How to Share Wifi With Iphone 4s

The iPhone is universal, it can do almost everything. This is a mini computer that can cope with any tasks. Many use it as a replacement for the camera, someone plays games on it, some use it as a player. But sometimes the iPhone can not cope with the task as the user would like. For example, watch a movie, do work in Word or Excel.

Read bulk articles or books better on a tablet or laptop. But what if you don’t have a USB modem or you forgot it, the tablet version without a SIM card slot, and the Internet is urgently needed. You cannot even imagine that in this situation the iPhone will save you. After all, with the help of an apple device, you can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi for other devices. In this article, we’ll look at how to turn an iPhone into a Wi-Fi router.

The first thing to do is make sure that you have the optimal tariff plan. Ideally, the Internet should be unlimited so as not to worry about traffic. Secondly, consider the speed of the Internet. It’s best if you’re in the LTE coverage area, in the worst case, 3g. Since LTE is fast, you won’t be uncomfortable with speed. 3G, in theory, will provide pretty good speed, but watchings in HD or going to heavy sites will not be so comfortable.

Having chosen the operator you need and the tariff plan, you can start the procedure for setting up and distributing Wi-Fi via iPhone. For iOS 7/8, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Go to the “Cellular” item (If you have never used the iPhone to distribute Wi-Fi before, you will not have a menu item. “Modem Mode” or it will be gray and inactive)
  • Move the slider “Cellular data” to the right.
  • We are waiting for 2-4 minutes.

How to Share Wifi With Iphone 4s

  • After the item “Modem Mode” appears (or becomes active) in the main menu, we go into it.
  • In the item “Wi-Fi Password” we create a strong password.
  • Switch the slider “Modem Mode” to the right.

All is ready. To connect any device via Wi-Fi, you only need to select your apple device in the search for connections. Now you can distribute the Internet to any device. The disadvantage of this method is that in this mode, the iPhone consumes more power, so it sits faster than usual. But you can connect it to charging and the problem will be solved.

When you have finished using the Internet, to turn off this feature, you need to:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, the item “Cellular”.
  • We move the slider “Cellular data” to the left.
  • We go to the “Settings” item.
  • Next, in the item “Modem mode”.
  • Switch the slider “Modem Mode” to the left.

The function is disabled and the iPhone can be used in normal mode, without fear that it will consume too much battery power. And a few tips:

  • Before distributing Wi-Fi using an iPhone, charge it 100% or charge it during use.
  • Consult your carrier for a plan. It is best to choose an unlimited tariff so as not to be surprised at the big accounts at the end of the month.
  • Use LTE mode for more comfortable internet surfing or watchings.
  • Use a strong password so that no one else uses your Wi-Fi.
  • Immediately upon completion, turn off Modem Mode.

By following all the instructions, you will save battery power and protect yourself from unnecessary waste. Now, thanks to the iPhone, you can stay up to date with all the latest events in the world and always be in touch with family people, do important and urgent work anywhere.

In iOS 8 (possibly in the 9th similar situation), the modem mode slider is hidden by default. To display it, you just need to go to “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Cellular data network” and scrolling through the menu to “Modem mode”, write: APN. internet, Login. gdata, Password. gdata.

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