How To Sync iPad With Icloud

Since the world saw a variety of Apple devices, it has become very comfortable to use them, especially if your smartphone, tablet and other gadgets are connected to iCloud storage.

ICloud is a cloud service owned by Apple, which, when creating a new account, makes it possible to synchronize a variety of information between devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and computer. First of all, iCloud provides amazing user experience for interaction between various Apple devices.

Whatever he works at the moment, he has access to the most current version of all the most important documents, notes, contacts and applications. In addition, having created an account in the global cloud storage for his iPhone and using it, the user gets an easy opportunity to recover any lost data using the backup from iCloud.

How To Sync iPad With Icloud

Also, the user can create new mail in the i-cloud, and such mail is extremely convenient. A distinctive feature of iŠ”loud for iPhone is its simplicity and indispensability, but first things first.

ICloud Key Features

The service has the ability to synchronize and, if necessary, restore all data about the user’s purchases, automatically loads purchased applications, books or music on the iPad and iPhone.

All keys in one bunch

Suppose a user works on an iPhone, then he decided to switch to another gadget from Apple or work from a computer. At the same time, the service not only automatically restores the data and synchronizes it, but also allows you not to remember all the usernames and passwords from accounts, applications and other things.

ITunes Match. All your favorite music at hand

If you have a huge amount of music and there is no possibility or desire to purchase it in iTunes, then such an application will come in handy. It will quickly scan the songs downloaded there from the library, and if there are matches, it will fill the music from the iTunes Store. If not, then the music can be copied to the iPhone from the computer. The maximum number of saved songs is up to 25 thousand.

Endless stream of photos

Shooting on the iPhone is much more comfortable than carrying a bulky camera. The smartphone’s camera allows you to take high-quality photos, so with it, many take pictures almost daily. What to do if you need to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad or computer, or restore photos?

For those who know about this global cloud, who use it, this is not a problem. After the photo is taken, it is automatically uploaded to the photo stream and transferred to all the gadgets that the user wanted to synchronize in iCloud. The volume of stored images is up to 1000 pieces. In this case, no additional actions are needed. You just need to use it, log in to your account and thereby synchronize the data.

All the necessary documentation in the cloud service

There are situations when certain working data needs to be urgently restored or downloaded to an iOS device, and iTunes is at hand, as luck would have it, not. But with an iCloud account this is also not a question. You just need to go to iWork from your computer, upload this file to the necessary application, then go into this iOS application and after a few seconds the document will be where you need it.

This application is truly priceless, using it means ensuring complete peace of mind. In addition, when you edit a document on iOS, its updated version automatically appears in the iCloud web version, on the iPhone and other connected gadgets. So if you lose some data and it is possible, then recovering it at any time is extremely easy.

Restore from backup. How it works?

After registering in the service, the owner of the gadgets receives 5 GB of free space in the cloud for free. The volume of your cloud can always be changed by paying extra space. Using it, he stores there backups of all important data located on his devices.

Now you no longer need to run iTunes over and over to restore the iPhone from backup, as everything becomes much easier. At the time of connecting the iPhone charging and Wi-Fi turned on, a backup copy of all data is created by him absolutely automatically. The following are saved in the record:

  • General device settings (a copy of them is always stored in the cloud);
  • Individual arrangement of icons on the screen;
  • All messages (iMessage, SMS), you can restore lost messages at any time;
  • Acquired music, books, TV clips;
  • Arrays of photos, captured on the device’s camera (with this service, you can go to the cloud at any time and restore everything that is important to the user from the copy);

The ability to find a lost device

Losing an expensive iPhone is always stressful, especially if it contains any important information. But having a global cloud at hand, constantly using it, even the loss of a device is not perceived as the end of the world.

IPhone Location

It doesn’t matter where you left it. In the library or at home in the kitchen, you can log in to your iCloud.com account from your computer and instantly see on the map where your iPhone is. If the device is really lost, it can be remotely blocked (after all, the data can be restored from the cloud storage) or a message will be displayed on the screen asking the finder to urgently contact you.

Family access to all data

Icloud allows you to create a family access group for all information on all devices. This group can include up to 6 people, you do not need to create a new even account in the service. You can use it with the one that was created in the service earlier.

ICloud mail: its undoubted “pluses”

When creating an account in iCloud, you get the opportunity not only to use the calendar, contacts, reminders, bookmarks and notes that can be synchronized with each other. Another important feature appears. The creation of new mail. Its some advantages:

  • This mail is completely and completely free of advertising;
  • Push notifications about the appearance of a new message on the server come to your mail instantly;
  • It is possible to create aliases. Change your data and create virtual mailboxes.

You can either synchronize the operation of the mailbox with the cloud and with other gadgets, or leave the cloud by making the mail inactive for public access and use it personally.

ICloud Account

So we got to the most important and at the same time the simplest. So how do you create an account, log in to it and start using iCloud? In order to get to the web interface from a computer, you just need to enter your Apple ID on the iCloud website and in a few seconds you will be inside.

The main settings and changes are made directly on the phone, so, according to the attached images, you can select from the items what exactly you need to synchronize, whether to turn on the “Keychain” and “Photo” with “Documents”, whether to track the phone through “Find iPhone”. It also configures backup in iCloud and “Delete account.”

IPhone iCloud settings overview

A separate word about iCloud mail, here, in the settings, you can create a new mailbox and use it in a couple of minutes. You do not need to enter it separately, it’s enough that you are authorized in iCloud. All additional settings are performed here.

ICloud Mail Settings Tour

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