on PC.
  • Next, the “Import” screen will open.
  • You may need to unlock your iPhone. If you are asked: “Should I trust this computer?”. click “Trust”.
  • Select the photos and videos that you want to transfer and click “Import”.
  • Downloading or updating the latest version of iTunes.
  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Click to trust the computer.
  • Launch iTunes, select photos from the Photos section and import.

How to send photos and videos from iPhone via Bluetooth to another iPhone, Android, PC or Mac

Hello everyone! Today we will talk about how to transfer photos, videos, music and other files from iPhone via Bluetooth to another iPhone, Android smartphone or computer. It’s very easy to upload a photo or video that is in your gallery. Difficulties may arise with the transfer of third-party files, but first things first. Go!

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Transferring Photos

  • The transmitter can also be turned on in the additional quick menu. swipe up and down with your finger and click on the corresponding icon.
  • After enabling the function, the iPhone will start searching for nearby devices. Then you just have to click on the name of the second smartphone. If you cannot find it, then check that it also has Bluetooth turned on.
  • Next, go to the gallery, where all the photos are located. You can select a picture separately or several photos at once. To do this, click on the item of additional functions, then select “Transfer via Bluetooth”.
  • You will see a list of connected devices, select the second phone.
  • When connecting, you will need to enter a code. usually these are standard combinations such as 0000 or 1234.
  • After the photos are transferred. turn off the “Blue Tooth”.

Thus, you can very easily transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. On Android, too, you can, but sometimes there are some difficulties. Anyway. try it! If you have any difficulties, then you can try other methods described below.

Send photo by mail

If for some reason you cannot complete the transfer of photos, you can send them by mail. Open the “Mail” application, then click on a paper clip to attach photos and send them to the mail, which is tied to the second phone.

You can do it differently, open the gallery, select the photos you want, and then select “Send”. “Mail”.

And then Apple prepared a little prank for us, since for some reason iPhone cannot transfer more than 25 MB mail. So just do the transfer a few times.

File transfer

With the transfer of files, things are much more complicated, since Apple has a copyright protection policy. And supposedly, when transferring files via Bluetooth, you can thus transfer pirated copied content (movies, songs, documents, etc.). And since Apple cannot control this, it is impossible to transfer files via Bluetooth directly without workarounds.

But there are so-called workarounds. On a smartphone from Apple, you need to get the so-called Jailbreak. Jailbreak. allows you to access files of the iOS operating system. To get it, you need to hack the smartphone itself. On different OS everything is done differently, so we are looking for this information on the Internet.

  • iBluetooth is a paid program that costs 4. It has all the features of transferring any files via Bluetooth.
  • AirBlue Sharing is a handy utility that allows you to throw any files not only on smartphones from Apple, but also on gadgets with Android and Windows operating systems.
  • Celeste 2 is the most expensive application, but one of the most effective and convenient. When transferring, you can select any files from your smartphone.

How to label a photo on iPhone

Modern technology is making our smartphones more and more like good cameras. First of all, this applies to the iPhone, where, in addition to high-definition cameras, image processing technologies are also being introduced. With the system update to version 10, the Markup function became available to all iOS users. It gives the owner the opportunity, for example, to enlarge a certain area or to write on a photo on an iPhone. The image processed in this way will definitely not go unnoticed.

Increase in circle shape

This feature is also available using the Markup tool. Let’s do it in steps:

  • Go to the “Gallery”, select the desired photo.
  • Click on the link “Change”, then. item “Markup”.
  • We take the “Magnifier” by touching the circled “plus sign”:

Moving around the circle of the green point changes the magnification, and the blue one decreases and enlarges. You can move it by dragging it around the screen without lifting your finger. To save the result, click “Finish”.

Adding text using iOS

To launch the built-in image editing tool, you need to go to the “Photos” section. It is usually found on the iPhone’s home screen. Inside the “Gallery” select the photo on which we plan to place the text, click the preview icon. In the opened snapshot, click on the “Edit” link. Further in the bottom menu. the item “Markup”:

In the menu, at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon in the form of a circled plus, select the “Text” item. After that, touch the text box that appears on the photo and “Edit” to write the text on the photo. We type words to add, you can write both in Russian and in English.

Changing the position of the title on the picture is possible if you hold it down with your finger and move it across the screen. Another field for the text increases in size, for which you need to touch its corner and stretch to the side.

In addition to the text block inside the photo, you can add an author’s signature, as well as insert a circle, square or arrow.

The size of the text is also changed in the bottom menu, for this there is an “Aa” icon. If you want to choose the color of the inscription, you need to tap on the colored circle located below. To save the changes, you must click “Finish”.

Circle signature using apps

The built-in photo editing application, with all its advantages, has rather limited capabilities. Therefore, for more beautiful inscriptions and effects, it is better to use third-party programs. The SnapSeed application is popular.

To sign a photo in a circle, start the application and by clicking on the gray screen with the “” icon select the picture where the circle with the inscription will be inserted.

Using the bottom panel, select the “Tools” tab, then. “Text”. The Effects panel opens with patterned fonts or texts in various shapes: circles, diamonds, or squares. And also a variety of logos. To change the standard “handwriting”, you need to double-click on the inscription. To save the result, click on the checkmark in the lower right corner.

Capture Action Shots Using iPhone’s Burst Mode

Of course, you always want to make photos richer and brighter, add some inscriptions and emotions. For simple actions, you can limit yourself to the functionality built into iOS, but for complex effects, give preference to third-party programs. By applying beautiful titles to your pictures, you can be sure that other users will definitely notice them.

How to take great photos on iPhone 7?

How to Take Photos on iPhone 7. Apple Tips

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  • Shoot objects at close range in order to bring out details;
  • Minimize the background to cut out all that is unnecessary;
  • Use backlighting (with a light source such as the sun behind the subject).

How to take a photo on iPhone 7?

  • Do not overuse the flash Using the flash on a smartphone should be very careful.
  • Watch the light
  • Adjust Focus and Exposure
  • Shoot with HDR.
  • Take care of the composition
  • Shoot not only horizontal panoramas
  • Use burst shooting

How to take a photo correctly on iPhone?

  • 1 If possible, use a tripod
  • 2 Use the volume buttons to take a picture
  • 3 Keep HDR on
  • 4 Always turn off the flash
  • 5 Follow the light
  • 6 Keep your distance
  • 7 Don’t Forget the Rule of Thirds
  • 8 Get up early

How to take a selfie on iPhone 11?

Launch Camera, then go to the Slow Motion panel in the options carousel. Make sure the front camera is turned on by clicking the arrows in the lower right corner. This will activate Selfie Mode. All you have to do is press the record button and start shooting.

burst, photos, iphone

How to focus the camera on iPhone 7?

Apple’s new operating system has a manual focus feature using the volume (“”) button. When you take a photo, when you press and hold it, the camera will focus on the subject. After successful completion of this process, a square will appear on the screen. this means that the button can be released.

How to set up Focus on iPhone 7?

You can change the Focus and exposure of the camera for a selected area of ​​the frame. Before taking a photo, touch the area on the screen for which you want to adjust the settings. Then, if you want to keep Focus and exposure at the same point, press and hold the screen until “Lock Exposure / Focus” appears. May 26, 2020.

How to Take Burst Photos on iPhone 11

In turn, the gesture of pressing and sliding the shutter button to the left activates burst shooting for as long as you hold your finger. Of course, there is a risk that the QuickTake video will be shot instead. The problem is adding too many gestures to simple controls. But the nice thing is that the burst counter displays the number of shots taken right inside the shutter button.

It seems that Apple has decided to focus on a great new video camera in the iPhone 11, but to quickly access it you still have to learn a non-obvious gesture. And this change changes the system of working with gestures for those who are already used to using burst shooting.

How to view photos taken in Burst mode

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

In iOS 14. How To Take Burst Photos

Click on the burst photo set icon. Take a closer look. they appear in the Camera Roll as a stack of photos.

Tap Select in the bottom corner of the screen.

Flip through the virtual film slider to view the entire series of shots.

See the dot below the image? This icon indicates that. according to Apple’s algorithms, of course. this is the best image in terms of focus and detail. Of course, you still have to make the final decision, and you don’t have to be guided by the opinion of the “robot”.

Continuous Shooting on iPhone and iPad: How to Shoot 10fps and Choose the Best Image

Burst Mode is a special camera mode on iOS devices, when it takes 10 pictures per second in a split second. This is a great way to capture a dynamic scene. because it gives you a much better chance of getting a high-quality image at the output.

Before the iPhone 11, Apple smartphones could easily capture a series of photos. To do this, you just had to hold down the shutter button in the Camera application.

Serial photography allows you to effectively capture some action, and in a group shot you can get the perfect scene when everyone has open eyes and no grimace. However, a similar action on the iPhone 11. pressing and holding the shutter button. results in a short QuickTake video being captured. Fortunately, the burst mode is still there. He just hid behind a little-known gesture.

Like many other features in iOS, shutter button actions are now tied to gestures. By simply clicking on it, you can get a photo, which is expected. But pressing and holding this button allows you to shoot video as long as your finger remains on it. The same happens when recording a voice message in the Messages application.

But there is more. If you press and hold the button and then slide it to the right, you can instantly switch to video recording.

How to save individual photos from Burst

To do this, just put the “checkmarks” in the corresponding circles (in the lower right corner) and click the Finish button in the upper right corner. After that, you will have a choice. to leave only the favorites (ie those that you marked with a “tick”) or everything that was removed. If you do not need all, all the pictures, and you only need what turned out well, choose the Only select option.

How to start bursting photos on iPhone and iPad (iOS 7. iOS 12)

Open the Camera system application. If your iPhone or iPad is locked. on the lock screen, swipe from right to left (quick gesture to call the camera) or click the corresponding icon in the Control Center (swipe up on lockscreen).

Press and hold the white shutter button just long enough to capture everything you need. You will hear a characteristic sound (this is how photographers shoot stars on the red carpet), and a counter with the number of pictures taken will appear just above the button.

By default, all photos from Burst mode go to the Photos application. there is a special album for them called Series. However, they are also in your Camera Roll (again, marked with Series).