How to Set Up Your BBK TV On Digital Television

With the advent of digital-quality content, numerous fans of the television product have shifted their aspirations towards digital television. A rather active development of this direction has caused the emergence of a large number of amateurs and companies that will connect and set up digital television for a fee. But do not rush. Not everything is as complicated as it might seem at first glance. It is quite possible to cope independently with the solution of the question of how to set up digital television on a digital TV.

How to Set Up Your BBK TV On Digital Television

First, you need to consider in detail the principle of tuning as such, and then go on to setting up TVs of different companies. At the moment, there is a variety of types of digital television. The proposed options relate directly to the cable “figure”.

How to accept digital television?

The process of digital television itself is the transmission of and audio to a television directly from the translator. In this case, digital modulation and a certain compression of the transmitted data are used.

Where to begin?

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the company that will provide the selected services, and conclude an appropriate agreement to connect the necessary package of channels. Then we get the set necessary for the implementation of the plan. It will include fiber optic cable and the necessary modification of the console. The number of consoles will depend on the number of connected TVs. The fiber optic cable must be crimped and carefully laid, avoiding pinching.

How to connect to a TV?

People who are faced with a similar situation for the first time immediately have a certain number of questions that need to be answered: what kind of television is needed for digital terrestrial television? How to configure it? How much? At that very moment, the answer is on the surface. An ordinary TV is quite suitable, with a standard set of options: analog input (tulip), S-input, scart input and antenna input. Do not talk for a long time about how to set up a digital television receiver. It is enough to insert the cable into a special connector on the console, the other end of the cable is inserted into the corresponding connector on the TV.

It is necessary to connect the power and press the “Power” button. Automatic channel search on the TV will select the set-top box frequency and stop scanning. The prefix menu appears on the screen.

In outline

The order of operations and the difference in tabs in different TV models differs slightly. Therefore, it is worth mentioning how to configure the reception of digital television, regardless of the selected TV model.

We enter the TV menu. Select the “Options” tab in the window that appears. The “Auto tuning” section is a transition directly to the tuning. In the next window. “Selecting a signal source.” Define the “Cable” option. The start button will complete this step. As a result, from several options of the “Search Mode” item, select the “Full” item. In the clean fields, enter the specified data:

  • frequency (kHz). 314,000 (314 MHz);
  • modulation. 256 QAM;
  • transmission speed. 6875 kS / s.

Some TVs are equipped with the “Network Search” function. This greatly simplifies the solution to the question of how to set up digital television on a digital TV. It is enough to select the desired mode and continue by pressing the “Search” button.

Setup on LG TVs

Now let’s look at how to set up digital television on an LG digital TV. Given that various TV models from this manufacturer may have their own firmware and menus, do not immediately be disappointed, since all models of the same company always have characteristic features. Therefore, you can figure it out quite easily. The walkthrough begins with the remote control and the “Menu” button on it. After clicking in the window that opens, select the “Options” item.

The Options tab presents several parameters, the most important of which will be the Country item. In this paragraph we indicate the country of Germany or Finland.

Then you need to return to the “Settings” menu. We use the item “Auto Search”, in which we indicate the connection method “Cable”. Sequentially following all the instructions will allow the TV to detect and tune all available channels.

There is a small nuance that should be considered after setting up channels. the presence of a function, when turned on, the existing channel settings are reset and a new search begins. It is advisable to do without using this function. In the “Digital cable settings” tab, disable the option. After reading about how to set up digital TV channels on LG TVs and taking a little care, it’s quite simple to set up the channels yourself.

Setting up on Philips TVs

The instructions below will discuss how to properly set up digital television on Philips TVs.

Initially, we find the “Menu” button located on the remote control and enter the TV menu. The next step is to select the “Configuration” tab and enter this section. The window that appears will provide several items, one of which is the “Installation” item. By clicking on this item we bring up a secondary menu on the TV screen. The necessary section is “Channel Setup”. In the next submenu that appears, the necessary tab “Automatic settings”. As a result of successive correct transitions through the tabs, a message appears about the subsequent update of the list of available channels. Select the value “Start”.

After selecting “Reinstall channels”, the “Country” section follows. From the list of countries, as in the case of LG TVs, we choose Finland or Germany. In the choice of connection method, mark “Cable”.

If you figured out how to set up digital television on a digital TV, it was not difficult, you can proceed to the search for channels by clicking the “Start” designation.

Setting up on Samsung TVs

The whole setup process is done directly by the remote control. By pressing the “Menu” button, we call up the TV menu tab. In the “Channel” section, located under the satellite dish image, the right side of the screen will open several tabs. In them we find the item “Antenna” and click on it, and in the choice of connection type we designate “Cable”. After going to the “Country” tab, select the “Other” option. As a result of the above actions, a window with the requested pin code will appear. The default pin value is 0000.

In the “Auto tuning” tab, the signal source will be “Cable”. At the end of the sequential selection of tabs, click “Search”. The TV will certainly detect all the channels that are currently available.

Setup on Toshiba TVs

On Toshiba TVs, the entire setup process is greatly simplified. We go to the TV menu and select Russian. You need to find the “DTV Manual Tuning” tab. After entering the settings, click “OK”, and the determination of the available channels begins.

In addition, digital television is available on a personal computer.