How To Sync Xiaomi Headphones Between You

How to connect earbuds to each other

Usually, the owner of the headphones will have problems syncing the headphones without reading the instructions. Or by trying to connect them to the phone directly. In this case, either the right or left earbud is often available for connection, and it is not possible to connect both of them.

At the same time, two devices with the same name can be placed in the list of phone devices available for connection.

Therefore, in order to perform the correct synchronization procedure, it will be necessary to reset the headphones to factory settings (reset).

The reset procedure itself is differentiated for different models of headphones among themselves, but usually comes down to the following:

    If you have previously tried to connect headphones to the phone. Find them in the list of Bluetooth devices, tap on them and select “Forget device”;

How to sync wireless headphones with each other

Wireless devices are the undoubted trend of our time. They have a low cost (especially Chinese clone models), have an acceptable sound quality and can work for 3-4 hours without recharging. But there are often problems connecting them to the phone. One of these problems is desynchronization, in which the phone sees both devices and is able to connect to only one of them. Below we will analyze the way to synchronize wireless Bluetooth headphones with each other.

Another way to pair wireless devices with each other

In the case of a number of other models, to pair the headphones with each other, it will be necessary to hold down the button of one of the headphones until the blue indicator starts blinking. Then the same procedure must be performed with another insert. When both headphones start flashing blue, take the right one and quickly press its button twice. The devices will pair, and you just have to connect them to the phone.

Syncing the headphones after a factory reset

After the reset described by us, remove the headphones from the case and they will turn on automatically. In some models, to turn on, you will need to press the button of each of the devices.

After removing from the case, the LEDs will blink, and they will automatically synchronize with each other. After that, the indicator on the left earphone will go out, and on the right one will remain blinking. This will mean that the wireless earbuds have automatically paired with each other and are ready to pair with your phone.

All that remains is to run Bluetooth on your phone. Find the right earpiece in the list of found devices (for example, its name may look like “Redmi AirDots_R”). Pair with it to enable wireless connection to your phone.

How does wireless headphone sync work?

Usually, the left and right earbuds will automatically pair with themselves via Bluetooth connection. On the first pairing, the earbuds send signals to each other to calculate the time required for a complete data turnover between the right and left device.

How To Sync Xiaomi Headphones Between You

When there is a lot of noise (interference) around you, the cycle time may be longer. Since your headphones are forced to “wait their turn” to transmit the signal. When the exact data cycle time is known, it will be halved. From now on, your earbuds will know how long it takes to transfer data between them.

In most cases, headphones are connected to the phone through one “main” earpiece (usually the right one. R). It does additional work, as it must manage the communication with the phone of both headphones, and compensate for the delay in the signal between the right and left earbuds.

The battery in the right earbud runs out slightly faster than the battery in the left. When a music signal comes in from your phone, the right earbud immediately sends the signal to the left. It also makes a slight delay while playing music in order to guarantee synchronous playback of the track on the right and left earbuds.

Above, we examined in detail the procedure for synchronizing your wireless headphones of any model with each other. Despite the abundance of various devices, the methods of synchronizing them are generally SIMilar and do not pose any difficulties. Pair the earbuds with each other and enjoy the sound of your favorite songs.

How to sync Bluetooth headphones with each other

The most common difficulty is synchronizing the operation of each of the Bluetooth headphones with each other. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. But if you are unable to sync your headset, try the following scheme:

  • On one of the headphones in the headset, press the power button. It should be on the side outside.
  • Wait for the power-on indicator signal to appear (characteristic blinking).
  • After that, in a SIMilar way, turn on the second earpiece and wait for the indicator signal to appear on it.
  • Then press the power button twice quickly. If done correctly, the lights on the headset should change color and then go out.

How to sync wireless headphones with each other

Recently, various wireless devices and accessories are in great demand. Headphones are popular because they create the ideal environment for listening to your favorite tracks in any environment. Outdoors, at home during your daily activities or during your workout. Comfort of use is achieved due to the absence of wires that can interfere.

Modern options for wireless headsets are a small wire with two headphones at the ends and volume control buttons, or even two headphones with no wires at all. Regardless of the model, the principle of switching on the accessory is approximately the same and is based on the synchronized connection of the system to each other and to the phone.

Many users, especially those who first purchased such a device, may have questions about the connection and synchronization of the headset. Let’s try to figure it out.

How to connect wireless headphones

To evaluate the correctness of the connection and enjoy listening to your favorite music, you need to connect to an available device through which you want to open the application with audio recordings.

Connecting to a phone is easy enough to accomplish according to the diagram below:

  • First, make sure the headset is intact and charge it at least until you can turn it on.
  • On the phone or tablet you want to connect to, open the Bluetooth settings and activate.
  • Turn on the device search function and select the headset you need from the list provided. Some types of headsets need to be “visible” to the phone. You can read more about this in the instructions or on the website with information about the model.
  • Click on the connect button and your technique will start working. When you turn it back on, the connection will be established automatically.

Connection methods may differ slightly for different models. You can clarify this in the documentation and the user manual for the device. Also, if there is no built-in Bluetooth system in the phone, you will have to additionally purchase an adapter.

How to sync wireless headphones?

In order for both “ears” to be active, you need to connect them together. How do I sync my headphones? It’s very SIMple! The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

  • First, you need to bring one of the “ears” into an active state. This is done through the Power button. The indicator will flash.
  • Then do the same procedure with the second “ear”.
  • When both parts are on, double-click on the Power button to switch them. If everything is done correctly, then the light signal will light up, and then disappear.

Headset is ready to use.

Connectivity features on Android

The connection with the Android system is as follows:

  • Turns on Bluetooth on the headphones;
  • Turns on Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • Further, in the list of devices detected via bluetooth, you need to select the desired headset.

If this is the first connection, then the pairing process will be launched with the installation of the corresponding application (if necessary). If it’s repeated, then you can just already work with gadgets.

Ways to pair headphones via bluetooth

Connecting a Bluetooth headset and a device with iOs or Android operating systems is a completely SIMple procedure. Regardless of OS, everyone can cope with the task.

Can one earphone work?

Many owners of wireless headsets face the problem when one part works and the other does not. If this happens, then don’t panic right away. It is highly likely that this is not a factory defect or a breakdown of the “ears” mechanically, inside or outside. Often the point is in the firmware, in updating the system, with incorrect pairing. You just need to calmly try again to do everything according to the instructions. Or ask for help from someone more experienced in this matter.

Features of connection on iOs

The procedure for synchronizing wireless “ears” with a gadget on iOs is SIMilar to the situation with Android:

  • Bluetooth is activated in the iOs settings;
  • Headphones are activated;
  • Specific “ears” are selected on the device.

The only moment that Apple often requires you to enter a pin code when switching.

How to sync wireless headphones with each other?

And more people are buying wireless headphones. Someone gets expensive and multifunctional devices, and someone chooses budget and with a minimum set of functions. Any version of bluetooth “ears” makes listening to your favorite audio tracks or working with a smartphone more convenient. This is a qualitatively different level of comfort.

Both the procedure for synchronizing the parts of a wireless headset and the procedure for connecting them with source device are quite SIMple and quick. The main thing is to approach business without haste and without fuss. And if nothing really works and the headphones do not work, then it makes sense to contact the service center.

The phone does not see the bluetooth headset

How to connect wireless headphones to your tablet

How to connect wireless headphones to a smartphone

How to sync wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones are one of the most convenient inventions of mankind. No need to worry about unraveling the wire, which creates perfect knots in your. A broken or torn wire can cause you to throw out the device or learn soldering skills. However, wireless gadgets have their own nuances. For example, for normal operation, headphones need to be synchronized and paired.

How to sync Xiaomi AirDots headphones with each other

Step by step instructions will allow you to easily sync AirDots headphones with each other:

  • Put the device in the charging case, make sure that each ear is in its socket. The case must be charged.
  • Click “Forget device” in the menu of your smartphone or other Xiaomi device paired with headphones.
  • Take the headphones out of the case and turn them off (press and hold the shutdown buttons for 5 seconds).
  • Reset the initial connection of one ear to the other: press and hold the control buttons again for 20 seconds (the operation is performed on each ear separately or SIMultaneously).
  • Turn on the headphones by holding the button for 5 seconds.

How to fix the out of sync problem?

In addition to the method described above, there are several other operations that will help you sync your headphones:

  • Cancel pairing. One of the most common mistakes is trying to connect a device without prior synchronization. To solve the problem, the gadget must “forget” pairing. Go to the Bluetooth device manager, find the headphones in the list of paired and cancel the connection using the “Forget device” button.
  • Reset settings manually. No special buttons on the case? You will need to take out both earbuds from there and press the power button. Pressing should continue for about a minute. The LED signal will first light up, then start flashing and turn off.
  • Resetting the settings manually in the case. If the previous method did not work, repeat these steps, only do not remove the headphones from the case.
  • Reset settings using a case. If the charger has a special button, then the gadget needs to be placed inside the case. By analogy with the previous method, then you need to press the power button for at least 60 seconds.

How to sync headphones from different brands?

The principle of operation of bluetooth devices does not differ depending on the brand. Differences can only have indication signals and ways of synchronizing gadgets. Let’s look at the difference using the example of the two most popular models: Xiaomi AirDots and Apple Airpods.

How to pair headphones with each other

There is a standard instruction on how to make two ears “make friends” with each other. Headphones are paired as follows:

  • We turn on one of the “ears”: that the device is online, the characteristic blinking will tell.
  • Turn on the second earpiece.
  • The last step is to quickly press the power button twice. If the headphones are connected to each other. After this procedure, the light will light up and the light signal will disappear.

# 128081; Popular headphones ;. How to sync headphones with each other?

Pairing wireless headphones with each other is done via Bluetooth. In this case, the left and right ears, when first connected, send signals to each other. This helps them determine the time it takes to exchange data. Analysis can be difficult if interfering signals or noise interfere with the pairing. When the gadget makes the necessary calculations, it will divide the incoming signal between the left and right channels in half.

Any pair of wireless devices has a master. Usually the right earpiece plays the role of receiving the signal. Because of this, the master ear discharges a little faster, since in addition to the main function, it instantly transmits information to the slave, most often the left, earpiece. To keep music or other sounds in sync, the main device plays a signal with a slight delay.

How to sync Airpods with each other?

Airpods sync with each other regardless of whether they were purchased as a pair or you first bought one and then another earbud. Follow these steps:

  • Place the headphones in the case (the status indicator should be orange).
  • Connect the device to the network, wait 40 minutes.
  • Open the lid, press and hold the setting button for a few seconds (it is located on the back of the case). The indicator will flash white.
  • Bring your Iphone to the case, click “Connect” and select “Done”.

This procedure will help you if you don’t know how to sync different Airpods.

How to connect both Xiaomi AirDots headphones to the phone

When connecting headphones, users are often faced with the fact that music plays in one headphone, but not in the second. Although both earbuds appear in the list of connected devices in the Bluetooth menu.

Perhaps this is some kind of factory defect in the entire AirDots line. Or a flaw in the model with a synchronization problem. This is also due to the fact that the headphones can be separated. You can connect only one of them to the phone, while the second to the laptop. Or lend it to another user to listen to music on his smartphone.

Even if you try to connect the second Xiaomi AirDots earphone in parallel, it will be connected, and the second one is disconnected. And so it will go on forever. Let’s take a look at how to sync them correctly.

When unpacking, you need to remove the case with inserts from the package:

  • You need to immediately make sure that the battery of the case and headphones has enough charge to connect with each other;
  • Remove both devices from the case and wait a few seconds. At the beginning, the indicators on their body will turn red;

This manual will be useful for those who have not connected AirDots to the phone before. If you have already done this, but without success, read the next section of the article.

How to synchronize earbuds with each other

Often, after connecting the AirDots, the sound comes from only one earphone. This may be due to the fact that the Xiaomi device did not manage to sync with each other. As a result, only one of them was connected via Bluetooth. In such a situation, you need to reconnect them by resetting the settings. You also need to remove the model name from the list of connected devices via Bluetooth. To do this, go back to the settings window and find AirDots in the list.

Then click on the arrow opposite the model name. In the next window, select “Delete”.

In some phones, there is a cross next to each connected device, clicking on which removes the device from the list of connected ones. To reset the settings on the headphones, you need to take both in your hands and hold down the button on them for 45 seconds. During this time, the indicators on the buttons should light up red. Then they should flash white about 10 times.

When you have reset the settings, repeat the instructions for connecting them from the first section of the article. Thus, you will be able to connect both Xiaomi AirDots headphones to your smartphone or laptop with Bluetooth. The inserts may become out of sync with each other due to the fact that they have been lying on a shelf or in a desk drawer for a long time outside the charging case. This even happens with headphones that were previously paired with the phone and both worked synchronously. Therefore, it is important not to leave them out of the case.

What to do if Xiaomi AirDots headphones do not connect

Even if the above recommendations are followed, users may have problems connecting AirDots with each other. Connect the case to the charger and place the headphones in. Leave them in this position for half an hour. The headphone owner should also take into account that in some cases, synchronization occurs even if the white indicator is not displayed. This means that after removing the device, you need to wait approximately 20-30 seconds. Then try to connect them to the phone.

How to sync Xiaomi AirDots headphones with each other

When buying a new device, we often face problems when setting up and connecting it. In this article, you will learn how to sync Xiaomi AirDots wireless Bluetooth headphones with each other.

  • How to connect both Xiaomi AirDots headphones to the phone
  • How to synchronize earbuds with each other
  • What to do if Xiaomi AirDots headphones do not connect
  • Features of using a wireless device

Features of using a wireless device

Redmi AirDots earbuds do not have a touchpad like many other wireless devices. Instead, there are mechanical buttons on the case. Some people like them better, as the sensor often reacts to touch when we just adjust the earpiece. But there is also not enough. The mechanical button has to be pressed with effort. As a result, the earmold is pressed deeper into the ear, which causes discomfort.

Using these buttons, we synchronize the wireless headphones of the Xiaomi AirDots model with each other. We can also control the music player in the phone. By clicking on any of them quickly twice on the button on the phone, we will call the voice assistant.

If you press the button once, the music playback will stop. Press again and the music will continue to play. Each earphone has a built-in microphone that transmits sound to your interlocutor with a fairly high quality during a conversation. Most users also have no complaints about the sound quality of this device.

Headphone Sync Methods

Recently, wireless Bluetooth headphones have become very popular. This stylish and convenient accessory has practically no drawbacks. Sometimes the problem with using these headphones is just their synchronization. For the accessory to work smoothly, you need to take into account some nuances when setting up.


If you experience any problems during the operation of the headphones, you can restore them by resetting the settings to the factory settings. It will also help in the event that the headphones are planned to be sold or donated to another user.

In order to return Bluetooth headphones to their factory settings, you must first delete them from the device on which they were used. So, you need to go to the phone menu and in the Bluetooth settings click on the “Forget device” tab.

After that, you need to SIMultaneously hold down the buttons on both headphones for about 5-6 seconds. In response, they should signal by showing red lights, and then turn off completely.

Next, you need to re-SIMultaneously hold down the buttons only for 10-15 seconds. They will turn on with a characteristic sound. You do not need to release the buttons. It is recommended to wait for the double beep. You can assume that the factory reset was successful.

Bluetooth sync features

Before you can sync your headset, you need to determine the operating system of your device. In most cases, this is iOS or Android.

For the Android operating system, the steps are as follows:

  • Bluetooth is turned on first on the headphones themselves, and then on the device;
  • Then in the list of detected devices, you must select the appropriate headset.

With the iOS operating system (Apple gadgets), you can pair them in the following way:

  • In the device settings, you must activate the Bluetooth function;
  • Then bring the headphones into working condition;
  • When they are displayed in the list of available headsets, select the corresponding “ears”.

When connecting a bluetooth headset, users often wonder if only one earphone can work. Indeed, some manufacturers of such devices have added this capability. The synchronization procedure in this case will be exactly the same. But there is an important nuance. Only the lead earpiece can work separately (in most cases, it is indicated). Slave works only in tandem.


After a factory reset, the headphones can be re-synced with any device. They mate quite SIMply, the main thing is to take into account some of the nuances.

In order for both “ears” to work in the desired mode, you must perform the following steps:

  • On one of the headphones, you need to press the on / off button. The fact that the headphone has turned on can be judged by the light indicator that appears (it will blink);
  • Then the same must be done with the second earpiece;
  • Connect them with each other by double-clicking. If everything is done correctly, then another light signal will appear, and then it will disappear.

You can assume that the headset is completely ready for use. The synchronization procedure is quite SIMple and does not take much time if done correctly and without haste.

Synchronization of wireless headphones via Bluetooth in the video below.