How To Speed Up iPad 4 On iOS 10

Last time, we examined in detail the ways that will help downloads from YouTube to your iPhone. This instruction is here. Today we will give you enough advice on how to speed up the iPad 2 and other versions of Apple’s tablet smartphones. This guide will help you improve the performance of previous versions of iPad on brand new firmware such as iOS10. One of the criteria for the slow operation of iPads is precisely the software that needs to be improved.

If you have an old iPad model, perhaps it’s 1,2,3 or 4 series, or iPad Mini. That is, there is a high probability that the performance of these devices does not suit you, as it was before. Despite the fact that iOS is one of the modern mobile operating systems that requires minimal maintenance, it still impedes the performance of many devices over time. Sometimes, even relatively new iPad models slow down significantly in everyday tasks. Perhaps you need the universal instructions for restoring an iPhone or iPad from a backup. You can read it here.

There are a fairly large number of different methods to speed up the performance of older models. So, iPad 2 slows down what to do? Proceed:

Tip number 1. Remove garbage

The first trick is to leave only those applications that you use constantly in the device’s memory. Remove the applications and games that you installed at one time and completely forgot about them.

But, removing applications and games from the device’s memory forever will significantly speed up the work, for example, iPad 2.

On the other hand, if you want to remove several applications, there is the easiest way. Go to “Settings”. “General”. ICloud Go to the “Backup Management” section and delete the contents of all applications and games that take up a lot of space. For example, podcasts or films are one of the main reasons for the slow operation of iPads of previous generations.

How To Speed Up iPad 4 On iOS 10

Tip number 2. OS reboot

After you cleaned your iPad, you need to restart it. Rebooting the device will allow you to “refresh” its memory and start working “from scratch”.

Hold the ON / OFF button of the device until a window appears asking you to turn off the device. Then, press the button again and hold to turn on the tablet.

Now that you have cleared the trash, your iPad should already be working much faster, but if you are using previous versions of tablets, the question of “How to speed up iPad 2” remains relevant.

In order to achieve the most significant performance gain, you should disable application updates in the settings. Start by turning off app and game updates in the background. Go to Settings. “General”. “Off Background update for apps and games ”or“ Settings ”. “ITunes Store, Appstore” and transfer the curtain from the active state to the passive one.

Keep in mind: updating the iOS operating system to a newer one may be Puss in a Poke, because from the point of view of performance, it may increase or remain unchanged. Developers add and introduce new features that actually can significantly slow down the device, but, as a rule, Apple does not leave such errors in the code for a long time and fixes them pretty quickly. In any case, if your iPad is slow, despite the steps taken in previous tips. It’s worth trying to upgrade your device to a newer operating system.

Go to the “Settings” section. “General”. “Software Update.” Check the availability of new firmware versions.

Safari browser, one of the few applications that significantly affects the performance of the device. If your iPad 2 is running slowly, it may be due to the loaded cache, which saved a lot of data from the Safari browser. We advise you to clear the cache: “Settings”. “General”. “Safari.” Click on “Clear Web History and Data.”

This should speed up the Safari interface, but, on the other hand, it will take much more time to load the site page.

Pop-ups or informational messages from applications and games also significantly affect system performance in previous iPad 2, mini models. To resolve this issue, you should disable notifications for all applications or for those that are not important. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Notifications.”

The device’s location function works in the background from the start of iOS downloads. This has a big impact on battery life and iPad performance. But, if you disable this function, you will lose the ability to take pictures of photographs with reference to locations, it will be impossible to use the navigator and other resources that require the included GPS on the device for high-quality and reliable operation. To turn off automatic location, go to Settings. “Confidentiality”. “Geolocation Services.” Set the slider to inactive.

You can feel the performance gain after disabling the standard search on a smartphone or tablet. Spotlight is a pretty handy feature if you want to find something very quickly on your iPad. To disable the search, go to “Settings”. “General”. Spotlight

Brakes iPad 2 what to do? Last hope, if the previous steps did not help you understand this issue. Let’s try to turn off visual effects and unnecessary animation. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Basic.” “Universal access”. Turn on the “Motion Reduction” function.

Our instructions are suitable for devices such as iPad mini, if it starts to work slowly or slow down, we ask you to carefully read all the tips.