How to switch the sound track on the Samsung TV

How to install Russian on Samsung Smart TV H series H?

We turn on the TV go to Menu-SoStem-Language, we select Russian in the list (or in cm to immediately set the menu language in Control-Sub Option-Pnplanguage Change from EU to RUS).

To do this, looking at the channel of high clarity on which you want to change the sound of the sound accompaniment, click the “Menu” button on the remote control, go to the “Installation” menu to the “preference” tab, indicate in the “main language of audio” sound accompaniment.

Why DTS is not played on the Samsung TV?

Samsung has stopped supporting DTS for all TV models since 2018. DTS is the company “Digital Theater System”, which has developed a multi.Channel digital sound system for cinemas. With regard to television, DTS is a multi.Channel audio system that supports, for example, 5.1 channels.

At the same time, the sound for two frontal, central, two rear speakers and a subwoofer is encoded individually. There is an alternative soundtrack format from Dolby, for example, Dolby Digital. In both systems, the sound in the film is recorded in the form of many channels. And now you can manage not only two generally accepted stereodins, but also 5.1-channel system with additional speakers.

This allows you to realistically reproduce the sound. To create soundtracks DTS requires a DTS encoder. It encodes a multi.Channel sound, and the DTS decoder reads and reproduces this information. Any device that should play DTS needs a DTS decoder. For some time now, for the use of DTS decoder in household electronics, it is necessary to pay a licensed collection to the DTS developer.

This fee is specified by the manufacturer himself individually, t.E. The cost of a license for one device is not publicly available information. If the assumptions are correct (DTS license costs certain money), then for Samsung each new television lineup is poured into a tidy sum. Why spend so much money on support for DTS, if they can also be tilted into advertising, which Samsung already has plenty of?

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How to Turn Samsung TV Voice Guide On & Off

It is not surprising that Samsung on 2018 TVs and canceled DTS support. But on the other hand, the manufacturer has support for Dolby Codec. So the ability to reproduce multi.Channel sound tracks remained. In the case of Samsung TVs, there is a Dolby Digital Plus (DD) function, which is maintained to scheme 5.One.

So, the problem. If you have a film with a sound path DTS, Samsung can start playback, but an error message will appear. The video is played, but only without sound.

How to enable AV on the TV Vityaz?

To set up the TV “Vityaz”, you need to go to the service menu. To do this, you need to transfer the TV into the mode on duty, then press the AV button located on the front panel, then turn on the TV, holding the button.

AV output is a special connector that is used to transmit analog signal. If the TV has an AV output, then using it you can take an analog video signal from a computer, camera, video camera, smartphones and DVDs.

What does the input AV mean on TV?

Each television channel has a supporting frequency fixed behind. When setting up ATV in the TV, the receiver sequentially scans the frequency range, reads the name of the channel, official information and writes in memory. The disadvantage of this type of transmission is the exposure to interference.

  • On the rear panel of the TV we find the right port, it can be signed by HDMI in. On DVD we find an identical connector signed by HDMI OUT;
  • Combine using HDMI cable
  • In the TV settings, you need to install the signal from the HDMI port;
  • We turn on the equipment and check the correct connection.
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If you have a Smart-TV, then put the PLEX Server on the laptop, and you can choose the paths in a very beautiful and convenient menu on the PLEX-PLAYER TV.

In my rather ancient Samsung, when playing with HDD, just press the OK button on the remote control and select subtitles and sound track in the menu (below).

Well, probably in the next (twentieth?) once I reveal the secret. Everything you ask, and you will even ask, described in the manual of your TV.

When playing, pitch on different menu. There should be an audio road choice.

If LG, there is a “additional options” in the regular player in the regular player

I use Kodi on Android TV and on the prefix, from TV on ARC you can only convey DD and DTS.

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Nvidia shield TV displays all formats up to Dolby atmos

Which Smart TV opera is or voiced the TV brand. If there is Android, then there is a bunch of players where you can switch the track

Not only for you, but really to most asking are it useful to read the instructions

switch, sound, track, samsung

Panasonic, when viewing the video file via player TV, click the Option button

10-20 GB one film 4K is some kind of web rip, with a bit of 19,000, do not be tormented, all the more you have a receiver, take the most cheap dune about 4 and you will be happy, it’s convenient and it will be better to run around the paths and the quality will be better naturally.

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How to unlock Smart hub?

To unlock Smart-Hub in Samsung TVs, you need a regular (button) remote control, because you need to change some settings in the service menu. When the TV is turned off, you must take the next key combination (Info, Setting, Mute, and turn on the TV.

How to see the time of the time of the TV from the moment of inclusion. We go into this menu by clicking in the input of the central button where the arrows. We enter the SVC menu and see Panel Display Time there. Shown how much the TV has worked in the clock.

How to set up a keyboard on Smart TV?

To configure the wireless keyboard for working with TV, you will need to go to the “Device Manager” section and select the necessary settings. In the parameters you need to select the command “Add Bluetooth keyboard”. TV will automatically start searching for a new device.

  • Enter the TV menu: click the Home button on the remote control (in the form of a house) and select the settings on the TV screen.
  • Enter the broadcast point.
  • Select additional settings.
  • In the broadcast item, select the Izm
  • Press the Home button on the remote control (in the form of a house).

How to change the language of input on the keyboard?

You can also change the keyboard language by pressing Ctrl Shift gap until the right layout appears. To switch to the previous tongue, click Ctrl gap.

Also in the “Device Manager” you can configure the Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse on a robot with a TV. To do this, it is enough to turn on the Bluetooth device and go to the “menu”. “system”. “device manager” and then select the settings depending on what is connected, the keyboard or mouse is connected.

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Sound control, Sound menu setting. Samsung TV operating instructions

You can choose the sound mode in accordance with your preferences.

Tools to display menu tools. You can also perform

Standard sounding of a conventional sound mode.Musication of music compared to the sound of the voice.Cinema supply of the highest sound quality when watching films.Clearly voiceing the sound of the voice compared to other sounds.Benefits.Recovery of user sound settings.

switch, sound, track, samsung

You can configure sound parameters in accordance with your preferences.The regimen of the sound mode is in accordance with its preferences.Balance of balance between the right and left loudspeakers.100hz / 300Hz / 1kHz / 3kHz / 10kHz (adjustment of the passage strip) is used to adjust the sound level in different frequency ranges.Raping the equalizer settings to default values.

SRS Trusurround HD is a patented SRS technology, which allows you to reproduce the sound of multi.Channel

(5.1) television through two loudspeakers. Trusurround function provides a reproduction of an exciting

Virtual volumetric sound through a system with two loudspeakers, including built.In loudspeakers

TV. The function works with all multi.Channel formats.

SRS on the remote control and select the off. Or

Audio language (only for digital channels)

You can change the default language of audio. Display of information about the language of the incoming flow.

You can choose a language only among languages ​​in which programs are broadcast.

Audio format → Mpeg / Dolby Digital (only for digital channels)

When the sound is displayed through the main loudspeaker and an audiorer, an echo effect may occur due to differences in speed

Decoding these devices. In this case, use the function of the loudspeaker of the TV.

An audio format will appear in accordance with the translated signal.

Description of audio (only for digital channels)

This is an auxiliary function of the audio, which provides an additional audio track for people with a weakened

Vision. This function processes an audio for AD (description of audio) when it is sent by a broadcast company

How to Turn Off Voice Guide on Samsung TV

Together with the main audio. Users can turn on or off the description of the audio and adjust the volume.

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