How to shoot video iPhone 11

How to Record iPhone Screen Video in iOS 11

The average user does not often need to record video from the screen of his iPhone. But, if suddenly such a task appeared, then until recently it was not so easy to solve it, because Apple severely limits the ability to access the system.

But, the situation has improved significantly with the release of iOS 11. In this version of the mobile operating system, it became possible to record video from the iPhone screen without using a computer, third-party programs and other “crutches” that greatly complicated this task in the past.

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Next, you need to open the “Customize controls” menu.

As a result, the settings of the control center will open in front of you. Here you can add and remove buttons that are available in the control center. In order to be able to record video from the screen, here you need to click on the “Screen Recorder” element.

As a result, the “Screen Recorder” item should move to the top of the list, where the included items are located.

Then close the settings window and open Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen). A new button should now appear in Control Center that looks like a dot inside a circle. To start recording video from the iPhone screen, just press this button and wait 3 seconds.

After starting video recording, the button in the control center will turn red, by clicking on it you can stop recording.

When you enable video recording, you can access additional settings. To do this, you need to press the record button in the control center and hold it pressed for about a second.

As a result, a pop-up window will appear on the screen in which you can enable sound recording from the microphone.

Old ways to record video from iPhone screen

Before iOS 11, there were other ways to record video from the iPhone screen. For example, AirPlay was often used to record video. The fact is that AirPlay allows you to broadcast everything that happens on the iPhone screen to another device. And if you send such a broadcast to a computer, then what is happening on the iPhone screen can be easily recorded using any video capture program. An important point, it was necessary to install some kind of software on the computer to receive the AirPlay broadcast. This task can be performed by programs such as AirServer, Reflector or LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver.

If you have a computer running the MacOS operating system, then recording video from the iPhone screen can be organized using the built-in QuickTime Player program. In order to use this method, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable and allow access to the device (confirm the request “Trust this computer?”). Next, you need to launch the QuickTime Player program, open the “File. New Video” menu, switch to recording the screen of the mobile device and press the record button.

Another option is to record video using the iTools program. This program is a set of utilities for working with Apple mobile devices. Among its functions is the ability to mirror the screen to a computer. To activate this feature, you need to launch iTools, connect your iPhone with a cable, go to the Toolbox tab and select Real-Time Desktop. As a result, an image from the iPhone screen will appear in the iTools window. To record video from this screen, you just need to click on the Record button.

How to trim video on iPhone [Instructions]

The era of compact cameras is fading into oblivion. A modern person no longer carries a FED film camera with him, but takes pictures exclusively with a phone camera. Fortunately, the quality of pictures and video from the cameras of the latest flagships has moved to an exceptionally new level.

So, today I want to start a series of articles on mobile photography and video shooting. We will cover the topics of editing, editing, overlaying special effects, etc. through the built-in functions and additional applications on the iPhone. In this article, I will explain how to crop video on iPhone. Go!

Let’s first understand what I mean by the word “CUT”. In Russian, it can have several meanings if used with the word video. In this instruction, we will trim the video in a temporary format (in English, the term trim is used for this), i.e. we will be able to delete a certain amount of video series at the beginning or end of your video clip.

If you need to crop a frame (in English. crop), i.e. enlarge the picture, and crop what does not fit on the screen, then wait for the next lesson, where I will tell you about it in detail.

So let’s get started. You shot some video with your iPhone camera, and now you need to delete a couple of unnecessary seconds at the beginning / end so that it takes up less space.

In order to crop video on iPhone, we do NOT need third-party applications. We’ll use the built-in video editing feature.

Below is the instruction with pictures.

STEP 1. Go to the Camera Roll and click on your video. Then in the upper right corner click “Edit”.

STEP 2. To shorten the video at the beginning or at the end, tap on the corresponding arrow and, without releasing your finger, pull towards the center of the video sequence.

STEP 3. It should look like the picture below. If you hold your finger a little longer, then the video sequence will be zoomed and you will be able to set the slider frame by frame.

STEP 4. After choosing the optimal video interval, click “Done”, then choose what you want to do in the cropped “Crop original” or “Save as new”.

Well, that’s all! Unfortunately, this method cannot be used to cut a piece inside a video clip. Here you need to use a more advanced editor, which we will talk about in one of the following articles.

12 tips for shooting iPhone 11 and 11 Pro video

In general, there are a lot of interesting things in the plans. I would like to write a detailed article on how to edit video on iPhone, including making simple editing with music overlay. Interesting? Look don’t miss!

Between Europe and Russia: Kaliningrad in 12 shots by Dmitry Markov, captured on iPhone 11 Pro

Photographer Dmitry Markov worked as a journalist at Argumenty i Fakty, but in 2007 he quit his job and left for Pskov. as a volunteer in a camp for orphans from correctional orphanages in the Pskov region. By that time, Dmitry already had experience in the social sphere, but, in his own words, he wanted to dive deeper into the environment. such immersion could not be achieved with short trips.

In the village near Pskov, Dmitry stayed for a month, so that, according to him. take pictures of the older guys. As a result, he lived in the Pskov region for five years. it was there that at some point he began to take pictures on the phone as well. Then Markov returned to Moscow for a year, but did not settle down and began to take pictures of other Russian cities. And in 2012, he began posting pictures on Instagram, processing them in his recognizable manner: a lot of light, pure colors. And these shots were taken only with a smartphone. The photographer adheres to this concept to this day.

Around the same time, he took part in the Burn Diary project of David Alan Harvey of Magnum. Within the framework of this project, the Burn Diary instagram account was maintained by one photographer every week, and then transferred to another, and it was possible to upload only materials from a mobile phone, day after day, without using an archive and serious processing. In 2015, his work was appreciated at the highest level: Dmitry won the prestigious Getty Images Instagram Grant, which he spent on further trips across Russia. And in 2017, Markov’s snapshot became part of Apple’s international advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone”.

From one interview to another, Dmitry repeats an important idea for him: his goal is not to show the horrors of Russian reality, but to capture this reality, to show ordinary people and the emotions that fill their lives. “I still try to capture moments that can be interpreted as good. I don’t know, for example, homeless people sleeping at the station. I photographed them at the moment when they were hugging each other, their faces pressed against each other. Take a step back, take a picture of the situation. and there will be a trash, and it was this tenderness of theirs that hooked me, ”Markov said in an interview with FurFur.

At the request of Esquire, Dmitry Made a series of shots depicting Kaliningrad: “I am now in Kaliningrad: I am in charge of a creative residence for local photographers. At the same time I shoot for myself. in fact, this was the reason for the choice of location for our project. In general, the Kaliningrad region is an interesting place. On the one hand, there is a sense of proximity to Europe that surrounds the region, and in this sense it is unique. On the other hand, over time you begin to notice characteristic details that will not let you forget and remind you: you are still in Russia ”.

When asked why he chose the latest Apple smartphone, Dmitry replied: “I’ve been shooting on iPhone for a long time. If you rewind my instagram to the very beginning, the first frames were taken on 3Gs. Then, of course, it was impossible to imagine that in less than ten years the camera will become the same as in the iPhone 11. And what is implemented with night shooting in the new model seems fantastic even now, in the reality of 2019 technologies “.