How to Sync Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Wireless headphones are often difficult. The most common problem is out of sync. The smartphone sees the right and left liner separately and there is only one sound. In such a situation, it is necessary to synchronize them with each other.

Why loose leaves work separately

In Airdots, the main earphone is the right one. Then the left is connected to it and the devices begin to work together. But most often you have to deal with establishing contacts manually.

How to Sync Xiaomi Mi Headphones

The problem is sometimes observed immediately after purchase and after prolonged use as a result of a software failure. You can solve it using several proven methods.

How to synchronize AirDots with each other

The instruction is suitable for owners of all models of Xiaomi wireless headphones, including Redmi and Mi. To create a strong bond, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the headset is charged and remove one earbud from the case.
  2. Turn it off by holding the touch button. After turning off, repeat the action by holding the button for at least 30 seconds until the red indicator lights up.
  3. Take out the second earphone and perform a similar procedure.
  4. Both earbuds should light up in red, then place them in the case for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Remove the devices from the box and wait until the left automatically connects to the right. A beep should sound.

What to do if the headphones work separately

If the Airdots are still not synchronized and are connected to the phone as independent devices, you need to roll back to the factory settings. This is the simplest procedure possible.

  1. We remove the liners from the container.
  2. Clamp the button (touch or mechanical).
  3. Hold it for 30-50 seconds. The indicators light up in red and a double beep sounds.
  4. We put them back in the case and after a few seconds we get it. If the white indicator flashes only on one, then the reset helped, and synchronization was successful.
  5. We connect AirDots to the smartphone. The phone will identify the gadget as one device and the melody will come from two channels.

We connect as a separate gadget

After the reset, turn off the headphones and turn on only one. We pair it with the phone. When the sound starts playing, activate the second one: it should automatically connect to the already working one.

Now you know how to properly synchronize Xiaomi gadgets and what to do if this does not happen. We hope the article helped you get your wireless headset running! Write in the comments if you managed to do everything according to the instructions.