How To Split Screen On Ipad

What to do if rotation settings are locked

Screen orientation lock on iPad was added only in models with iOS 4.0. In older versions, this should have been jailbreak, but now the need for this procedure has disappeared.

Look for the lock and curved arrow icon on the screen to see if the rotation is locked. A gray color of this icon indicates that the blocking is active.

If, when you change the position of the device in space, the screen on the iPad does not turn over, take a few simple steps that will help you turn off the lock:

  • Go to the “Control Center”
  • Touch the lock icon that appears on the screen, thereby deactivating the function

After deactivating the lock, the screen will rotate automatically when you turn the gadget and turn on programs that support this function.

What to do if the screen won’t rotate on iPad mini 4, iPad 5 (2017), iPad 6 (2018), iPad 7 (2019), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3, iPad Pro and later

If you see a small icon in the form of a lock with a round arrow next to the current battery status on the status bar (in the status bar) of the iPad, then the automatic rotation of the iPad screen is blocked.

How To Split Screen On Ipad

In order to lock or unlock the automatic screen rotation on the aforementioned iPad models, you need to open the Control Center and use the corresponding button.

When the rotation lock is enabled, the portrait or landscape orientation of the screen will be preserved and will not change when the device is rotated.

Intel Xeon on LGA775 socket

Hardware failure

The screen may stop flipping when it crashes, for example, due to downloading a low-quality application. The solution to the problem with the rotation function in this case will be to restart the tablet. To do this, press the iPad power button and hold it until the “Turn off” button appears on the display. Then turn off and turn on your Apple tablet. You can also flash the device.

If this did not help, go to “Settings”, go to the “General” menu item, then “Accessibility” and select “Physiology and motor skills” with the name AssistiveTouch. Open it and a virtual button will appear on the display. Click on it to activate the function of changing the position of the display, and forcibly change its orientation.

Gyroscope breakage

As a result of the breakdown of the device underlying the flip technology, the display stops spinning with the rotation of the device. In this case, it is impossible to solve the problem on your own in this case, without special devices and practical skills.

Therefore, if the automatic screen rotation does not work, and the picture still does not unfold after all the above steps have been completed, you should think about immediately contacting a qualified technician. He will assess the condition of the iPad, correctly determine the reason why the screen does not unfold, and provide the necessary services to fix the problem.

What is required to repair a tablet

It is not recommended to disassemble the iPad with a non-working screen on your own, since all the details of the gadget are very fragile and any unskilled intervention in the “stuffing” of the tablet can cause it to fail completely. Then you will not only be unable to solve the problem with unlocking the orientation, which changes incorrectly, but also break the tablet, which will require expensive replacement of components to repair.

It is also worth remembering that professional tools are required to disassemble the iPad case to return the flip function. Therefore, it is better to entrust the repair of the gadget on which the orientation does not change to a qualified specialist. A professional will quickly and efficiently restore a tablet on which the display has stopped working, and the picture does not spin when the position of the gadget is changed

Most often, it takes one to two hours to repair one or another iPad model, on which the display orientation does not change when the device is rotated. The term may vary depending on the cause of the problem with auto-rotate images on the screen.

Vertical fixation

Windows can be fixed not only on the sides, but also at the top and bottom. One program will occupy the top half of the screen, the other the bottom. This can be done with hot keys, only the arrow is not left / right, but up / down. Pressing the arrows again will minimize one of the programs to the tray. Dragging does not work. It is worth remembering that not all programs have sufficient flexibility and adaptability, the windows of some programs may behave or display incorrectly

How to split screen in Windows 10

Microsoft is constantly working to expand the capabilities of its main operating system Windows 10, and in the latest revisions, the function of splitting and pinning active windows (or just open ones) on one screen has been improved using the standard Snap Assist tool.

Snap Assist: How to Use

In fact, the procedure is quite simple. If you have a window of a running program, in order to fix this window in a certain place, press the left button on the title, and without letting go, drag the window to the side, left or right, right to the end of the monitor. You will see a semi-transparent border, which means that the window is already in the docking area. The frame tells you how the window (already docked) will be positioned after you release the mouse button. Are you satisfied with the situation? Release the key, and the window will automatically stand firmly in this zone.

By the way, the guiding translucent frame n instantly appears as soon as you start pulling the window, but this is not necessary, or rather, you can drag it without waiting for it to appear. You just drag the window to the desired part of the monitor and save a couple of seconds. The window is fastened so that half of the available screen space is occupied. This part of the function works on earlier versions of the OS, but the new features are expanded.


In Windows, of course, you can do a lot with the keyboard, including splitting the screen and pinning program windows. For example, you need to send it to the right side of the screen, press Win simultaneously with the right arrow. However, Assist will not appear to you in this case, the schematic appears only when you drag it. Each window obeys the general rules of system windows.

Snap expansion in the top ten

In Windows 10, dragging and dropping windows has slightly advanced functionality. As soon as dragging starts, the diagram is shown with all open windows. By clicking on any, the user automatically sends it to a free cell or part of the screen. It is much more convenient than manually pulling the windows and setting them in the right place.

What is Snap Assist Tool

The Snap feature is rooted in the Windows 7 version of the system. It allowed the user to distribute the windows of running programs across the screen, and pin them there so that they were equal. When there is a need to work with many windows at the same time, and there is only one monitor, this greatly helps to use the desktop space much more efficiently. You can split the monitor into two windows vertically, or you can drag each window to the corners of the okra, and you will get the table divided into quarters, in each corner a separate concretely attached application will work (actively). The user receives information from several programs at once, optimizing and making his work more efficient.

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However, if you don’t know how to start split screen mode, you are out of luck as iOS doesn’t give you any prompts, and you may skip this useful feature altogether.

So, to save you the hassle, follow this simple guide on how to launch split screen mode on iPhone or iPad.

We used iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) for this tutorial, but the steps work for iPhone as well. You just need to enable the mode in “Settings”, “Display and Brightness”, “Display Zoom”, “Zoom”, “Set”, then “Use Zoom”.

How to set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

1. Find your second app

To split your screen on iOS, you really need to find the second app and open it. Now close it again. All you had to do was open it for a short time so that it appears in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

2. Open the main application

Now open the main app you want to split screens with. If you do not want the applications between which you divide the screen to have the same size, choose the one that will take up most of the screen space.

Then swipe up from the bottom to open the toolbar with your pinned apps, as well as the most recent ones. That’s why you opened another app, as it should be in this panel.

3. Drag the second application

Press and hold this second app, and then drag it up from the toolbar. When you hover your mouse over the first app, it should become a long, thin rectangle, as shown below. Drag it to the left or right side of the screen, whichever side you would like to place the second app, and release to open it there.

If when you grab and drag the second app, it is in the second window, that unfortunately means that the app does not support split screen mode, so you are out of luck.

How to Rebuild Split Screen Mode on iPad

On iPad, you now have one large app that takes up most of the screen and another sits in the sidebar. It may not be what you wanted, but you can change things in several ways.

1. Hide and return the pop-up tab

If you want to hide this second app, you can simply touch the gray bar at the top and drag it towards the screen, which will cause the app to disappear to the side.

Then if you want to bring it back, you can hover over that side and it will reappear.

2. Open “true” split screen mode

The second tab is now in front of the first, but you can truly split the screen between the two tabs if you like.

Press and hold the gray bar at the top of the second tab and drag it down (or up). Both tabs will be blurred, but when you release they will be side by side, so the text will not be hidden either.

To change this, just repeat the same procedure and the second app will hover over the main one again.

3. Align applications

If you want the second app to be bigger, you can easily drag the bar between them halfway across the screen or even further. Apps can only be split 50:50 or 25:75.

What is Split View Multitasking on iPad?

Split View on iPad allows you to fully work (view content, copy links, text and images between windows) on an Apple tablet with two applications at the same time.

How to enable “Split View” screen on iPad

It remains to select the application for the right side of the display. However, please note that all programs cannot support this mode. Although you can open multiple applications, only the top window will be active. This mode is called “Split Over”. In this case, the window divider is set manually. This application is used on tablets with the operating system iOS 9 and the latest models.

Many people ask how to open two or more windows on the Safari browser. To implement this feature, you need to install the Siderafi application for iPad mini 4 or iPad Pro, iPad Air 2. This application is activated via the Split View mode, as it should be, because it allows you to set a dividing strip so that the screen is conventionally divided into two parts. However, only one split screen window will still be active.

Next, try enabling Split View to launch a dual app in one Safari search window and enable Send to Sidefari in another window. Unfortunately, the “Safari View Controller” option cannot work with the search bar due to caution. Basically, the developers promise to expand the capabilities of the “Safari View Controller” function, so keychain options and autocomplete functions should be available soon.

Using Split View, you can set the size of the windowed applications to be the same or different, depending on your needs. To set the window size wider than the other, you can shrink the first one, and expand the second window, or vice versa. To do this, you need to establish which application will be the main for you and which will be secondary. If necessary, you can change the purpose of window programs or their proportions.

How to exit Split View on iPad?

To deactivate the split screen mode, you need to switch to Split Over mode by pulling down the shutter tab. Then pull the application window tab to the right of the screen.

Apple on the basis of iOS 9 introduced a feature that repeats the screen many times, called “Split View”. Split View means split view of windows. With this mode, the iPad screen can be split into multiple windows and you can use two different applications at the same time. You can install this split window option on iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2.

To be able to work on two screens at once, you need to activate this option. It’s not difficult to do this on iPad. It is enough to follow a certain sequence of actions.

How to switch from Split Over to Split View?

To activate Split View mode, just touch the tab of the shutter-divider in the Split Over window or pull it up.

How to split screen on iphone

How to enable split screen (two apps at the same time) Split View on iPad?

Activating the multi-window option is extremely simple. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps.

1. Rotate the tablet to horizontal orientation;

2. Open one of the applications in which you intend to work;

3. Bring up the Dock. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of the display.

4. Press and hold in the Dock the icon of the program you will be using on the right side of the display. It should be noted that not all applications support this mode.

5. Drag the program icon to the very edge of the screen (to the left or right), and an additional area for Split View should appear.

6. Release your finger. The floating icon will launch the corresponding application in Split View.

Attention! If the icon of the roaming application is not brought to the edge, but simply thrown onto the screen, then Split Over mode is activated. It is available on all recent iPads (iPad mini 2/3/4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro) with iOS 9 installed and higher.

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Set up split screen mode on iPhone or iPad

Open the second app. To split your screen on iOS, you just need to open the second app and minimize it. It will then appear in the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

  • Open the main application. Now open the main application with which you want to split screens.
  • Drag the second app. Next, we take our second application from the Dock and drag the desired part of the screen.

    Done, you are now ready to work in split screen mode with two apps. For example, you can open Youtube with some podcast and at the same time be reading an interesting news or article in your browser.

    Split screen mode on iPhone and iPad

    Split-screen mode is very useful as it allows you to keep two apps open at the same time on your device, whether you want to open both documents on iPad Pro 11 or two social media accounts running on iPhone XS. It’s a shame if you don’t know how to start split-screen mode, as iOS doesn’t provide a lot of pointers on this and you may never take advantage of this useful feature.

    To supplement your knowledge, follow this simple guide on how to get split screen mode running on iPhone or iPad. We used iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) for this tutorial, but these steps work for regular iPhone too.

    How to Reconfigure Split Screen Mode on iPad and iPhone

    One large app is open on your iPad, taking up most of the screen, and the other is on the side. If you are not satisfied with this arrangement, you can change it in several ways.

    Hide and revert popup tab. If you want to hide the second application, you just need to touch the gray bar at the top of it and drag it to any side of the screen, this will cause the application to disappear. To bring it back, you need to easily swipe it from the side where you rolled it, and it will reappear.

  • Open “true” split screen mode. The second tab is now in front of the first, but you will be positioning them next to each other. Press and hold the gray bar at the top of the second tab and drag it down (or up). Both tabs will be blurred, but when you stop holding one of them, they will be positioned side by side and the image will be clear again. Repeat these manipulations, and the second application will hover over the main one again, and you can easily “swipe” it.
  • Align your apps. If you want the second app to be larger, you can move the bar between them by half the line on the screen or more. Apps can only be split 50:50 or 25:75. No other scaling is possible.
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