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How to connect Xiaomi Mi Air 2 to a smartphone and laptop

In 2019, Xiaomi introduced the cool wireless headphones Xiaomi Mi Air 2 (aka AirDots Pro 2), which many users still haven’t learned how to properly connect.

In our guide you will learn how to connect Xiaomi Mi Air 2 to your smartphone, laptop or any other suitable device. If you follow our tips precisely, you will not experience any problems with device synchronization and you will enjoy using great wireless headphones.

Xiaomi AirDots manual in Russian

Headphones have simple controls. To pause the playback just by touching the body or on the screen of your phone or laptop.

Mi AirDots can be controlled by gestures:One tap. pause: two taps. switch to the next track: tap three times and return to the previous step. Double-tapping in standby mode brings up the voice assistant. Bluetooth headphones allow you to receive a call, as well as by double-tapping you can reject an incoming call. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the volume or switch tracks without access to the phone.

How to improve the sound in your headphones on Xiaomi?

To adjust the sound, you need to go to settings. Then go to the section “Sound and Vibration” and scroll to the bottom. Find the “Headphones” item. This is the main section of the sound settings.

The mobile device (smartphone or tablet) emits a non-directional signal, and a small antenna built into the wireless headphones receives it. In an open space (outdoors) there is practically no reflected signal. So the headphones can lose connection with the signal source and the sound will be interrupted.

Instructions on how to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones

If you are wondering “How to connect Mi True Wireless Earphones?”, then everything is easy. To connect, you need to open the case, then press the button on it, literally for 2-5 seconds, then the headphones will appear in the list of available devices for your smartphone. Then everything is simple: you press the line you want the headphones, and they are connected very quickly.

In the future, the connection will be even faster, just take one of the headphones out of the case.

Operating the headphones is very simple:

  • If you hold on to their touch zone for 3 seconds, then the sound suppression system will turn on,
  • if you touch the headphones in this way one more time, then the system will shut down.

If you double tap the earpiece on the right ear, the music will either turn on or stop, but when a call comes in to your device, the same double tap will allow you to talk to the caller, when the conversation ends, you must also double tap the right earpiece.

  • If you were interrupted by a call while listening to music, when the call ends, the song will start playing from the same place.
  • When you tap the earpiece twice on the left, you will call the voice assistant, each operating system has its own.
  • If you wear only one of the earbuds, it will always be in charge of music and talking to people.
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The disadvantages are that the headphones can not be controlled by voice and there is no ability to switch songs. Although you can understand the manufacturers, because they were limited to only 2 control options. However, it is possible to switch songs with the same Mi True Wireless Earphones, there are several programs for this on Android.

However, do not be so worried: at the same presentation where Mi True Wireless Earphones were shown, there was another new product. Mi Smart Band 4, but they already had the ability to control music by voice and switch songs with the headphones. It’s a great sales pitch.

How to connect the Redmi AirDots wireless headphones to your smartphone

Wireless headphones are becoming an integral part of everyday life. No wires provides maximum ease of movement. Xiaomi has already released several models of wireless headphones. And now we will tell you how to connect to your smartphone model Redmi AirDots, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic.

Before using the device, you must remove the protective film from the contact surfaces of the headphones, place them in the case and charge. The indicator light glows red while charging. When fully charged, its color becomes white and after 1 minute goes out.

You need a Bluetooth enabled smartphone and Redmi AirDots to connect. The headphones turn on and off automatically when you remove or put them in the case.

To connect at the same time, take both headphones out of the charging case and wait 2 seconds for them to turn on. After turning on the left earphone automatically connects to the right one, the indicator light of which starts flashing white.

Moving on to the smartphone. Turn on Bluetooth and search for available devices.

The device we need is called Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R. This is the right earpiece. Click on this name and accept the pairing request, in which you can allow the sharing of contacts.

Once successfully paired, the paired devices menu will show the device’s status and charge level. The headphones are connected, turn on the music and enjoy.

After the first successful pairing, Redmi AirDots will automatically connect to the previously paired device if it has Bluetooth enabled.

If for some reason you can not pair the headphones, remove the headphones from the charging case and make sure that they are disconnected. Press and hold the buttons on both headphones for 15 seconds. After the indicator light flashes red and white alternately three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the headphones to the charging case. Remove Redmi AirDots from the list of paired devices on the smartphone, if they are there. Then do the pairing again.

wireless, headphones

It is also possible to use the headphones alone as a Bluetooth headset. The pairing algorithm is exactly the same. To connect just one headphone, you need to take it out of its carrying case and wait for it to turn on automatically. The headphone indicator light will flash white first quickly and then slowly. Search for available devices. Depending on the headphone you select, the device will be called Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_L or Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R. Just click on the device name and accept the pairing request.

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Author: Andrew Kalina

Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth

General procedure of headphones setting is the same for different phones. The main transmission of all information is through Bluetooth so it is necessary to turn on the Bluetooth in the settings or in the open upper panel, where the letter “B” is marked.

It is possible to connect wireless headphones to Samsung phones, as well as to other famous brands: Xiaomi, Honor, Nokia.

Before you can use your new device, you must prepare it by charging it fully.

Then we proceed directly to the setting of AirDots to the phone via Bluetooth.

  • Open the case, take out the headphones. Hold your finger on the side sensors for a long time. This way the red light will turn on and all settings will be reset.
  • Then place the headset in the box, pull out both earpieces after a couple of seconds. The purple light on the right earpiece should light up if everything is okay.
  • Go to settings and activate the Bluetooth connection.
  • In the connected devices, find the desired name containing AirDots.
  • Once the smartphone has been able to find the headphones, click on the name and when the box appears, agree to connect.
  • Give all permissions to the earbuds to work in the popups.
  • After pairing with the phone, the white light will blink. This means that the headphones are synchronized.

This firm has the ability to connect only one headphone. How to connect a Bluetooth headset to your phone ?

  • Take the left or right earpiece out of the box and press the sensor button, holding it down.
  • Turn on Bluetooth, start searching.
  • Select Redmi R. right / L. left AirDots in your devices.
  • Give your permission for synchronization.
  • Wait until the flashing on the earpiece ends, then the headset is ready to play.

There is often a question if you can connect AirDots to the iPhone, how to use wireless headphones on iOS, because there are special Air Pods for them?

The answer. any brand of headphones will connect, except for the cheap Chinese ones. How the headphone pairing system works?

wireless, headphones

Otherwise, the connection procedure does not differ from that designed for Android smartphones.

Wired or wireless headphones are better

Before you buy a headset, you need to decide what kind of gadget design you need: wired or wireless? To do this, think about under what conditions and how you will use the headphones.

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You like to work out and go jogging every day? Travel a lot? Maintain an active lifestyle? Then you will definitely want to consider a Bluetooth headset. You will not be hampered by wires, and you can easily stay away from your phone (within Bluetooth-access range).

You prefer to listen to music indoors, and for phone calls use a smartphone rather than a headset? In this case, it is not worth overpaying, because you can buy an ordinary wired remote.

A comparison chart

Below you will find a detailed chart with the pros and cons of the two types of headsets. Read on and choose your perfect fit.

Bluetooth headset Wired headset
Benefits: Disadvantages: Advantages: Disadvantages:
Mobility. Your movements are not constrained. No need to carry your phone everywhere.

How to connect Xiaomi Bluetooth headset to your smartphone

A Bluetooth headset is a useful and handy thing for people who run errands like squirrels in a wheel. Hands busy with grocery bags, you’re driving a car, you’re cooking dinner all covered in flour. yes, you need a Xiaomi Bluetooth headset.

Turn on the Bluetooth module on your smartphone; Press and hold the only button on your device, until the blue light flashes; Press the refresh button, if no new device appears in the list;

Click on the new device and wait for the connection;

Done! No wires. just free communication!

You can also customize the controls, sounds, and more.

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Functional features of Xiaomi AirDots headphones

In the basic set there are a few ear pads, which allows you to find the best “contact” (ideally the headphones should be in your ears like flush). Connection is via Bluetooth. to phones based on iOS and Android operating systems. You do not need to use Xiaomi smartphone specifically. Any phone supporting the aforementioned protocol will do.

When the headphones are paired, they last about 4 hours. If you only use the right one, then about 5 hours. Full charging time is 60-90 minutes. When the charge is full, the diode will glow white, while charging. red.

A brief overview, answers to popular questions, as well as solutions to common problems with Xiaomi AirDots are presented in the video review!

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