How to Sync Games on Iphone 5s

How to Sync Games on Iphone 5s

Just because iPhones are much easier to connect to a MacBook does not mean that they cannot work with Windows 10. Syncing iPhone data with Windows 10 will require a little more patience and time, but you can put up with it if your laptop runs on Windows 10.

Of course, connecting the iPhone as it connects to the MacBook does not work. During synchronization, it will not be possible to simply transfer files in the explorer from the phone to the computer like Android, but a couple of clicks and a little ingenuity will help to work with an iPhone on Windows no worse.

Copy to iPhone

Synchronization of music, photos, movies and other content involves the development of iTunes, which can be downloaded here. You can import music by opening the menu File Add folder to your library and add a folder. Individual files are also added from the menu by selecting File Add file to library. After adding your music library to iTunes, follow these steps:

1. Connect your iPhone to the laptop using a Lightning cable.

2. Press the button Proceed, when you see a request to connect the phone to provide access to the system.

3. Click the phone icon in the top bar of iTunes.

4. Press the button Synchronize.

After that, two devices. computer and phone will be synchronized. If this does not happen, go to the sidebar and turn on sync ticks in front of music, movies, TV shows and photos. Click the Sync button again.

The synchronization process may take some time, depending on how much content needs to be synchronized.

Similarly, you can synchronize the rest of the content from the computer to the iPhone.

5. Take your iPhone in your hands and check photos, music, applications ands to make sure all files are received from a Windows 10 computer.

Copy from iPhone

But copying from iPhone to a computer with Windows 10 is really not an easy operation. In an attempt to avoid piracy and illegal copying of content, Apple has made synchronizing your computer with your iPhone very difficult for ordinary users. Fortunately, there are some workarounds that we will now consider.

  • Music and movies. You can transfer media files from iTunes to your phone from your computer; you cannot send them from your phone to your computer. However, if you buy media from iTunes on your iPhone, you can get it on your desktop via the cloud. As long as you support one Apple ID, you can download all your songs and movies again from iTunes on your computer at no additional cost.
  • Photo. To import photos from iPhone to Windows 10, I recommend using the OneDrive cloud service, whose client is easily located in the Apple Store.
  • Files. Cloud service is your best friend for file synchronization. You can use for this purpose almost any cloud service whose client can be found in the Apple Store. Although I personally use Dropbox, you can also use iCloud. I also recommend that you read the article Best Runet Cloud Services for storing information if you do not know which cloud service to choose.

The way to synchronize your iPhone with Windows 10 is not so complicated, just download and install the iTunes application on a computer with Windows 10, and then the application will do everything for you. But you just want to get files from an iPhone to a computer with Windows 10 and it becomes sad. But cloud services will allow you to send any files from an iPhone to a computer with Windows 10.