How to Split Screen on Android 9

As you probably already know, the new mobile operating system Android N has a special option split screen (“split screen”), which allows you to use two applications on one screen, that is, open 2 windows at once simultaneously. And in this post. briefly on how to split the screen in the new Android N.

It is worth noting that this feature is somewhat different from the usual function “picture in picture”, which is, for example, in TVs.

In Android N, “split screen” is actually a real multi-window mode, and you can activate it in two ways:

How to Split Screen on Android 9

#1. a long tap (press and hold) on the multitasking button (standard on-screen “square” Android) open a list of running applications;

# 2. we select one of them, “take” its window by the upper part and drag it to the upper or lower (left or right) side of the screen;

# 3. then in the list that remains in the second part of the screen, select and tap the second application window, and it will open on its half of the screen;

#4. the separator that appears between the two windows can be moved up and down (left-right), thus adjusting their size.

  • just open one application in the usual way;
  • a long tap on the “square”. and a list of running applications will appear on the half of the screen;
  • in the list we tap another application we need, and it will open in the same part of the screen;
  • Moving to divide, adjust the size of the windows.
  • open the quick settings screen (swipe from top to bottom);
  • there, tap and hold the “Settings” icon (standard “nut”) until it starts spinning (if it doesn’t want to spin, you must enable the developer mode and then try again);
  • after a couple of seconds, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that a System UI Tuner has been added to the settings menu;
  • then tap “Settings”. “System UI Tuner” and there we activate the option to split the screen with a gesture, after which it will be possible to split the screen simply by swiping up the multitasking button.

There are at least two ways to exit multi-window mode in Android N: either by a long tap on the multitasking button, or by dragging the separator all the way to the upper or lower (left or right) edge of the screen.

By the way, in addition to the “split screen” in Android N, there are a couple of new associated features. Firstly, at the top of the list of running applications there is now a “clear everything” button, which can be used to close unnecessary programs in bulk, rather than brush windows one by one, as before. Secondly, you can quickly switch between the current and the last open application by double tap on the multitasking button, i.e. on the screen “square”.