How to share geolocation on iPhone

Let’s share geo-positioning on iPhone. How to? I’ll tell you all about

Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog and new subscribers! Any modern mobile device is equipped with GPS module. It allows you to track the position of the device without Internet by satellites. A lot of people do not like this. people who are interested can find out about your movements. However, through the option, you can tell friends or family members where you are to meet or ask for help, as well as track a lost or stolen gadget. Read about how to share your geo-location on your iPhone below.

One way to share your location on your iPhone is to set up family access. You can include family members’ Apple mobile devices. To share where you are, you need to activate the “share geo-position” feature in “family access”. The family group organizer will now be visible by default to its members. Other users can decide whether to show their own coordinates. Those who have agreed to share data with users in the group will begin to appear in the Find Friends and Messages apps. On mobiles with iOS 13 and later, the Locator app is used for this purpose.

If “share geo position” is activated, it is still a good help if you lose your cell phone. You can ask family members to log into the “Find iPhone” app, on iOS 13 devices “Locator” will help and see where your lost iPhone is.

Share your iPhone location via Find My Friend

Apple has developed a feature in iOS 8 called Family Sharing. When you join a family, you’ll be asked if you want to share your location on your iPhone with your family members. If you agree, your geo-location will appear in the Find Friends and Messages section of other members’ iDevices. You can also choose to share your location with certain devices.

Find a friend

How to use Family Sharing

Join a family group

If you’ve already joined a family group, you can go to the next step. Go to Settings. “iCloud.”. “Invitations” in iOS 10.2 or earlier or “Settings.”. [name]. “Invites” in iOS 10.3 and later versions. Accept the invitation to join a family group.

Share your location

When iOS asks if you want to share your location, say yes. Or you can go to “Settings”. “iCloud.”. “Share your location” and turn it on. Your location will then appear in “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone Apps”.

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Tip. Make sure you have “Location Services” turned on in “Settings”. “Privacy.”.

Go to the “Share my location” screen in “Settings”. “iCloud.”. If you want to hide your location, move the switch to disable it. And you can select a specific family member to share your position in the iPhone family list.

How to use GPS coordinates

Now you can copy the coordinates to wherever you want. Notes, Messages, Email, etc.п.

Important! So that applications and services can correctly determine the obtained coordinates, use the data format 53°52′57″ 27°36′33″, not 53°52′57″ c. ш. 27°36′33″ в. д. (That is, without the s. ш.”, “в. д.” etc.д.)

Alternatively, you can simply take a screenshot and send it. It is also possible to insert the data into Apple Maps, Google Maps, Yandex.Maps, etc.д. and see that point on the area map, then leave a “pin” there and share that location.

Unfortunately, the current version of the Compass does not yet have the ability to save or share GPS coordinates. In the future, such an option may appear.

How to find iPhone with geolocation turned on

One of the advantages of having a built-in navigation and location calculation service on Apple’s electronic devices is the ability to find a lost gadget. Use “Find iPhone” application to find iPhone. But this requires two conditions: geolocation enabled and the program being in active mode. To set it up, you will need to do a few manipulations.

  • To activate the function, you need to click on the arrow and in the next window move the slider to the right.
  • At the same time, it is necessary to activate the “Last Geo-Position” function.
  • When prompted to sign in, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID.

Now if your phone is lost or stolen, you can use iCloud on your computer to locate it (and track its movement, if needed). The algorithm is as follows.

When you sign in, enter your account identification information:

Once on your page, launch the “Find iPhone” program. A map will appear on the screen noting the location of the lost device. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to send an audible signal to the iPhone, or a message with a request to return the gadget to the owner, or block it.

For several years I worked in the mobile phone shops of two major operators. Well versed in tariffs and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially Android.

Go to Settings → Privacy → Geolocation Services, and in the list of programs, select the one marked “Always”. To disable the feature, you’ll need to change your access level

In the “Geolocation Services” tab, select the “Camera” program and change the access level by setting the “When using the app” option.

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Find someone else’s iPhone

Here you can signal from the iPhone or just lock it

If your lost device is somewhere nearby, it’s most effective to use the alarm function. The device will start making a sound, which will allow you to find it faster. However, if your iPhone is somewhere far away, it is most logical not to do so, so that no unauthorized person will discover it before you arrive at the location.

In this case it is recommended to activate the lost mode and send a message to your iPhone with your contacts. So the person who finds your smartphone before you do will be able to contact you. After all, he is unlikely to keep the device, because activating it will cause him to send you information about his location and you will surely find him.

Despite the fact that when using the “Help a friend” mechanism you don’t need to enter an authorization code to confirm your login, you still need to remember your login and password by heart. So if you have decided to use your friend’s iPhone to find yours, but you cannot remember the security combination, because the password manager has generated it, it will not work.

How to share your geo-position (including real-time) using WhatsApp on iPhone

Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

In the list of contacts, select the name of the user to whom you want to send the coordinates of the place where you are.

Press the “” button in the lower left corner of your screen.

On the menu that appears, select the “Location” option. If this is your first time using the feature, WhatsApp will require permission to access the location.

WhatsApp will determine your current location and display it on the map.

In order to share geodata (location) in real time, select Share geodata.

Specify the time for which your geo position will be available to the recipient. If you wish, select a convenient map format (the “i” button) and add a text message.

In order to send the current geo-location, select the proposed organization from the list. To share your current geo position without linking it to an organization, tap “Send current geo position”.

To send a message with your geo-location coordinates, tap the send button.

The application will send your coordinates to the selected contact.

With the above method it is possible to share not only the geolocation information, but also various files, such as photos, videos, contacts, and even PDF-documents.

How to enable geolocation

Geolocation in iPhones is enabled in a special menu. To run this feature you need to:

  • Go to Settings. Go to Privacy;
  • The first subsection is “Geolocation Services”;
  • Turning on and off the geolocation function is done with the.

At the bottom there is a list of applications that use the “Share geolocation” function. The user can set them so that they can transmit geolocation themselves, transmit data only after permission, and never transmit data.

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It is highly discouraged to allow or disallow all applications to use geolocation, as this can cause most of them to work incorrectly. It’s better to configure everything manually, so that applications that don’t need geolocation to work never use it, and those that need to transmit data constantly, like a navigator and maps, can use geolocation data automatically.

How to track your iPhone using mobile operators

Often there are situations when it is necessary to track not an Apple device, but a specific phone number. Since there are no built-in functions for these purposes on mobile gadgets, it is worth resorting to some third-party applications or services of mobile operators.

The service is considered quite legal, and can be connected for an additional fee. The main thing is to choose the right package. Today almost any mobile operator offers to activate such a function, which works in online mode.

Its name may be different, but the purpose is the same. tracking a specific object. For example, in Vodafone it is the option “Child Watching”, in Megafon. “Beacon”, in Beeline. “Beeline-coordinates.

How to share the coordinates of a point on the map using your iPhone or iPad

Open the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad.

In case you are in an area where Apple maps are not sufficiently supported, set the view to Satellite instead of Map.

Select the location you want to designate and share.

Tap and hold the location you want to designate with the pointer and wait for a small red flag to appear.

Pull up the “curtain” and click on the “Share” icon in the form of a box with an upward pointing arrow.

Choose how you want to send your location (iMessage, e-mail, etc.). Viber, etc.д.).

Share the location. If you want to e or more additional locations, repeat the above steps.

In case you want to copy the GPS coordinates of the specified location, tap and hold the latitude and longitude values until the Copy menu pops up.

The function works as shown on the example of Apple Maps app. This functionality is also supported by Google Maps on iPhone or iPad. This function works in the same way as described above. If you want to share data about a location with users who don’t own an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can send GPS coordinates from your iOS device.

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