How To Sign Up For Instagram Through An Android Phone

Hello, dear readers of the blog. In touch Vasily Blinov and I continue to reveal all the possibilities of instagram. Today I have prepared for you simple step by step instructions how to register on instagram from phone and computer.

If you are first registered on this social network and have never used it before, then I recommend reading my other articles about instagram. And you might also be interested in these two questions:

In fact, you can only register in insta via the official mobile application. It is possible to enter the instagram site through a browser on a computer only into an existing account. But there is one way to register from a computer, I’ll talk about it later.

Registration on Instagram

To register on this social network and create your page, install the official application on your mobile phone, here are the download links:

  • For iPhone (iOS)
  • For Android
  • For windows mobile

For example, I will show screenshots from my iPhone, smartphone to Android and Windows, I, unfortunately, have not. All applications are essentially the same, they have only minor differences, so it’s okay.

Step 2 Launch the application and choose the registration method. You can automatically register via Facebook.

Step 3 You can register via email or phone number, just switch the tab.

How To Sign Up For Instagram Through An Android Phone

Step 4 Enter your phone number or email.

Step 5 Next, enter your first and last name, username and password. Also set an avatar photo.

Step 6 Subscribe to a few friends or just skip this step. If you click “Connect to VKontakte”, then the instagram will show you your friends from VKontakte.

Step 7 Everything, the account has been created, now it remains to issue and configure it.

Read more about how to use Instagram in the next article.

If you have any questions, something does not work out or an error occurs, then write about it in the comments to this article.

How to register from a computer?

As I said at the very beginning, it’s impossible to simply create an account on Instagram through a computer. But there is one way out how to run a mobile application on a computer or laptop. To do this, install the BlueStack Android emulator in Russian.

For detailed instructions on installing the emulator and launching Instagram for the computer, read THIS ARTICLE. Everything is also laid out in steps, 5 minutes and you will register without a phone. Everything is very fast and there is nothing complicated about it.

A little later I will post a with instructions.

I remind you that if something doesn’t work out for you and you can’t register, write in the comments and we will help you solve the problem. Good luck!

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