How to Switch Songs on Iphone Se Headphones

When choosing headphones, first of all you pay attention to how they sound, but if by this indicator they are at the level of their direct competitors, then sometimes you can pay attention to other points. Maybe a smell?

Today we have headphones from Harper, a company that is known for its affordable, but high-quality electronics accessories. Not so long ago, we already had reviews of its devices on the channel. For example, we talked about how to make wireless from wired headphones using a special adapter, but this time we will talk about ordinary headphones.

Harper hv-705

The first headphones we want to talk about are the Harper HV-705. They have a fairly compact size and soft silicone ear pads. They come in three sizes. Due to the small size and conical shape, the headphones do not press on the ears and sit comfortably for a long time.

How to Switch Songs on Iphone Se Headphones

A pleasant surprise was the fact that the wire does not transmit blows to it and friction on clothes to the ears. Many budget models suffer from this problem, which is completely unpleasant.

It should be noted that the headphones have a certain smell. You might think that this is the smell of glue and plastic, but in reality it is more like some kind of flavoring or perfume. This is not to say that he is obsessive, he is rather pleasant. Perhaps most of all the girls will like it.

The most important thing that can be said about the headphones is how they sound. The sound in the headphones is very decent for their price. Of course, there is a little slurred midrange when compared with more expensive headphones, but among the competitors, the sound quality of the Harper HV-705 is quite decent. We didn’t forget about low frequencies here, but you should not expect anything outstanding from them if you are used to the sound of models for several thousand rubles.

Harper hv-805

The second headphones are not much different from the first option. The main difference in the name of the model. They are called Harper HV-805. The main visual differences are that in the second case the membrane has a slightly larger size, which could not but affect the softness of the sound, and also that the headphone case is made of plastic and has a different shape. The rest of the headphones are identical.

General characteristics and conclusions

Before that, we had never mentioned the characteristics of the headphones. The fact is that they are the same for both models. They look as follows:

  • frequency range. 20—20,000 Hz
  • sensitivity. 102 dB
  • resistance. 32 ohms

If you need headphones up to 1000 rubles, then perhaps you should take a closer look at the Harper HV-705 and Harper HV-805.