How to Stick a Protective Glass on a Huawei

The main function of the protective glass in the smartphone is to take a hit. This provides protection for the touchscreen from damage. Safety glass often becomes unusable after an impact. It is covered with cracks, chips and other damage. From this, the level of protection drops significantly. The review of the display is deteriorating, and the smartphone itself is losing attractiveness. To replace the cover with a new one, let’s look at the features of how to remove the protective glass from the phone.

Precautionary measures

Before you remove the protective glass from the phone, you need to consider a rather important point. Due to the perfectly smooth surface of the touch screen, the glass adheres very firmly to it. Often it is held not by glue, but by electrostatic forces. So two flat surfaces come into contact, and you won’t be able to remove the glass simply by prying it with your fingernail. If you use the first available tool, for example, a knife, then there is a risk of damage to the case and display of the smartphone.

Using a single silicone suction cup is not enough. If it is strongly glued to the damaged glass, then a vacuum will not form under it, and when it is applied, it will slip off. With good grip, the suction cup will not come off, but another problem will appear. The sensor in the housing is fixed using glue or double-sided adhesive tape. Their tensile strength is lower than that of protective glass and touchscreen. If you overdo it, then you can completely disrupt the screen module, damaging its loops. It is necessary to act consistently and deliberately.

Removing the glass from the phone

Before you remove the cracked protective glass of the phone, you need to prepare and arm yourself with a special tool kit.

  • Lint-free cloth.
  • Medical gloves. optional.
  • Silicone suction cup is optional.
  • A wiper (preferably containing alcohol), vodka, alcohol or an alcoholic perfume (cologne, perfume) are optional.
  • Thin plastic stick, scapula or pick.

Often the protective glass is equipped with the necessary devices.

Consider how to remove the old film of the phone:

  • Before removing the protective glass from the phone, you need to wash your hands with soap and dry. Otherwise, rubber gloves are worn. This is required to prevent smudges and fingerprints on the screen surface.
  • To replace the protective glass on the phone, you need to find the most whole corner, where there are no chips and other damages (or they are, but in the smallest amount). There you need to cling to the suction cup, while pressing it to the screen.
  • The mediator pokes off the corner where the suction cup is glued. This is necessary to peel off the edge of the glass. You need to simultaneously pull on the suction cup slightly. It is important not to overdo it so that the screen does not tear until the gap between the glass and it forms. If there is no suction cup on hand, then it will be enough to smoothly insert the mediator into the formed gap deeper.
  • As the broken protective glass peels off, you need to deepen the card / scapula / mediator. If the screen is large, then you need to work with two tools at once. They should be promoted in different directions.
  • The last touch in replacing the screen protector on the phone is to sip the suction cup toward you until the glass comes off completely. You can take your fingers over the edge and do the same.
How to Stick a Protective Glass on a Huawei

Sticking new glass

For a quality replacement of the protective glass on the phone, all procedures should be done in a clean room where there is no dust.

  • When you have already figured out how the protective glass is removed from the phone, and performed this action, we proceed to gluing a new one. We clean the screen with an alcohol-containing liquid.
  • We remove the film from the new protective glass on the side that is attached directly to the phone. Glass should be kept as close to the surface of the gadget as possible. Align it carefully and make sure all openings match. After that, the glass is completely lowered onto the screen.
  • If the bubbles appear, they are easily displaced after holding the glass with a dry cloth. The last step is to remove the second film. Your phone is now protected.

It is very simple to remove and stick a protective glass. To perform this process, you do not need to contact service centers, everything is quickly done with your own hands.