How to sign in to your LG TV

Smart TV account creation. Install games and programs

Continuing the theme of TVs with Smart TV technology, today we’ll talk about installing games and programs. A user who is new to this kind of TV, it will not be easy to figure out what’s what. That is why we have prepared this small article with instructions.

Everything will be considered on the example of LG TVs (in this case the model 32LN575U). Maybe many have already guessed that to install games and programs there are special applications, Game World and LG Smart World respectively. But, for some reason, just these applications can not be opened.

The secret is that you need to have a special LG account. With it, it is possible to download and install different programs.

By the way, the choice of these programs and different games is not so great. For example, many games require a special Magic Remote. But still you can find something useful there.

In addition, do not forget that the TV must have Smart TV technology and must have a connection to the Internet, in any way possible.

Watching TV channels on LG Smart TV

The main difference between Smart-TV-sets of this popular South Korean company from previous models. the presence of a special digital unit. This unit allows the device owner to enjoy all the benefits of Internet TV with a network connection.

But to watch regular TV the owner of the Smart TV can safely do without installing an Internet connection. Now the territory of Russia is covered by digital broadcasting, and all users who reside in this territory have access to 20 free information and entertainment channels.

Owners of LG Smart TVs can watch public channels if they connect a house antenna or a small indoor antenna (about 6 inches) to a DTV-2 compliant jack (if there is no such input, they have to buy a special TV set-top box) on the back of their TV receiver and make a simple setting with the remote control:

  • Open “Menu”;
  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “Channels”;
  • go to “Channel Search”;
  • Select the signal source as “Terrestrial TV”;
  • activate the link “Only digital”, start the “Auto search” and confirm your actions;
  • Wait for the end of the process and exit the “Menu” by clicking on the “OK” button.

Before setting it is recommended to select the interface language, so that the notifications on the TV screen are displayed in the language you are accustomed to. To do this is not difficult. Simply take the TV remote control and go as follows: “Menu”. “Settings”. three dots. “General”. “Languages”. select the language in all sections. “OK” (“Done”). It is also recommended to set your region, as well as date and time, in the general section.

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In this simple way the owner of LG TV can connect to watch all-Russian channels. You can expand the list of TV broadcasts by connecting cable, satellite or IP-TV. Cable and satellite TV (“Tricolor”, “Megafon” and other operators) can be connected in a similar way, but installation and setup of IPTV is possible only with a stable and high-speed Internet connection.

Visiting websites from your LG TV (Smart TV)

First, go to Smart TV (by pressing the special blue button on the remote control). Then, at the bottom, select and launch the “Internet” browser.

Please note, that on the main page of your Smart TV the icon that shows the status of your internet connection should be green. This means that the Internet is working, and you can continue.

After launching the browser, you can click on the address bar and using the keyboard enter the address of the site you want to visit. Or, enter a search query. To confirm the transition to the address, press the Go button on the virtual keyboard, or with the cursor, select one of the pop-up bottom options.

A website opens, or search results you can browse, click links, and so on. д. Everything is just like on your computer.

In the right, bottom corner, will be displayed “Mini TV”. You can browse websites and watch TV at the same time. If this window bothers you, you can close it. Hover your cursor over it, and click on the cross that appears. To bring back the “Mini TV”, click on the TV button on the top control panel.

You can open many tabs at once. Just click on the green cross to open another tab. In this tab, by default, opens a panel displaying page thumbnails of the most visited sites. A little above (under the address bar). A panel with bookmarks is displayed.

When you open some site and want to add it to bookmarks, just click on the corresponding button, which I showed in the screenshot below.

In order to open the browser settings, history, bookmark manager and help, just click on the appropriate button, and select the desired item. Also, you can enable full-screen viewing, zoom in, and close the browser.

In the settings, you can select the home page, the default search engine, enable the permanent display of the bookmark bar, disable Flash, etc. д.

I think you’ll figure it out on your own. And there aren’t any complicated settings. Everything you need to navigate websites is at your fingertips.

I just want to give you one piece of advice. I’ve seen several articles on the Internet that a vulnerability was found in Smart TV, but on Samsung TVs. The data you enter on the TV, could get to intruders. I now have in mind passwords to various sites, and even worse, payment information.

I hope that this vulnerability is fixed now. But, we should not forget that Smart TV on any television is a new and still a little bit raw technology. So, for now it’s better not to pay for different services through the TV, and not to enter your payment data. Better to use computer for that.

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What to do if Smart TV doesn’t work?

Many users of TVs from Korean manufacturers face with “unwillingness” of Smart TV to work properly. There can be several reasons for this and the most common are.

The problem Solution
TV doesn’t turn on Check your network and power supply for working order. To do this, connect the device to a different outlet.
Incorrect selection of signal source during installation Switch the mode in the “Settings”. For example, instead of “HDMI” select “Terrestrial TV”.
Firmware is broken Choose a newer version of operating system and update the firmware correctly
No access to some functions of Smart TV platform Check if Internet is available and connection is correct.
Hardware malfunction (matrix or backlight burnout, technical malfunction) Contact a service center

How to register at LG official site?

To register on LG lgappstv you can use your computer, or do it from the TV set itself. Then log in to the Smart TV service. When registering from the TV in the Smart TV menu there will be an icon “enter” in the form of an outline of the person, to register it and click.

Weather forecast

To get the weather forecast TV

Connects with the weather service on the Internet does not give extensive information about the weather today not about the forecast for a few days in detail (wind speed, temperature, precipitation, humidity, pressure, etc.).). It is possible to choose the cities you are interested in only.

Connecting to Picasa photohosting allows the user to view the photos that they store online. However, the main thing is of course to view your friends’ photos, so they will be able to see your pictures. Myth service provides a search engine Google and the same way to use Picasa first need to register at a search engine, and then enter, using your credentials, on a photohosting.

Here we create an account on LG TV

We need to register. You can do this as on the LG site (and then just log in with your data on the TV). Or control it directly from the TV set itself.

I recommend to connect a mouse to the TV set, or control it from your smartphone using LG TV Remote program. You can also use the remote control, but it’s easier, especially when typing.

Go into Smart TV and select the profile icon (screenshot below).

Press the Register button.

This is interesting: The TV does not see the movies that are on the computer (laptop), after starting the DLNA server

Read the terms of service and click I agree (it seems there is a need to agree twice).

Enter your email address, only enter a valid address you have access to. You will need to confirm it. And enter the password twice. If you have not managed to specify a password from the first time, that’s all right, I too Only when I specified letters and numbers, then the system accepted the password.

sign, your

If all is well, the TV will tell you to confirm the registration, and offer to open a web browser so you can log in. But it’s better to refuse, sit down at your computer, go to your email, and in the email from LG, click on the Finish Registration link.

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On the site you will see a message that the account is confirmed and an offer to enter additional data for the purchase of applications (if you are going to buy software, I recommend you to solve this issue right away).

Now go back to the TV, if you have not touched anything there, the email address will already be specified, the only thing left is to enter the password (which you specified when registering) and log into your account, which we do.

You will see the following message (screenshot below). You can select No.

Everything, a green icon should appear next to the profile icon.

[LG webOS TV] Create/Manage account

It is necessary to log in to download applications from LG Content Store. In the Manage Accounts menu, you can use an email address. To create a new LG account.

Press the button on the remote control and select in the upper right corner.

Select General Manage your account.

Select Create ACCOUNT. Read and accept the Terms of Service.

Enter your username and password. Your username must be your email address.

Select OK. Visit your email box for confirmation

You must be signed in to the new account before the time expires.

Sign in with your new account to begin using the service.

You need an internet connection to create your account. Information required may vary by country. Existing logins that do not use an email address can be converted to an email address. You can also sign in with your account or with Google. (All features except login may be unavailable.) Use of the service may be limited depending on your age. LG Account Management You may manage your LG account information.

Press the button on the remote control and select in the upper right corner.

Go to General section Account management for

Personal information You can view or edit your current account information. You can change your password, or click CHANGE to edit your personal information.

Payment information You can add or delete payment methods.

To access paid or adult-only content, you must

add payment method. Press ADD PAYMENT INFORMATION ,

Request for payment You can view your purchase history and payment information. You can delete the purchase history. You can also enable/disable auto-payment for

Options may vary by country.

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