How To Sync iPad And iPhone Via Icloud

Hello! You must admit that the built-in “notes” application is an excellent tool for quickly writing down some text or drawing a picture. I myself use this functionality very often and it is really convenient. However, few people know that if you use several Apple devices at the same time, be it iPhone or iPad, then there is the ability to easily and easily synchronize notes between them. Yes, and on the computer you can also access them.

And it’s very cool! A common example is to quickly create a note on the iPhone, edit it on the iPad’s large screen, and make the final changes on the computer. I can say to myself that I do not often create some huge notes, but even for small text I am pleased with the possibility of transferring them from one iOS device to another. About how to do it all and talk will go, let’s go!

To fully synchronize notes, including with the ability to view them via the Internet, you must use the iCloud service. However, nothing prevents you from using your Gmail or Exchange accounts.

Turn on syncing notes with iCloud

  1. Open the settings on the iPhone or iPad.
  2. We are looking for the item iCloud.
  3. Enter your iCloud email address and password and click Login.
  4. For synchronization, we move the switch opposite notes.

That’s all, after this procedure, all your notes are sent to the cloud. In order for them to move to another iPhone or iPad, it is enough to do all the same actions on them.

And of course, now there is an opportunity to view them on a PC.

How to view notes from iPhone or iPad on a computer

This problem has two solutions:

  1. Use the iCloud web interface.
  2. Pull them out of backup.

In the first case, you need to go to iCloud.com and enter your username and password for your account. In the window that opens, select the desired menu item and see all your entries. Here they can be edited or copied to a computer.

How To Sync iPad And iPhone Via Icloud

In order to view the notes stored in the backup, it will take a little more effort. How to get all the information written in detail in this article.

How to sync notes using Gmail and Exchange

However, iCloud is not required to be used; transferring entries between iOS devices is also possible with the help of other popular Internet services such as Gmail and Exchange. To enable them, you must go to a pre-configured mail account.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Click on Mail, addresses, calendars.
  3. Select the account you want to enable.
  4. We activate the switch and turn on the synchronization of notes.

Now, having done the same actions on another iOS device, all the records will be transferred to it.

How to switch between note accounts on iPhone and iPad

Notes can be stored both locally on the iPhone and iPad (that is, exclusively on the device), and be tied to various accounts. For example, we’ve already reviewed synchronization with iCloud, Gmail, and Exchange. And if it so happened that your records are stored in several places, then it is very easy to switch between them.

  1. Launch notes application on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Press the back button in the upper left of the screen.
  3. We see all the accounts that contain notes. Easily move on to the one you need.

By the way, that’s how I discovered one very necessary and, as I thought, missing record. It’s just that I kept it in another account.