How to set up the SIM card in Android

SIM cards and mobile networks

Almost all Xiaomi phones support the work of 2 SIM cards simultaneously. In this article we will review all network and internet (data transmission) settings for each SIM card. Here we go.

All options are here: SIM and Mobile Network Settings.

When your phone has 2 SIMs working at the same time, you will see two cell signals at the top (next to the charge level). For each SIM card, you can configure the mobile network and data usage (hotspot).

Selecting any SIM, we get to the settings menu, where the following options will be available:

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  • Turn on the SIM card. If you do not use this SIM card for a long time and do not receive SMS and voice calls on it, you can disable it to save battery power.
  • SIM card name. Specify any name to avoid confusion with the second one. write the name of the operator.
  • SIM card number. A handy option if you forget your phone number.
  • Access points (APN). what access point the SIM-card uses to access the Internet and receive MMS-messages. These settings come in when you first insert the SIM card in the phone, and are set automatically. No need to change anything. Or you can manually add an access point.
  • Preferred type of network: 4G (LTE), 3G or 2G (calls only, no internet, to save energy).
  • Mobile networks. Choose the network automatically or manually. I recommend automatically, especially if you are roaming. the most “friendly” and inexpensive operator. Experienced users can choose the manual mode, in this case, in roaming, they take all the risks (can “get” the expensive tariff at another operator). For example, in manual mode, apart from my Beeline network, other networks are available, but not the fact that I can connect to them: MTS 4G, Tele2, Megafon 4G.

SIM card settings

Each SIM has its own settings in the manager: enabled/disabled, icon to identify (SMS, Internet, work, home, SIM 1, SIM 2), name and network mode. I do not recommend to change any settings if you don’t know them.

  • SIM card is on. You can turn off your SIM card (first, second or both at once. doesn’t matter) to save battery power, not to receive calls and if you’re flying in an airplane.
  • Icon for SIM 1 or SIM 2. Use only these icons not to get confused later.
  • The name of SIM. write the name of the operator to avoid confusion.
  • LTE/3G/2G network mode (auto). In some smartphones the second SIM can work only in 2G mode (calls and SMS. without internet). 3G. calls SMS internet. LTE (4G). high speed internet calls SMS.

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Besides it is not always possible to remember to which, i.e. to the account of what important, but seldom used service the phone is attached and, correspondingly, where else the problem may arise when you change the sim card format. True, the existence of such sensitivity to the size of the SIM card still depends on the specific bank and on specific services. Perhaps as technology advances this problem will go away.

It’s necessary to do this in order to receive calls on only one or simultaneously on two simkas, as well as to be able to access the Internet from the selected simkas, as well as distribute Wi-Fi.

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The Android phone is essentially a small computer, so many computer approaches apply to it. Namely, the configuration of the sims is hardware and software (hardware software).

For example, if you turn on only one SIM on your phone programmatically, i.e. make it active, and leave the second one inactive, but do not turn it off by hardware, then you will see a circle with a crossed out circle on your phone. This icon means that the phone has two SIM cards, but one of them is empty, or rather, it is absent in the phone.

Screenshots are made on a Samsung Android phone and the settings are described for this model.

There are still SIM cards of old design with big chip, it is difficult to turn such a card even into micro-SIM, and into nano-SIM almost impossible because of the big size of the chip itself.

REFRESH PAGE WITH REVIEWS Author:Anton 13-08-2021 11 hours. 17 min.Message:Ssps. Andrew a lot! There’s a damn tray that calls for a dual SIM1 and SIM2 are inserted into the tray on one side and the other side. Thanks again sorted it out, fudge first time I see such a patch for SIM cards. Author:Andrew 11-08-2021 19 hr. 42 min.Message:This is what it says in the specifications of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on the official Samsung website: Number of SIM cards Dual-SIM. Nano-SIM (4FF) SIM card size, Built-in SIM card. SIM Slot Type SIM 1 SIM 2 or Electronic SIM. Author:Anton 11-08-2021 14 hr. 19 min.Message:I’m sorry, I may be an idiot guys but the Samsung galoxi S21 Ultra has a slot for a second SIM card? Or is it like “SIM 1 slot”. it could be for virtual number? And guys? Author:Andrew 08-08-2021 09 hr. 20 min.Message:Anton, maybe on the phone the sim card is installed in the slot for the second SIM card. Author:Anton 07-08-2021 22 hrs. 55 min.Message:Greetings all! 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Author:Igor 16-11-2020 12 hr. 38 min.Message:Samsung A40 to make a call, you need to select a subscriber in the phonebook, click on it, and then select the SIM card from which you want to make a call how to make calls with the priority card ? I used to have an A3 300 from the 15th year. Never had such a problem, called directly from the priority sim. Author:Andrew 04-04-2020 16 hr. 24 min.Message:Diana, on new Samsung smartphones try this: settings / network and internet / SIM cards / phone calls or phone calls / always ask Author:Diana 04-04-2020 16 hr. 12 min.Message:What if the phone does not have a SIM card manager Author:Marina Pokydina 18-03-2020 11 hr. 16 min.Message:Thank you, it worked. Phone now asks which SIM card to call from. Samsung j7 Author:Raisa 30-10-2019 13 hr. 31 min.Message:Got it.Thank you so much! Author:Sergey 15-10-2019 14 hr. 13 min.Message:Thank you! Got it. Author:Gennady Pavlovich 14-10-2019 6 p.m. 30 min.Message:Thank you so much. 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Very well explained, everything worked out Author:Mado 30-12-2018 08 hr. 45 min.The message:I do not know what happened, is it because of a software update can. But I can not select SIM for the call now. used to set it that way. As you described, but now it’s not there. Pissed off with these to be ? Author:Ludmila 01-11-2018 23 hrs. 31 min.Message:Good evening! Thank you. Author:Marina 24-09-2018 21 hrs. 11 min.Message:Thank you. Very accessible. Author:Irina 10-09-2018 10 hr. 47 min.Message:Thank you so much for your help, quickly solved my problem Author:Ludmila 30-08-2018 23 hr. 07 min.Message:good night! Great five, everything is clear and accessible. Author:Danielle 09-08-2018 13 hr. 18 min.Message:Thank you, very helpful! Author:victoria 01-08-2018 12 hr. 41 min.Message:Thank you for these tips. Author:inga 26-07-2018 11 hrs. 01 min.Message:thank you for your help) Author:Alexey 02-07-2018 11 hrs. 15 min.Message:Thank you, the information is relevant to all android and not only Samsung. Thank you. Author:Petr 24-06-2018 13 hrs. 39 min.Message:Dick you guessed it worked that way before the software update to 6.0.1 on A 8, now when you turn it on it always asks, you don’t call from any card Author:Julia 20-06-2018 10 hours. 12 min.Message:Thank you, the information helped to understand the settings. Author:Valentina 18-06-2018 13 hours. 41 min.Message:Thank you very much.Very helpful. Good luck. Author:Evgeny 15-06-2018 19 hr. 12 min.Message:How to regain access to send SMS, for short numbers (four digits)?If earlier the number was blocked when trying to send an SMS.By randomly clicking in the window,when prompted by the system. Author:Vladimir 30-05-2018 02 hr. 53 min.Message:Thank you Author for such recommendations, you have helped a lot as we thought already to carry to repair. Because I called from the first SIM, and the second did not dial. Thank you so much for this. Pensioners of Moscow! Author:Nikolay 23-05-2018 10 hr. 25 min.Message:Thank you for this useful information. Very helpful. Author:Alexander 16-05-2018 10 hr. 09 min.Message:Thank you so much for helping me set up a call with 3 sim cards. It used to work and then all of a sudden it’s gone. Now it’s ok! Author:Irina Tretiakova 06-05-2018 09 hr. 50 min.Message:Hello.My SIM selection window is gone when I make a call.The call comes with only one SIM.How to get back the SIM selection window? Author:hopeKudryashova 01-05-2018 13 hours. 03 min.Message:Thank you so much for making the information available. Good luck to you and happy May Day! Author:Sergey 23-04-2018 20 min. 19 min.Message:Thank you very much. Now everything is clear. 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How to check the status of SIM-cards

To check the status of inserted cards and view information about their work, you must go to settings. Swipe down to open the notification curtain. Clicking on the gear icon.

We go to the “System” section. It is at the bottom of the list after the other parameters.

In the new menu select “About phone” write the phone number, if it is known by agreement with the operator. View the status of the SIM card and the defined IMEI code.

Clicking on the status will show detailed information:

It may be needed in case of loss of the cell phone or technical maintenance of the device.

What we do

This important setting is very simple. You just need to show the phone which of the networks it needs to connect to in a particular area and hold on to that connection. So, to do this, we have to:

  • Enter the settings menu on your phone;
  • Enter the tab, which is called “Mobile networks”;
  • In this window there is a setting called “Network Mode”. As a rule, the phones have the “Auto-connection to the network” mode. Just because of this setting the connection to the Internet and disappears;
  • We are left to set the connection to 4G connection, let the phone connect to 4G, not bouncing among different connections.

After making this setting, the phone will start treating 4G perfectly, and will stop connecting to a new network every time. Therefore, the connection to the Internet should become permanent and the smartphone will no longer reconnect.

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Of course, this setting is relevant in the place where the 4G network has extensive spaces with your operator. But if there are difficulties with connection, then it is desirable to switch to 3G in a constant mode until 4G becomes more extensive. Of course, the connection to the Internet will become slower, but it will no longer disappear, but will work all the time.

Conclusion:. If you see that the work of the Internet often disappears, you can not doubt that you need to configure the SIM card in your phone. Besides, if you do not observe such failures with the Internet, it is still better to make this setting, just in case. Good luck!

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