How to set up Wi-Fi router on the phone

8.0.1 and 192.168.One.1-enter Wi-Fi in the settings of the router from the phone

For the initial setup of the router or changing the parameters, it is not required to connect the Wi-Fi-Roatter by cable to the computer or laptop as soon as the router is included in the network and the Wi-Fi distribution option is activated, all devices equipped with working and included Wi are connected to the wireless router.Fi module. This requires a browser using a phone, tablet or laptop. Connect a wireless network and switch to the address of the modem. The router’s address and the name of the network by default indicates the sticker or in the instructions, as a rule, this is: 192.168.One.1,, 192.168.Eight.1 for Huawei routers or use hostname reserved by the manufacturer:

If you set up a router on a wired connection with a computer or laptop and experience problems with the connection, read these articles: 192.168.One.1 input and entrance to the router.

  • Router.Asus.COM. ASUS routers
  • TPLINKWIFI.Net, tplinklogin.NET-TP-Link routers
  • My.Keenetic.NET. Zyxel routers
  • Netis.CC. Netis routers

After entering the Personal Account, log in using a login and password, the default access is indicated on the sticker and in the instructions for the router, if the login or password has already changed, use the current pair of login-paralle to enter. On most routers, default access is set: admin. Admin.

Wi-Fi Internet distribution

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi is far from everywhere. And in other places you have to be content with mobile Internet. The only trouble is that not all devices support this type of Internet access.

What to do if it is urgent need to go on the Internet from a laptop? Or if I wanted to sit on the Internet from a tablet that does not have a SIM card and supports only Wi-Fi? And how to share Internet access with a friend, whose mobile operator does not work in this area? All these issues can be easily resolved by setting up the existing Android smartphone as a Wi-Fi router (access points).

wi-fi, router, phone

We again go to the phone settings. We need a item “Still”, which is located in the “Wireless Networks” or “Wireless Networks” section, next to Wi-Fi settings.

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The name of the next item is slightly disconnected depending on the model and manufacturer of the phone. Sometimes it is called “Connecting Point Connecting”, sometimes “General access to the mobile Internet” or “Wi-Fi access point”. It is here that you can enable the access point mode, as well as indicate the name and password for your Wi-Fi network.

If you did everything right, then a special icon should appear in the line of the state located in the upper part of the screen. An example is shown in the screenshot above.

Now it will be possible to connect to your smartphone just like the home Wi-Fi router.

wi-fi, router, phone

Iphone as a router

I give this example for iOS 7, however, in the 6th version this is done in a similar way. In order to enable Wi-Fi access to the iPhone, go to “Settings”-“Cellular Communication”. And open the item “Modem mode”.

On the next screen screen, turn on the modem mode and set data for access to the phone, in particular, the password on Wi-Fi. The access point created by the phone will be called iPhone.

Installation of parameters at the time of setting up the router

To configure access and protect Wi-Fi password, you need to change various parameters:

  • The most important data for changes are the login and password of the network.
  • After changing the name and password, saving data and rebooting the router, there are often problems with access to the network from the tablet or smartphone (the gadget from which the device is adjusted). But for this, it is enough to enter the already changed data (name and password) on the tablet manually.
  • If access to such actions does not open, then remove the existing network from the list and then connect to it again. Such actions help if notifications appear when connecting in the form. “failed to connect”. With the iPad, or iPhone, you can simply click on an inaccessible network and choose “forget this network”.

The phones working on Android will throw the menu with the “Delete network” offer after clicking on the selected network in the list.

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How to Setup & Configure TP Link WiFi Router Using Mobile

With each change of name, password or other access parameters, the same changes must be made on other devices that will use the network to enter the Internet.

The adjustment of the router is the same light and standard process as setting up using a stationary computer.

Certified specialist in computer networks. Routing skills, creating complex network coverage schemes, including seamless Wi-Fi.

How to set up Wi-Fi router, if there is only a tablet or phone

On the Internet you will find many detailed guidelines for setting up various models of wireless routers for various Internet providers. For example, on my site, in the section Roter Settings.

How to Set Up a Router | Internet Setup

Find the instructions that suit you, connect the provider cable to the router and include it in the outlet, then turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile device and go to the list of available wireless networks.

Connection to the Wi-Fi router from the phone

In the list you will see an open network that corresponds to the brand of your router-D-Link, ASUS, TP-LINK, ZYXEL or another. Connect to it, the password is not required (and if you need it, reset the router for the factory settings, for this they provide a Reset button, which must be held around 30 seconds).

ASUS router settings page on the phone and d-Link on the tablet

Do all the actions to set up the Internet connection of the provider, as described in the instructions (which you found earlier), that is, run the browser on the tablet or phone, go to the address or 192.168.One.1, enter the username and password, configure WAN connection with the desired type: L2TP for Beeline, PPPOE for Rostelecom, House.Ru and some others.

Save the connection settings, but Do not set up the wireless network parameters yet SSID and password for Wi-FI. If you introduced all the settings correctly, then after a short period of time the router will install the Internet connection, and you can open a site on your device or watch mail without resorting to a mobile connection.

If everything has earned, we proceed to the Wi-Fi safety setting.

Guest network

Almost all Routers from TP-Link support the setting of the guest network. This allows you to create a separate SSID for Wi-Fi, protecting it from the home group. To do this, you need to set only a few simple parameters.

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After saving the parameters, proceed to viewing available Wi-Fi networks. Now there should be a created guest network.

Guest network

Almost all known applications additionally allow you to configure the Wi-Fi guest network, which will be isolated from the common and is intended for certain purposes, for example, distribution with speed restrictions or access without password.

    To do this, in the menu, slip on the section “Guest network”.

Section “Wi-Fi” in the smartphone menu

The easiest and most familiar option is to use a special menu in the smartphone operating system to connect to a wireless router network. This will need to perform only a few simple actions.

    Expand the panel with notifications to see the Wi-Fi icon, and click on it to go to the corresponding menu.

Immediately after pressing the connection button, the authentication process will begin, after a few seconds it will be possible to proceed to use the Internet if the password has been entered correctly, and there is also access to the network from the provider.


The reset of the router settings is performed if the device does not work incorrectly after installing a new firmware, technical failure or incorrect user actions.

  • Open “additional settings”, select the “System Tools” tab.
  • Click “Reserve Copy and Restoration”.
  • Click “Restore factory settings”.

The router will be rebooted, its parameters will be returned to the initial ones, and the user installations are erased. The setting of the router will have to be completed.

wi-fi, router, phone

Some of the models support the restoration of the device in another way. If there is a Reset button on the device’s housing, you need to click on it, and then hold at least 10 seconds pressed until the indicators on the case are blinked. Reloading the router and reset parameters to factory will be reloaded.

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