How to sort channels on your Samsung TV

Remove encoded channels on your Samsung TV. M, Q, LS series

Modern providers offer a huge number of TV channels, most of which are never watched and only interfere with the viewer’s ability to navigate through the playlist. The following will tell you how to remove the channel on a TV from Samsung or other manufacturer.

The sequence of actions required to remove unwanted programs on a Samsung TV depends on the series and model of the device. These specifications are specified as a combination of numbers and letters on the back of the body of the TB unit or in the instruction manual of the device. Series is indicated by a Latin letter. a symbol is placed in the name of the device after the prefix “UE” and the screen diagonal: for example, the device UE49MU6100U belongs to the “M” series. Having determined the TV series, the user can proceed to editing the playlist of programs.

M, Q, LS series

To delete channels on a Samsung M, Q or LS series TV, the user will need to:

  • Open the settings menu of the device using the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Go to the “Live” system section and open the tab with the TV program playlist.
  • Select “Change Channels” tool with the right arrow key.
  • Mark the TV channels that you want to erase from the memory of the device. a checkmark should appear to the left of the channel name.
  • Press “Delete” button and confirm your choice.

To finish configuring and exit the menu you need to press the “Return” button.


To delete unwanted channels on a Samsung K-series TV it is necessary:

  • Go to the “Live TB” section.
  • To open “Playlist.
  • Tick the unnecessary TV channels using the “Edit” tool.
  • Click on the blue “Remove” button.


Algorithm of channels deletion on TV J-series is as follows:

  • Go to “Settings” of the TV set. Depending on model number, you need to press “Menu” or “123” button on the remote control.
  • Opening the “Broadcast” section and going to “Playlist Changes”.
  • Delete “unnecessary” TV channels using the “Remove” button.

Then press “Return” button.


Instructions on how to delete TV channels on Samsung H-series devices are given below:

  • Start the settings menu by pressing the “Menu” or “Keypad” button on the remote control.
  • Go to “Broadcast” subsection of the system.
  • Adding special checkboxes next to the names of channels that you want to erase from the playlist.
  • Selecting the “Delete” tool and confirming the operation.

Finish the setup by pressing the “Return” button.


F-Series TV channels can be deleted in the same way as H-Series models. To enter the system, press the ” ” button on the remote control.


To erase a TV channel from the memory of an E-series device, the user needs to:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button and select “Channels” in the menu that appears.
  • Tick the unnecessary programs and open the context menu “Tools” using the button with the appropriate name on the remote control.
  • Click on “Delete” and confirm the operation.
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How TV gets the channels order

If you connect your TV to the antenna for the first time, it will offer to auto-tune channels. Auto-tuning helps you to quickly find and place the channels in order.

TV sets itself or gets the channels order from a TV company: Tricolor, NTV-PLUS, Telekarta, MTS and others.

How to receive channels, we choose during the autotuning:

If you choose Antenna, Cable, or Satellite, the TV will install the channels by itself.

If you choose NTV-PLUS or other operators. the TV will receive an order of channels from these companies.

Tuning channels on a Samsung TV

There are only 2 ways to program your Samsung TV. With their help the owner of the device can search channels manually or perform auto tuning. The first option will allow you to detect even the weakest signal, and the second will simplify the whole process.

Automatic search

Even a beginner will be able to automatically reconfigure the TV channels. To do this, you will need to perform a few standard steps, described in detail in the instruction manual. If everything is done correctly, you will be able to watch the channels on Smart TV and sort them according to your preferences.

Before you make an autotuning Samsung TV, it is necessary to check the correctness of its connection to the signal source.

After that, you should perform the following actions:

  • Enter the menu by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control.
  • Go to “Broadcast” and look for the item “Antenna” there.


Automatic scanning does not always see a weak signal, so it ignores it and switches to a new frequency. In order to eliminate this error, you must perform manual tuning.

  • Press “Menu” button on the remote control.
  • In the window that appears, look for the “Antenna” item.
  • After the transition, select “Manual tuning”.
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Determining the series: deciphering the model number

Setting up digital channels differs depending on which series a particular Samsung model belongs to.

So first we have to find out what kind of TV receiver we are dealing with.

  • Take a look at the back. There should be a factory label with basic information about the TV: type of power, year of manufacture, etc. д. At the very top will be a combination of numbers and Latin letters. this is the model code;
  • Go to the TV menu. Select “Support” and the “Contact Samsung” item, and information about the hardware, including the combination of letters and numbers you are looking for, will appear.
sort, channels, your, samsung

Let’s decode the number found in order to identify the letter denoting the series :

UE Type of display UE / LE. LCD TV; PS / PE. Plasma TV.
40 Screen size (in inches) 19″ to 105″
J Series (corresponds to the production date)
Matrix type (sometimes not specified) P for plasma.
5200 Model Just a number designation
AU Digital tuner type

How to set it up?

So, modern Smart TVs are pretty obvious to set up. But the channel sorting on the Samsung TV is not in the obvious place, which makes it difficult for users. To solve this problem, you can simply follow the instructions. You can configure any Samsung TV channel in the same way.

  • Enter the TV Menu. The same name button on the remote control.
  • Select the item “Broadcast” in this menu.
  • Using the navigation buttons scroll down the list. It is important to remember that you can change the channel number only after the automatic channel setup. Press “Change channel number” in this point and then activate this function.
  • Now select item “Change channels”. A menu allowing you to move the channels opens in front of us. Choose the channel you are interested in and press “Change” button. Numbers”.
  • Now we can move this channel to another place. It is important to know that the channels that have a name are digital, and when you move one to replace the other, they simply change places. If the channel doesn’t have a name, it is an analog one, so moving it will move all the other channels down.
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So, it is not difficult to understand that changing the channel order on Samsung TVs is not a difficult task. It’s enough to show the procedure a couple of times to a person, and they can easily repeat it.

You think it doesn’t work with grandparents? Ha, in my experience with the ISP, it was this category, writing down the order on a piece of paper, that did the least amount of reps. But younger people would pay twice and sometimes three times. And with the manual in hand, many people figured it out on their own. No special knowledge is needed here, just enough to know that it can be found and done.

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How to sort the channels on a set-top box?

Press the “SOURCE” button on the TV remote control. The list of sources will be displayed. 4 Make sure that the power to the external device is turned on and working. 5. If all of the above steps have been carried out, the TV screen will display the signal from the external device.

  • Enter the menu and go to “Channel”;
  • Go to “Country”;
  • If your TV prompts for a PIN, enter 1234, 0000 or 1111
  • In order to configure over-the-air or digital TV, go to “Other”;
  • After that, you will need to go back and go to “Cable Search Options”;

Manual channel search

The oldest Samsung models do not support autotuning. In them, digital channels must be tuned manually, and for cable or satellite TV. also by specifying the frequency and other key parameters. In general, the manual search will look as follows:

  • The menu opens.
  • Selecting the item “Broadcasting”.
  • Specify the signal source (cable, antenna, or satellite).
  • If the item “Country” appears in the menu, you need to specify “Russia.
  • Select “Manual tuning”.
  • Select the item “Setting digital channels“, where you need to click “Create”. In this case, additional TV channels will be added to your existing channels, rather than replacing them.
  • A tab with the parameters opens. Here you need to specify the broadcast frequency, module and baud rate. These data should be obtained from the operator who provides access to cable or satellite signal. For terrestrial TV, specify the multiplex broadcasting frequencies.
  • After pressing the “OK” button the TV will search according to the specified parameters. After a while the list of found channels will appear on the screen. You need to save them, and you are ready to start watching.

Why the TV cannot find channels?

One of the easiest reasons why the auto search does not find channels can be a mismatch of standards. First of all check what format the equipment is able to receive. People who own a TV set which receives digital TV via a standard antenna should remember the DVB-T2 abbreviation.

In most cases, the factors of disappearance of several channels on a digital set-top box are technological problems related to signal reception. It also happens that the transmission of digital television is interrupted due to technical work, which is a prerequisite for maintaining the functionality of the system.

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Your TV must be tuned in Menu, choose “Tuning channels” option from menu and follow general instructions

Here is a general diagram for all models, for your specific device, it is recommended to study the enclosed manual.

  • Samsung TV. LCD, LED, plasma, Smart TV, etc.
  • If you have an older device, it is worth buying a receiver (tuner) to support digital TV.
  • Antenna or STB, cable.

The tuning process is approximately the same for any member of the Samsung family:

  • Initially, make sure that the box or antenna (outdoor, indoor or analog) is connected to the device. The cable must go to a special socket on the back panel.
  • Select “Setting channels” option from “Menu”.
  • The program will offer you two options. to configure analogue channels or DTV (digital).
  • Then you need to determine the way. automatic or manual.


Samsung can safely be called a smart device thanks to the “auto-tuning” function. This implies an automatic search for TV programs, as well as their arrangement. according to the TV companies or alphabetical. To do this, click on your preferred search method: antenna, cable, satellite. Some Smart-TV models can provide you with a choice of TV companies: NTV-Plus, Telekart, Tricolor, etc.

If you select any of the first three options, the search will search by itself, and the TV programs will be sorted in the usual order. When the auto-tuning is finished, select the programs of a particular television company. They will stand the way they have been distributed by the specialists of this company.

If you want to make a list for yourself, you can use the move function:

  • Press “Menu” button first.
  • Select the icon labeled “Broadcast” (looks like a small white satellite dish).
  • Scroll down until you see “Change channel number”. Click boldly and activate by clicking “Enable”.
  • To go to the next step, press “Home”, go to “Broadcasts” again, “Right”, “Change”.
  • Find the TV channel whose location you want to change, put a check mark on it, click “Change. numbers.”.

Important point! When you move a TV channel that has a name, it might just swap places with some other. For example, if you want to move STS from the 20 location to the 2 location where Russia-1 is, the shift will not happen, STS will become 2 and Russia-1 will become 20. But if we are talking about TV programs without titles that have an ordinal number, when you move one of them up, the others will move down.


To reconfigure the channels on an old Samsung TV manually without a wizard, you need to understand:

  • First, this process is a bit more complicated for older models.
  • Secondly, older versions don’t have autotuning. you will have to tune them manually.
  • Thirdly, outdated equipment often shows badly and will not allow you to fully enjoy the quality of modern television.
  • Fourth, you can get lost in the menu.

over, making adjustments on an older model involves changing some important parameters. Sometimes it frightens unprepared users, but there’s nothing wrong with it, as it’s impossible to damage the equipment in this way.

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